DS9 Ten Years Later
Still writing DS9 fics ten years after the finale? Or just starting? Then this forum is for you!
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But I've loved DS9 since I was very little and I'd watch it with my mom when it was still on regular television. It's my favorite of all the Star Treks. The characters are so fun to play with!

2/6/2011 #1

I just watched the finale yesterday!! it was sad... I can't believe they left it like that *O*

3/11/2011 #2

The series finale never fails to make me cry.

3/11/2011 #3

Ik, i usually don't cry 'cause it's a show and all, but I was like tearing up O.O

It was so sad... and then they just ended it like that.... no happy ending =( well.. sorta

3/11/2011 #4

happy spring forward :)

3/11/2011 #5

I've been writing DS9 Odo/Kira stories for several years. Doesn't matter that the series has been over for 10 + years. It was and continues to be a wonderful show - best of the ST series IMO.

I don't have any stories posted here but you can find them on my website:

I'd be happy to help anyone interested in writing DS9 fanfic stories.

4/22/2011 #6

I absolutely love this series. I've been watching it ever since I was a young kid, and now I find myself writing a fan fiction based on Garak after the war. There is just something about this show that makes it an absolutely fantastic piece of story-telling and television. The characters are so complex and unique, and the plotlines are almost all fantastic. I could argue all day why DS9 was quality TV, but there's no need since we all love it here!

I guess my two cents is that we should all support each other in our writing endeavours on this website. We're all here to share the collective experience of writing about a show we love, so show your support and read, review, and enjoy the content that people create in honour of the show we all love! =)

11/29/2011 #7
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