Installation 03, a Roleplay
Shortly before the Halo incident, The Pegasus, a ship escaping a covenant attack, makes a blind jump, in an attempt to escape the Covenant forces. Forced to land on a mysterious ring, this is thier story.
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Harbinger of Doom

"Ship status report, Jefferys." Called out the Captain of the ship, Colonel John Rivers.

Jefferys, who was going over the status as they spoke, nodded.

"Sir, we have 564 men and women aboard. No children made it on." He paused, to let the effect sink in.

"Only 84 are civillian, 31 ODST's, 365 marines who were onboard when the fighting began, and the rest are either engineers or Ship crew." He continued, watching as the Colonel nodded, deep in thought, and looking out at the ring in the viewport. Jefferys guessed that the Colonel wasnt listening.

"We also have 9 Pelican dropships, 3 Scorpion tanks, and 17 Hogs, all variations." He continued. He knew what John wanted, but he was determined to give the full report.

"5 C709 Longsword-Class Interceptor's are in the hanger bay." He finished, moving onto the damage report.

"We took some pretty heavy hits Sir. The engines are damaged, as are our long range communications. The hyperdrive is down, and we have several minor hull breaches. They have all been sealed off." He fineshed, finally. The Colonel turned from his observations.

"And whats that?" He asked, pointing at the ring.

"The best our scans can detect, Sir, its some knd of man-made planet. It has atmosphere, and a climate, hell, from the looks of it its got some nice beaches too. But it has distinct metal outing, and its inside out." He finished, just as 2 Covenant CSS class battlecruisers exited slipspace, along with a smaller Covenant Light Cruiser.

"Sir, we have company." Rodgers said, hoping they wouldnt be noticed. "I suggest we evac before they see us."


Charlie Wolfe sat on his bunk, thrilled that it was over. He still had all his weapons, armour, and equipment with him, but wasnt expecting another Covenant attack.

Several seconds after he finished this lign of thoughts, a loud alarm blared, and he leapt up, cursing.

'Covenant craft detected. We are not yet under fire, but boarding is imminent.' Called out the comm.

Cursing again, Charlie shot from the room, Assault rifle hoisted. He was headed for the bridge, where he could get some orders.

8/8/2008 #1
USNC Marine

Jonas smirked as he heard the announcement laughing to himself lightly "Well about damn time...." he said softly to himself as marines moved about the armory grabbing MA5C's and M7 SMG's frantically. Jonas shook his head as he walked out of the room gripping his shotgun close making him feel ready to take on any damn alien on or any person "And off to hunt I go...."

8/8/2008 #2
Enigmatic Epitaph

Eirmyth grit her teeth and turned to where her medical smart A.I., July, stood waiting. "What are you waiting for, download all files!" July winced and shrank down to a pin-point of light. Eirmyth grabbed her Magnum pistol and stared at July's chip. "Hurry up!"

"Done!" the A.I. sounded out of breath. "We need to-" July's voice cut off as Eirmyth pulled her chip out of the ships system, and dashed out into the chaos.

8/9/2008 #3
Harbinger of Doom

Forgot about the ships AI lmao XD

Slowing down, to a brisk walk as he stepped onto the bridge, Charlie came to a full stop as he saluted the Colonel.

"Sir, reporting for orders." He said, bringing down his salute.

"At ease, Captain." Said the Colonel, totally calm for sombody who had just came out of the gruelling battle for Strike, only to be followed by 3 Covenant ships.

"Sir, we have about 20 boarding craft headed our way." Called out Jefferys, his eyes darting around the information displayed onscreen.

"Understood. Captain, I want you to get the shipboard AI groundside, and regroup with the survivors. All ships should launch for the artificial ring, aiming at its south end. Dont let her fall into enemy hands, Captain. Do whatever you need to." The Colonel said, before turning to the holographic projection of a woman, who, like all the holograms, was unique in her appearence. She was dressed like a 1990's punk, with a leather jacket, and peircings. She even had a mohawk. Going up and down her purple frame were streams of base-line coding, making it obvious that she was, in fact, AI.

"Zoey, wipe all of the ships computers, and give me a trajectory for the ring. When everyones offboard, I'll take her in myself." He said, and the AI nodded, closing her eyes for a moment, before they snapped sharply open.

"Done." She said, and before she could say anything else, the chip she was stored on was removed, and placed in the Captains palm.

