TWoP Kicked Us Out, But We Still Love Chuck!
Well, our mod over at TelevisionWithoutPity went on vacation, and his sub decided to be a dick and lock our thread because we didn't play by his rules. So, here we are, discussing Chuck!fic any damn way we please!
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MAC the misc.writer

I like Chuck a lot as a mix of a Spy Drama/Geek Comedy, and I am glad Chuck and Sarah have hooked up, but does anybody here think of it with more indifference than gratitude?

I have not been as impressed by Charah as I have with other television couples. (Harm and Mac, Shawn and Juliet, JD and Elliot, Booth and Brennan) I found Chuck and Jill hot, and hated that Jill, from the moment she was introduced, might have well have been wearing a shirt that says "I will either die or turn evil." which is fine for someone like Captain Kirk, or Hercules but Chuck has allways been riddled with emotional insecurities. As a result, if at some point in the future, if Jordana replaces Yvonne as the shows lead actress if its done tastefully, I would shed no tears. (I know it's never going to happen but I put it out there.)

4/8/2010 . Edited by JMG 2.0, 10/25/2010 #1

I loved Jill, but honestly, I like Yvonne, and the Sarah character in general, far more than I like Zac and the Chuck character. If someone was replaced, I'd rather it be Zac. Yvonne was great with Matt Bomer, too, but I would be in favor of Jordana coming back and perhaps she and Yvonne could be the new central romance of the show. Yeah, it won't happen, but it would make me happy.

4/9/2010 #2
MAC the misc.writer

Hey, Wepdiggy. I have an idea for your "Stab at cliches" fanfiction. Whenever in all fanfiction, if it came down to a choice between Sarah and Jill, Chuck allways chooses Sarah, of course. I don't think that necessarily would happen. It depends on the circumstances.

5/5/2010 #3

Perhaps. But again, as I like the Sarah character much more than the Chuck character, I'll point out that it goes both ways. Why is it that Sarah always chooses Chuck in fanfic, even when he's horrible to her, and doesn't trust her?

5/5/2010 #4
I Am Not Amused

You know, I've never understood liking Sarah's character best. I totally understand liking Yvonne the most as an actor on Chuck (she consistently had to communicate a lot of complex emotions with few lines; did the most with the least), but when I ask myself why these guys wanted relationships with her, I can only come up with limited explanations.

S1 Chuck has to pose as her boyfriend, and they end up spending a lot of time in a casual setting together, finding a compatibility with each other, and the more time they had with that the more deeply they became entwined. I'll buy that. Bryce and Sarah's history and courtship is entirely off-screen, I can use my imagination and buy that. With Cole... she tries to seduce him to get the cipher and doesn't fall for his pickup lines and he's never felt this way with anyone but her? Huh? And with Shaw, he just randomly decides to hit on her during vs the Mask after they had been at odds on how to deal with Chuck?

I've heard people complain about S3 Sarah's character being OOC, but I totally understood her motivations regarding Shaw: It's easy to let yourself like someone who so obviously likes you, plus he's no real relationship work whatsoever especially compared to Chuck. It was an easy confluence of factors at a time when she seemed exhausted; exhausted with spy life, exhausted with Chuck, exhausted with covers, ad infinitum. I'll go so far as to say that I preferred S3 Sarah to S1 and S2 Sarah, though I still don't get seeing her as a favorite character.

To do this backward and finally answer the OP's question, this show would absolutely not work with anyone other than Sarah at this point. I think that it was explained well in the Jill episodes (independent of her actually being Fulcrum) why it would never work. Both people had changed too much and, as great as they were in college, too much is different now. Besides, all you need to watch is that lie detector test scene to understand why Jordanna Brewster should NOT replace Yvonne Strahovski, the acting drop off would hurt my eyes.

Well, I talk too much. There you go.

5/5/2010 #5

Sarah is a flawed character. I think that automatically makes her more interesting. Chuck is a 'what you see is what you get' kind of person. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. Plus, the show is from his POV. We don't get a lot of Sarah except when she is around Chuck. She has the mystery going for her.

