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Hello, and welcome Cybernetic :D I'm the one who's going to review your character sheet, and I must say, you won't like it. :)

SO! Let's get started. First off, the biggest issue...High Elf-Daedra Hybrid. Impossible. The Mazken and Golden Saints are only born through their 'life stream' as I like to call it. And tho there are females and males, they don't actually "reproduce", but instead, are created from the stream, or, when they're killed, return to the stream and come back when they've regained their strength. Even if Sheogorath thought it would be amusing, He wouldn't be able to just fuck up the entirety of the Mazkens' makeup and biological existence just to make a baby without changing them ENTIRELY into something completely different, in which case, they wouldn't be Mazken at all. Also, even if that did happen, which it wouldn't, the mother would die before the child was even far enough along to survive her death. OR she would've miscarried it. But all of that doesn't matter since it's impossible.

So go ahead and throw that ENTIRE idea out the window, 'cause it's not worth fighting for. Secondly, just in case you try to keep some of the other ideas for your new character... The glowing scar wouldn't make sense, especially if you won't explain why, and since I expect it'd have something to do with his Daedric blood, it still wouldn't work.

200 years old eh? So when was he born anyhow? I'm saying this cuz if you decide to make a vampire of a similar age, yer still gonna have to put a birth date. Still relevant.

Sithis isn't a Daedric Prince. He's not Daedric. He's not like the Nine either. He's his own seperate being who rules within the Void, and the Void is not a Daedric plane of Oblivion. It's nothing of the sort. So why would Alar have any interest in him at all?

Daemons don't exist in TES world. The correct term is Daedra.

Skin tone of a daedra; There's hundreds and hundreds of daedra, not just the Dark Seducers, so if you were able to keep this character sheet, which you're not cuz it's pretty much crap, you'd want to specify....Since this would mean he'd be blue, and look more like a Dunmer... Especially since I'd HOPE he wouldn't look human at all coming from an Altmer mother. But that doesn't matter in anycase.

By magic symbols I'd assume that'd mean Daedric symbols...? Specify...just in case you keep that idea for a new character. *thumbs up*

Why would he like dragons anyway? They have nothing to do with the Daedra or Oblivion either. Likes are fairly vague, expand on yer next character sheet.

Soul Catchers...'Soul Trappers' would sound better. Why does he hate worshippers of the Nine, and the Nine themselves? What did they ever do to him? Expand dislikes in next character sheet and add explanaitions in the history if you would.

His history is less of a history and more of a couple sentences to explain his birth, then an expansion on personality. Fix this in your new character sheet if you choose to make a new one. Also, he wouldn't get attacked even if he could exist, since the only true abnormality would be his eyes and dark blue hair. That's not enough to get people staring at you, let alone attacking you. Like I said earlier, he'd just look like a Dunmer. A tall as hell Dunmer, but just a Dunmer none the less. Try to think things like that over more thuroughly before assuming people would take such rash actions in a fantasy realm where blue skin just means you're a kind of elf and no one cares.

Also, side note. Since Daedra -not daemons (friendly reminder :D)- don't get pulled through Oblivion gates when they're near them, neither would he. If the Daedric half of him were able to get pulled into Oblivion, that would mean he was capable of getting ripped in half on a genetic level, which is impossible... Since he's impossible anyway. He also wouldn't be bound to the Daedric hierarchy since he's only HALF daedric and isn't at all bound to them besides dna, which doesn't exist, so. AND if anything, the fact that his father -who's impossible- was granted the impossible ability to have a kid by Sheogorath's impossible blessing, he'd actually probably be treated with high honor, if he could actually exist.

SO! Now that that's all taken care of. Lastly, PLEASE for the love of GOD and all the makes SENSE.....Get your lore right, and make grammatical sense. And spell things correctly. A few mistakes is normal, but holy crap. Like basic capitalization of nouns would be nice. I need you to care enough to actually follow those simple and seemingly easy to over-look rules. It's what makes English understandable, yo.

