The Mod Wars
Are you sick of all those MR folks at the top teasing you because you're not a forum moderator? Do you want to edit their posts and start wars you know you'll lose? If so, become a mod here free of charge, no effort required. :D
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Subtle? What do you mean...? *Titlts head to the side* Does Diz like something more than feeshis too?

*scratches head and kicks a frog*

8/23/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/23/2008 #31
Teh Soul Cookie

do you have something against frogs?

Do you have something against Johnny Depp?

8/23/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/25/2008 #32

Because if so, I'd be happy to take him off your hands for awhile...

*Scarecrow sprays her with fear toxin*

8/25/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/25/2008 #33
Teh Soul Cookie

:D lawl!! go Scarecrow!! and no i don't have anything againsy Johnny!! :D


8/25/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/27/2008 #34

I'll trade you Johnny and the Joker for Scarecrow...

:P :O :D

8/27/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/27/2008 #35
Teh Soul Cookie

Nope!! their mine!! :D

8/27/2008 . Edited 9/4/2008 #36

Well, you'll just have to share~

:D:D:D:D mmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

9/4/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 9/4/2008 #37
Teh Soul Cookie

:D not Lestat! but i think i can share Squishy!!!! :D

Is Squishy a fishee~?

9/4/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 9/13/2008 #38

I'd be happy to share Fishee...

*dances the macarena with a monkey*

9/13/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 9/13/2008 #39
Teh Soul Cookie

:D allllllllrighty then! :D

*Reenacts Cinderalla with magic pinapple and gym clogs*

9/13/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 9/17/2008 #40


*eats said magic pinapple and clogs*

9/17/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 9/17/2008 #41
Teh Soul Cookie

:D alllllrighty then!! X3

9/17/2008 #42

I've been wanting to get my way with Mer for some time now...

9/27/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 2/26/2009 #43

And I with Diz...


1/2/2009 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 2/26/2009 #44

Get a room, hobos.

2/26/2009 #45

I... Be... Mod?

4/13/2009 #46

i dont want to be a mod, but i have to say something. u were right and i might have been a little overboard on this so i just want to say that im sorry and im not saying that we need to be friends but i dont really want a hater, so truce?

please say yes. having a hater was not what i expected it to be so i dont want one anymore

5/5/2009 #47

it was for chocolatemilk2

but yeah, so please say truce


5/5/2009 #48

i would've really helped if you responded to me. i'm like trying to say sorry which is what i rarely do and you ignore me. just say truce and then we can ignore each other. deal?

5/6/2009 #49

If you want to apologize, you might want to PM her instead of posting here... cause nobody really comes on these forums anymore (at least not this group...)

8/15/2009 #50

Awww, Blake Starr it's okay... I'm sorry for being mean... It's all in the past, dude. Like long past. Years past. You've probably forgotten who I am by now, I know I have you.

And yes loved, I am a very sad admin and this place is deadeded. My poor baby forum, never got the chance to spread its wings... ;_;

2/3/2010 #51

Hey can i be a mod? =^.^= Nya Btw im sorry about your forum

6/5/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #52

Heyy, why not?

And it's okay, man. I made this place about two years back? xD May 2008. Any dissappointment in its lack of succession has long since faded. Even then all I really wanted was to chill, mess around with settings and have a good time with friends, which we achieved in other places anyway so it doesn't matter all that much now.

6/9/2010 #53

Ok thanks Btw i got your invite so i guess im a moderator now P.S this is going to be heaps of fun =^.^= Nya thanks Again!

6/9/2010 . Edited 6/9/2010 #54

-walks in- Wow, this place is empty!

8/18/2010 #55

thats why we're here baka ^^

8/18/2010 #56

Look a furry! -points in random direction and hides in toilets-

8/18/2010 #57

want an invite code? ^^

8/18/2010 #58

sure ^^

8/18/2010 #59

hopefully milk will reply soon ^^

8/18/2010 #60
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