Installation 03, a Roleplay
Shortly before the Halo incident, The Pegasus, a ship escaping a covenant attack, makes a blind jump, in an attempt to escape the Covenant forces. Forced to land on a mysterious ring, this is thier story.
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La Aardvark


Name- James Macintyre

Age- 24 height-6'5

Rank- Gunnery Sergeant

Class- Marine Sniper

Skills- Sniping, recon, knife fighting

Weapon- Sniper rifle BR55

Clothes- Regular Marine Armor with a backwards patrol cap and sunglasses

Personality- Easy going not to big on the brass. Hates doing things by the book

Bio-Born on a small farming world James was lured into the military with hopes of leaving his backwater world. Since his former job on the farm was keeping predators away from the flock with a old hunting rifle he went to sniper training. He's proved himself on many occasions. He is currently wandering around the halo looking for surrvivors.

---------------------------------- INHUMAN NEXUS

Name:Marknos Ragno



Specialty:Grenade sticking enemies at long distances.

Equipment:Shotgun, sniper rifle, and normally carries around plama grenades

Appearance:(In halo 1, lvl 2 when you search for marines there wearing what looks like regualr clothing, a bit) Brown hair, brown eyes, and normally a bandana on head

Bio:Doesn't come from a military family, doesn't hold a grudge against the grudge for something like them killing his family, he just wants to help the Unsc to end the war Other Information:Normally absent-minded, doesn't pay attention to orders and normally runs in without thinking

------------------------------------------- CRYSTALYN DRAGON

Name - Margaret McConil

Age - 28

Rank - Corporal (Field Promoted ICly to Sergeant)

Specialty - Sniper/close combat

Equipment - 50 Cal. sniper w/ 12X scope, 10 ga. shotgun, magnum pistol (almost never used - she doesn't care for it)... whatever grenades she happens across. Has a wicked fascination for the firebomb ones... but almost never has any.

Appearance - 5' 8" tall, Marge is a fairly big woman, and her Old-world Celtic background shows. She has a large frame and wide, stable shoulders - perfect for her weapons of choice. Her hair is kept in a tight bun at the base of her skull, and is a dull red in color, not quite brown. Her eyes are a flashing brown-rimmed green color. She is very serious about not getting killed, and never has been happy with the minimal armoring that Marines get.

Bio - When still a civvy, she used to compete in hunts and in shoots, almost always coming away with second, if not first, places. This was not totally a trivial pursuit, however, as she loved to hunt for real for her siblings and mother. And when a cousin of hers joined the marines, she started hearing tales of what they were doing out there ... for real. Not the trumped up or toned down press releases. Fascinated, she knew she had the talent. So she headed off to join up. And she did even better with the specialized military weapons than she ever had with her own pea shooters. However, it became apparent to her right away that relying solely on a sniper weapon was not a wise way to go ... she almost lost her life during one encounter where Covvies snuck up on her position. So she went back and earned her marks to get issued a shotgun with some serious firepower.

Other information - She has a temper to go with everything else. Thankfully, since joining the Marines, she has a place to vent it other than on other Humans.

------------------------------- IAMZULTAN

Name - Shaun Phindly

Age - 38

Rank - Unknown

Speciality - Long range and light/ heavy weapons

Equipment - Old worn, UNSC sniper rifle. Caseless SMG, and dual magnums. Also carries a hunting knife which is strapped to the side of his left boot.

Appearance - A tall, heavily built man with long, shoulder lengthed black hair. Wears nothing but a standard pair of military boots and a pair of UNSC standard militrary issued combats, and prefers to not wear anything on his torso, excluding dog tags from his fallen allies. Has multiple plasma burn scars covering his lower back and chest.

Bio - Joined the military at the age of 18, after spending 13 weeks of basic training followed by 6 months of advanced. He got his first taste of action when the covenant overran the base at which he was stationed, and he earned his stripes after saving his commanding officer and saved the lives of countless soldiers by him and his squad. After 12 years of fighting the covenant on multiple fronts. Him and a small ODST strike force went MIA during their mission on an unidentified planet, They were presumed KIA. But Shaun managed to fight his way off a covenant cruiser and make it to a dropship, which he flew back to the planets surface. Where he has evaded the covenant ever since.

Other information - Hes self sufficient and has learned major survival skills from staying alive so long in the face of death. Is very confident in his abilities. But sometimes his bravery can get him into tight situations.

--------------------------- CHAPEL OF AGONY

Name -Dustin Dachshund

Age - 22 Rank - Private (Marines/ODST)

Specialty - Close Quarters Combat

Equipment -BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, M6D Personal Defense Weapons System Pistol, Close Quarters Combat Weapon System Combat Knife. Standard ODST environmental combat suit OR standard Marine combat equipment. has a tendency to carry around a standard toolkit. Leaves the rest of his outfit up to his commanding officers and will pick up anything that could be useful during the course of a mission.

Appearance -6'4", 220lbs. He made it his personal mission to blow through the training that the US Navy SEALs of the 21st century had to go through and as a result he is built like a tank. Grey eyes which can look green, blue, or a light brown depending on the lighting. Dark brown, nearly black hair. Slightly tanned White skin rounds it out.