Please try again with a new character and use my advice to better your next sheet into something that makes logical sense for TES world. Thanks :D

11/29/2011 #61
Cybernetic Author unit 5

Alright, entire thing is scrapted, sorry, lets try again:

Full name: Alar Sen

Gender: Male

Race: Dark elf

age: 100 (I'm not sure what a dark elf life expectancy is, so I just made him in his prime for a regular elf)

Date of birth: (I'm not so good with timeline, could I have some help with that?)

Class: Battlemage

Alignment: Chaotic good

Weapons: orcish ax

Armor: Full madness armor that gives him a slight resistance to fire

Eyes: Red

Hair: Black

Appearance: Dark blue skin, right hand is black with burn scars/

Personality: Alar is a perfect example of most forms of insanity, he is a pyromaniac, a deranged madman and speaks to himself on occasion. He is usually semi calm while outside of battle, but when fighting he goes wild, laughing maniacally and casting spells at everything he sees, the stronger the spells he uses, the more insane he gets. He has an almost disturbing love for fire, he knows how to make just about anything burn and is not afraid of flames in the least, there are even rummors (wich he denies) that he at one point tried to date a flame atronach in one of his deeper fits of insanity. Wherever there is fire, Alar has probably been there. Alars split personality manifests itself through fire, to him, fire actually talks to him, telling him what to do. In reality, this is the sicker part of his mind creating the illusion of the flame talking to tell Alar what to do. He also claims that he can comunicate with scamps and flame atronachs, it is unknown if this is true or not, as no one really wants to get near either of them to see it for themselves.

Likes: Fire, dragons ,heat , magic

Dislikes: The cold, water, argonians (they come from a swampy region and are aquatic by deffenition)

Fears: deep water, the cold, ice

History: Alar was originally a citizen of the shivering isles. Born and raised there, he, like all others around him, was insane. It is unknown why he loves fire so much, if asked he will just ramble on about how beautiful it is, though the mages he has met usually agree that his insanity combined with his power with destruction magic imprinted flames in his mind. If asked, his parents would probably say it was the fact that the first thing he saw was his father on fire (his fathers form of insanity was sever alcoholism, he had gotten good and drunk right before the birth and someone had held a torch to close to him) He eventually found his way out of the Shivering isles and into Cyrodill. He was banned from the mages guild after burning down The universities sleeping quarters and con tents himself with wandering around burning bandits and any other living things unlucky enough to attack him. It is not uncommon to find burnt corpses around a place he has been. His hatred for water is not only from his love for fire, but the fact that he had to swim a quarter of a mile in full steel armor to get to land after exiting the isles. His love for dragons comes from his love for fire and magic, If he were to ever meet a dragon, he would probably worship it, doing whatever it wanted. The fact that the emperors had dragon blood is the only reason he respects the law enforced by the impereum.

RP example: (an example from when he was in the mages guild, for out of combat example)

A mage (now to be refered to as Chris) rushed into the arcane universities training room at the sight of smoke. Blowing the black clouds away with a simple spell, he found Alar calmly igniting targets on fire. "What in the emperors name, Alar, what are you doing this time?"

"Just practicing a few new spells," said Alar, juggling a few fire balls, he put one in his mouth and burped out flame.

"On the straw arrow targets?" Chris cried, quickly extinguishing what was left of the targets.

"Yes, they burn so nicely, why?"

"Your going to burn down the whole city if you keep this up!" cried Chris, trying to salvage what he could from the smoldering books.

"Hey, that's a good idea!" said Alar, smiling.

Chris whirled around and hit him with a paralysis spell right before he opened the door, "I'm happy to say that I can't let you do that, you are hereby expelled from the mages guild, permanently."

