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If you know I'm on-line, you can tell me if you want another topic updated. It's been done before with the HT911 thread.

10/27/2010 #211

I was just about to edit my post and suggest that xD

10/27/2010 #212

Ha ha, guess we think alike.

I almost wrote out the song I made up here. That would have been wierd and totally off-topic. :|

10/27/2010 #213

Put it in the Random Thread.

10/27/2010 #214


Back to dreams...

...dreams are good material for stories, but not a lot of them can really make good novels. We really don't need an example for that, now do we?

10/27/2010 #215

Don't get me started...

10/27/2010 #216

noooope X3

I think that I'd like to read about characters' dreams in stories that actually played out like dreams real people have. It's no use adding useless dreams to stories if they don't contribute overall, but I just don't like reading dreams where everything is perfectly clear and leads to an omen or something symbolic or has huge foreshadowing, because then it's like "well duh".

10/27/2010 #217

Makes me think of the RPGs my friend and I do. Lately it's mostly just them having random dreams where we make a character die and crap. None of it actually has to do with the plot. :3

10/27/2010 #218

There are good stories that are made from dreams. I heard either Stephan King or Lovecraft wrote a story based on his own dreams.

10/27/2010 #219


Honestly, what would you guys say is his best work? Because "The Call of Cthulhu" bored me to death. So much that none of the "horror" affected me. It took too stinking long to get there.

10/27/2010 #220

I've never read Lovecraft's works. My favorite dark (He's not really horror, but it gets pretty darn close) author is Clive Barker. Mr. B Gone and the Abarat books were excellent reads.

10/27/2010 #221
Lady Of The Semicolons

Okay, I had a random dream last night... and it was Zelda-related...

Someone else (I'm not sure who... could have been my mom) and I were infiltrating the Spirit Temple... but somehow in the Spirit Temple was a gigantic, modern-day library... that also had random rooms with glass figures--the ceilings in a lot of the rooms were really high up, kinda like a cathedral's. We were in the encyclopedia section, looking for "Spirit Temple," because we wanted to find a way to take control of the tempe and overthrow whoever was running it. The other person went somewhere else, and I decided to wander around, and then I found a book that looked promising. Then there was a big commotion, and Nabooru was there; she had kidnapped Kotake (she's the one with the ice, right?) and was dragging the witch out a door (I say door, but it was more like a tunnel or something). Kotake was yelling at people to stop her, but Nabooru got away, bringing Kotake with her. Then the dream transitioned to the next day. There was a Gerudo sitting in an admission-box type thing, though it was made out of stone like you might expect to see in the desert, and Nabooru walks up, but the Gerudo didn't recognize her and arrest her (for kidnapping Kotake) because Nabooru had dyed her hair brown. The guard told Nabooru, "Normally I'd advise you dye your hair (I can't remember if that's what she said or not) but yours is so shiny (she definitely said that)..." And Nabooru had a sort of self-satisfied look on her face, like hell yes my hair is shiny...

Then we (me and the other person; I don't know what happened to Nabooru) were in the library. I recall a tour guide's voice talking about the random rooms with glass things. We were trying to find the section where I had found that one book that looked promising. Then we found it (though it wasn't the same room). The book's call number was 180. Then there was a room with a chandelier that had purple smokey/sparkly stuff that made me think it was poison-ish... and above the chandelier were a bunch of "harpies;" they had no wings, but they were flying... and they all looked exactly like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. There were a lot of them. We told the tour guide what we were looking for, and one of the harpy-Gollums gave a book to us. We looked at the shelf for other books, but that was when everyone figured out what we were trying to do. Then all the harpies started chasing us, and we ran for our live. For some reason I had sword, and so I tried swiping at them; I couldn't kill any of them, but I did scrape a few. So we ran for a while, and then I succeeded to chop one of the harpies' arms off. Incidentally, it was the same one who had given us the book. I think I might have succeeded in finally killing him, but I can't remember. I might have chopped his head off--I know I tried, just not sure if I succeeded. And then the dream ended.

12/10/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #222

x.x I can't remember if I dreamed last night.

12/10/2010 #223

Random Dream...

So for some reason, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Miami are all in the same place, and the summer camp I worked at had this weird thing for all the counselors... it wasn't a training session, field trip, or just a reward vacation. We all just went to this place to do something. So it was a very nice sunny day on this coastal city that's in like a million places at once, and then I noticed the guy I liked there. And we got friendly. Not too too friendly, but still friendly. Awkwaaard...

12/11/2010 #224
Lady Of The Semicolons

I dreamed this...

