Yeah, this is the same forum that it used to be, but I changed the name so I wouldn't sound like a girl. It's just something I'm interested in within the redwall world.
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I totally think they should get together. They're like Mariel and Dandin, except they're otters.

11/2/2008 #1

I don't know who they are, must not have read the book yet.

11/2/2008 #2

Their from High Rhulain.

11/3/2008 #3

Nope, I haven't read that one yet.

11/3/2008 #4
Hunter Stag

Wrote a fic about that. It's called "The Outlaw and the Rhulain". Check it out. I support them!

5/28/2009 #5

ok cool! I wonder why there aren't alot of fics aout them? And how come there are so many about Martin and Rose??

5/29/2009 #6

Probably because Rose died and turned Martin into even more of a bada** warrior than he already was. And people (Including me) feel sorry for them, because they were in love and got torn apart by fate.

That and more people have read Martin the Warrior (I think) than High Rhulian. And Martin the Warrior (the character) is more popular than Tiria and Leatho, because he is featured (In spirit form, at least) in every Redwall book except Lord Brocktree, where he appears as a painting on the wall of a room in Salamandastron.

6/10/2009 #7


How come you have to be so smart?

6/11/2009 #8

Oops. Sorry. I have a problem with that. whenever I try to explain something/make a point, I can't help but sound like a total a**hole.

Sorry. :)

6/11/2009 #9

What the heck? Tiria and Leatho didn't even hint at a romantic relationship.

10/12/2009 #10

*shrugs* So, I think they'd be cute together. ^_^ but that's just me.

10/13/2009 #11

They would so toatally be adorable together (am I allowed to trade places with Tira? JK) Even if they didn't hint at anything, they could grow on each other. Besides, they would toatlly fit, the warrior queen and the outlaw/last suvivor of his clan. It could totally work! *jealous*

6/28/2010 #12


See! At least somebody agrees with me XD

6/28/2010 #13

And someone agrees with me! I'm the only one in my family or that I know that reads these books. I'm glad you and I agree, and you know what they say, Birds of a feather flock together!

6/29/2010 #14

Yup! I used to be the only one I knew that read Redwall books too, But then I finally convinced one of my friends to read them and she became almost as obessed as I was. x)

6/29/2010 #15
Sandra the Sabre

I totally know how you feel about being the only one that reads the Redwall books!!!!! I'm the only one in my family that REALLY like the Redwall books… Anyway, High Rhulain is one of my favorites out of the series, and I think that it would have been cool if Tiria and Leatho had gotten married, but then again they didn't have a 'close' relationship having just met a few days before.

9/12/2010 #16

I really didn't like the book high rhulain. There wasn't even a big battle at the end! I thought Tiria was a bit of a sue, personally.

9/12/2010 #17
Sandra the Sabre

I was curious, what exactly is a "sue"? I keep reading it all over this website and I can't help but wonder what it is… I thought that Major Frunk was pretty cool and I think his story is so sad! He truly was a perilous hare...

9/13/2010 #18

In short, a sue, or Mary Sue, is a female character who is perfect, generally flawless, and admired by all. You can find a better definition in fanfiction terminology dictionaries.

3/27/2011 #19

In short, a sue, or Mary Sue, is a female character who is perfect, generally flawless, and admired by all. You can find a better definition in fanfiction terminology dictionaries.

3/27/2011 #20
Matthais Unidostres
I am Matthais123. Actually, they did hint to this. . . kind of. Remember the scene when they put Brinty to rest via the wooden doll? Okay, maybe that was just Leatho being a friend and compassionate, but there was the part where they put aside the formal titles between them. And the whole calling each other "mate" thing. Of course it was the friend meaning, not the other meaning, but hey, there sure was a lot of hinting going on in my opinion. I'm pretty sure that if you gave it a little time, something could happen between them. Besides, it's sad to see the Shellhound clan go extinct like that. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! This is Matthais123 signing off!
7/6/2011 #21

@Hunter Stag, I loooooove your fanfic!!! But I don't think Tiria and Leatho would have gotten married. I mean, she was the equivalent of eighteen or nineteen, and Leatho was a lot older. I never imagine characters married in fanfics unless they were married in the real story or at least in love.

~GirlTaggerung :D

10/10/2011 #22
Kerrin Quickpaw

Actually, I thought the scene at the end of High Rhulain where they do the little otter ritual for Bisky did hint at a future romance. They almost seemed like they were flirting... and there was that whole "we'll call each other 'mate'" thing. I know that "mate" is used as "friend" in Redwall but it's also used as in a relationship and I thought that particular scene did imply something. And they would go well together.

9/25/2012 #23

I guess I ship them. At least a little. I can totally see that working. And there was this really good fanfic about it, 'The Outlaw and the Rhulain'.

But personally I don't see any 'hinting' in that wooden doll ritual for Brinty

7/20/2014 #24
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