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Badee Badaa Doo

I only found a couple of KandaxAllen on yaoi-sei.com

If you manage to scroll pass all of the AllenxKanda, CrossxKoumi, and EveryonexLavi you can find a few english and japanese doujinshis (in my eyes I see more japanese doujinshi) -_-

I'm so close to just sticking to fanfic *cries in emo corner*

8/12/2011 #31

I wonder why all the artists are so obsessed with Allen being the seme? It just doesn't make sense...

8/25/2011 #32

Yullen it's not supposed to make sense. It's only fun when it's senseless!

9/3/2011 #33

Since most people on this thread seem to find Allen-seme totally bizarre, I'll share my thoughts? Don't flame me please, though. xD I'm a vulnerable small child. Well. Not really, otherwise I shouldn't be here. But anyways, tangent.

Before I start: all references to seme/uke are purely in terms of personality. I see lemon as an extension of their roles in the context of the story, rather than the other way around.

Also, my opinions are mine only. I do not claim to understand all KandaxAllen-lovers' thoughts. Because I'm likely to be misunderstood, I'm going to say that I like BOTH Yullen and Arekan. I'm just defending my Arekan stance right now because most of you are already Yullen fans.

First off, I also used to dislike Allen-seme because it was just so weird to me, but eventually I got used to the idea, and when it's done well, it's done freaking WELL. There are so many ways to reinterpret and build on Kanda and Allen's personalities, and so many ways in which to express them. There's a certain charm to the fact that Kanda is willing (no matter how grudgingly) to be uke in the first place, and that Allen wants something enough to actively pursue it. (I mean, remember his whole angsty why-the-flip-am-I-even-alive-I-only-care-about-Akuma thing and his screw-this-I-lost-everything-anyways-let-me-be-the-sacrifice martyrdom?) And, to be completely honest, Kanda-seme doujins (note:doujins) all tend to be the same, theme-wise, even if the plots are different.

Good AllenxKanda doujins (in my opinion, at least) aren't exactly all that clear-cut... I think that both characters are fluid enough that they can take both roles depending on the context. I mean, personally, I write predominantly seme!Kanda fics, even though I like Arekan as well. But there are some Arekan moments (when it works). It's all a matter of context. There are a few really good Kanda-seme doujins, too - one of my faves is Unfair Person by Eriko (excerpt from Innocent Ash Kanda), but even for that one, I totally could have made an argument for it being either seme!Kanda or uke!Kanda. The important part isn't really which one is seme, it's just the emotional undertone that matters. If you want, I'd suggest that you check out some Saitoh Maho doujins - they're epic. They're also almost like a series, so everything builds off of Gold Live, Tsuki no Kimi, Deuce of Hearts (another Innocent Ash Kanda excerpt), and Flower that Blooms in the Far East. Another popular artist is Kanako Nagi (Circle Seil) - hers are much more emotional; one of my favorites by her is Offlead. If those don't convert you, then yeah, AllenxKanda is just not your thing.

I know a lot of people think that it's OOC for Kanda, but for me, the whole charm of Kanda-uke is that he lets it happen, despite his, you know, Kanda-ness. That's why most Arekans are doujinshi, though - it's so much more believable when you can see his expressions and thoughts. I'm sure a lot of you writers have run across the problem of characterizing Kanda before - his words and actions are so linked to his subtly different expressions that without the visual cues, he sometimes comes off as uber-j***-y or something. I don't like fem!Kanda or girly Kanda, either. (For that matter, I also dislike girly Allen). They're both guys. That's why this ship is so sweet, in a way. It's not that I like it BECAUSE it's yaoi, but something about it just feels a lot more... complete. Idk if you get it. xD It's very difficult to describe.