Chuck just doesn't do much for me. I don't think the character has nearly enough depth.

5/5/2010 #6

Chuck just doesn't do much for me. I don't think the character has nearly enough depth.

Couldn't agree more, HJB. I mean, I have issues that extend beyond that with Chuck, and I'll touch on them in a moment, but the fact that he's presented as this All-American, morally perfect guy is just... ack, I guess. Sarah, on the other hand, just has always seemed more real to me. Heck, Casey seems more real to me than Chuck (which may explain my brief fascination with the Sarah/Casey pairing, haha).

But here are some other issues I have with Chuck: He's whiney, and has been since the beginning. Whatever goes wrong in his life, he always tries to blame on someone else, or on some circumstance. He never takes responsibility for his own actions.

Also, Chuck is a bit of a quitter. After Stanford, instead of dusting himself off, and finding a new path in life, he settled for a menial job, and no romantic life. That's just very unattractive on a character, for me.

Anyway, just my opinion on why Chuck kinda sucks, and Sarah rocks as a character, haha.

5/5/2010 #7
MAC the misc.writer

Wepdiggy, Heres a synopsis for my cliche chapter story.

Its starts out as an alternate ending for Season 2. (I use this subplot for Jill in the roleplay board.)

After Stephen Bartowski is liberated and Chuck's intersect data is erased, Stephen reveals that Jill is his double agent. Afterwords, as Chuck is alone with Jill, and Sarah is alone with Bryce, Chuck and Sarah describe the problems in their relationship to Bryce and Jill and why they won't stay together.

5/5/2010 #8
I Am Not Amused

I'm not arguing for Chuck as a favorite character, really. He's mine, mostly because he is whiny and a quitter who overcomes the things that make him want to quit (Oh hey I can relate!), but I understand people having a problem with his character.

I'm more trying to understand what people see in Sarah? I mean, if I were to meet the character of Sarah, I just wouldn't see what there was to fall in love with?

5/5/2010 #9

You know, I can't really tell anymore if I like TV Sarah or Fanfic Sarah. There are some distinct differences. I'm a girl, so I think I identify and like Sarah for different reasons. She kicks ass in a world dominated by men but she also pulls off the girl next store vibe. In the first few seasons, she presented a strong female character. And I think she is a genuinely nice person. She stuck up for Chuck immediately and has fiercely protected him.

I'm sure guys have many more reasons to like her. I mean the fact that she is gorgeous would be reason enough to approach her. Add the fact that there is something behind the beauty and I'd be willing to bet that is enough to hook a guy for quite a while.

5/5/2010 #10
I Am Not Amused

See, I think Sarah is great as a role model-- girls can kick ass and be feminine, can be strong and adorable, etc. and so forth-- I just never feel like I know who Sarah is besides, you know, Chuck's love interest? And that's coming from a dude's perspective who is decidedly VERY attracted to Yvonne Strahovski.

It's why I like writing Sarah; I'm kind of trying to feel out exactly who she is as I do it. But as a show character, I too often see her used as a writer's tool to move Chuck from point A to point B. Again, not to take away form YS's performance as Sarah, who gives the character a wonderful reading, I just wish I saw what Chuck sees in vs the First Date, when he showers Sarah with those compliments at dinner and I feel like I don't.

Does that make sense?

5/5/2010 #11

I will admit that I've said the same thing, Musey. But the fact of the matter is, despite Chuck's supposedly open nature, what do we REALLY know about him? Think about it. He changes almost as much as Sarah, as is convenient for the writers. My big mantra for a long time was, "Chuck loves Sarah, but why? And Sarah loves Chuck, but why?"

5/5/2010 #12
I Am Not Amused

Great, great questions to ask; they're why we write, aren't they? :)

Though I would say that your second sentence (Despite Chuck's... about him?) is precisely WHY I like Chuck. It's interesting for me to see someone so open be so cavalier about something like his parents abandoning him as he was in 1.05.