(in combat)

Khile kept running through the cave. It had looked so easy, all it should have taken was a mace to the head and the Dumner should have dropped, that armor wouldn't have blocked a full on hit from Horgashs' flaming mace. But the son of a guar blasted the ork with a fireball before he could raise his weapon. It had gone downhill from there, first Zerls scamp and them the summoner himself, now it was just Khile and Fin left. He looked behind him, just in time to see the wood elf engulfed by a fiery explosion that threw him to the ground. As he got up he could se the armored figure walking through the flames, his face hidden by a visor and a cruel looking ax in his hand. Khile fired arrow after arrow, but the oirn projectiles bounced off his sheild. Drawing his sword, the Khajit charged his apponent. The figure just laughed and blasted him back with a fireball, "Burn little cat, burn for my amusement, you made the mistake of crossing me, now your flaming corpse will be used to cook dinner." The Dark elf grabbed the helpless cat-man, his hand glowing red hot, searing Khiles flesh. "You won't get away with this, my brothers will find you and make you regret the day you were born!" the Khajit screamed, trying to wrench his arm free of the fiery grip. The Dark elf just held on tighter, "I'm sure they will come, and when they do, they will meet the same fate." He looked around at the fire around him, "The flames tell me to end your sorry life and let them feed, I am all to happy to oblige." The last thing Khile ever saw was the orange glow of magical fire.

11/29/2011 . Edited 12/1/2011 #62

Hello Again, Cybernetic. I will again be reviewing yer character sheet. :D

First issue. stilll don't have a birthdate. I'm not sure how long they can live either, so I'll have to look that up, but something tells me it's not THAT long.

If he ends up being able to be 100yrs old and still young looking, why would he only have a steel axe and fur-n-steel armor? Wouldn't he have done SOMETHING with himself by now? Or is he just too crazy to really give a crap?

Where does the weird eye color thing come into play. Just because you're born in the realm of Madness doesn't mean it'll change your dna that much. Since you've labeled him as a Dark Elf, and no sort of hybrid or half blood, his eyes would be red. Make it pale red to dark red to black, but his eyes wouldn't be blue or green let alone one of each.

Still not understanding the blue hair. ESPECIALLY since now he has no dna that'd permit it. Please explain how he gets it that way.

Please give a height and build in his appearance. Maybe any scars he might have -refraining from glowing ones of course ;p- etc etc. Also, the Armor being darkened to a dull grey, you can just put that in the Armor portion of the sheet as 'fur and dark grey steel armor' or something like that.

Likes and dislikes are still completely vague, and I'm still looking for that explaination of, Why does he like dragons? And now, to add to it, why does he hate Argonians? Explain this in his history. Also, explain why he's so obsessed with fire -just being insane won't cut it. Even insane people have their reasons for what they do- and of course, why he hates water, even tho it's easy to tell that it's most likely because it can put out fire. I know you want to say it's unknown, but you could say something along the lines of, "It's unknown why he likes fire so much and if you ask him about it blah blah blah, but if you were to ask members of the mages guild university, some might say blah blah blah blah.

Another thing you've been lacking in both character sheets, which I forgot to mention before, is you're missing his fears. What is he afraid and why, which, like his likes and dislikes, you can explain in his History.

EXPAND. on. the. HISTORY. Thanks.

People born in the Shivering Isles would be raised by insane people and therefore would be insane from the time they're capable of learning. So he wouldn't have 'gone insane', but instead you could say something like, 'Having been born and raised in the Shivering Isles, Alar is a perfect example of insanity. He's blah blah blah blah, etc etc'. *thumbs up*

It'd spelled 'Cyrodiil' to answer your question

Why would Sheogorath choose him of ALL the insane, demented, maniacal citizens to set loose on the world? What makes him so special? Really, since there's a gate to the Shivering Isles in Cyrodiil, all Alar would have to do is be curious enough one day and walk right through it into Tamriel.

All together, this new character sheet still doesn't make NEARLY enough sense for me to approve, nor does it have enough detail. There're also still weird spelling errors like 'con tents'. I'm guessing you just accidentaly pressed the space bar? In anycase. Please fix the things I mentioned and add a LOOOOOOOOTTTTT more detail. Oh and of course, this sheet is lacking an RP sample. You can see earlier posts for an explanaition as to what that is exactly, even tho it's pretty much how it sounds.

