Hogwarts, A History: A Harry Potter RPG
Have you always wanted to be a Hogwarts student? Then you're in the right place. An RPG for both canon and original characters.
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The characters in this RPG will be a mix of canon and original. Whether to be one or the other is up to you. Canon characters can be chosen from the list provided below. No other canon characters will be accepted. If you would like to request a canon character, please post in the Questions topic. Original characters (OCs) are of your own mind, and can be whoever you'd like them to be. You may have more than one character if your schedule permits it.

* Characters may be any age, as long as it is school-aged * If you choose to have an older character, a brief history of their time at Hogwarts will be required. Also, this means you will be able to choose the house you belong to. Any first years will be sorted according to their character sheet.

Available Canon Characters

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Colin Creevey, Theodore Nott, Millicent Bulstrode, Cho Chang

Staff: Minerva McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Argus Filch, Hagrid, Professor Sprout, Professor Snape

* You can become other professors - DADA, Muggle Studies, Astronomy, Arithmency, etc. ! Just fill out a character sheet and we'll make the topic for you*

Format for Character Sheet

First Name:

Last Name:

Heritage: By this, we mean bloodline. You can be pureblood, half-blood, or muggleborn.


Place of Birth:

Age/Date of Birth:

Appearance : Please use your describing skills in this part! If your character has almond shaped eyes, tell us! If their hair is a certain style, describe it!




General Appearance: Here you may put anything you did not put above. Does your character have Mediterranean olive toned skin? Thick eyelashes? Countless Freckles?

Dressing Style: Whether or not your wizard or witch chooses to honour traditional style, describe your characters dress sense!

Personality : Who is your character? What drives them? What shuts them down?

General Character Traits: Is your character loud and obnoxious? Quiet and subdued? Put any general character traits here.



History: This part is more centred towards older characters. This is where an older character can write a brief history of their school experience. Canon characters may skip this part, if they choose.


Brief History of School Experience:


Strong Area of Magic: This can be a subject, like Transfiguration or Charms.

Weak Area of Magic:

Wand: Describe your wand, its core and its length!

House: You may choose your House, but if one house has twice as many characters (example) as another, please choose another house. But if not, then you can choose whichever house you want.

This may seem like a lengthy application, but it's a great way to introduce yourself to the community! Canon Characters may not have as detailed an application as original characters. Only write what you know of!

* Once completed, character sheets may be posted here! *

8/2/2008 . Edited by fauves, 9/8/2008 #1

First Name: Michelle

Last Name: Harrison

Heritage: Pureblood

Nationality: Quarter american, half french, quarter english

Place of Birth: France

Age/Date of Birth: 17, June 5th

Appearance :

Eyes: Very expressive blue eyes

Hair: Wavy auburn hair

Height: 5"9

Dressing Style: Original, sassy and girly, yet a hint of mischief.

Personality :

General Character: very mischevious, often described as the female version of Draco but in Gryffindor, has a tendency to get in trouble, she is quick minded and has a sharp tongue. Flirtatious but still nice. Quite popular and is friends especially with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Parents/Siblings: Half-brother who she hates, in Slytherin, 7th year. Cousin, Pansy Parkinson.

Brief History of School Experience: Trouble-some, and seductive


Strong Area of Magic: Good at Transfiguration

Weak Area of Magic: Potions

Wand: 11" Cherrywood with a Dragon Scale core, very supple, good for Transfiguration

Quidditch Position (optional): Beater

8/2/2008 . Edited 8/3/2008 #2

You can post to the Gryffindor house anytime you'd like, as well as any of the other posts! Thanks so much for participating!

8/2/2008 #3

First Name: Draco

Last Name: Malfoy

Heritage: Pureblood, of course.