And also, it's not like Allen's that dominating or anything... Personally, I think Allen-seme's slightly-evil, just-a-bit-childish personality is the best part of AreKan. There's also his bittersweet maturity (and sometimes self-sacrifice) in some of the doujins that take place later in the manga chronologically, like Goodnight Song and Dignity of the Clergyman (which is as of yet untranslated. I only know crappy Japanese, so I only understand the basic gist of the thing), both by Saitoh Maho and Kinui Mameko (Circle Higurashi Sangoku Kamen). There's also Offlead by Seil (I said that one already at the top). So, in other words, Allen-seme's really not OOC, it's just that in the official manga, there's not that much development of his "normal" personality because most arcs revolve around either battles or angst. Good Allen-seme doujins make his personality seem like a natural offshoot of the rare, canon glimpses we get of his mischievous side. And they're also delicious. Have I said that already? xD

So, basically, I just want to say that if you don't like it because of the reasons I talked about above, I'd suggest that you check out some of the good ones (if you haven't already) before you decide for sure. I'm not gonna promise that you will like it if you do - it's a personal thing. But it does have a really addicting charm once you get used to it and you start to see how it works. And if you can't figure out why the hell it works at all, I'm hoping that what I wrote makes it sensible, at least. =P Us Arekan fans aren't crazy or anything, after all. Well, not that way, anyways.

... gosh that turned into a hella long post. Sorry. xD

10/8/2011 . Edited 10/8/2011 #34
Badee Badaa Doo

*Applauds to corrodedstar* That was epic.

But ya some AllenxKanda are acceptable cause I spent a good five hours actually reading and re-reading some of them *sweatdrops*

I used to strongly believe that Allen will always always be a uke. Cause he's so cute. And Kanda just looked weird acting all girly =_=

Then I read one and it wasn't bad. Liked the way Allen acted all cheeky XD

So I'm not really a hater of this pairing just kinda favor Yullen more. Then again I like a lot of DGM pairings like KoumixAllen Weak Diamond

I'm just weird like that.

10/8/2011 #35

Thank you. xD It's funny, actually, cuz typing all that out actually made me figure out my own attraction to Arekan.

I totally understand the aversion to Arekan, though, because the first time I went looking for Yullen doujins, I was completely shocked by the utter lack of KandaxAllen. And I really disliked Arekan at that time. It's sort of a thing that grows on you. Somehow, though, Allen being cute actually makes him a better seme for some reason... Idk why. xD I'll agree that Kanda acting girly is pretty annoying, though. I mean, they're both guys for a reason.

I think it's one of those things where the fandom makes the ship rather than the other way around. You know, like when you absolutely cannot understand a ship, but then you read an absolutely brilliant fic or dj and you think, dang, that's freaking epic. So I can sort of understand why even something totally unpredictable like KomuixAllen could be pulled off right, if the writer gives you enough of a reason to like it. xD Although I don't think I could like it myself. I'm a bitterly loyal Yullen fan, to the death. It's just one of those ships that I refuse to budge for, in large part because I got attached to it so early on in the manga.

10/8/2011 . Edited 10/8/2011 #36
Starisia the Shadow Demon

Lol, I'm the same way. I REFUSE to read anything where Allen and Kanda aren't together-or end up together at some point. Personaly though i have a bit of an aversion to AreKan now. I've read too many fics where they took both OOC to make it work. I do like AreKan, it's just hard to find a fanfic that pulls it off without making them both-at least 1-OOC.

11/1/2011 #37
Badee Badaa Doo

Actually I didn't try to read fanfics that are AreKan, cause I do think that it might end up OOC ^^,

Is there by any chance a fanfic that Allen is the sadistic seme who acts cute, but is cocky.

And Kanda is the masochist who tries acting tough, but silently summiting to the moeness... I dunno something like that XD Cause if there is one I wanna read it so badly O_O

11/4/2011 . Edited 11/4/2011 #38
Starisia the Shadow Demon

Actually i know one that fits that discription quite well. Its one of the few AreKan fic's i haven't given up on.

It's Salacious Sensei is My Master in case your interested ^_^

Other than that the only other AreKan i can think of that i actually like is Musical Madness.