Thanks for reacting so well to my review btw. :D

11/30/2011 #63
Vengeance Knight

(ff ate my post..unless you guys ate it.)

12/1/2011 #64

Haven't seen anything myself, Vengeance.

12/1/2011 #65
Vengeance Knight

(***** all that hard work for nothing T-T)

12/1/2011 #66

You didn't save it anywhere?

12/1/2011 #67

If you still have the page asking you to log in, if you refresh it, it should actually post whatever you lost. It happened to me yesterday.

12/1/2011 #68

AH! Vengeance! I still have it in my email. I got the email notification but when I went to reply it wasn't there. But it's still in my inbox, You could sent me a private message with your email adress (put spaces between each letter or it won't show up) and I could forward it to you. :)

12/1/2011 #69
Cybernetic Author unit 5

edited, I know there is more to do, but I need help with it, also, I'm suprised you didn't say anything about the flame atronach thing ;P

12/1/2011 #70

A bunch of things for everyone. There's no word filter on this site. Swear at will (provided context is used) and don't worry about censoring it.

Cybernetic, in future, don't alter your sheet, simply post the updated version. It lets us see what you've changed.

Also, for both you and Beakerz, elves in TES live forever (or at least so long that there hasn't been an established age limit as they die of disease and battle etc long before they can reach that limit).

12/1/2011 #71
Cybernetic Author unit 5

thanks, though considering the size of char sheets, wouldn't it be better to edit them?

12/1/2011 #72

For space considerations, yes. However, if we can see exactly the differences between the old and the new sheet, rather than relying on our memories, we can see how much work you put into it. If you clearly put a lot of effort into it and the character still fails to make the grade, we (well, I at least. The other mods may do things differently) will look much more favourably on you for trying your hardest and we will give a lot more help towards you. If, on the other hand, you barely do anything, even when a lot of work is needed, then we'll be a little annoyed that you're wasting our time.

12/1/2011 #73
Re Lupo

Full Name: Reyja Hammer-Born.

Nickname (if applicable): None

Gender: Female

Age: 25, born 1st of Rain's Hand 3E 408.

Birthsign: The Ritual

Weapons (if applicable): Ebony longsword, Steel Bow, 25 arrows

Armour (if applicable): Ebony Armor, Ebony Shield.

Animals (if applicable): N/A

Other Items (if applicable): Moneypurse, 500 septims

Race: Nord

Place of Birth: Imperial City

Alignment (if applicable): Chaotic Good

Appearance: Tall to most people but somewhat average in comparison with other Nords. Reyja usually wears her armor but will occasionally dress up in normal clothes when the need arises.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Build: Tall, strong

Other: Multiple scars on her back

Likes: Freedom, fine nord mead, good songs, spending time with a beautiful lady, and adventuring

Dislikes: Murderers, thieves, rapists, slavers, anyone who tries to restrict her freedom, overly pushy people. Dunmer

Fears: Dwemer Ruins, Dunmer, specifically those belonging to House Dres, though in truth its more of a great fear/hatred

Personality: Loves to fight, as is natural for Nords, its even better when she fights in defense of innocents or to just deal pain to anyone who breaks the law. However she doesn't talk much and what little she does say is usually simple and short answers. She has a strong sense of morality and often will be the first to rush to the defense of others, unless they're Dunmer. She does have times where her personality changes, she becomes even more introverted and drinks herself into a stupor, stumbling off to fall over in some backalley to sleep. She'll become angry, and lashing out at those around her. These mood swings are often at random and can be instigated by several different means.

History: Let's see, Reyja was born in the Imperial City to a merchant family, her father was a smith and her mother sold the items he'd create. They did well and business was usually good but this created an opportunity for young Reyja. Even from a young age she did not focus on contact with her fellow children, in school she did her work silently and diligently without talking to anybody else. This caused her to be ostracized and picked on by other kids, which prompted her to lash out at them, quickly gaining a reputation for violence.