So first it was like watching a cartoon and was about James and Lily Potter. There was a crowd of cartoon people crossing their arms and saying, "I don't know why Lily is dating James, he is such a nerd!" In your stereotypical "cool people" manner.

And then there was a totally different dream. "Vaati" was there, and the reason there are quotation marks is because he looked nothing like Vaati at all--He looked around thirty years old and was a dirty-blond with a beard. Yet there was something insisting that he was indeed Vaati. There was apparently some sort of evil plot to alter/control time, but I'm not sure how that was going to happen. Then the scene is in a room with a girl (I'd put her at 15-16 years old), short blonde hair and a silver band around her forehead. She looked unhappy... and it was very apparent that she was pregnant. Her mother was there, and she was acting happy... because her daughter was getting married to "Vaati," who was also in the room. Something tells me that lady has a few screws loose. The mother puts a necklace over the girl's head, and not long after that she was gone. "Vaati says something to the girl, but I can't remember exactly what. Then comes the randon part: "Vaati" tells the girl in a sinister, dramatic tone that he replaced the baby inside her with a chicken egg. So the girl was going to give birth to a chicken. (WTF?) Then there was this really sad scene: there was this old cell, and apparently there was a big hole in the ceiling, because rain was pouring into the cell. On the floor in the cell was a white wedding dress. The girl walks into the cell and puts the dress on (it had to have been soaked) and she just sits there, crying, as the rain continued to fall. :( And that was the end of the dream.

12/12/2010 #225

that would be awesome a school with everything zelda related except finding a key i hate finding those stupid keys especially the boss keys

12/12/2010 #226

So last night I had a dream that I was a senior in High School and that this freshman REALLY liked me but hated alchemy. I had this geeky best friend that looked EXACTLY like Pence and sounded like him - to be honest, I liked him more than the guy that liked me - and we were running ahead to the library to eavesdrop on the freshman's conversation about me to see if he was being honest. I tried to transform us into books - which makes me think I was using magic and not alchemy (even though it LOOKED like alchemy) - but it didn't work - which means maybe it was alchemy that I could use but I obviously couldn't use MAGIC - so the guy found us and asked me out.

O_o; It was a weird dream and I said yes. Then I woke up.

12/16/2010 #227

Okay, this is just weird, but I had this dream where these creatures were living in my skin. They would burrow down and make nests and live in there. It was so gross and creepy. And they looked like small fleshy demons and when I managed to get them out, they melted like jello... It was so disgusting and stuff...

Then the very next day I had a dream that I was Kirby in Peach's Castle from Mario 64 and I found the entire LoZ cartoon series.

I dont even like Mario and I definately dont do Kirby... So like, wtf?

12/31/2010 #228

...Uh...huh... wtf to mario and kirby... but not the parasitic jello demons...

12/31/2010 #229

Another dream about the world ending in a giant deluge. Wonderful.

1/8/2011 #230

I had a dream that the Zero Days were upon us. A giant tornado tore through our dorms and whats weird is a couple of days later an actually tornado came down nearby. Freaky...

1/9/2011 #231



Do it again X3

1/9/2011 #232

I'll try but I make no promises! lol

1/9/2011 #233

Awesome! Not that a tornado set down near you, but that you had a dream before it happened.

I don't understand my dream-self. I spend the day reading up about HMM, looking at fanart for HMM, nearly downloaded BEN onto my computer, has problems sleeping due to close encounter with said demonic entity, and then have a nightmare about Silent Hill. :|

1/9/2011 #234
Lady Of The Semicolons

A long time ago, I had a couple "prophetic" dreams. One was that the Colts lost a game... though they won one before they lost. Another was when my Playstation quit working: something told me to turn it upside down, so I did. Then the screen said, "Please stand back ten feet." I really turned my Playstation upside down, and it worked again--but no message about standing back ten feet. Very odd.

1/9/2011 #235

Ive had another prophecy! This morning I drempt of eating chicken. Today at dinner...We Had Chicken!!!

not as cool as a tornado, but it works...right?

1/9/2011 #236

Yes, yes it does!


Please bestow more prophetic visions upon us, O great Oracle of Dreams!

1/9/2011 #237

I dont believe this one will happen but its good for a laugh:

I was doing hetalia stuff and researching Skyward Sword one day. That night I had a dream that Sky took place during World War II, lol

Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Dreams... Why not? ^.^

1/9/2011 #238

We'll never know until Nintendo releases more info...

Is it just me or are they being really quiet about this one? No place I go has any interesting updates.

1/9/2011 #239

They are - which is both worrying me and making me very interested.

1/9/2011 #240
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