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((This is the RP topic where you're characters do random stuff. I'm just going to set the background, and you guys can do the rest.))

The Tavern, a place for people from all over Cyrodil to come and interact. The bar there is clean and well-kept, and just upstairs are some rooms that can be rented for a night. Since the patrons there practically live there though, there is a third story where you can (for a price) rent to live in.

Mitch, the uneducated but very wise and shrewd Barkeep, is known to be a little greedy, but he has a kind heart overall. No one knows how old he is, just that he's lived for as long as anyone can remember, and will probably outlive everyone else. It's hard to place his race, because sometimes he looks different, and it's whispered he can change his appearance at will, but he usually appears as a middle-aged Imperial with balding patterns and a long, braided beard.

Note: I will sometimes post random events that usually have nothing to do with the story.

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #1

Garasill loved this place, and greeted Mitch a friendly aloof hello, placing gold on the counter in front of him. He had brought his own dinner, and was normally extraordinarily greedy, but he rather liked the old man,and it felt better to pay for the atmosphere than the food. Sitting down at an empty table in the corner, he took out a bunched together stalk of saltrice and pleasantly aged flin. He considered staying the night, catch up on rumors, whittle out secrets of treasure and legends of artifacts, and perhaps listen to a few adventurer's spew out their over-exaggerated tales.

9/27/2008 #2
Cricket Slip

Larka entered the Tavern carefully, as if someone where about to leap out at her shouting "booga booga!" She dropped a few coins on the counter.

"Can Larka please have a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine?" she asked politely as she could. The barkeep simply nodded and gave her what she asked for. She took her drink and walked over a table in the back, next to one with a few Dunmer talking in hushed voices and a tall Altmer enjoying his meal. She tried to hear what the Dunmer were talking about, but it all sounded like giberish to her. Giving up, she tried to make friendly conversation with the tall Altmer who looked very suspicious, alone in a corner.

"Hello," she extended her hand politely. "My name is Larka, and you are?"

9/28/2008 #3

Garasill looked up at the small woman and extended his hand politely, yet not entirely forward and friendly, yet again, also not unkind. "Good evening Larka. I am Garasill IeyasSil." Yes, he was indeed open to conversation.

9/28/2008 #4

Atlas was tired when he got to the tavern and did not acknowledge the other two adventurers as he walked up to the barkeeper. He took one look round the room noting who was there and quietly paid for a room, some food and a flask of mead. After having a quiet word with Mitch, the barkeeper gave him a small bag of gold. He then settled down in a corner of the tavern to eat his food. Strangely, he sat so that he see could see the door.

[See, not 'c' - Jade]

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Cricket Slip

Larka was entirely convinced that the man was strange but she sensed no immediate danger from him, so she acted as she normally would and began a conversation of sorts.

"I'm sorry to bother you, sir, but I've yet to hear a good story from anyone in the tavern so far and you look like you'd make interesting conversation. Tell me, have you heard anything of particular interest?"

She waited expectantly for an answer, desiring some form of interesting conversation.

9/29/2008 #6

"Sadly, that is the exact same thing I came here for. I'm searching for artifacts, magical weapons and armor of legend, stones of purity, divine objects...and I normally hear about them from fine little establishments like these. Please, have a seat." It felt akward for her to just stand while they spoke, taking note of the Redguard that just walked in. He looked scruffy enough, but not exactly boastful enough, to share stories. "And what of you, Bosmer?" She looked so small and venerable, it was amazing she was brave enough to go around at night.

[Redguard, not Redgaurd - Jade]

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Cricket Slip

"Ah, well I came here in search of interesting stories or legends to pass on. Anything funny or odd or anything that you don't normally hear. I normally hear that type of thing in places like this, so I came. Those two Dunmer looked interesting and suspicious enough to know something odd; but Larka can't undersand a word they're saying," Larka babbled, sitting down, seeming oddly comfortable talking to a complete stranger.

9/30/2008 #8

Never mind being oddly comfortable speaking in third person, Garasill noted. "It sounds like old Dunmeris, before the Empire took Morrowind. Suppose they're Ashlanders then." He mused, taking a small bite of his saltrice. "Do you at least have anything interesting to tell? A story you might have heard from your travels?"

9/30/2008 #9

A man in a corner bursts into "It's a small world after all" and an angry mob soon appears, beats the crap out of him, and then drags him into the street. Soon, you can hear the man yelling, "AAAAAAAAACK! MY SPINE! DEAR GOD, PUT IT BACK! PUT IT BACK!" and soon the sounds fade away.

9/30/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #10

"Ah, philistines in the tavern. No place for any bard apparently." He allowed his eyebrows to raise slightly on his normally static face. What had just happened anyway?! He had known what happened, just....well, you didn't see that every night. Some days, yes, but not every night!