I mean, it's possible that I'm assigning depth when it isn't there just because I do relate to Chuck, but hey.

5/5/2010 #13

Maybe you're over thinking it a bit, maybe not. It's hard for me to say, as I don't really identify with Chuck's character that much. I don't get that whole "being open" thing, and honestly, it makes me uncomfortable, hahaha.

5/5/2010 #14

Having read these comments I don't know why I watch the show (apart from Burn Notice being on Hiatus).

I completely agree with Wep about Chuck, and all I've wanted was for him to fall from grace. Hell even when he finally, finally kills someone and does something that doesn't have him replacing Jesus it isn't ever mentioned again. Although I suppose having Sarah in your bed could make you forget about killing someone.

Sarah I loved in s1-s2, don't really like her much this season, she comes across as to weak for my liking.

Casey = Awesome

Shaw = Pussyboy

I'm not a big fan of Charah on the show, this season pretty much killed it for me.

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #15

This type of thing is exactly why we write.

I can tell you exactly why S1 Sarah likes S1 Chuck. Think about the beginning of the show. Sarah gets burned by Bryce (professionally and personally) and gets shaken to her core. It's the type of moment that makes a person re-evaluate things. So what's the next thing she does? She shows up in L.A. and sees an entirely different world (Chuck with the little ballet girl). He's without guile, without complications: everything that just burned her. She sees the things that she never had: a family, a normal life. She can be herself around him and not be threatened. It's an attractive change.

S1 Chuck likes S1 Sarah because she's beautiful and confident. Not to go all Freud, but in a way, she's a mother figure: she takes care of him in the big, bad, dangerous spy world and his normal life. She never marginalizes his life (the Buy More interview for the manager's position is various much underrated in that regard, IMO). She believes in him in both worlds, especially when nobody else in the spy world does, and helps him rebuild his own confidence.

Now, I'll agree with those who complain about the latter half of S1 and the rest of the seasons, because the characters never develop rational reasons why they fit together. My reason for writing my fanfic was because I could see the reasons for the initial attraction, but I'd argue that (during season one) the two were actually set up to be terrible for each other long-term. Their enforced separation should have given the writers the opportunity to change the characters so that wasn't the case, but I'm not sure that ever really happened.

(I'm not sure how well I really did that in my fanfic either, but it is very much on my mind when I write.)

For the show, Agent Shaw was the thing that made the least sense to me. Sarah is disappointed that Chuck could kill someone, so much so that she goes back to the same kind of guy she dated before? (And then suddenly that extreme reaction evaporates when Chuck does kill someone just because it saves her?) I can understand her being excited that Chuck didn't kill the mole, but I don't get her attraction to Shaw at all. Gotta suspect the writers were desperate for a WTWT romantic plotline there.

5/6/2010 #16
I Am Not Amused

I see the Shaw thing a bit differently. To me it seems apparent that their plan for S3, when they heard that there were 13 episodes is that they came up with the first episode, and then the last two episodes, and those three episodes were probably largely untouched from that initial brainstorming. More specifically, I think they had a few things they absolutely wanted to happen: Chuck walking away from Sarah in Prague, Chuck's Big Damn Hero moment, where he saves Sarah's new love interest for no other reason than because Sarah cares about him, and where Sarah tells Chuck she loves him even though her new love interest is still in the picture.

A lot of the failures in the middle of the first part of season 3 were them pointlessly keeping Shaw and Sarah together. They wanted the BDH moment, and Sarah's capitulation, so they needed her and Shaw to be together up to and through 13, but by getting them together in episode 7 they had to stretch that relationship waaaay longer than it really should have been. How to have solved that problem and kept those three specific moments, I don't know. I don't even know if there is an effective way to draw a line between those points, but it seems to me that those were the most important parts of the front 13 to the show's mythology.