"Keep her safe, Captain." Colonel John Rivers told him, before turning to the viewport.

"Dismissed. Get the hell of this boat, Captain." He said, and Charlie nodded, slipping the chip into a velcrow pocket on his jacket, and briskly turning and removing himself from the bridge.

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USNC Marine

With his whole squad dead from the battle at the world strike Jonas had been wandering the halls of the ship, his shotgun slung over his shoulder as he walked. Marine combat teams moved around holding up at hallway junctions to prepare for the coming Covenant assault to hold them off while the evacuation to the ring world began.

Not really caring for there safety Jonas had been looking for his own escape pod when he realised he was near the bridge the captain who he fought under walking out "Well damn....Though you would have been dead by now..."

8/9/2008 #5
Harbinger of Doom

"Dieings for quitters." Charlie simply said, grabbing some extra clips of ammo from a nearby ammo-locker.

"Were about to abandon ship. I suggest we grab a-" He didnt get the chance to finish.

'Evac to all escape pods, Pelicans, HEV's. We are about to be boarded. Co-ordinates have been pre-uploaded. When you get planetside, regroup, and hold out as long as possible. A beacon, giving off our location has been dropped, but it could be a while before we get evac. Give em' hell, Marines.' Called out the comm, in the Colonels deep voice.

"What he said." Charlie grumbled, filling his pockets with grenades.

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Enigmatic Epitaph

Eirmyth ran faster, skidding slightly and running headlong into a tall Marine. "Oh! Jonas!" she backed away quickly, knowing the man's files well. She saluted to the captain quickly. "Private Greene, sir, and I have the medical A.I. 73849 July with me." She showed the chip, which glowed with a gentle rose colored light. "Orders?"

8/9/2008 #7
USNC Marine

"No why in hell am i getting in a escape pod....Damn tin can will blow apart before we land." Jonas said simply with little emotion as he began to walk off towards the hanger "I would much rather ride down there in a bird than a pod."

Jonas smiled to himself, Captain didn't remember him and that was good. Made it easier for him to concentrate on his work without having to watch out for some superior officer wanting to blow his brains out... but he growled to himself loudly as the woman almost hit him, but he sidestepped her quickly and fought the urge to attack not wanting the captain to get suspicious of him.

8/9/2008 . Edited 8/9/2008 #8
Harbinger of Doom

Glancing a little at Jonas's near-offensive gesture, but not paying much attention, he nodded to the Private.

"Evac, and, like the Private just said, the Pelican dropships are our best bet. At least we have some degree of control over them." He told her.

"And keep the AI on you, she could come in handy later. But if i go down, make sure you get the ship AI from my body." He told her nonchalantly, patting the pouch to indicate where to look.

8/9/2008 #9
Enigmatic Epitaph

Eirmyth smiled weakly. "With respect sir, I don't think you'll be dying on my watch. I don't allow my superiors to die on me." She glanced nervously at Jonas (his files kept popping back up in her head) she nodded. "Right, Pelicans."

8/9/2008 #10
Harbinger of Doom

Smiling a little, Charlie passed some ammo and grenades to both of the Privates.

"Thats good to know, Private. I'm not done fighting yet, and i dont intend to be anytime soon." He told her, before moving at a brisk pace towards the Pelican bay.

"Pity we never got one of those Spartan things assigned to us. I saw one in action, just once. I'm not even sure if i want to see it again." He told them, remembering the breif few seconds he had observed the Spartan in combat, before it was gone, running at incredible speeds.

8/9/2008 . Edited 8/9/2008 #11
USNC Marine

Jonas nodded silently as he took the grenades and ammo and then began moving again taking point. Not cause he felt like volunteering. He did it cause he wanted to get off this metal death trap before something he couldn't prevent killed him. He had no problem with dying. he had a problem with dying when he couldn't do anything about it.

8/9/2008 . Edited 8/9/2008 #12
Enigmatic Epitaph

Eirmyth accepted the ammo and grenades wordlessly, slipping both into different pockets then July's chip. She was more then a little nervous, yet frustration seemed to be the main emotion going through her. Well, at least the Covenant are providing a good way to relieve that stress....

8/9/2008 #13
Harbinger of Doom

"Alright Marines, lets move out." Charlie said, hoisting the MA5B assault rifle as he walked. He didnt know how long till the first boarding party hit, but he wasnt taking any chances, and he checked every corridor.