Nationality: English

Place of Birth: Wiltshire, Southern England, at the family Manor

Age/Date of Birth: Seventeen, June 5th

Appearance :

Eyes: Shockingly light grey, cold and harsh

Hair: Sleek, straight white-blond hair, worn loose and to his shoulders, with a side-swept fringe that is forever in his eyes

Height: Six foot, two

General Appearance: Draco has very aristocratic features, that are often viewed as being rather pointed. He has very fine bone structure. He's very pale in comparison to the other boys that spend hours out in the sun on weekends. Draco has a lanky build, that many mistake for as being weak, though he is rather solid from his training as a seeker.

Dressing Style: Draco prefers to dress in the traditional wizarding style, as is required of him when he is at home. On weekends, though, when he is out of cloak and uniform, Draco often wears expensive muggle clothing. Most of his muggle wardrobe is black and perfectly tailoured to suit him.

Personality :

General Character Traits: Draco is a bigot and a bully, two things that he was practically raised to be. He knows, through keen observation, exactly what makes people tick. Because of this, he often picks on people for their insecurites. He is cold and snarky, so doesn't often make friends, or keep the ones that he has. Draco is a leader, and likes to be above everyone else. He is a very determined character, which could be a result of the high expectations his father has always had for him. Draco exhibits all Slytherin qualities, as well as being devious, underhanded, and surprisingly intelligent. Early on, Draco learned to be a skilled Occlumens from his Aunt Bellatrix. Occlumency was so easy for Draco to learn because he can set aside his emotions and his life.

Likes/Dislikes: Draco enjoys spending time with the friends he's made in Slytherin, both in school and at their grand homes. Draco also likes going to his family's holiday house in the Provence region of France. Quidditch is another favourite of Draco's, and he's always up for flying. Secretly, Draco likes to indulge in filthy romance novels, something he'd never admit to anyone.

Draco doesn't like his father, his huge empty wing of the manor, frogs, or Gryffindors. Oh, and of course, he absolutely hates Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Draco is very good at concealing his emotions, something that he only acquired after much practise. He is also very good at ignoring his emotions, for the most part.

Draco is easy to regret and feel guilt, and though he hides these things, they still eat away at him.


Parents/Siblings: Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black Malfoy

Brief History of School Experience: (I'm going to forego this part, as everyone knows what Draco Malfoy's School Experience is. Other participants who wish to have canon characters, may also forego this part if they wish.)


Strong Area of Magic: Occlumency (though that's not a class), Potions

Weak Area of Magic: Charms and History of Magic (Honestly, who can stay awake in that class enough to do well?)

Wand: Hawthorn and unicorn hair, 10 inches, reasonably springy

Quidditch Position (optional): Seeker for the Slytherin House team

8/2/2008 #4

Format for Character Sheet

First Name: Hermione Jean

Last Name: Granger

Heritage: Muggleborn, and proud of the fact

Nationality: English

Place of Birth: London

Age/Date of Birth: Seventeen, 19th September

Appearance :

Eyes: Wide, deep, brown and expressive, with short dark lashes

Hair: Uncontrollably bushy, deep brown colour. Takes a huge amount of potion to calm it, so much so that she thinks it isn't worth bothering with. Sometimes, Hermione wears it tied back to work on her homework and during potions.

Height: Around five foot five

General Appearance: Hermione's face is made up of generally mismatched, striking features, large eyes and lips with rather large teeth, greatly improved thanks to dentistry. Her nose is straight with a small smattering of easily-missed freckles. She has a soft figure with light curves, which she often misconceives has fat. Her figure is something she does not often worry about, though she has moments of seeing beautiful people like Ginny and Lavender and the mirror becomes a barely favourable object.

Dressing Style: She tends to stickto wizarding dress, it makes her feel more like a part of the society she helped to save multiple times. However, when she's on her own, or outside of Hogwarts, smarter clothes and darker colours.

Personality :

General Character Traits: Hermione is generally quiet and studious, with a fiery temper which is kept under control around everyone except a certain red headed best friend of hers. She tends to let her ambitions and emotions take over, which can sometimes be her greatest downfall. Underneath everything, Hermione is a sweet and kind girl.