As far as the killing thing, I just took it as Sarah knowing that Shaw was a killer long before she ever developed a romantic interest in him. The killing itself isn't what bothers her, it's what that implies about Chuck and who he has become. Of course, she was colored by her own experiences and that affected her judgment of the situation. It happens. I was never as bothered by Sarah's character in S3 (and I think I was probably the only one).

As far as reasons for Chuck and Sarah to continue being interested in one another, I always personally chalked that up to stuff that was more off-screen than off, like whatever conversation occurred at the end of vs the Cougars or during the dinners with Ellie and the gang. That's probably allowing too much not to be shown, but these things happen.

5/6/2010 #17

See, I think many of the Shaw issues are actor based, not character based. Now, I agree with Sharp on the whole "If Sarah has no qualms bedding a killer, why does she turn away from Chuck?", but honestly, I think if a more skilled actor than Brandon Routh had portrayed Shaw, it would've been easier to swallow. I mean, for instance, I never liked Bryce a whole lot, but his being there never made me hate the show. Beefcake... well, I think that was just a rushed and flawed storyline from the onset, but that didn't make me dread watching the show, either. The whole Shaw thing did. I mean, originally, Shaw was slated for a 4 episode arc. What on Earth did TPTB see in him that made them go: "Oh yeah, baby! We have to keep this dude on for 8 or 9 shows!"?

5/6/2010 #18
I Am Not Amused

I can see that.

On a completely unrelated note, this has been the most fun I've had in an online discussion in a while. Good on ya, mates!

5/6/2010 #19

I'm not sure I buy it no matter who the actor is. If Sarah is heart-broken by the person Chuck is becoming, why would she immediately turn around and be with the type of person Chuck is becoming? That makes no sense to me on any number of levels. At most, I figure she shuts down romantically for a while.

I realize this is TV and the writers don't have the luxury of filling in all the blanks for us, but that's a riddle I just can't solve.

5/6/2010 #20

How about this? Life from Sarah's POV is lies, nobody to trust, never let your guard down. She meets Chuck and can begin to learn how to relax. Then Chuck begins to change, on the surface, anyway, into the kind of man Sarah has always had to either deal with in her professional life or was available for a relationship, i.e., someone she could never really not be in spy mode with just for her own self-preservation. So she heads for Shaw when Chuck isn't available (and when Chuck has hurt her) because he's the type she's familiar with. Even though he hasn't revealed himself yet as the bad guy, she allows herself to be seduced because he's a spy and a familiar type. And she didn't exactly throw herself at Shaw; she made him work at it a bit.

You could pretty much substitute any negative personality trait for "spy" in this scenario and think of Sarah as being trapped within her expectations of what men are. Don't forget her daddy! As much as the show portrayed him as a lovable rascal, Jack Burton was not a good father by any means and certainly not a good male role model for a young girl.

It's no secret that they could rename the show "Casey!" and I'd be tuning in every week saying, "Chuck who??" ;-) So as far as the original question, Charah is okay but I'm not tuning in to see Zac and Yvonne gaze longingly into each other's eyes. I get more of a Charah vibe when they're fighting as a team now, and the first time they fought together that mirrored the Sarah/Bryce Buy More fight scene in S1, I was completely captivated by the Charah!

And I think I'm with Wep on the Chuck characterization. The great thing about Chuck 2.0 is the looks that come over Zac's face when he's "mastered" a new technique via flash and is confident he can deal with whatever he's facing at that moment. Confidence is always sexy! Sometimes needing help is too but not if it goes on for too long. No more OD'ing on cheeseballs, please.

6/11/2010 #21

The character of Chuck has an inherent flaw. He had a bad experience at Stanford being betrayed and then moped for months and couldn't find the motivation to move himself out of the Buymore or date another girl for four years. Then he gets caught up in this spy world that is incredibly dangerous and neccistates lying to his friends and family and he adjusts well almost perfectly. Chuck's performance in the spy world showed him to be a man of exceptional courage and emotional strength. Where was this strength when he got kicked out of Stanford? Also after not getting any dates for years two women show up and start hitting on Chuck immediately. I could see why Lou and Hannah liked Chuck, he is funny, smart, and seems to be a nice guy. Why couldn't he get a date before? The premise was that a loser starts saving the world every week so it is tough to keep the character consistent.

