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A strict rp forum set up for Deadliest Catch. Send a message to my sister or to myself to be involved, please don't just come in and be rude, ask first.
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Come in and introduce yourself to us! I'll start off with the introductions ^_^

Name: Nikolina Sanders

Age: 27

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'5"

Weight: A lady never reveals her weight!

Occupation: Former captain

Love Interest: Sig Hansen

Other: Nik is loyal to a fault and has the temper of a true Norwegian, mess with her man or her friends and you've had a bad day for sure!

8/12/2008 #1

Name:Selena Haddaway


Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Deep blue

Height: 5'4''


Occupation: Horse Trainer/Breeder

Love Interest:Andy Hillstrand

Other:Friends with Jonathan

8/12/2008 #2

Name:Ashley Cook


Hair Color:Chocolate Brown,Black when wet

Eye color:Chocolate Brown



Occupation:Singer,guitarist,and horse jumper,rodeo,cattle roping,pro bass fisher,pro cat fisher............

(all of those are actually what I do,funny i can ever get any time to squeeze them in!!lol)

Love Interest:Edgar Hanson...Matt Bradley......(uh oh,major conflict there!!!)

Other:Friends with everyone except Keith,who doesnt really like me......... I dont take any crap from nobody.

8/12/2008 #3

if i can join my character will be

name : jason holliday



looks; black hair, icy blue eyes, tall at 5'11 and built normally,

personality; jason is fun but serious he was in the marines for 2 years, and is gay but doesnt show it . he i sunsure how it will go over with tough fisherman, secretly feels bad because of crush on phil, and i tough but sometimes has nighmares, is an insomniac.jason was a dog handler and trainer. he is now only in the reserves.new guy unkown, working for the cornelia marie

4/12/2009 #4

p.s that is my bio exept the fishing part, so i hope you dont mind gay people please let me join. i have read all d.c stories on this site

4/12/2009 #5
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