Likes/Dislikes: Hermione enjoys reading everything and anything. People might take the mickey out of her for it, but she loves to learn and absorb knowledge. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, the people who understand her. Hermione also enjoys spending time in the kitchens, listening to the simple sounds of House Elves whilst reading and eating freshly baked chocolate muffin. Also when in the kitchens, Hermione likes to try to push the house elves towards freedom. The main thing Hermione hates is prejudice and discrimination, of any sort. She has spent her whole life so far fighting for every single person, and creature, to be happy.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Hermione's strengths lie in fact and applying knowledge. She trusts what she knows and what muggle science has proved.


Parents/Siblings:Two muggle dentists, Susanne and Edward.

Brief History of School Experience: (Do you mind if we forego this section. I think we all know about Hermione's school experiences.)


Strong Area of Magic: Most areas of magic are strong for Hermione, charms in particular is her favourite

Weak Area of Magic: Her only weak spot is Divination, as she firmly believes the future is not for us to see. She would never let anyone know that her true reason for disliking the subjects lies in her fear of the future, that she does not fulfill her amibitions or that her or her friends are not happy.

Wand: Vine wood with dragon heartstring core, nine inches, very supple.

Quidditch Position: Hermione can not fathom the obsessive interest in Quidditch displayed by her friends and peers, although she is keen to watch when they are playing, if that is what makes them happy.

8/3/2008 #5

Fantastic application! (: You can begin posting whenever you'd like.

And yes, any canon characters can forego the school experience part if they choose to. I'll have to make a note of that.

8/3/2008 #6

I always thought Hermione's middle name was Jane and Umbridge's was Jean. But I get these things mixed up.

8/3/2008 #7

Okay I'm doing TWO claims so here is the first:

Format for Character Sheet

First Name: Jareth

Last Name: King

Heritage: King of the Goblin - Fey bloodlines, though he masquerades as a Pureblood.

Nationality: Fey/Goblin though he pretends to be British

Place of Birth: Underground

Age/Date of Birth: Jareth is 8,763 years old. He looks like he's 35.

Appearance : Please use your describing skills in this part! If your character has almond shaped eyes, tell us! If their hair is a certain style, describe it!

Eyes: Blue - one eye is normal, while the left's pupil is large making the eye appear larger than it is.

Hair: Blonde. Poofy. Sometimes has streaks. (see avatar)

Height: Unfortunatley...5'11

General Appearance: Very pale and thin - and ahem, certain things are obvious in his clothes.

Dressing Style: Jareth absolutely refuses to wear Wizarding clothes. Instead he wears poet's shirts, leather jackets, vests, leggings that look suspiciously like tights, and tall boots that make him look taller.

Personality : Who is your character? What drives them? What shuts them down?

General Character Traits: Jareth is a snarky, self-centered, man. A romantic...though he won't admit it he also suffers heartbreak from the past. He's the former Goblin King so he has that authoritve air about him - but when his Labyrinth was beaten by Sarah, he lost his claim to the throne.

Likes/Dislikes: Juggling, Singing, Dancing. He dislike idiocy and incompetenance and the phrase 'it's not fair' as well as any form of cake.

Strengths/Weaknesses: He lets his emotions cloud his judgement at times. However he's good at not letting this show.


Parents/Siblings: None that he will ever mention. Ever. Except with the profound use of swears.

Brief History of School Experience: Tutors in magic while living Underground.


Strong Area of Magic: Illusion and Protection

Weak Area of Magic: Divination

Wand: It's actually just a peach bark twig as it's to disguise the fact that he's not a wizard! Don't bring it up...

8/3/2008 #8

Hooray, we have a DADA teacher! (: Thank you so super much! You can begin posting whenever you'd like, though it may take a moment for me to unlock the class.