I never thought that Sarah and Shaw really liked each other. It seemed like all of their interactions were that of two people in the first 30 minutes of a blind date. They thought that the other was physicallly appealing but were tentative and uncomfortable around each other. This kind of relationship may be typical for two people on the rebound but it makes for extremely boring TV. I never saw Shaw as a real threat to Charah because Sarah never looked happy or even aroused around him. At least with Cole we could see that Sarah attracted to him.

6/17/2010 #22

Women have loser radar. Well, sometimes, anyway. ;-) (As do men, right?)

6/17/2010 #23
Frea O'Scanlin

You'd think so, Verkisto. You'd think so...but yeah. Not always the case. *wince*

As far as Chuck's inherent flaw, SK85, I don't see that as a flaw with the show. The thing with Jill, it rocked his world, it knocked what was a rising star right off of his path, and for awhile, he sputtered and died. Ellie is clearly a mother figure as well as a big sister to him, but to Chuck, she's his sister, she has to build him up, that's her job. He needed something else to kick his butt back into shape, and that something else ended up being a guy with a grunt and a blonde with a gun (ain't it always the way?).

The first few episodes of Season One focused on Chuck's hangups and his screwups. It showed that he had the potential that had sat dormant, but he screwed up more often than he helped, and each of those episodes featured a lesson for him. "Tango" showed him the need for teamwork, "Wookie" taught him just how devastating a backstabbing could be (with Carina and with Bryce), "Helicopter" taught him to trust Sarah...or didn't teach him since that one came up again and again and again and Frea started to wonder if Chuck had the freaking longest learning curve on the planet. Chuck often rebelled against the spy missions of the first season, even if he couldn't outright do anything about it (see aforementioned guy with the grunt). Casey would often have to threaten him (if not outright, then with a glare) into doing the spy work. This sort of pattern sometimes continued into the second season, though we saw Chuck more often wanting to do stuff, and feel left out whenever he wasn't needed (Sensei, etc).

The Lou thing made more sense to me than the Jill thing did because Chuck did have a lot more confidence. He'd had Sarah building him up for a number of weeks (and kind of training him, too). The Jill thing? Totally felt like retconning to me. Chuck shouldn't have been so hung up on Jill or as dopily in love all of a sudden as he seemed to be. It would have made more sense for the Jill character to be around for longer than she was before Chuck would start trusting her again. The chick burned him, and then didn't believe him. He should have had more confidence by that point to where he should have some righteous indignation. Instead, of all of the sudden he's eating Chinese food and listening to Jill remixes.

But that's a pet peeve I've always had about that arc, so yeah.

Totally agree with everything Wep said about Shaw's problems being actor-based. Though a lot of the problems are writer-based as Musey pointed out. You could see what the writers wanted to do: leaving Sarah in Prague because that's what an old western hero does--erm, yeah, writers, let's talk about John Wayne and WHY HE SHOULD NOT BE THE MOLD FOR YOUR SENSITIVE, ARTICULATE CHARACTER at some other point in time--and the Big Damn Hero moment. It really should have been a lesson for the writers: if something is not working, sometimes you have to give up an idea. Good writers know it. Good editors know it. If you can't make something work naturally and organically, dump it, come up with a new idea, and make THAT idea the best that you possibly can, even if you don't like it as much as your first idea that doesn't work. Here are some signs that an idea is not working:

1) you have to alter your characters' personalities, motives, and actions to make it fit when it should be the opposite: check. Sarah, who has always been supportive throughout everything, is suddenly cold and distant and no longer understanding. Chuck makes choices that contradict everything he's wanted for two years. Casey...yeah, Casey's just Casey.

