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[Yes, but this is the sort of society that's so stoned they forgot to have children - Jade]

4/14/2009 #721

[Well if they are stoned then they definately wont care if they see some chicks leg.]

4/14/2009 #722

[Free love and all that. But have no fear, Chuck is here! - Jade]

4/14/2009 #723

[Haha, wonder how he's reacting.]

Yasmin prodded Legolas with the spoon again. "My leg is down. You can look again. Prude."

4/14/2009 #724

"Don't want to," Legolas said. "World evil."

4/14/2009 #725

"er Legolas should Chuck carry you outside for some air.... in fact most of you in here look like you need some air" Briable thought some of the men looked a little faint

"er Yasmin dont think you should have done that"

4/14/2009 #726
Link Guru

[that's the second time I've been denied a handshake.]

Kazarian took along drink from his glass and a hard drag on his cigarett. "Looks like the lads had a melt down." He said with a casual laugh.

4/14/2009 #727

[*snorts* Sorry about that, Link. It's just common knowledge that the Tavern goes in bizarre directions before it swerves back to normality and then drifts again. You caught the tail end of normality - Jade]

4/15/2009 #728

[Jade here even Blew up the Tavern once good time good times]

4/15/2009 #729

Yasmin nodded. "Ok. I'll remember not to show my legs." she took a drink of water and frowned. "Honestly, mens minds get broken too easily."

4/15/2009 #730

[Actually, I blew it up twice, with an increased about of C-4 the last time. Next time, I'm bumping up the payload further. I'll detonate a thermonuclear warhead - Jade]

Chuck shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

4/16/2009 #731
Link Guru

"What do ya expect. It's how we are." Kazarian said with a shrug.

4/16/2009 #732

"there only men so don't expect too much" Briable still felt that they all looked a little flustered

4/16/2009 #733

[By the way, just so you guys know, I've planted the thermonuclear warhead on the roof in advance. Just FYI. :P - Jade]

4/17/2009 #734

Raven laughed. "Ow~!" He wolf whisted, wishing she'd do that again. "Yasmin, I'd be willing to test the theory of pregancy for you." He winked. Raven didn't have a beard either....or leg hair...or chest hair...or armpit hair...Which he found insane, since his father was a Nord. Of course he knew many children, and had sired his fair share (as did his brother...and his sisters in law...and his brothers in law...and his grandfather....and, and, and....)

4/24/2009 #735

[Is this entire family hypersexual? - Jade]

4/25/2009 #736

(Except for his father, yes. XD)

4/26/2009 #737

[Why not his father? - Jade]

4/27/2009 #738

(His father was a priest)

4/27/2009 #739

[Priests can be naughty sometimes. :P - Jade]

4/27/2009 #740
Link Guru

(Family reunions have to be something special.)

4/27/2009 #741

[The same goes for Graves herself. :P - Jade]

4/28/2009 #742

(Actually, I can't go to family reunions without murderous urges bubbling to the surface O.o As for Raven, he sees almost everyone in his extended family every day, so, kinda hard to reunite...)

4/28/2009 #743

"Raven is that all you ever think about" Briable didn't like men or elves or anyone like Raven

4/28/2009 #744
Link Guru

"Ninty percent of the time, it's what most men think about." Kazarian said with a hearty laugh.

4/28/2009 #745

"Except me. I think about trying to stop it," Legolas said, lifting his head up for a sip of mead before hitting it against the table again.

[Edit: hanielkun, is Briable a feminazi? - Jade]

[Edit the Second: Just noticed Graves' post. Yeah, like I said, special. Why do you want to kill anyone? I'm not discouraging it because it's fun, but why? - Jade]

4/29/2009 . Edited 4/29/2009 #746

"Wow, only ninety percent? You have more self control than I do, Argonian brother!" Raven laughed. "I think about it all the time while thinking of other things. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get anything done!" He laughed again.

5/1/2009 #747

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Legolas asked.

5/1/2009 #748

[a femi-what]

5/1/2009 #749

(A woman who is overly feminine to the point of abusing men for the fact that they are men)

"Because sexual energy radiates off me at every angle?" Raven suggested.

5/1/2009 #750
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