8/3/2008 #9

yay! xD Hey Draco's taller than Jareth.

8/3/2008 #10

Format for Character Sheet

First Name: Pansy

Last Name: Parkinson

Heritage: Pureblood

Nationality: British

Place of Birth: The Parkinson Estate

Age/Date of Birth: We're doing 7th year for the trio, right? Alright Pansy is 17 and her birthday is December 21

Appearance : Please use your describing skills in this part! If your character has almond shaped eyes, tell us! If their hair is a certain style, describe it!

Eyes: Brown - nearly black

Hair: Dark brown and comes to her chin

Height: 5'3''

General Appearance: Pug shaped nose remember!

Dressing Style: Wizarding robes!

Personality : Who is your character? What drives them? What shuts them down?

General Character Traits: Pansy is obsessive - normally over boys. However she does have her good points - and because of this she is very secretive. She can also be pushy and rude.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Draco, Boys, Watching Quidditch, and (shh!) reading muggle novels. Dislikes: Being wrong, Hermione, Michelle, and Cats.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Pansy is very driven and focussed. This is a good thing at times but at the end can lead to disaster as she doesn't notice those other things around her.

History: This part is more centred towards older characters. This is where an older character can write a brief history of their school experience.

Parents/Siblings: Mother, father (the latter works in a high branch of Gringotts), and no siblings.

Brief History of School Experience: Tutors before school.


Strong Area of Magic: Charms

Weak Area of Magic: Potions

Wand: 8 1/2 inch, mahogony, unicorn hair

8/3/2008 #11

It stinks but Mr. Bowie is only 5'11. :(

8/3/2008 #12

Pansy! You are my cousin. You are now my cousin.

ooh! Has my new avatar shown. It's Sophia Bush and I picture her as Michelle.

8/3/2008 . Edited 8/3/2008 #13

Well I'm sticking with my Jareth avvie...

Yay! I have family...sorta.

8/3/2008 #14

Haha, I like the avvie, the expression is just.. classic. (:

8/3/2008 #15

He's singing during it about slapping babies and setting them free.

Oh you have to let Jareth sing for everyone one day...*snort* They'd all be traumatised for life...

8/3/2008 #16

Oh - Kira - you may want to remove the 'claimed' characters from the title post. If you edit...

8/3/2008 #17

Yes, thank you for that! I'd completely forgotten. (:

And sing? xD I'm looking forward to it!

8/3/2008 #18

First Name: Nicolas

Last Name: Harrison

Heritage: Pureblood

Nationality: Half French, Half English

Place of Birth: France

Age/Date of Birth: 17, June 6th

Appearance :

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Ruffable curly blond

Height: 6"3

General Appearance: Cute dimples

Dressing Style: Casual

Personality :

General Character Traits: Loud and flirty like his half-sister. Intelligent, cocky and devious. Troublesome.

Likes/Dislikes: He loves Quidditch, his aftershave. He does not like people who think very highly of themselves, and doesn't really associate with other houses.

Strengths/Weaknesses: He is good at chatting girls up, good at DADA. He sucks at Transfiguration


Parents/Siblings: Michelle Harrison (half-sister), Pansy Parkinson (cousin)


Strong Area of Magic: DADA

Weak Area of Magic: Transfiguration

Wand: 11"2, Willow, Dragon Heartstring

Quidditch Position (optional): Beater

8/3/2008 #19

What house is Nicolas?

8/3/2008 #20

Slytherin. =)

8/3/2008 #21

Yay, another Slytherin! (; Thanks for taking on another character!

8/3/2008 #22

Because he really should be brought into things...

Format for Character Sheet

First Name: Harry

Last Name: Potter

Heritage: Half-blood

Nationality: Brit

Place of Birth: Godric's Hollow

Age/Date of Birth: 17, July 31

Appearance : Please use your describing skills in this part! If your character has almond shaped eyes, tell us! If their hair is a certain style, describe it!

