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Hi! and welcome to the character list. here's what you need to write down.





Appearance: (Links are permitted)

Other: (If there's nothing to add please put in N/A.)

Family and friends:



Have fun!

8/23/2008 . Edited 8/23/2008 #1

Name: Inunaku

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Race: Half-Cat Demon Half-Dog demon.

Appearance:Blue hair with blue dog ears, a crescent moon on her forehead with a red star inside it, she wears the clothing Kagome gave her, a pair of Cargo pants with a place to put her swords and a baggy t-shirt.

Other: she turns into a Cat demon on the new moon and turns into a Dog demon on the full moon.

Family and friends: Her uncle is Inuyasha's father making Inuyasha and Sesshomaru her cousins. Friends with Kagome and the gang and with little Rin. Her mother is sister to Inutashio and her dad is a cat Demon who is a friend of theirs.

Background: Grew up in her uncle's castle and is best friends with Sesshomaru has a small scar on her shoulder after an attack by a lion Demon who tried to kill her and Sesshomaru. She is there when Inutaisho is fighting to protect Inuyasha and Izaiyo and is told to protect both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.

Weapons: two swords, one made from her fathers tooth, and the other is a sword made from her mothers tooth and carries her soul since she died saving Inunaku also poison, er poison is both cat and dog poison making it very deadly.

8/23/2008 . Edited 8/26/2008 #2


Age:Unknown (apppears to be between 18-21)


Race:Bat Demon

Appearance:Waist length black hair usually tied back into a simple ponytail when fighting and loose when not fighting, light blue eyes, somewhat pale skinned. When fighting, she wears a black outfit similar to Sango's demon slayer outfit. Whe not fighting, Kai wears a small black short sleeved kimono.


Family and friends:Kai is friends with Kagome and the rest of the gang and travels with them whenever she runs into them. As for family, Kai travels with her older brother Jin.


Weapons:Twin fans and some magic abilities.

8/28/2008 #3

She rocks she can join at any time.

8/28/2008 #4

Looks like fun If its ok ill use a character i made for a fanfic but never finished ^-^

Name: Kyuasha

Age:appears to be 25 but is actually 525 he was 25 when inuyasha was sealed to the tree

Sex: Male

Race: Dog-Demon (currently locked in a Hanyou State because a monk believe his power to great)

Appearence:Kyuasha has the same white hair Commonly seen in Dog demons he also has Black dog ears on his head. Also he wears similer clothing to Inuyasha except that his clothing is made form the skin of The Water Rat and is the color of The blue Ocean, When in his full Demon form he bears the symbol of the Full moon on his right cheek and the cresent moon on his left.

Other:Has a faithful companion in a small pet Fox that has no demonic blood at all but is extremly fast on the night of the full moon the seal placed on him by the monks unlocks transforming him into a full demon giving him full range of his demonic powers

Family and Friends: Kyuasha is the Long lost younger brother of Sesshomaru and the elder brother of Inuyasha however he has never met them and knows little of there existance his only friend is the Fox that is loyally by his side Kitsua

Background:when Kyuasha was five years old he was stolen from his mother by a group of monks who then attempted to lock away his demonic powers for good only succeeding in binding most of them away with a seal making him a Hanyou he was then sent to the far reaches of Japan after his memories were locked away never to know of his family he then raised himself living in the wild near the monks temple

Weapons:upon his first Demon transformation he was in a battle knocking out the fangs of his demon form he then heard of a smith who would make them into blades and has set out in search of such a man carrying the fangs upon his back (hopefully if you let me join ill make them into two swords called The Tetsaga the sword of Demons,And the Tenfaga the sword of Mystics)

8/29/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #5

Welcome and start soon because I'm sitting like a duck demon.

8/31/2008 #6
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Name: Takuya

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: His most noticeable feature is his dark red hair. Has ocean blue eyes, and wears a blue kimono

Family/Friends: N/A. As far as he knows, no one is left.

Background: Born into a poor village family, his father was dead, and his mother died in birth, he was raised by his grandparents. One day, his village was attacked by demons, and his grandparents were killed why he escaped. From that day, he swore to protect others.