Her parents were beside themselves on what to do with her, scolding didn't work, punishments didn't work. They once paid for her to spend three months at a school in Cheydinhal but she still fought people there. Eventually, when she returned, her father took it upon himself to try and teach her some discipline and introduced her to smithing. This worked marvelously, if just for the fact that people stopped bullying her when she started developing muscles from working in the forge. When she first smithed a steel longsword she was quite fascinated with the weapon, seeing it up close.

Her father, seeing the potential dangers sent her to an Imperial friend of his, Flavius Aurelus who began teaching her how to fight with a sword and shield, something she picked up upon well. Her mother disapproved but went along with it anyways, So from the age of 8 to 15 she trained in the ways of battle, getting stronger and stronger as time went on. She did minor things around the city, taking out occassional rat infestations, a wolf incursion, two bears and once even a small gang of bandits who trashed a tavern and fled. She never really went far from the city, fifteen miles at most. However when she finally managed to beat Flavius in practice he was sure she was ready to strike out on her own.

Her parents disagreed but after a lot of arguing they finally relented. However on the morning that Reyja was to leave her father gave her a full set of steel plate armor to go with her weapons while her mother gave her a satchel of food, a hundred septims and a set of bow and arrows to fight and hunt with. A teary goodbye and she was off, out to make a name for herself adventuring across Tamriel.

At first she wasn't sure of what she was doing or even where she was going, she was really out here at the insistence of her teacher who wanted her to learn things he couldn't teach her. At first she went out across the Gold Road, taking odd jobs from Kvatch, Skingrad and Anvil. She did a lot of creature hunting, bandit fighting, and taking several local bounties. One time she was asked to clear a nest of bandits from a nearby Dwemer ruin so that a small group of mages could study the ruins.

When she walked into those ruins, it was chaos. The bandits inside had come under attack from the defenders of the ruins. Still wanting to do her job she descended into the ruins fighting the bandits and automatons she encountered along the way. At first everything was easy, her skill was easily shown and she proceeded deeper into the ruins. However as she got deeper, things slowly began to get harder. The automatons had enchantments, the bandits were tougher and traps kept her constantly on edge.

Still she persisted, though doubt was creeping into her but her pride kept her going. A bad encounter with a bandit cut through her armor, tearing her left arm up and causing her to lose the use of that arm. A few potions fixed the problem but it had been made abundantly clear that she was in over her head. However she had gotten so deep into the ruins she was lost, a few more turns and she was even deeper. Desperate she took an elevator, hoping for any sort of exit. What she found was hell.

The cavern the elevator left her in was filled with fighting, between the automatons and more bandits. These weren't just any automatons however, these were the bigger centurions. She fought, or tried to fight them, managing to do at least some damage before she tried to flee. As she fled across a bridge, a stray attack from a centurion collapsed the bridge with her on it. She fell into the river below which dragged her downstream, ending at a cullis gate some miles down.

Wounded, exhausted, and with no idea where she was she pulled herself out of the river. All her health potions had been washed away and she'd lost her shield as well. For three weeks she was stuck down there, fighting, trying to escape, or even just survive. In the end she ran out of food and was forced to start eating dead bandits just to survive. By the time she escaped she was beaten, half insane, and utterly terrified of the place.

She never stepped foot in another Dwemer ruin again, no matter how much she was offered.

A month of resting and strengthening herself she went back to travelling. She visited Chorrol and Bruma for a bit, nightmares of her time in the ruins plagued her but she dealt with it well. After a year she had completely recovered from the experience and was arguably much better off. Deciding to change venues again she departed for Leyawiin to deal with the infestation of smugglers and pirates in the area. Another year of mercenary work and she felt she was doing quite well for herself, she contemplated the idea of buying a house but that always sounded so permanent and she was perfectly happy with adventuring.

