The Mod Wars
Are you sick of all those MR folks at the top teasing you because you're not a forum moderator? Do you want to edit their posts and start wars you know you'll lose? If so, become a mod here free of charge, no effort required. :D
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Being a moderator, or a shortened "mod" is having your name on the list down the bottom of a forum and having a golden shield when you post at that forum. It also means editing each others' posts, since mods are meant to be mature. But they aren't always as such, which is where this "Warring" concept comes from.

Warring is a part of being a mod, you see. As a mod, can edit other people's posts and laugh at them in your heads (however, this exercise is useless [which is why Mer does it], because the mods can edit posts numerous times), or even better, add a little message. But be warned, someone else might edit your added post in revenge! (Woah, Milk's so scary when she's trying to be enthusiastic...)

You edit back, and thus, a war has started.


Have fun, mods. :0~ Read the rules too? Any questions, feel free to ask... Any complaints will be sent to the ghostwriter of MR4, because I just don't like him/her...

8/4/2008 . Edited 9/29/2008 #1
Teh Soul Cookie

i am ready to be a mod! *puffs out chest* imma dragon! :D

8/5/2008 #2

I sent you a mod invite! Did you get it?

8/5/2008 #3
Teh Soul Cookie

no i haven't got it yet!! *cries*

*turns into Axel plushie*

8/6/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/6/2008 #4

*Juice turns into a Roxas plushie*

8/6/2008 . Edited by disneydork, 8/7/2008 #5
Teh Soul Cookie

*does naughty things to Lestat*

8/6/2008 . Edited 8/7/2008 #6

*gets attacked by combined AkuRoku power of the Axel and Roxas plushies*

8/7/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/7/2008 #7
Teh Soul Cookie

Sentence abrith to Milk's confusion:

:P now what?

8/7/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/7/2008 #8

Now what what....?

8/7/2008 #9

Hey, abrith isn't even a word!

*gets attacked by a flaming demon fish*

8/7/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/8/2008 #10
Teh Soul Cookie

lol demon fish! :D

Teh gets attacked with demon lekes.

8/8/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/9/2008 #11

Or demon leeches.

*gets attacked by giant slugs*

8/9/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/9/2008 #12
Teh Soul Cookie

*suprised by giant slugs*

Oh of course you are.

8/9/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/9/2008 #13

*Is attacked by giant, BLUE slug and a small red snake intent on eating pie*

8/9/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/9/2008 #14
Teh Soul Cookie

you, my friend, have some animal magetism! :D

*is nutted by wise squirrel*

8/9/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/10/2008 #15

The animals are my minions.... Yeah...

*gets attacked by Ninja Bunnies*

8/10/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/10/2008 #16
Teh Soul Cookie

Ninja Bunnies are my minons....... *hisses like a snake*

8/10/2008 . Edited 8/10/2008 #17


I pity those bunnies.

I pity you! :P

8/10/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/10/2008 #18
Teh Soul Cookie

Are you a frog or a toad? i can't tell....

I am a Ninga turtle!

8/10/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/10/2008 #19

Much better than those Ninja bunnies. *Pokes out tongue*

your a Toad Juice......a big toad...

8/10/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/11/2008 #20
Teh Soul Cookie

i have a burger!! and a vamppire train! :D

8/11/2008 #21

I know you don't wanna here what I say...

8/12/2008 #22

Blue and yellow... :(


8/12/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/12/2008 #23
Teh Soul Cookie

Lestat is smexy! ;P

Hexy lexy

8/12/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/13/2008 #24

Exy Kexy Dexy

8/13/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/14/2008 #25
Teh Soul Cookie

i lurv Lestat! :D

Lurv him more than feeshiis?

8/14/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/14/2008 #26

More than Akurokus?

nino nino

8/14/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/15/2008 #27
Teh Soul Cookie

perhaps........ :P

ZOMG! That's really creepy. Would you trade all the feeshis in the ocean for him?

8/15/2008 . Edited by ChocolateMilk2, 8/17/2008 #28

Milk i want to rape you from behind.... ;)

8/22/2008 . Edited by Teh Soul Cookie, 8/22/2008 #29
Teh Soul Cookie

yes....i don't really care for feeshis.....

Oh THAT is subtle, Diz...

8/22/2008 . Edited 8/22/2008 #30
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