8/9/2008 #14
USNC Marine

Jonas complied by sweeping his shotguns barrel across hallways and checking corners "Captain.....I advise I take point....." he offered "Close range fighting is my specialty...." he smirked to himself as he pumped the gun making it ready to fire at any moment. And if he new the covenant they would be here very soon to die by his hand...

8/9/2008 #15
Enigmatic Epitaph

Eirmyth shuddered, Jonas' files coming back to her minds eye again. Yet, for the insanity he was supposed to be displaying, Jonas seemed sane. Calm, even. The woman shook her head, raising her Magnum as she nodded to the captain. "He's definately qualified for taking point..."

8/9/2008 #16
Harbinger of Doom

"Acnowledged." Charlie said, with a small hand motion, giving him the go ahead. Charlie didnt even jump when the entire ship shook, with a dull thump. "Here they come. I suggest we evac before we're overrun." He said, in a almost-whisper.

8/9/2008 #17
L Chupacabra

Vasil continued trotting in the direction of the HEV bay, hoping to god that there would still be a drop pod left by the time he got there. Turning a corner, he nearly sprayed a trio of Marines with his suppressed M7s. "Anybody else feel that?"

8/9/2008 #18
Harbinger of Doom

"Yep." Charlie replied.

"Were headed for the Pelican bays, if you want to group up, your choice." He told the man, rubbing a small speck of dust from the display on his MA5B.

8/9/2008 . Edited 8/9/2008 #19
USNC Marine

Jonas grinned to himself as he took point his gun raised and aimed down the hallway, checking corners as he went "I suggest you keep up....I may clear these hallways but covenant could come around any corner a minute later..." Jonas said. He didn't really care about their lives just that if more were around they would attract more contacts.

8/9/2008 #20
L Chupacabra

"Well, then it appears we're heading in the same direction." Vasil made sure the magazines were secured in his M7s. "I'm hoping to find an HEV, myself."

8/9/2008 #21
Harbinger of Doom

Merely nodding at Jonas, Charlie turned to the ODST.

"Only bad thing about a HEV is you cant control the tradgectory, and your defenseless. But, up to you, i guess." He said, as another thump echoed around the ship.

8/9/2008 #22
L Chupacabra

"All due respect, Captain." Vasil switched off the safeties on his SMGs. "If I didn't trust HEVs, I wouldn't have become a Helljumper."

8/9/2008 #23
USNC Marine

Jonas knelt as he leaned around a corner and checked the hallway giving the all clear sign when he spotted a squad of marines "Sir, friendles down the hall...." he said looking back at the captain.

8/9/2008 #24
Enigmatic Epitaph

Eirmyth grinned at the ODST's remark. "This could end up being interesting," she muttered to herself, glancing over at Jonas.

8/9/2008 #25
Harbinger of Doom

"Roger that." He said, to both of them.

He was about to call out to the marines, when another thump echoed, literally right next to them. Seconds later, the wall glowed red and began to slag.

"Positions!" Charlie yelled, kneeling and turning to face the melting wall.

8/9/2008 #26
USNC Marine

Jonas Grimaced as he ignored the marines and made his way back to the group snatching a grenade off his belt "Just tell me when...."

8/9/2008 #27
Harbinger of Doom

Staying stock still, his aim not wavering, he continued to stand ready. The Marines were running down the corridor to reinforce them, but they wouldnt get there fast enough.

Just as the first part of the wall slagged away to reveal the innards of a Covenant boarding craft, Charlie yelled "NOW!" And let lose with the first stream of fire.

8/9/2008 #28
USNC Marine

Jonas grinned as he threw the grenade into the hole, his drawing his shotgun a moment later. He shot the first elite as it came through, its shield flickering out from the close range of the shotgun. The grenade sounded off later the large explosion filling the confined space as the front elite dropped dead from shrapnel wounds.

8/9/2008 #29
Harbinger of Doom

The slagging wall widened, and Charlie could clearly see into the craft now. There were no less than 5 Elites, and about 20 grunts. Fortunatly, some lay dead on the floor from the grenade.

Charlie opened fire, splattering a grunt in the neck, and causing its methane to spray out. Several plasma bursts shot past Charlies head, and into a Marine who had just joined the fight, taking him down quickly.

Cursing, Charlie blasted another grunt, feeling the Marine flop down lifelessly next to him.

8/9/2008 #30
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