At 17 she took a boat to the port of Lenchal in Elsewyr where she took her time working across the desert wastelands, dealing with skooma traders, more bandits and wayward mages. She spent time travelling with a Khajit caravan most of the way. She made friends with the Khajit and ingratiated herself among them. By this time she was getting to be a skilled warrior, capable of almost anything thrown at her. She spent roughly a year there before crossing the border into Cyrodiil and heading back to Leyawiin.

When she got there she heard rumors of an incredible situation, a master thief had stolen over 3000 septims in jewels and fled towards Morrowind. A high bounty had been placed on his head and she was eager to get it before anyone else. That said she stocked her supplies and chased after him. Four days she tracked him across mountains and forests until he crossed the border. She continued after him, chasing him into the rocky terrain. She was unprepared and he was a master of stealth. When they finally fought he easily beat her and left her for dead in the pass.

She was 'rescued' by slave traders who took everything from her and dragged her away. Now bound in chains she was brought to the city of Tear in southern Morrowind and to the slave markets there. It was terrible, being led in rags and placed into a cage to be observed by passing nobles looking upon her as one would livestock. It was thoroughly humiliating in every way imaginable.

Eventually she was bought by a House Dres noble for 600 drakes and taken to a plantation fifteen miles into Morrowind. The noble who bought her was a harsh and demanding taskmaster and with no real laws against mistreating slaves he could do whatever he wanted to them. He took an unfortunate fondness for humiliating her. It hadn't helped that she had been defiant when she first came to the plantation. So he beat her, whipping her back repeatedly, scarring her in so many places. She was given extra work with minimal food and water.

Eventually, when beating her got boring he raped her, and his sons raped her at their whims. She did not cry, not once, she held her pride. Of course this only encouraged him, he wanted to see her break under the pain. When she became pregnant after six months he was delighted, this might be his chance to break her. So he eased up a bit for the 9 months of her pregnancy, giving her a sense of respite. Then when she gave birth he took the child and abandoned it in the wilderness.

That finally broke her and for the next year and a half she worked on that plantation, too broken to complain. However unknownst to her King Helseth had outlawed slavery in that time and troops were travelling across the plantations, freeing slaves by force if they had to. At age 20 she was rescued from the plantation and sent back to the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. For the next three years she spent recovering from her experiences, she would wake up in the night screaming in terror, screaming for the child she never got to know and screaming for freedom. Other times her back would suffer phantom pains from the brutal torture, she would spend hours on the ground writhing in pain. She started drinking to ease the pain.

She was a mess but slowly she recovered and got healthier and healthier until at age 23 she was finally in a good enough shape to return to adventuring. When she left the Imperial City for a second time, her father gave her a set of Ebony armor, one that he'd spent the entire three years preparing, along with an Ebony longsword and shield he sent her out into the world again.

She went back to adventuring, back to the way of life she had gotten so used to living. But she never quite recovered as much as she'd like. She was still terrified of Dwemer ruins and now she had acquired a violent streak about her towards bandits, thieves, murderers and rapists. She hated them with a passion, delighting in ruthlessly cutting them down like the animals she considered them to be. Especially Dunmer, it was perhaps an irrational hatred but she couldn't stand them anymore, she hated the mere thought of being around them and at taverns took noticeable effort to distance herself from them.

Then Kvatch burned.

RP sample

Bruma was always beautiful at night when the stars came out and the crisp mountain air made everything smell fresh as newly budded flowers.

But it was so damn cold! Reyja shivered even under the heavy ebony armor and stumbled off towards Olav's Tap and Tack.

It was a moderately inexpensive inn mostly used by the locals but Reyja had made friends there and it would be good to see them before she set off on another little trip.

She stepped inside, sighing in relief at how much warmer it was inside and proceeded to the bar, sitting down on one of the stools.

"Hey Olav, can I get a bed for the night, some mead, some bread and cheese and a beautiful woman on my arm." She called, half-joking.