Bio - He recently joined the UNSC Marines to fight the Covenant. Highly Sarcastic. He is from a relatively unknown UNSC colony, his parents died in the glassing of said Colony. Having grown up under a hard-** father and a mother who had a tendency to want to not get involved he is well versed in following orders and living a military and minimalist lifestyle. Has a tendency to act insane or psychotic to rattle people. He is one of the rare people who likes Flip music anymore. Volunteered to join the ODSTs as soon as he joined the Marines. He has an anti-social background and has a tendency to forget teamwork and go lonewolf. It has gotten him into trouble at bootcamp and has an extreme potential to get himself and other people killed really quick, he has been trying to overcome this shortcoming. Has completed 13 weeks of Basic Training and 6 months of Advanced, followed by another 6 months of ODST specialized training.

Other information - Unknown to him his father was a Spartan-I. He has slightly above-average strength, eyesight and he's slightly better than blind in a night situation, intelligence and has never broken a bone in his life. He believes he is just lucky. He can fly a Pelican, having been a civilian pilot on his home colony since the age of 12 until it was glassed by the Covenant a short time ago. He is competent in Sniping and Explosives, but his greatest skill is by far CQB. a Three-year practitioner of the almost lost Israeli martial art known as Krav Maga as well as the filipino art of Eskrima. He also can fix Warthogs and other UNSC Vehicles in the abscence of qualifed techs if needed. He honestly sucks with a rocket launcher. He ran into a problem as soon as he joined the marines: He can beat any Marine or ODST at hand-to-hand combat. But he isn't used to fighting people stronger than him. i.e. Elites/Hunters. He is a greenhorn with no experience in real combat against the Covenant. May need to be watched after to make sure he keeps his lonewolf tendencies in check.

-----------------------------------I KILL JACKALS

Name - Ben Mcdonald

Age - 36

Rank - Unknown

Specialty - Long/ Medium ranged weapons. Sniping Equipment - 50. cal sniper rifle and dual magnums. Plus collection of grenades, 2 frags, fire-bombs, spike and plasma.

Appearance - Tall, athletic build, with short black hair with a light blue streak through it. Has slight stubble on his chin and dark, red eyes. Wears standard ODST combat armour along with fatigues. Also has a combat knife strapped to his left leg.

Bio - Hastily joined the UNSC marines when he turned 18. he did his 13 weeks in basic, and six months in advanced training. Then. after multiple campaigns against the covenant was stationed aboard the pegasus. His squad was one of the first squads to leave the ship, But was the only survivor of his squad when reached planet-side and crashed the lifeboat. No one has seen him since. Other information - A generally good-mooded man, is very calm. But sometimes his bravery can get him into sticky situations.

----------------------------------------- SHADOWBEARER

Name - Chris Cheiften

Age - 21

Rank - 1st Lieutenant

Specialty - Mass Damage Equipment - M90 Close Assault Weapon, and a large bag of Soellkraft 8 Gauge magnum shells. M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket launcher which he distributes to allies, as he never uses it, MA5B Individual combat system assault rifle, with 8 magazines of 7.62mm rounds. Appearance -6'7", 256lbs. Tanned skin and muscular build. His eyes are dark and overbearing, and his hair is brown.

Bio - A selfish, careless, heartless hunter. He sees his squad as a distraction, and always goes in first and comes out last. He's British, doesn't like anything that doesn't explode when he hits it, and always demands respect. "Never trust somthing that can bleed for a week and not die."

-------------------------------- ASCENDED ANCIENT

Name - dean wren

Nickname - "hawk"

Age: 27

Rank - corporal

Specialty - stealth and speed attacks, upgrading and flying stolen covanant ships and vehicles Weapon of choice - battle rifle and energy sword

Appearance - he is about 6.6 and he wears the odst armour (halo 3 style) he has the yin-yang symbol on his back and shoulders he puts a yin-yang symbol on his phantom for every kill he gets (if it ok can i have an AI in my armour and a slot to hold it that helps me with various tasks basically have a AI in his suit that looks like cortana in halo 3 called serina

Bio - born on harvest 4 years before the attack he is now 27 years old, he enrold in the army he pasted his tests with flying colors he finished training just before the covanant found instalation 04 when they attack did he was station on reach where he killed an elite and nicked his cloak (is that ok) he then escaped in a stolen phantom (they were still cargo ships at that point) with some weapons and a ghost that he added a cloak to it (is that also ok) he can drive and fly and use equipment and weapons he come across (this was a bio from a differant one could i use this if not i will post an alternative)

----------------------------------------------- GATEKEEPER ONI

Name: Edgar Wildeman

Age: 23

Rank: Sergeant

Specialty: Stealth & Recon Equipment: Battle Rifle, Magnum, Combat Knife, 2 frag and plasma grenades.

Appearance: Dark brown hair, 6' 3, tattoo across his soldiers saying 'Battle Born'. Plasma scars on his right cheek and right shoulder. (Explained in bio)

Bio: Edgar was born on an outer colony that later got glassed. After fleeing from home he joined the UNSC Marine Corps. Excelling with every weapon his instructors gave him he went with a BR and Magnum. During his first battle with the Civvies, an Elite flanked his squad and opened fire injuring Edgar and killing two others who were close friends, Rickard and Mary. After that many worried about Edgar's mental stability, suffering from extreme paranoia and Post Traumatic Stress. Edgar was able to fake not having these mental disorders so he could avenge Rick and Mary. His tattoo is from his life back home were he got fascinated with the Greek warriors called 'Spartans'.

---------------------------- IRIDESCENT FEATHER

Name - Elena Mayfield

(codename: Raven)

Age - 27

Rank - Lieutenant

Specialty - Sniping Equipment - Black sniper rifle, .45 caliber pistol

Appearance - Medium length red hair that is almost always wrapped in a messy bun.Blueeyes, and pale white skin.

