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Just checking, is this forum active or am I talking to air?

9/9/2010 #1

Yes this forum is a bit dead, I came back to see if anyone posted here anymore but it seems not, oh well I'll find another I suppose

9/30/2010 #2

Well, that was sad. If you find a good english roleplay forum, tell me.

10/1/2010 #3

The forum went down when two of the main moderators -and two of the biggest players of the Dragons of Nirn rp- got locked from the website due to a bug in the website. It's finally been cleared up tho and now we're just waiting for Skyrim to come out so that the rp will be more accurate to the lore. :) SO! The forum will be up and running hopefully in a couple months.

10/15/2011 #4

Wow, really? I thought it was dead. Fair enough.

10/16/2011 #5

Lysander Lachance, I deleted your post. Even if this forum is dead, I don't appreciate spammers.

And yeah, it's going back up slowly. I'm trying to juggle a lot of different things, but I think this time, my attempt at cleaning the forum up will work.

10/17/2011 . Edited 10/17/2011 #6

I sympathize.

1/12/2012 #7

Just to let people know that the forums are working again. Feel free to delete this post when it's more obvious.

1/27/2012 #8

Unfortunately, Skyrim's now out. Sorry.

1/27/2012 . Edited 1/27/2012 #9

Skyrim's been out for two months, dude.

1/28/2012 #10

And how long has this place been active again?

1/28/2012 #11

Three months. :D

1/28/2012 #12

So, this forum is up again, right?

1/30/2012 #13

It's up. Just still being prepared. There's a bit of work needed still in some major areas.

1/30/2012 #14

Well, I do reckon I have a character I can use. Provided we won't be stuck to Oblivion's game mechanics I'm fine with it. I suppose it'd be pushing it to ask for inclusion of Skyrim and Hammerfell in the roleplay canon?

Edit: My character will be a redguard called Cirrus the Wanderer. Dunno about you guys but I just wanted to brag about the badass name :P

1/30/2012 . Edited 1/30/2012 #15

What do you mean stuck to Oblivion's game mechanics?

1/30/2012 #16

As in 'there was no blacksmithing in Oblivion so there's no blacksmithing here' type things. dual wielding, magic actually being worth something in a fight, etc.

2/1/2012 #17

Oh, please. Like any half-decent writer would obey that sort of crap. Game mechanics can go sod themselves when it comes to writing. If I want a character with a glaive, I'm going to make a character with a glaive. If I want a weapon made of wood, then it'll happen. The only RPs I've ever seen that bend over backwards to accomodate game rules suck intensely and I'll have no part in that stupidity. Lore is all we care about here, as will any other roleplayer worth their salt. If we followed the vanilla game mechanics, all of our characters would be dead, because there's no cooking in Oblivion, no drinking water, et cetera.

2/1/2012 #18

So put that in your processor and compute it, internal scripting!

2/1/2012 #19

About when can we expect to be able to post?

4/3/2012 #20
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