"Hah, I might have some trouble filling that last request Reyja." He replied just as joking, smiling when he elicited some cries of indignity from some of the other female patrons.

But everyone laughed anyways, it was just one of those things you did when you were drunk or drinking.

Within a few moments she had a plate of bread and cheese and was eagerly wolfing it down, all adventurers knew it was important to keep up your energy and eating good food was the best way to do just that.

Even with the noise the inn wasn't as crowded as usual, which wasn't completely odd, it was getting close to market day where everyone pulled out new wares they'd acquired. A lot of the merchants were probably getting ready for that.

Still the atmosphere was night and she enjoyed spending time with Olaf and the others, telling tales of her adventures into the dark reaches of the world.

After two hours of talking she could feel the alcohol taking effect and politely excused herself, walking to her room and quickly falling asleep.

She had a busy day tomorrow.

Five pages of work right here.

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #74
Cybernetic Author unit 5

While I wait for my other char to be aproved, I shall make a back-up

Full name: Krall-slevern

Gender: male

Race: argonian

Birth sighn: the lover

Age: 25 (assuming argonians have the same lifespan as humans) born 1st of Rain's Hand 3E 408. (yes, i copied the persons above mine, sorry

Weapons: daedric short sword, elven bow and 30 steel arrows, recorder can act as a blowgun

Armor: Full blue glass armor

Alignment: neutral

Apearance: bright green scales with red head markings and 'ear' fans, tail is slightly longer than usual.

Eyes: yellow

Likes: The water, girls, magic

Dislikes: necromancers

Fears: zombies, skeletons, liches

Personality: A bit of a flirt, Krall usually looks for the good side of things, which is one of the reasons he hates necromancy, as he can't find any good in it. He is usually ready to forgive people for minor things but isn't gullible and usually knows when someone is lying, and if you happen to own a slave, be a slaver or believe in slavery, he will kill you. He enjoys music and is proficient in most instruments, though he prefers the guitar or recorder.

History: Krall was born and raised in Morrowind. He had a decent life but the world around him was miserable. The town he grew up in was a center of slave trade, everyday more slaves where brought in and other bought. At the age of 10 Krall took it upon himself to make the slaves lives better, he played music for them almost everyday, bought food with the money he earned from playing on the streets for them and even occasionally helped the older women give birth. This experience made him mature much faster than normal, and by the age of 15 he had the maturity of a responsible, fully grown adult. At one point he met a young dark elf who claimed to be the arch mages half brother. In return for his kindness, the dark elf tought Krall the basics of alteration and illusion, skills he would practice and expand on for the rest of his life.

He eventually befriended a young Khajit boy named Kairin. After saving up money he got from performing at inns he bought Kairin and freed him.

The two became the best of friends and soon left the town in search for a better life for Kairin. They joined the circus at one point, becoming 'the tiger and the dragon' an acrobatic act that became very popular. After weeks of practice, Krall learned how to use his tail as a third arm, allowing him to grab, hold and even balance things with it.

after 2 years they left the circus and continued on their way, slowly moving towards the imperial city. They had just crossed the border when they where attacked by a young necromancer, who captured them and used Kairin as a sacrifice to increase his own power. Krall saw his best friend die before his eyes and thought that the worst was over, he was wrong. The necromancer, now mad with his sudden increase of power, decided to have some 'fun' with Krall. He armed the young argonian with an iron dagger and reanimated Kairins corpse and sent it at Krall. Krall had manged to maintain most of his innocence over the years, refusing to accept the fact that the world could be a horrible place, but at that moment, when he was forced to kill his own best friend, he snapped. He killed the necromancer and burnt his body.

He made his way to the imperial city and started to make a living. He has managed to put his past behind him, but whenever he even hears of necromancy, that horrible night comes back to him.

RP example:

Krall was playing in the Inn of Ill omen, not the best of places but the pay was good. He had been watching a certain dark elf woman and was about to make his move when a woman in a black hood walked in.