Bio - Elena joined as soon as she finished a few years of college. She is always fond of military history and target practicing. She prefers a silent more accurate course of killing, and at a young age found that the sniper rifle was a perfect weapon for her. After being in the military for a few years, Raven quickly rose to being one of the top five snipers in her class. She has been in the UNSC for five years now. Other information - She likes to be alone mostly but doesn't mind talking to people. She tries her best to follow orders accurately. Around her fellow soldiers she is kind but she can also be harsh and cold if she has to be. Elena gained the codename Raven because of her black sniper rifle.

------------------------------------------ VAMPIRE'S BANE

Name - Calo 'Napalee

Age - 24 (19 in human years)

Rank - Major Domo

Specialty - Piloting Equipment - He carries a Energy sword with his mother and father's family symbol marked on each side, and two Plasma Rifles. Appearance - Calo wears the standard covenant armor for a Major Domo rank Elite. A Bergundy red, with a standard energy shield.

Bio - Calo showed great prowess during war college, and did even better when he was sent to the front lines. Though he received the mark of shame only a few months after he graduated. He had accidently walked in on one of the Prophet's "holy meetings", and learned of the Prophets deception. He grew angered and eventually slew three of his fellow Elites out of sheer rage. Fearing death, he fled in a phantom into deep space. He had been drifting for days, when the Pegasus drifted past his small ship. He followed it, and eventually it made its way to one of the Halos. Calo had only known of the stories he was told of the Halo's and their holy power, or so the prophets had advertised. He followed the ship as it crashed on the surface of the ring, hundreds of pods and human vessels launching from every bay of it's hull. Seeing as the Covenant wanted him dead as much as all of Humanity, he found no more reason to return to them than to join the humans. Certain death faced him with the covenant, and he felt he still needed to write the wrongs he had committed as a loyal follower of the forerunners. He proceeded to scout out the humans in hopes of forming an alliance with them, but eventually was attacked by covenant forces.

Other information - Napa, in Napa'lee means 'skilled pilot' in Sangheili. Calo had two siblings. A sister and a brother, both of which are now deceased. His brother died at his hands on the ring, and his Sister was allied with him. She was shot and killed by a hostile human. The death of Barlai- his sister- affected him to such a degree that he found himself becoming completely obedient to McConil, his new superior.

--------------------------------------------- QQCHURCH

Name - Emily Venize,

Callsign "Valkyrie"

Age - 29

Rank - Sergeant

Specialty - Pilot, Gunner, Medium Range Specialist Equipment - BR55 Battle Rifle, M6D Personal Defense Weapon System

Appearance - 5'6" height, Short Brown Hair (reaching an inch above her shoulders), electric blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, usually wears armor around her flight suit, preferably the front of the chest, the back, shins, shoulders and forearm guards.

Bio - Venize was a born in Reach (June 4, 2523). Her parents died early in her life (April 23, 2529) forcing her to be brought to her only living relative, Captain John A. Williams (Rear Admiral as of March 29, 2547). She had been taught how to fight, shoot and even fly until she joined the Marine Corps at the age of fifteen (October 3, 2538). Years later, she had engaged her first battle with the Covenant on Jericho VII, barely escaping with ten other Marines in a damaged Pelican. That was when she was promoted to a Sergeant Minor, and it stayed that way until 2549. She had piloted a Longsword fighter and took down a Covenant Assault Carrier with three other fighters, the other three were promoted to Lieutenant and above but she humbly declined. The UNSC persisted until she accepted to be given the rank of Sergeant, they quickly accepted.

Other information - Venize's battle where she and three other pilots took down a Covenant Assault Carrier was won almost completely by accident. The Assault Carrier's shields were dropped for it to fire its energy projector to one of the UNSC Destroyers. Luckily for them, there had been a small breach in its hull near its reactors. Four SHIVA warheads later and the debris field once known as the Path to Justice was all that left of it.

---------------------------------- IAMZULTAN

Name - Tony Johnson

Age - 34

Rank - Private

Specialty - No Speciality, As long As It Kills His Enemy. He Dosn't care

Equipment - Assault rifle, Shotgun and several frag and plasma grenades.

Appearance - Short, but with an athletic figure. Has short red hair and has one purple and one 'dead' eye, wears the practical ODST battle gear, and has a cross engraved on the side of his helmet.

Bio - Was born into a very religious family, at the age of 10 his home planet was glassed by the covenant and both his parents were killed. His last memory of his parents was them literally throwing him into a pelican and saying: 'We love you son.' and then the planet was glassed as he made his escape with oher survivors (Including his aunt and uncle, who raised him to the age of 18, when he then joined the UNSC military force, and went through basic and advacned training. Realised he was particularly good with anything the UNSC stuck in his hands, he dosn't have a preferred weapon, as anythign that kills the covenant, he will use to its full potential. Other information - (As mentioned above) Has no favorite weapon, is religious and through-out battle he yells oaths and prayers for every kill he gains, saying god guides his aim and his judgement. He says that frag grenades are: 'Gods judgement in explosive form'. Gained his 'dead' eye from a deadly eye surgery, after he reciveved plasma burns to his left eye (the procedure itself being experimental) and he has just below average vision in his 'dead' eye, but perfect vision in his good eye

------------------------------- MCMARINE

Name - Jack Nickles

Rank - Seargeant first class

Age - 23

Specialty - Demolition Equipment - SPNKR Missel Launcher, Shotgun, 2 Anti tank Mines, and Frag granades

Appearence - Caucasion, 5'9", Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, and ODST Armor

BIO - Has been fighting covenant ever since the first landing in New Mombasa.

