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A haven for those who want to talk about slightly more... obscure comics. The comics ignored by the other forums. The comics with no category. Here is their home. Heck, discuss your own comics too, we don't mind. Everyone's invited in. Welcome, welcome.
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Hah. Well, just say hi, I guess. It'd be good to know about the poor, ignored comics you enjoy, too. My list? Ah, most recently, it's been Bite Me!, The Makeshift Miracle, Dicebox and Megatokyo, and now I'm working my way through 9th Elsewhere.


8/23/2008 #1


My profile is here

Since the moderator has a strong dislike for super-hero comic books (which is what I read the most), I will focus on some of the more off beat stuff I've discovered recently.

-NIGHTLY NEWS by Jonathan Rickman: a group of...extremists murder members of the media. That's the starting point, from there comes a vicious satire that spares nothing and no one (pop culture, high culture, politics, the media, us-the people...etc...) Highly recommended. Published by IMAGE comics


Another piece of commentary, less of a satire...The world is a safer, bette place. Much more fair, less injustice...But how it got there is another story.


Interdimensional Immortal Warrior Librairian. Born during Anicent Greece, Rex will stop at nothing to defend culture, knowledge...and delinquent book-borrowers! Facing vampires, aliens, mutants...even C'thulu himself! Very funny and entertaining.


Hard to summarize. Check this out:

I really loved it

-TIKI JOE, straight up detective fiction. Fun, action packed and entertaining

(TIKI JOE, NIL and REX LIBRIS all brought to you by SLG comics)

That's it for now.

8/30/2008 #2

It's not that I have a strong dislike for them. I just think there's too many of them, and that they overshadow other works, and that the genre fell into a kind of rut. So they're not as good as they could be but they're still synonymous with the word 'comics' in a lot of people's minds. That and there are about five billion other forums dedicated to them. xD

Ooh, I am checking out that Rex Libris thing. Nil page loads with... a GIANT SKULL. Ooh. Nice.

9/8/2008 #3


my nick is Dumas. Here a list of demi-ignored comics, I said "demi" because while they're well known in the French speaking community there not well known in North America except in the province of Quebec in Canada. Franco-Belgian comics coming from France and Belgium, like Asterix, Lucky Luke, Gaston Lagaffe, Gil Jourdan, Ric Hochet, Chick Bill, Leonard, Boule & Bill, Clifton, Spirou.

Also, I could mention some webcomics I know like Sluggy Freelance, User Friendly, General Protection Fault, Funny Farm, Kevin & Kell, the Japanese Beetle.

9/29/2009 #4


11/30/2009 #5
Wren Luckless

Hey there

1/22/2011 #6

I'm Sideshowstarlet. I recently got into "Luann" by Greg Evans. It's surprising that there isn't a ton of fanfiction for this comic, since it's aimed at teen girls and teen girls write the most fanfiction. *Sigh*

My favorite Luann strips, though, are the ones that are from the point of view of her older brother Brad, his best friend TJ, and his girlfriend Toni.

I wrote (as far as I know) the only Luann fanfiction in existence, talking about how Brad and TJ became friends (even though they're polar opposites) and stay friends. One chapter down, hoping to update soon. You can read it here:

Am also hoping someone knows what I'm talking about.

4/2/2011 #7

Plum here, a total fan of Lackadaisy by Tracy J. Butler. I am disappointed to see that there is no home for it on the forums. :(

5/12/2011 #8
luke skywalker 41

hi the name's Luke Skywalker 41 and I'm not here to talk about a comic per say but a comic character who i feel is a little under appreciated aquaman. now i bet you're asking but he's useless.... well HE ISN'T!!! sorry just needed to get that out there and if you happen to disagree let me know so we can have a nice little chat.

11/23/2012 #9

Very new here but have an account on FiMfiction. Long story of how I got here. Anybody seen Bobsheaux on YT? I forget how I ran across him but he reviewed a furry comic, Cyber Kitties, and both tore it to pieces and suggested folks create fan works for it. The characters seemed fun and I have just now started on a late NaNoWriMo project following Morgana, Tammi & Alex around.

I feel nearly the same way about Varcel's Vixens except I don't. The characters are less interesting and to be fair, the story more nearly sensible.

So I'm just here to let Bobsheaux see that, five years later, someone took him up on his suggestion. Nope, no idea if anyone else did but ... Cyber Kitties! I look forward to their hijinks this ... January? Heh. This "Month"

12/19/2019 #10
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