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HK-47: Outraged Statement; Master, what did you do!

Oh, thanks a lot. Execute Order 666.

HK-47: Query; What?


(Gets up and reloads machine gun)

12/2/2008 #181

I wonder how the Nerds are holding out...

(flash to: Seras being mobbed mercilessly by adoring fans)

*snorts, small flame comes out*

Good job, guys.

Now, on you, Red! I have some new tricks as well!

Actually, old ones, but hey.

*Roars into the space above*

Call for Family!

12/2/2008 #182

Alucard: Call for...

Family, you know, all 243 of them! I thought you knew all of our tricks?

Gale Force!

12/2/2008 #183

Oh, you're done in now, Red.

(Some of the Nerds stop [the marching ones] and look up in the sky with awe)

Aahh, yeah!

Mirrored Mother Dragon: are you in need of our assistance, young one?

12/2/2008 #184


(Stares at dragons)

Sorry, I love dragons.

12/2/2008 #185

Hey, me too!

And yes, He Phile Meter, I am.

*means Dear Mother in Greek*

(glares at Alucard)

See him? Yeah, he's trying to destroy us. Mind lending a claw?

(Mirrored Mother Dragon, later MMD, swoops in at Alucard, preparing for a Quicksilver blast)

You might wanna move, Ebony. But you, Red, can stay put.

(Flies out of the way)

12/2/2008 #186



(runs away!)

Seras: MASTER?

12/2/2008 #187

(Alucard, with an expression of "oh, crap"): ......

(A stream of Quicksilver erupts out of MMD's throat and encases Alucard in its acidic power)

MMD: No one brings harm to my youngest!

Careful, he's a regenerating vampire....

12/2/2008 #188

(Large explosions begin coming from group of nerds surrounding Seras)

I think someone is angry...

(Hurries to heal nerds)

12/2/2008 #189

Sheesh, no kidding. (laughs)

Well, let's see how Red is doing...

(Alucard is reduced to a sizzling puddle of acid and trace amounts of blood.)

MMD: Is he...gone?

For now....

12/2/2008 #190

(Heals nerds, returns, and pokes puddle)

That's just wierd.

12/2/2008 #191

Yes, yes it is. I supose that Quicksilver, or mercury, has that effect.

Has Seras been glomped to death yet?

12/2/2008 #192

She seems...fine, actually. Very angry about her master and looks like she is murdering any nerds near her.

12/2/2008 #193

Well, at least they're dying happily...

....at any rate...

That hussy!

(Flies over to where Nerd bodies are strewn about)

Alright guys, fun's over.


Your turn!

12/2/2008 #194

(runs over)

Are you giving her to the dragons as well?

12/2/2008 #195

Hmmm...no, I think, since she's unarmed now...

Would you do the honours?

12/2/2008 #196

Acutally, I need to show you something. could you keep her there until I finish drawing the pentagram?

(begins drawing on the ground)

12/2/2008 #197

No problemo.

(encircles Seras in a ring of fire)

For temporary holding of a vampire, use a ring of fire. Mind though, missy, if you actually escape, I will

a) set the Nerds on you again

b) swoop down and catch you up

c) have you frozen with a sister's icebreath

d) kill you on the spot

12/2/2008 #198


(Continues drawing)

See, I can summon two types of gates. However, I can't control which ones I summon. One ggate holds enemies that attack anything on the spot and one that kills anything I ask them too. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens

12/2/2008 #199

That's for sure.

(Casts a deadly glare at Seras, who is inching forward. She squeaks and stops)

That's more like it.

12/2/2008 #200

Alright, done!

Vaneisha hine ot euins akoe...

(White gate made of stone rises)

Uh oh... Eon! Run!

12/2/2008 #201

Dang it...

(Flies up and away)

I still got my reptilian eyes on you, missy!

12/2/2008 #202

(Gates open and hordes of grey-skinned, white winged creature pour through and race to Seras)

Its not going to be pretty, that's for sure.

12/2/2008 #203

They remind me of Thanatos...the Greek god of death....

I wonder...is Alucard still a puddle?

12/2/2008 #204

I can't tell, seeing as I am still running. Can you see him?

12/2/2008 #205

Hmm...from this vantage point? No.

(goes lower)

I see...remanants of the Quicksilver and a trail...

12/2/2008 #206

Where does the trail go to?

12/2/2008 #207

It's heading...well, would you look at that.

It's heading for the door.

12/2/2008 #208


12/2/2008 #209

Look, there's some under the door, and it's eating away at it!

12/2/2008 #210
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