Other Information - Loves to blow stuff up and to make sure of no survivers

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La Aardvark


Name - John J. Murphy

Age - 29

Rank - 2nd Lieutenant

Specialty - Pelician Pilot

Equipment - Shotgun, Scoped pistol

Appearance - A dream boat to the fairer sex. He has red hair, hazel eyes, weights 210 pounds, hight of 5' 11". Well built, and has the tattoo of the band AC/DC in his right bicep.

Bio - A native born earthling. And from Wisconsin. He He joined the UNSC to pay for college and maybe work with his favorite ship "the pelicans". He has a deep fascination with earth history and cartoons. He was stationed all over, From Earth to Reach and almost every system in between. He ran mostly training missions for his entire career, this will be his first taste of combat

Other information - Murphy enjoys classic metal and rock music. He is laid back sarcastic, and a joker. In combat he is a whole other person. Murphy's Pelican "Dropship 209" (Call sign Yankee) Is unmistakable when he enters a dropzone as it has a pin-up girl painted on the left of the ship. When he is delivering troops into battle he plays metal to psyche up the guys.

--------------------CHOSEN MAN ------------------

Name- Jos Illianovic

Age - 25

Rank - Private 1st class.

Speciality - Anti-vehicular soldier.

Equipment- SPNKr rocket launcher and M6C Magnum.

Appearance - A well-built man, he has short black hair, grey eyes, weighs about 225 pounds and is about 6 feet tall. He doesn't have an ugly face, but it isn't a handsome one either.

Bio - Citizen of Earth, his family lived on the east side of the Ural mountains in the once-great city of Magnitogorsk. As the Covenant war struck another blow to the city's ailing economy the family business began to collapse. It finally was declared bankrupt as Jos passed his 20th birthday. With no where else to go he joined the UNSC Marines. Jos soon passed training. After some decent operations for the UNSC, he was stationed to Strike. He has decent combat experience.

Other Information - Jos has a sarcastic sense of humour and likes classical music, however he normally prefers his own company rather than the company of others. His accuracy with a rocket launcher in training helped allow him to carry one on the battlefield. In conversation, he's to the point, respectful and logical. His nickname is 'Sturmovik', after a russian ground attack plane in WW2. ---------------

------------------------------ KOOKIEZ N' MILK

Name -Jason Criss

Age -24

Rank -Corporal

Specialty -Gymnastics

Equipment - Two SMGs, a Shotgun, and a few grenades.

Appearance -5' 5" tall, has black hair and blue eyes, not really buff, has a bullet proof vest and wears a pendant.

Bio - Taken from his home at the age of eleven, has been training for years, but can't seem to get passed corporal. At the age of 15, his parents were reported dead, so he had no reason to go back home and visit. From then on he worked harder. But after this happened, his entire life changed.

Other information - Very athletic and is good with martial arts and close up-encounter weapons.

------------------------------- LEON-CRAG

Name - Leon Crag

Age -26

Rank - Leutenant

Specialty -close range and mid range weapons

Equipment - shotgun, assault rifles, and grenades

Appearance -A marine with dreadlocks and dark skin Bio - was once a technician but with extra training built up enough skill to become a leutenant. Other information -Is able to shoot targets from a distance with his assault rifle although it takes about 25 tries.

=========================== 0_0 Daaaaaaaaam some of the things that have cropped up over the months... eh? ============================== L CHUPACABRA Name -

Chayton Carson

Age - 25

Rank - Corporal

Specialty - Unconventional warfare and tactics, CQC

Equipment - A pair of non-regulation tomahawks (Both are all steel construction, and balanced for throwing), one M7 Caseless SMG, one M90 CAWS, and one huge buck knife.

Appearance - Stands at a modest height of 6'0" even, but his athletic and powerfully muscular build more than makes up for this. Has amber eyes, a clean shaven face, and raven black hair that is beyond regulation length (usually tied behind his head in a ponytail. Has a few scars on his torso, limbs, and head. The most noticable one is on his face, a jagged pink line down the right cheek and jaw that disrupts the normally brown flesh. Wears a sleeveless variant of the olive drab combat ballistic armor, no helmet.

Bio - A "Red Man" born in the wrong millenium (and on the wrong planet). He grew up on an Agri world, where his Lakota descended family had owned a farm/ranch. Time and again his troublemaking antics showed that he was born not only to start fights, but to win them. Once old enough, he enlisted in the UNSC Marines and his blatant disregard for the chain of command immediately became a problem. Luckily, he was drafted into a special forces program (think a less gamorous version of the ODSTs) where his talents could be better appreciated and his attitude would not become a severe interference.

Other information - This guy is a freak

-------------------------------------- FANO'ANIME

Name - Anthony Johnston

Age - 25

Rank - Private

Specialty - None, he's more like fodder to most.

Equipment - (Not too much kids...) A standard marines gear, battle rifle and all. One perculiar thing he has is a necklace gifted from his mother. Appearance - Normally, he never takes off his helmet, which fully covers his face, but if he ever takes it off, he's had his head shaved down to a crew cut. He doesn't have any tattoos at all and he isn't exactly picture perfect fitness. It's a wonder how he got to be one of the marines.