9/30/2008 #11

standing up atlas approached the two sat talking in the corner

"sorry to interrupt but i couldn't help but overhear that you two are looking for tales and treasure and the like well i may have something to tell you"

he sat down next to them and put his sword on the table before continuing,

"well apparently, and i haven't been able to get there yet, there is a great fort of the heartland high elves just north west of here, supposedly its the biggest in Cyrodill and no one has ever been able to get past it guardians no one will say what they are and ,well that is all i know about it at present make of it what you will"

10/1/2008 #12

"You are wrong," a voice murmured next to them. Everyone jumped as they noticed a Wood Elf standing by the table in a cloak that made him almost entirely invisible. "I have gotten past the guardians." He sat down slowly, his cloak shimmering around him and opening slightly to reveal a small sword, with a bone-white handle, attached to his waist.

[If the thread continues on this course, suggest I make a new one? - Jade]

10/1/2008 . Edited 10/1/2008 #13

((I sorta intended this to be a very random story thread. I've said it before that anyone can create their own story thread. -Nate))

10/1/2008 #14

[So, yeah, make a new one. I'll wait to see what happens next and then the timelines diverge. :P - Jade]

10/1/2008 #15

Though his face didn't show it, he was impressed. The height of this Bosmer is what really startled him though! "And who are you, good sir?" He was positive that this was the kind of adventurer that usually had maidens dropping their scarfs for him.

10/1/2008 #16
Cricket Slip

The little Bosmer raised her eyebrows, her eyes full of obvious curiosity. "If this ruin exists, where is it? If nobody's been there, it's probably got lots of treasure in it. Tell me about it, I'll be on my way there quicker than you can say 'ruminelk inten donin'."

By this point, she was bouncing up and down excitedly.

[I'd love it if you made a new thread about this, I'd RP along.]

10/1/2008 #17

He was glad she asked, he didn't exactly like giving away his intentions and he wanted to know too, but if Atlas said this place was filled with guardians, yet this man had gotten past it....Perhaps it at least was good for a story or two, he saw no reason why there would be any more treasure worth taking. He balanced his thoughts. Depending on how good this mans story was, he'd head out for it.

10/1/2008 #18

[Timelines have diverged! Timelines have diverged! - Jade]

Before anyone could speak, an explosion ripped through the bar and killed everyone, driving shrapnel through Legolas' back.

Five minutes later, the laws of the Multiverse let them all walk back into a perfectly intact bar and sit down in seperate corners, looking vaguely confused. Legolas rubbed his shoulder, wondering why it was hurting.

[Trust me, you'll recognise the new thread - Jade]

10/2/2008 #19

(well that was interesting to say the least)

Atlas blinked what had he been talking about that was it the nord who was so drunk he stripped and ran round the imperial citeytwice before the guard caught him

10/2/2008 #20

Legolas looked around and found an Imperial woman staring lustfully at him, looking him up and down slowly. He shifted his hand to the sword at his waist, thinking 'Just in case.'

10/3/2008 #21

"I wouldn't worry about her, Legolas. I've seen her with other men before. She looks but doesn't touch." He leaned back and placed his empty Flin bottle in his pack.

10/3/2008 #22

"Yes, well I have learned to be very cautious," Legolas muttered. Nevertheless, he withdrew his hand from the sword hilt.

10/4/2008 #23

"Oh truly? Tell us about yourself, Legolas. Of what adventures, of what lessons that had taught you all this?"

10/4/2008 #24

mm yes what sort of adventures have you had you don't look like the average adventurer

10/5/2008 #25

"There is a land, far from here, known as Hollywood. They turned me into a god and the women all want my blessing. It's horrible." Legolas shuddered.

10/6/2008 #26

"how can that be bad..............." remarked Atlas thinking thoughts best left unsaid

10/6/2008 #27

"One hundred women ripping at your clothes, hair and skin, trying to make you hers is terrifying. Besides that, I don't go for free love."

[For Tolkien elves, sex is marriage, no exceptions. You'd have to read Tolkien to truly understand, because it's far too complex to explain here. The original line was "Besides that, sex is marriage for elves, isn't it, Larka?" but I've got no clue if the same rule applies to Bethesda's elves. Tolkien's elves seem to be the only species it applies to - Jade]

10/7/2008 #28
Cricket Slip

"That soulds scary," Larka shivered. "And just plain creepy."

10/7/2008 #29

"Exactly," Legolas said, nodded at her in thanks for supporting him. "Sometimes I wish I wasn't as good a warrior as I am so that I'd get a disgusting scar on my face or something." He hesitated. "Wait a second. Are women attracted by scars? Because I really don't want to make things worse."

[Totally unrelated question, but are any of you Stargate fans? - Jade]

10/7/2008 #30
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