2) everybody LOATHES it with a passion: double-check. See, Google Group, Chuck Vs. The.

3) it takes you away from your central focus. Sarah became so unlikable that even I (I probably don't belong on this thread because I AM a Charah fan) started to dislike her. The writers cut her dialogue, too, just relying on Yvonne Strahovki's wonderful array of sad faces. Chuck adopted the douche-bag role that he took up during the Jill arc (another thing that didn't work). Casey was relegated to the bench.

4) it makes people facepalm. Specifically, writers, get some feminists on your staff to help you out with that Sarah character. Locking a girl, especially one as kickass as Sarah, in a room somewhere so that you can go save the day? By all rights, she should kick your ass! I guess this goes back to point #1, though. :)

Hopefully the new writers on staff understand that lesson. :)

6/20/2010 #24

You'd think so, Verkisto. You'd think so...but yeah. Not always the case. *wince*

I didn't say the radar was HEEDED, necessarily. ;-)

6/20/2010 #25

(I probably don't belong on this thread because I AM a Charah fan)

Well, I didn't start the thread so I don't know for sure, but I'd say you're welcome. If your posts are as fun to read and thought-provoking as that one, it doesn't matter if we're all saying the same thing. I'm open to being convinced.

Actually, I"m not anti-Charah, per se, but there seem to be several different varieties of Charah. Bill and I have already hashed this out at length a long time ago and there are some varieties of Charah I STILL don't get. (For proof, please read my attempts at writing Hardcore Charah. Yuk. I'm much more comfortable with The Grunting One.) So feel free to post your (anybody's) opinions.

It's a discussion thread, right? If I only wanted to hear my own opinion over and over again, well, I'd probably shoot myself anyway.


How's this for a discussion-starter?

In your opinion (anybody's) what are different varieties of Charah? Which ones do you like/dislike? Rank them, if you will.

6/20/2010 #26
Frea O'Scanlin

I didn't say the radar was HEEDED, necessarily. ;-)

Heh, yeah, there's always that. And then there's always the loser magnets that make you shake your head and wonder. :)

Thank you for the welcome, and verkisto, I do want to hear your opinion over and over again. It seems like a fun one. There are a lot of varieties of Charah, which is partially canon's fault for being so chameleon with both characters (adapting them to fit the storyline, bad show writers!) and just the personal preference of every writer in the fandom. I mean, we're the people that introduced an Adorable Psycho to the planet and then made her popular.

Probably because we're all terrified of her, but still. :)

Varieties of Charah that I've seen:

1) Sarah the Superspy/Chuck Can Do No Right

2) Sarah the Broken/Chuck the Well-Adjusted Emotional Savior - She may still be kickass as all get out, but there's a disconnect somewhere in her head that makes it hard to deal with normal human emotion, while Chuck, who may not kick as much ass, is all set to pick up the pieces. You can see this in Chuck Vs. the Double Agent, and well told because of it.

3) Sarah and Chuck Vs. the World - really well-done in ninjaVanish's Chuck and Sarah vs. Themselves. They're together, but they've got to fight everybody and everything for it, and their path is that much more bittersweet for it. Unfortunately, it also contains kind of a Thelma and Louise vibe because you're not sure if they ARE going to have to jump the cliff at the end, or if they're going to make it.

4) Sarah the Scary Killing Machine/Chuck the Guy She Kills For - Sure, Chuck will never wear the pants in this relationship. Or, really, if Sarah has her way, any pants at all. On the positive side, Sarah is better plowed than any street in North Dakota in January.

5) Chuck the Badass/Sarah the Slightly Less Badass - This Chuck is usually an AU Chuck, whose path diverged from canon's early, or he's gone through a horrendous experience that alters him to be harder, stronger, and usually scarred. Sarah, by contrast, loses what competence she receives from canon, and usually screws up in a way that seems understandable but is somehow always almost unforgivable in the story. She sometimes overdoses on the word "baby."