Bio - A grew up with two other brothers who have died in the military. He joined the military because his mother told him to. He would do anything for his mother, as he believes she loves him, but he's adoptive and she gets a sick joke out of making him do weird things. His whole life has been one sick joke for his adoptive, drunkey old mom.

Other information - There mostly isn't any other info, other than he can be funny at times and very timid. Possible stupid. ----------------------


Name - Ariana Z. Aura

Age -26 Rank -Corporal, grade 2

Specialty - Long Range weaponry, great at using turrets, medical treatment

Equipment - Any kind of Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, SubMachine Gun, Frag Grenades, a Turret if she gets her hands on one, a combat knife for emergency close encounters, and medical kit.

Appearance - 6'3" height; shoulder length black hair, silver highlights, threatening stormy gray eyes, a little more than a medium build, she wears a pendant of the moon attached to a silver chain around her neck, wears standard protocol marine uniform and UNSC tattoo on left shoulder. Enlisted Corporal Ranking Pin on chest and a pin signifying her so be an enlisted Medic

Bio - Effective with a sniper rifle, when she gets her hands on a turret, she goes nuts, killing every enemy and skillfully avoiding friendly firing her teammates. At the age of 10 she became interested in her mothers work of doctoring, helping her mother work and in return being taught medical training until the age of 18, she then joined the UNSC to join the fight against the Covenant. Born on Harvest but she moved to Reach with family at age 13 for unknown reasons. She is a skilled medic, turretist and sniper.

Other information - She is very smart and can pick out good battle plans. She can be a bit quiet at times but can also become irritated or even outraged at times. She makes friends easily and watches their backs. Whenever she's sent out on a mission that includes a Warthog, she's immediately on the turret and won't choose otherwise. Extremely loyal and trustworthy. Close friends call her Aza because of her initials. Favorite food is sushi. and she enjoys watching redvsblue. XD

-------------------------------- STEELMEAL

Name- Tommy Finn

Age- 24 Rank- Corporal

Specialty-Communications equipment and repair, self defense, Ranged Combat Equipment-A BR55 Battle Rifle, M7 caseless SMG, Normal Marine armor and a radio mounted on his back

Appearance- Black haired Average marine jarhead style haircut,Blue eyes , 5"9 tall, slightly musclely arms (needed to carry a large radio)

Bio-Tommy Joined the marines after his 20th birthday excelling at medium ranged combat, Self defense and repairing Communication equipment. Known by his squad as a high spirted talkative soldier but get on his bad side and wacth out cause his records show he has a short temper made worse when his Home planet was glassed.

other infomation-missing the top half of his left hand ring finger

---------------------------------------- MIDNIGHT REAPER IS NIGH

Name- Shawn Jackson

Age- 28 Rank- Private

Specialty- Anti vehicle Equipment- Rocket Launcher, Battle rifle (Older model), Explosives (C-12, LOTUS anti-tank mines etc)

Appearance- Tall, muscular figure. Short dark brown hair. Wears standard ODST drop gear. Carries a duffel bag filled with LOTUS anti-tank mines and other explosives.

Bio- Born on earth itself, lived in a small quiet town, and was distraught when he caught wind that his father died at the hands of the covenant. Joined the UNSC when he became of age and done his basic and advanced training. Showed interest on explosives and being able to repel and/or destroy vehicles. So quickly adapted to being accustomed to using the rocket launcher to the best of it's ability.

other infomation- Has a rather 'firey' temper, and is known to lose his temper when threatened.

--------------------------------------- ARANON

Name - Jake Garrow

Age - 21 Rank - Corporal

Specialty - Shooting the Battle Rifle, he can also Dual Wield. (Pistols)

Equipment - A Modified Battle Rifle and the Standard Marine Pistol, wears Standard Marine armor without the helmet. Two Standard Frag Grenades are attached at his belt.

Appearance - Jake wears the Standard Marine Armor, without the helmet, he has his Battle Rifle strapped to his back, and his pistol holstered on his side. He has green eyes and black hair that is combed foward. Bio - He was born and raised on Earth, his father was a ODST, while his mother stayyed at home with him. Later on in his childhood he heard that his father was MIA, and was assumed dead. He joinned the UNSC at 18 and trainned at Basic and Advanced Training camps for 3 years, and now has boarded a certain ship.

Other information - Although trainned well, he's always nervous when starting a new mission.

------------------------------------ KOOKIEZ N' MILK

Name - Mik Santos

Age - Twenty-Eight

Rank - Corporal

Specialty - Long range weapons, such as a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher.

Equipment - Sniper Rifle and two SMGs. Appearance - Blue Eyes, black hair, 5' 10", darkish skin, (not like Africans though.) and neutral when it comes to muscularity.

Bio - He doesn't talk much about it. Born with his parents on Earth, Mik was always interested in archery and weapons. He bought a lot of guns with his earned money and practiced at home all the time. By the age of fifteen, his father joined the Marines, but however died within a few months. Ever since, he has dreaded war. He sent himself off to the Marines when he was nineteen to conquer his fear and has kept himself into the Marines for eight years. Though he did not advance much within ranks, he still was an amazing Marine.

Other information - He is amazingly flexible.