Weapons: Two Katanas (though he can only weild one at a time) Mitsigumishi and Danogoo. Mitsigumishi is a holy sword, while Danogoo is a demonic blade. He'll whichever he believes is better for his objective (Both swords have their own little secrets not even Takuya have figured out yet.), Bow & arrow

Other: Because of the demonic nature of danogoo, Tkuya has a slight "split personality." there's his carefree laid back attitude, and Danogoos "Kill 'em all, or at least get a good fight" personality. Also, Danogoo is a bit sparratic and unpredictable when it comes to actual trength. sometimes, it's weak, other times, it's srtrong, usually, it's weakest when Takuya actually needs it... a cruel twist of fate.

9/6/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #7

weclome join when ever you like....

9/6/2008 #8

Name: Mitsuki




Appearance:waist length purple black hair with a black streak on the right side tied into a loose ponytail just above the small of her back by a black ribbon. generally wears clothes she was given to by a village she helped a black sleeveless kimono with a red pattern and red obi. she also wears elbow length gloves with open finger tips and a place to keep her twin swords crossed on her back.


Family and Friends: Kagome is her cousin.

Backround:Mitsuki had found a strange shred of what looked like a pearl so she grudgingly went to see her grandpa. who she personally thought was full of crap. however he was the only person she could have thought of who would even have the tiniest bit of a clue. of course she wondered where kagome was and they told her but she didnt believe them so she went to try it for herself she jumped down the well and guess what...ended up in the feudal era. she travels by herself considering how antisocial she is and rarely speaks to anyone.

weapons;she has twin swords carried on her back but rarely drawn. for she also carries a bo staff with some magical properties that allows her to create a barrier. the swords are only drawn if absolutely nessacary.


9/7/2008 #9

Welcome. Join when you like.

9/7/2008 #10

New person

Name: Ryuu

Age: unknown

Sex: Male

Race: Crazy Black Dog Demon

Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, basically dark through and through

Other: N/A

Family and friends: None

Background: HE is a Demon that is after Inunaku after seeing her on the night of the full moon and seeing her power, he will kill anyone that gets close to her, emotionally.

Weapons: Long black Dog Demon Sword.

9/7/2008 #11

Name: Riku Bandai: The Sword of Memory

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Race: Half human, Half wolf demon

Appearence: Has spikey hair that is a bright shade of gray, wears a green hooded sweatshirt and dark camo pants, wears brown sandles, has red eyes, has wolf ears with gray fur on them, also has a wolf's teeth, tail, and claws.

Other: His soul lives on in a sword called Sword of Memory.

Family or Friends: Seeshomaru and Kagome are his parents. Has a brother named Shippo, a brother named Oui, and a sister named Rin.

Background: He can't seem to remember.

Weapons: Large dagger.

9/9/2008 . Edited 10/7/2008 #12

YAY! (Clears throat) Welcome join when you like.

9/9/2008 #13
Ten ways to spoil dinner

(really wanted to make this guy.)

Name: Kuriyanma Takanamino

Age: 295

Sex: Male

Race:Snake demon (looks like a human though, not a snake.)

Appearence: Look like a human, with scaly green akin, yellow slit eyes, dark bags under his eyes, from lack of sleep. Very grotesque in appearence, basically, HE'S FREAKING UGLY

Other: Vil incarnate. Sadistic, cruel. actually, he's insane too. Has little voices in his head.

Background: NOt much is nkown, he is a bit of a recluse.

weapons: Venom (when he bites), poison gas, Dabbles in dark arts, and has found ways to become much stronger than even most demons. Super strength and speed.

9/10/2008 #14

Great bring him in when you can

9/10/2008 #15
Ten ways to spoil dinner

yay, we need a crazy character.

9/10/2008 #16

Name: Rose

Age: unknown

Sex: girl

Race: half cat half dog

Appearance:she looks like inunaku.

Other: Same as inunaku

Family and friends: same as inunaku but is inunaku's little sister

Background: she stayed at her fathers castle and grew up peaceful, she will fight to protect her friends and family.

Weapons: Bow and arrow

9/11/2008 #17

Name: Oui (pronounced: we)

Age: 12

Sex: Male.

Race: Human

Appearence: (only with a blue cape and orange shorts)

Other: Was raised by demons, and he thinks he is one. Has poor English skills.

Family and Friends: None

Background: Orphaned in the wild at a young age, he was raised by demons.