Krall knew what she was the instant he saw her, a necromancer. She had the stink of dead things around him and carried an old staff in one hand and a silver dagger in the other.

The woman walked up to the bartender and then suddenly summoned a skeleton, throwing the room into a panic.

Krall cursed, he knew it, he ran towards the woman, sword drawn. He swung at the skeleton, his first blow was deflected by its axe but the second one downed it.

Wheeling around, Krall just had time to see the necromancer dart out the door. Following her, Krall sent out a ball of pure thought, hitting the necromancer and locking hher body in place long enough for Krall to reach her.

Seeing that she was trapped, the woman decided to resort to her birthsighn, the lover. Smiling sweetly she slowly got up moving closer to Krall and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Krall gulped and dropped his sword, he had a weakness for women, especially attractive ones like her.

The woman smilled and slowly brought her face closer to his, making Krall even more nervous.

She was about to kiss him when he remmembered why he was alone, why he hated necromancers and why his life had been ruined. The flash of metal, his friends cold, lifeless eyes, the necromancers horrible laugh, everything flashed through his mind.

With a howl of rage Krall thrust the woman away and picked up his sword stabbing the blade through her chest.

Krall sighed as he slowly walked back into the inn, throwing down payment for the night, he silently walked up to his room, ignoring the stares everyone was giving him. It was times like these where he was reminded how lonely he was and how sad life could be. His final thoughts before he went to sleep where of Kairin, and of the life they could have had together as brothers.

12/3/2011 #75

Hey, guys. I'll get around to your characters... eh... sometime. I'm sorry for the delay and the really non-specific response. I'm just going through a really bad time, mentally and emotionally, right now. If one of the other mods wants to pick this up, go for it, but if not (they have their own stuff to deal with), I'll try to get around to it as soon as I feel... well, not inclined to sob uncontrollably when I'm not/while stabbing everyone I meet.

12/4/2011 #76

Hey, if you need some impartial, anonymous ears to speak to, I'm here if you need me, dude(ette?). Just PM if you feel like talking :)

12/4/2011 #77

No, I just need to refresh my CSI knowledge, cut out the part that's bullshit but makes a great TV show, add a dose of unhealthy obssession with forensics and then commit the ultimate murder which will never, ever be solved. Then I'll feel about... point four percent of the way towards normalacy again. *thumbs up*

Seriously, though, there's nothing you can do to help. Unless you have a couple of thousand quid just lying around that you can pass onto DardreiGraves to give her a plane ticket back into my arms for Christmas. Then you'll get my eternal gratitude. But that somehow seems unlikely.

12/4/2011 #78
Cybernetic Author unit 5

where is she right now? not that I can help, I'm a bit low on cash too.

12/4/2011 #79

Alaska, compared to my England.

12/4/2011 #80
Re Lupo

Okay, let's start a bring Dadrei to England fund!

12/4/2011 #81
Cybernetic Author unit 5

well that means she is technically in america, so that would be US dollars for the fund

12/4/2011 #82

If I wasn't saving up for a new laptop I'd be totally ok with forwarding money to Alex to aid her in returning to England, even if it did mean not being able to speak with her for another month or so. (:`

As for the other character sheets, I'll try to get to them later today or sometime this week. I'm going to be very busy the next couple weeks as I prepare to head home for Christmas; At tech school atm, woot... |D

12/5/2011 #83

You guys got a fully-fledged long distance relationship, huh? Good for you :) I've been in a few of them, I really hope it works out well for you guys.

12/5/2011 #84

I of course, take credit for them finding each other xD

12/6/2011 #85

_ Bullshit, Beakerz.

12/6/2011 #86
Re Lupo

I don't know what to post in response to this.

12/6/2011 #87

Mods are asleep. Post ponies.

12/6/2011 #88
Re Lupo

Nah, don't like ponies.

12/6/2011 #89

Lol I'm the one who introduced Alex to TES in the first place and made her such a huge fan, which lead to her seeking and joining this forum and therefore meeting you. ;P

12/6/2011 #90
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