Their both pretty interesting AU's and they both seem pretty in character to me.

11/5/2011 #39
Badee Badaa Doo

Thank you I'll be sure to read them ^^

It's funny how this forum started off as not liking AreKan to this XD

11/6/2011 #40
Starisia and Atsuma

Lol, i guess it is. Its harder to find decent AreKan fic's though, i guess because their harder to write or something like that.

11/6/2011 #41
You sure are missing a lot then (meh, anyways it's hard to find decent fanfiction of any pairing. besides fanfics without pairings are awesome too).
11/13/2011 #42
Starisia the Shadow Demon

Well I don't even give most AreKan fics a chance anymore. If you know any other good ones i'd love to read them. I'm planning an Arekan story for after i'm done with my Vampire Yullen fic, and i've been trying to find a fw good ones so i can get some ideas, so it'd really help me out.

11/13/2011 #43
14th Musician

umm i think Kanda would fit as a seme more than Allen although sometimes it can be otherwise .__.; but judging from their height and personality it's so obvious that it'll mostly be kanda on the top .

11/15/2011 #44
not bitter just twisted

I know everyone loves the whole uke/seme thing, but personally I'm against it. Obviously someone has to top and another has to bottom, but they're both men. It irritates me when people make Allen ridiculously childish or girly, as that's not who he is, even if he does like Kanda. I personally feel they would fight for dominance, as their relationship is one of incessant conflict, and a romantic one would be the same.

11/28/2011 #45
Starisia the Shadow Demon

I see your point but at the same time its hard to find one with Kanda as an uke where he's not totaly OOC. Okay, Kanda's a hot, short tempered J*** with about zero impulse control who would threten anyone who even suggested he was the sub-even if he was-but he does also have a softer side that is becoming a bit more evident in the latest chapters-except the part with the clown which is now my all time fave manga moment-and Allen is sweet, lovable, and adorable but he has his dark side to the point where i can see him smiling sweetly while he was killing someone so yeah, they both have the traits of both Seme and Uke. The lines are very fine for this pairing and that's one of the things i love about it so yeah, they'd normaly fight or their positions as well as just about everything else, but many overlook this.

Arekan has become my enemy since so many are ooc(This is simply MY opinion based on Arekan fics i've read). They make Kanda a wonton emo when that's no who HE is and they take away his charm which-to me at least-is his temperment. I haven't read any fics-arekan or yullen-where they made Allen girly but i know what your talking about. I do think they'd both have their prefrence though since i can't see Kanda being too happy with being sub to Allen all the time and you also have to keep in mind that with Allen theres a lot of things he locks away so i think he would also need some one who could help him through it without him seeing it as worry-like Kanda p*** him off to where he decides he wants to smack him.

My overall opinion is that they both have their own things that make them seem capable of being either, but most off the time arekan is incredibly OOC.

My overall Openion on both as Uke: Kanda-uke would still be demanding and agressive, and make sure he got what he wanted and he'd most likely be letting it happen that way for one reason or another, while Allen-Uke seems more 'Unknowingly' suductive, absolutly irresistible and-forgive he term but it just seems to fit-Rapable, and he'd use his 'cuteness' to his full advantage.

My overall openion on both as Seme: Kanda-seme would be more than willing to 'Kidnap' Allen-i completly agree with that-and have his way with him, while Allen-Seme would be more Caring but still have a bit of a forceful side though it's not as prominent as Kanda's, but he'd also be mischevous and somewhat evil like he is when he's playing poker.

((On a side note my friend Atsuma-1 and i actually did that Seme/Uke test using answers we both thought Kanda and Allen and we discovered that Kanda matches the don't F*** with me seme while Allen matched the badass uke-their the perfect match, and the reverse happened when we tried again to get result for Arekan by changing just a couple of answers that still seemed in character. Had us cracking up for a couple hours straight since we're both huge Yullen fans-although i write for it more than her.))