Weapons: Teeth and hands. (nails are cut like claws)

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #18


9/11/2008 #19
Forsaken Dark Prince

Name: Might Kyske

Age: 479 but looks 19


Race:Cursed Storm demon (as punishment for going against his people's wishes he was marked as a cursed one and banished from the demon world.)

Appearance: Instead of the outfit in the picture he wears a black Gi and a red undershirt.


Skills and abilities: as a highly skilled storm demon he can harness his body's natural electrical current or any electrical energy around it and multiply it's power up to 100 times but higher multiplications increase strain on his body. weakness: he has a kind heart which has gotten him hurt multiple times. the mark that shows that he is a cursed one also limits his power to around 50% if he goes above that mark then his body will be consumed by an unbearable pain but he will become faster and stronger and will start to release excess electricity into the air around him.

Family and friends: an older brother named Ky Kyske

Background:he was originally born by the name of Raizen and constantly strived to be his brothers equal. he hated his father for not being there for his family to protect his mother. his father was the head of their clan and was the one who gave Might his sword. might managed to best his brother in swordsmanship. in order to protect a human girl who a member of their clan was going to kill might killed him, but lost control of his power and in a blind rage killed his father, who tried to stop him. as the new leader of his clan his brother's first action was to mark Might as a cursed one and banished him from the lands and promised to kill him if they ever meet again. that is why his main goal is to kill his brother.

Since then Might has been travelling and training himself to become strong enough to beat his brother without losing Control.

Weapons: A katana that transforms into a broadswrord when drawn.

9/12/2008 #20
Forsaken Dark Prince

Name: Sonia Minazukie

Age: 493 but looks 19


Race: Storm demon

Appearance:http:Waist-length blue hair, about 5'8, a strong yet feminine figure, she usually wears a bue and white starred Kimono for reasons that she refuses to tell anyone.


Skills and abilities: as a skilled storm demon she can harness his body's natural electrical current or any electrical energy around it and multiply it's power up to 100 times but higher multiplications increase strain on her body.

weakness:She an sometimes be rather hotheaded and become rash because of it.

Family and friends:Is friends with Ky Kyske( Mights older brother)

Background: Her family moved away from all other storm demons after her father got into a heated arguement with the leader of the clan at the time that nearly turned out violently. Since then her life has been pretty peaceful with the ocassional fight with her parents here and there with her parents. That is until Ky came back into her life to ask her for a 'friendly favor for old times sake'.

The favor was to find and 'help Might stay alive' until he decided to return to the clans village. She quickly left soon after that getting encouraging support from her parents.

Weapons: A black and blue spear withlightning bolts running along the handle.

9/12/2008 #21

Name: Yuri

Age: looks 16ish but is really 100 something

Sex: Female

Race: Full blooded Sun demon

Apperances: Long golden hair like rays of Sunshine, Light blue eyes like that of a cloudless day and a white dress that is lose and free


family and friends: none

background: Parents where killed by a monk and she is extremely hateful of humans

Weapons: Her magic makes two light daggers Gen and Men.

9/12/2008 #22

Welcome both sorry about the wait no wireless at me grandparents house.

9/13/2008 #23

Name: tukasa

Age: 19


Race: wesal demon(of the top of my head....and things are kind of off today for me so i will try something other than a kanine demon)


Other: (If there's nothing to add please put in N/A.)U/n

Family and friends: U/n


Weapons a staff lance

9/18/2008 #24


9/18/2008 . Edited 9/18/2008 #25

Name: katio

Age: 21


Race: fox demon


Other: (If there's nothing to add please put in N/A.)U/n

Family and friends: U/n

Background:(willl and in later)

Weapons scythes

9/18/2008 #26


9/18/2008 #27


Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Race: Snake demon

Appearance:long light green hair, deep green eyes, wears a Kimono with a boa decorating it.

Other: N/A

Family and friends: None

Background: Works for Sesshomaru, she had seen her parents die and used her poison to kill the killer.

Weapons: Poison, daggers.

9/22/2008 #28

Name: Marco

Age: 1

Sex: Male

Race: Wolf demon.

Appearence: Looks like a grey baby wolf cub, but with a larger tail.

Other: Can't change into a human yet.

Family: None

Background: His parents died from a deadly disease.

Weapons: Teeth and claws.

10/3/2008 . Edited 10/3/2008 #29


10/3/2008 #30
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