------------------------------------ DARKTEMPEST

Name-Marcus Cutter (He's Asian)


Rank-Private(trying to be modest)

Specialty-Recon/Stealth, specialty in most covie weapons

Equipment-custom Camo paint that is able to blend in almost anything(not really Snake's Octocamo,but hard to see in shadow,,bag for with separate slots for all weapon's ammo,dual pistols, dual blades, each a foot long, blade made of titanium A hammered by his great grandfather into a millimeter in the "business end" and about 3 mm at back end, straight and a blue dragon engraved in the steel (the name of the blades are Sakai)

Appearance-An average Asian guy, black hair short cut up-turned in the front,healthy tan*blush*(i don't know what else) 6'3" Also dark brown eyes.

Bio-Born and raised in a tropical planet,Arcadia(if any of you recognize planet give a holla!)Interested in military at age 17, father was a police officer. His mother was a nurse in Arcadia General.

Other Information-He is a quiet person that doesn't attract much attention

-------------------------------------- AVISU

Name – Kit Walker

Age - 25 Rank - Sergeant

Specialty – Can move quickly and quietly and is able to climb up mostly anything. Deadly with a Assault rifle Also duel wields two Magnum ( i think that's the hand Gun) Had some knife training.

Equipment – Assault Rifle. two Magnum. Grappling hook and rope and Frag grenades

Appearance - Long Black hair tied in a high ponytail. Piecing blue eyes. Quite pale. Lithe body. Wears tight black/blue clothing (But it depends on the terrain)

Bio – Join the Marines because her family forced her to. She worked well in training and moved quickly through the ranks. She wants to make a difference in the war and help so she volunteers for any mission she can and has a very long mission list.

Other information – Prefers to work on her own but can work in a team. Quiet and efficient but can be a bit smart and sarcastic.

------------------------------------------- EVIL MCMUFFIN

Name - Corrie Wardlog

Age - Twenty

Rank - Private first class

Specialty - Driving and repairing warthogs

Equipment - Assault Rifle and extra ammo, a standard pistol, standard marine armor, and a helmet with a tinted visor that covers the eyes.

Appearance - Blue Eyes, black hair that is shaved to UNSC regulations, 5' 8'', and medium build. He has dimples that show when he smiles. His right arm has a smooth pin marked scar that runs from his elbow to his wrist, he earned it in combat when a fuel rod cannon blasted the passenger side to pieces, killing the passenger and sending a piece of shrapnel down Corrie's arm. He also has the number 13 painted on his helmets right side, the sign was the original symbol for the first marine regiment he seen combat with with.

Personality - Creative, likes to practice brawling and shooting, keeps to himself, trustful, truthful, and is focused on the task that is at hand.

Bio -After his dad died in combat on Harvest. His mom raised him until he was 18 then he singed up for the UNSC Marine Corps. Corries basic training was different because he was selected to train in the driving and repair warthogs. When basic was over, most of the M12 Warthog LRVs where taken up, so the UNSC decided to put him with a new model M831 Troop Transport Warthog. He then was assigned to a regiment called The Lucky Thirteens. Corrie left Reach with the regiment and was assigned to one of the inner colonies that was under siege by the Covenant (the Covenant did not glass the planet because of forerunner artifacts located on it.) After the ground war was won, Corrie caught a pelican up to a frigate called the Morning Sun because of a deep shrapnel wound that went from his elbow to his wrist (the one that left the scar) and two fractured ribs. Even though the ground war was won the Covenant glassed the planet after a brisk fleet battle was fought and then lost by the UNSC. But the Morning Sun managed to escape and make a slipstream jump to a nearby inner colony. The Lucky Thirteens lost three fourths of their numbers and the other forth, including Corrie, was assigned to the Pegasus. As soon as he got to the Pegasus he herd the news of Reach's glassing and he knew his mother was no more. So he is fighting the Covenant with all of his will and might, because he thinks there nothing to lose.

----------------------------------- GENERIC CHARACTER

Name - Antonello Bonaventura Crocifissa

Age - 43

Rank - Chief Warrant Officer CW4

Specialty - Close range weapons, hand to hand

Equipment - Colt Vest Pocket Pistol, Lupara, Tanfoglio. Kevlar vest beneath his admiral's uniform, med-spray in inside pocket.

Appearance - Short brown hair, gray eyes, tall and tan. He has unusually sharp canines. His face is composed of sharp angles, and no blemish can be seen nor has been seen since the early highschool years. He has a tatoo on right shoulder, just the plain words Carpe Diem, with the Infantry logo (two olden rifles crossing each other). He got it with the rest of his crew in some down time back when he was a marine. He wears a navy blue dress jacket with golden epaulets and pants of the same color, and black shoes. He wears a kevlar vest beneath the jacket at all times. He has all his badges over his heart. He has the Combat Action badge over his heart, the others (including the Expert Infantryman, Weapons Qualification, Physical Fitness, and Distinguished Pistol Shot and Rifleman badge) surrounding it. He wears leather gloves, also, and a holster on his hip at all times.