Eyes: Green

Hair: Messy, Black

Height: 6'0

General Appearance: Big, rounded glasses. Skinny. Lightning Bolt scar. Need I say more?

Dressing Style: Wizarding Robes

Personality : Who is your character? What drives them? What shuts them down?

General Character Traits: This is NOT Capslock Harry. This is the normal Harry we know and love who's just a bit more calm than usual. He has defeated Voldy after all. Plus he's already with Ginny which smoothes things out...

Likes/Dislikes: Quidditch, Treacle, Ginny, DADA, His firebolt - dislikes Dark Arts, Draco Malfoy, and whatever Hagrid is teaching about in Care of Magical Creatures...

Strengths/Weaknesses: His strength and weakness is his love - it leads him to irrationality yet saves his life plenty of times.

History: This part is more centred towards older characters. This is where an older character can write a brief history of their school experience.

Parents/Siblings: None alive. His godfather should be around though...

Brief History of School Experience: -


Strong Area of Magic: DADA

Weak Area of Magic: Potions (no HBP people!)

Wand: 9 1/2 Holly, phoenix feather,

Quidditch Position (optional): Seeker

8/3/2008 #23

Haha, thank God for no capslocky Harry. (: And you bring a good point. Thanks for taking up another character!

8/3/2008 #24

Format for Character Sheet

First Name: Nadia.

Last Name: McShay.

Heritage: Half-blood.

Nationality: Irish.

Place of Birth: Ireland?

Age/Date of Birth: 17, October 21st.

Appearance :

Eyes: Green, with flecks of blue around the pupils. They're really wide and inquisitive, they sparkle with intellegence, and mystery. :) She has long, dark lashes framing them.

Hair: Blonde, shorter in back than in the front, layered, and a straight-across bang that goes just below my eyebrows.

Height: 5 ft. 2.

General Appearance: Pale skin, that is almost blue with pale(ness?).

Dressing Style: Definitely a rebel. Wears jeans CONSTANTLY, and gets in trouble for it. But, isn't a tomboy, oh, God no. xD


General Character Traits: Outgoing, for sure. Is pretty quiet, though. She has a bad sense of humor and is always making stupid jokes.

Likes/Dislikes: She has a major crush on Draco Malfoy, even though she's never actually spoken to him. She doesn't have many dislikes.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She's really good at dueling. She's an actress. She's terrible at flying, but yet she tries anyway.


Parents/Siblings: Parents: Max and LeAnne McShay. Siblings: Older brother, Travis McShay.

Brief History of School Experience: Pretty much the top of the class.


Strong Area of Magic: Potions.

Weak Area of Magic: Transfiguration.

Wand: 9 1/2 inches, Unicorn, Mahogany.

Quidditch Position (optional): Sitting in the stands cheering her house, Slytherin, on. :)

8/3/2008 #25

Welcome to Hogwarts, A History! Thank you for participating! (:

8/3/2008 #26

First Name: Ginny

Last Name: Weasley

Heritage: Pureblood

Nationality: English

Place of Birth: England, The Burrow

Age/Date of Birth: 16, December 1st

Appearance :

Eyes: Expressive brown eyes

Hair: Long, shiny red hair

Height: 5"5

General Appearance: Countless freckles

Dressing Style: Casual

Personality :

General Character Traits: Has a sharp mouth, very intelligent, fiesty.


Strong Area of Magic: Transfiguration

Weak Area of Magic: Charms

Wand: 10"5, Birch, flexible

Quidditch Position (optional): Chaser

8/3/2008 . Edited 8/3/2008 #27

Thank you! (:

8/3/2008 #28

Didn't Ginny have brown eyes in the books? Just wondering...

Yay! Things are starting up quickly.

8/3/2008 #29

Yay! *claps for Ginny*

I'm glad things are starting up, but there are so few of us. Although not bad for a day!

8/3/2008 #30
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