6) Sarah the Workaholic/Chuck the Guy She Left Behind - Sarah chooses the job over Chuck--usually at the end of S2--and returns years later, expecting either forgiveness or horrible, horrible censure. Inexplicably, Chuck has not moved on, even though he clearly has the competence, life skills, and knowledge to do so by now. I've seen it done really well (Malamoo's Second Chance) and really horribly (don't want to say). A parody-turned-serious version of this was really well done by Wepdiggy.

7) Chuck and Sarah the Coworkers - Sometimes they meet earlier (like in college or even high school), but they're agents together now, and they're badass. If well done, this can be so rewarding.

8) Alt-Chuck/Sarahnate - Bryce doesn't get Chuck kicked out of Stanford, Chuck goes on to be an agent or a video game designer. Chuck and Sarah meet in the past, in training, on assignment, WWII, the Wild Wild West, or in the Age of the Pinkertons, or at just a completely different point than canon. Even so, the Charahness is so strong that it's simply destiny. Again, if this is well-done, it can be magic. If you've got me behind the wheel, it's simply too long. :-P

I tend to like the versions of Charah where one isn't the villain and the other the victim. If one of the couple is simply too much better than the other, then it really takes me out of the story and even worse, makes the Charah unbelievable. There has to be a draw on both sides where you can see why the couple wants to be together, which is all I personally ask for at the end of the day.

6/20/2010 #27

*Gulp I'm hoping Frea either hasn't read my stuff or wasn't to annoyed at it.

Wow its been awhile since I've posted, then again I've been having way to much fun in my real life lol

6/20/2010 #28

I've been having way to much fun in my real life

*robotic voice* Does not compute, does not compute, does not --

*head explodes*

There will be fun again, I know it. Just not at the moment. ;-)

Anyway, love your post, Frea, especially the snow reference thingy.

Okay, since this is the thread for it, may I confess that I don't read much Chuck fanfiction? All clear? All right, I'll proceed.

I read some when I started writing, just to get an idea of what fanfiction was, where people were going with it. I think I read some JMG and I can't remember who else now but not much. It's been over two years now. But I stopped because I didn't want to be overly influenced in my own writing (or restricted) by what others were doing. I also stopped because I read some of another kind of Charah that you didn't mention, Frea, which was the sickly sweet, lovey-dovey, Chuck and Sarah 4evah type of deal. It was Charah without regard to plot, characterization, even a basic story. Sort of PWP but CWP. Not M-rated but focussing in on their relationship to the exclusion of everything else.

Some people like that? Fine. Enjoy. Not my cup of tea. But there was so much of it around that I stopped reading altogether.

(I did read lots and lots of Firefly fics, though, and plan to re-visit some that were incomplete at the time. Something about The Last Spartan jogs a memory.)

So there you have my nasty little secret. Thanks to every one of you who reads my stuff and especially those who take the time to review as well, but Charah turned me away from reading most of the fanfiction on this site.

Now, I realize that there is probably LOTS of stuff that I could read that is nowhere near this type of Charah or any type at all, but unless I get a recommendation of some sort, I've stopped looking.

Or if it's one of Wep's cracky crackfics. That's just a given. ;-)

(And as a side note, since my business is words, I found that reading pieces with bad word choice, incorrect spelling, incorrect punctuation and so on actually affects the quality of my work so I do need to expose myself as much as possible to works that are written "properly". I was justifying reading some things because the general ideas were good even if the execution was poor but the errors started to show through in my job where I have to be able to make decisions about, for example, punctuation, without even thinking twice about it. So that's weird but true.) ;-)

6/20/2010 #29

Oh I defintely did not expect to have been having this much fun recently.

Seen some movies (my lit teacher gave us a massive movie list) went to my Colonial Inauguration which just kicked ass to the point where I was kinda hoping I'd ge to back for the second one even though its probably the same thing.

I mean now that I'm home again its sad, cause I really, really, really want to go back.

6/20/2010 #30
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