Bio - Anton's life has been long, tough, and an uphill struggle from bootcamp to the jump. He comes from a rich family, the first in his line having served Pope Urban III. His entire family is heavily Catholic, with the exception of him. His family sees this as a disgrace, just like they did one hundred years ago when his ancestor Adamo Augustino C. declared himself an atheist as well. He attended private schools, had few friends, read more than anyone else, and partook in dangerous, trying pass times. He started boxing when he was twelve, without his parents finding out, went camping for days without telling his parents where he was going, always alone, and fired his first gun at fourteen. He and a gang practiced together, keeping it a secret from his family once more. Despite not knowing of his violent, dangerous pastimes, the fact he joined the army came as a surprise to no one. Bootcamp was tougher than he had thought, and he realized all of his nonformal training amounted to little. The army trained different parts of the body and required team work, something his loner lifestyle had not prepared him for. He found himself struggling, which was a great blow to his pride. He did, however, excel at firearms and hand to hand. It took a while, but when he got used to the methods of the army he began rising higher above his others. When he graduated bootcamp, he joined the marines. He moved on quickly, however, to the ODSTs, where he stayed a long while, serving on many different ships. Most of his battles took place between the innies and his squads, but he had seen a few Covenant battles in his time. When he was asked, personally, to command a ship of his own, he accepted, taking control of a small fighter that accompanied bigger ships into dangerous zones. This is when he learned zero-g fighting, as ship-to-ship combat happened often. He rejoined the Helljumpers after a few years of this, where he gained most of his bages and medals. He took a leave of absence for a few years, and returned home to Italy. Upon returning he signed up for work on several more ships, and over a half a decade was promoted to a higher rank than those piloting the ships he worked on. He got work as the CWO for the military commander on the planet. He was asked to take a message to the captain of the Pegasus, and while he was on board the Covenant attacked. The ship had taken off before he could find an exit, leaving him stranded with the civilians and few soldiers who made it.

Other information - He has a son, whom he does not know exist, on earth whose mother is a woman he met during an earthbound campaign and never saw again.

----------------------------------------- WANDERING OUTLAW

Name - john hunter

Age - 25

Rank - Corporal

Specialty - pointman

Equipment - AR,rocket launcher, ODST armor

Appearance - green eyes, 5.5, tanish skin, strong.

Bio - john grew up on earth, now some might conseider this a gift, but to him it was borring. as soon as he was able he joined the marines to get off planet, not much later he joined the ODSTs. it was moslty because his commander wanted to get rid of him. Has surrvied a fair number of conficts, even harvest.(sorry all i got.)

Other information - no real fear of other people. which earned him quite a few arguments with his superiors.


Name:Joseph sutton


Rank:Lance corporal


Equipment:Spas24,MP7,Four frag grenades,combat knife

Appearance:Green eyes,brown hair,Shaved head,6 ft tall, medium build, wears a gold cross.

Bio:Joseph grew up on earth in an middle class family. When he was 18 he decided to join the marines before the war started and retired before it started. When this War did start there was a draft and he got recruted again agenst his own will but there not much he can do about it. He got through boot camp again top of his class. At first he was posted to stay on earth. It had been several months and he thought that maybe he didnt have to go into space. Then the next day he got notice that he is.

Other info:Is in a bad mood right now. Isnt ajusting well to being on other planets.

------------------------------------------ ASSASSIN DEMON

Name -Cole Angel

Age -29

Rank - (ODST) Corpal

Specialty -stealth

Equipment - Hiden blade made of fine steal,45. cal semi auto pistol with suppressor ,sniper with s&b 5-25x56 day scope,folding stock,suppressor,adjustble bi-pod, 6 round magazine Appearance -short brown hair,dark blue eyes,5.7, short cut shave,wears a cross around his neck, has a backpack but god only knows whats in it,has the front of his armor has the assassins creed sign on it

Bio -was found by a sercet group that has dies out is now the only one left. hate and i mean hates when people use the word like every other word.loves to hunt and lay traps. most of his time is used shapring his blade. not very talktive to most but willl talk to people he trust,loves,cares for,ect.

Other information - He joined the war when we was 18. When he was 5 the covent killed off his family.then raised by a secret group. after joining the army he was moved to the Pegasus. When he arrived he shut himself in his room wondering what the hell is this ** hole.

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Crystalyn Dragon

Name - Robert Anderson

Age - 39

Rank - Lance Corporal

Specialty - Demolitions/NBC warfare

Equipment - (Not too much kids...) M90 CAWS, C12/det cord/assorted explosives, M6D

Appearance - 5"5' tall, 130 pounds. Anderson has blond hair and blue eyes, he has multiple small scars up and down the right side of his body and face from a shrapnel induced injury during operation TREBUCHET.

Bio - Robert Anderson joined the UNSC marine corps right out of high school. During his training he became exceedingly skilled in demolitions, and was eventually trained in EOD and NBC warfare by NAVSPECWEP. His first assignment was performing EOD for operation TREBUCHET. His wife, parents, and daughter were killed on Madrigal in 2531. The loss of his family nearly drove Anderson over the edge and since then it has been his personal mission to blast and burn his way across every battlefield the UNSC drops him on. He has fought on Madrigal, Eridanus, Jericho VII, Emerald Cove, and Paris IV.

Other Information-- Anderson appears cold and driven, many who know him know that this is simply a facade to cover up the fact that his family's death still weighs heavily on him. He is highly intelligent, and nearly a master at precision demolitions. He is also slightly unstable and nearly failed his last psych evaluation. He is down to business, follows orders to the letter, and does not believe in overkill.

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La Aardvark

Someone find Phantasy Blade's character Nathan... his bio is missing from this thread and it shouldn't be.