12/5/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #46
I think someone should take the seme/uke quiz for them... at semeuke.com cuz i think kanda could only be seme and allen could be both. kanda's dont-f***-with-me additude and allens innocent look go perfectly.....just saying.... even my bf likes semekanda and ukeallen..,.*sweat drops* _
5/16/2012 #47
Starisia the Shadow Demon

Haha, someone already beat you to it; Me and my friend Atsuma-1.

Kanda was a Don't f*** with me Seme and Allen was a Bad*ss Uke; perfect match :)

The two of us then switched a couple of answers while still remaining IC and the reverse happened, so it doesn't matter who's seme and who's uke, they're still a perfect match :)

5/16/2012 . Edited 5/16/2012 #48
Uh... I don't mind and I forgive you for not liking seme!Allen. Yes, yes. I'm just one of those crazed Japanese people who loves Allen as seme and Kanda as uke. Note the Japanese part.
7/11/2012 #49
Think about the uke!Kanda fans on fanfiction. I can rarely find and fics like that. (TT)
7/11/2012 #50
Starisia the Shadow Demon

It's not that I don't like Uke!Kanda... I support both Yullen and AreKan, but it just seems like every 9/10 AreKan fic I read has Kanda blatantly OOC during the more... er.... intimate scenes. I've freaken read one where they had Kanda-KANDA-acting like some thirteen year old schoolgirl experiencing her first crush, and that is NOT how he is by any stretch of the imagination... needless to say, I am now very, VERY, hesitant to even give a fic a chance when i see 'Arekan' in the summery...

7/11/2012 #51

When I first watch DGM and met Kanda and Allen, I instantly saw a chemistry between them (The same thing I quickly noticed between Sasuke and Naruto) that could be written (fanfiction wise) into many wonderful stories. I saw the 'strong' possibility of them being a couple (fiction wise) seeing their personality somewhat compliment each other.

I'm more into Yullen cause, well, I dunno? Kanda just scream of being the seme and I just prefer it that way. I guess it has something to do with the fanfictions that I've read where Kanda became 'uke' and he automatically became girly to a point that he's not Kanda anymore and it made me cringe and throw up just by reading it. Well, I guess I could say the same with stories where Allen became girly as well. Allen maybe the naive, understanding type of guy but he's far from being feminine. I guess, for me, so long that the story is In Character, I don't mind who gives and who recieves. But if they're in character, I guess there would be a doubt of Kanda agreeing being a 'uke' unless of course Allen beg him into trying.

Anyway, I already stopped watching DGM even though I have bought the dvd set cause honestly, Lenalee Lee made me wanna punched our TV. So I decided to avoid watching DGM anymore before I end up destroying our television set and started hating all girls with Lee on their name.

3/16/2013 #52

Hehe, this reply may be a little late, but hey, never to late to cast a vote/opinion/whatever you call it!

I can't say that I agree with full-time Kanda seme. I used to, and don't get me wrong here, Kanda is sexy when he acts dominantly, but at the same time, so is Allen. It's much more realistic for them to switch constantly. It can't really be a relationship without the sharing of power for both parties, and for me, saying Allen is always uke (or Kanda is always uke) is like saying that a woman can't be dominant with a man. Sure, the anatomy is different, but a woman can still be dominant. I realize that when it comes to stories that I look for love before sex, even if for two teenage boys who "hate" each other that's unrealistic to some degree, but if Allen and Kanda were partners, they would care for and respect each other.

Wow, that got really serious really quickly....

However, when it comes to personality, while neither Kanda nor Allen are submissive characters, I would peg Allen as the less dominant of the two. I feel like he would put the love out in the open, which would make him somewhat more vulnerable, and Kanda would try to hide or ignore it instead. That really contradicts how I portray Allen and Kanda in my fanfictions (intelligent, calm, and open for Kanda and sweet and kind-hearted [and sort of tsundere towards Kanda] for Allen), but that's how I think they would act in the manga if they were a canon pairing. Oh, how I wish.

Happy Writing,


3/6/2015 #53
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