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Phantasy Blade
Phantasy Blade Name - Nathan Raimi Age - 32 Rank - Private First Class Specialty - infintary Equipment - basic marine supplies and clothing, picture of his 5 year old son and wife Appearance - 6'2, average muscle tone, dark green eyes, dark redish-brown hair, small butt chin, little scar above right eyebrow Bio - Having a son at the age of 27, Nathan joined UNSC marine core for supporting his family. Things didnt turn out the way he wanted due to the conflict with the covenant. Other information - Raimi hopes he can see his son and wife again. If not he'll make sure that someone to take care of his family. (Picture)
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La Aardvark

--------------------------------Tracyn Kad Gratua

Name: Achillius Shiva

Age: 20

Rank: Private

Specialty: Communications

Equipment: Comm equipment, a BR55, M6 magnum, combat knifre, and 2 frag grenades

Appearance: Achillius stands at 6 feet and 8 inches, weighting in at 275 pound of lean muscle. He has brown hair that's been shaved down to the scalp. His eyes are a dark green. He has a rounded chin and his nose is crooked because it was set wrong when it was broken in a fight. His ears aren't big but they do stick out from his head. He has broad shoulders and a tattoo on each arm. The one on the right says, "I didn't mean to!" the one on the left says "S.D.T.A.G.W." (Stands for some damn thing always goes wrong). He has a long jagged scar on his left leg that he claims came from a knife fight but he actually got from dropping a pipe on his leg when he was 18.

Bio: As a kid he had a bad habit of breaking things, his father once came home to find his son surounded by the shattered remains of the tv and a good chunk of the wall. However one thing Achillius never broke was a phone, he was alawys amazed at the technology behind them. So while it might not have made sense to anyone else, it made perfect sense for him to choose comms as his specialty. Achillius is a firm believer that you shouldn't pick a fight with somebody that's not your size, because of that he will often intervene in fights that he believes are to one sided. Although his size would make it seem otherwise, Achillius is the type of solider that likes to think things through before making a decision. Since this is his first duty station he is hoping to prove himself. He has brown hair that's been shaved down to the scalp. His eyes are a dark green. He has a rounded chin and his nose is crooked because it was set wrong when it was broken in a fight. His ears aren't big but they do stick out from his head. He has broad shoulders and a tattoo on each arm. The one on the right says, "I didn't mean to!" the one on the left says "S.D.T.A.G.W." (Stands for some damn thing always goes wrong). He has a long jagged scar on his left leg that he claims came from a knife fight but he actually got from dropping a pipe on his leg when he was 18

Other info: Once to get a call through to command Achillius had some one stand on his shoulders to boost the signal strength.


Name- Kevin Martin

Rank- ODST Private First Class

Age- 26

Speciality- Assault and Minor wound treatment, Major wound diagnosis, (ie. Broken bones, internal bleeding, fractures, etc.)

Appearance- Dark brown hair that is shaved closely to the roots, gray eyes. He is a 5' 5" Caucasian. He has a tattoo on his chest of a flaming skull, that is the reason that there is a flaming skull on his armor. He has scar on his arms from fighting Elites with plasma rifles and grunts with needlers. Most have healed up for the most part though. Lastly, he has a scar starting from his right eyebrow, over his eyelid, to his right cheek. He that that from a close encounter with an Elite with an energy sword.

Gear- BR55 (Battle Rifle), MA5B, (Assault rifle variant) and he also has a M6C/Socom. (Magnum)

Bio- Kevin lived a normal life at his homeworld, Paris IV. While living there, he watched the slaughter of hundreds civillians, including his mom and dad. He was 18 at the time and decided to join the UNSC. He proved to be a valuable asset and was sent to the ODST training program. Month's later, he was sent aboard the ironically named, UNSC Paris. From there, he has been in many drops and has killed countless amount of Covenant.

Other info- N/A


Name - Brian Seguh

Age - 21

Rank - Scientist

Specialty - Making new weapons and armor, reverse engineering technology and designing new technology.

Equipment - In these time of war, he carries a hand gun for safety precausions. Blow torch for welding big steel and a little cauturizer for small data repairs and circuit boards, he wears goggles that can help identify what he needs to fix or understand.

Appearance - 5 ft. 11 in. tall, red eyes, fairly well built for hauling his equipment around, brown hair, tan skin, wears goggles on his forhead, ODST grade armor with ballistic gelling, black combat boots, and your average marine helmet.

Bio - Brian is your guy for any repairs or new weapons, he joined the UNCS with a masters degree in mechanics. He loves to make new weapons and see them be used to their full potential, Brian was disappointed when he was denied access to help make new sparten armor. Dr. Hasley would be his idol in the area of sparten technology, He also is interested in the Alien technology.

Brian was the marine type during tests, his love for tecnology was what kept him from becoming a marine instead of a scientist. His family was seperated when the covenent reach the inner reaches of humanity, he spent his time there-after to aid the UNSC to defend humanity from this menace.

Other information - Brian is currently working on two projects, one is his own A.I and a ship that can out-fight any covenent battle ship. His red eyes are a form of inhancement he was given for his job, they help understand alien text when reverse engineers weapons or ships.

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Its Me Fi

name: Mike Sonvanson

age: 19

rank: ODST 1st lieutenant

speciality: demolitions and ballistic weapons

equipment: 4 frag grenades, SPNKR rocket launcher, MA5C assualt rifle (mainly uses SPNKR rocket launcher)

appearance: (never takes off helemet)

bio: joined the UNSC at age 16 and trained to be an ODST who quickly rose through the ranks and soon became a helljumper, due to his family being murdered he keeps quiet about his past and doesnt like to talk about often saying 'dont dwell on the past or else your going to get killed' always by the book and doesnt speak unless spoken to

other: he loves MRE's

(pm me if there is any problems with the character)

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