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Lizzie winced at he markings, her heart throbbing at the pain that must have caused him. She forced herself to look at him, taking it all in. These people were so bizarre, she didn't think she'd ever understand.

5/19/2011 #1,321

Karmen winced when John began to talk roughly towards The Mother, asking her how it couldn't be Seven's fault.

And it hurt her heart to see him acting in such a way. So she reached for his hand and gripped it softly. "John, love, please calm down."


Taya's mouth pulled up at one side in an expression that said she didn't find his joking that funny, and didn't quite believe his compliment.

"I dunno, something cool. What about one of those pleasure planets you keep talking about? I need something to distract me."

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Hidden Character

Hart coughed being taken back hearing her. "Pleasure planet, you want to go to a pleasure planet." He went to her and felt her head then smirked. "Not sick, you've been around me too long." Hart said to her.


John was about to speak when he felt Karmen and eased slightly. "I gave up trying to help him a long time ago, I have my reason for it. A person like Seven could never truly be helped. Be cured of himself, his mind." He said that solemnly.

5/20/2011 #1,323
Viktor Svarta Svansen

(I'd make my post longer, but there's the first 15 minutes of last week's Doctor Who that we missed that we wanna see that's coming up at 8, 5 Fanfiction time.)

Dr. Channa grew even more concerned. "A malicious nonhumanoid..." He put the stethoscope around his neck that he had just grabbed and walked over to one of the cabinets, taking out a kit. "Was it physical or psychic?"


"So you'll let him die..." the mother said, suddenly calm. She looked him over, sized him up.

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"It was psychic. From what I can tell, she planted a seed in his head," Thomas pointed to Seven, "to protect her children. Sophie is a hallucination of Seven's, and when the seed was implanted in his mind, she attacked him, then soon after that she..."

Thomas paused, remembering that Seven had no knowledge that Sophie was dead, but if Thomas lied and told Dr. Channa that Sophie was alive, he would just make it harder for Seven to get better, and also completely destroy whatever trust there was between him and Seven.

"She died..."

5/22/2011 . Edited 5/23/2011 #1,325

Taya frowned. "It's all your fault. You had to go and bring up the whole 'someone special' topic, and now I've got that jealous self-pity woman thing going on in my head. I need something to make that go away."


"I wouldn't say he's beyond all help, John." Karmen looked at her husband with solemn eyes. "He's just beyond our help is all. There's only so much we could do for him."

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Hidden Character

John looked to Karmen. "Seven will always have his memories, and with them. The nightmares, hallucination. No matter what you do, stuff like that never truly goes away."

He looked back to the mother. "Think of a being a child, something being done to you, something bad...terrible. Yet something but you don't know what. As you grow up and just eats at you. You try and get help and it works, you take some drug or spill your mind out to a doctor each month."

John smiles. "You think your all better, until you get older and as the days go by you begin to'll to an age and it will all come back until it's clawing at you and not only harming you but everyone around you." He smirked and shook his head. "What's sad is Seven isn't even at that stage and his mind is going off...Do I want Seven to die....No, but would I let him. Yes."


John smirked and came closer to her. "I can say something like that, and you get jealous. Though I can snog anyone on this planet and you don't give me the cold shoulder" He smirked then flipped open the item on his wrist and smiled. "This, is why I like you." Hart said before he started to look of the coordinates for a planet near them.

5/23/2011 #1,327
Viktor Svarta Svansen

The mother turned to Karmen, obviously put off, but grinning. "Are you sure you want to be with this man? The man who would let your child die if she was ever taken from you, tortured for a few months, and made to end up just like Seven because of nothing that she did to herself? If she was being taken to a future hospital right this moment that is jam packed with professionals, the man who still wouldn't let her walk through those doors when she came back in ten minutes after being there for months, but would let her escorts in just fine? The man who wouldn't give her a chance because he's already made up his mind whether or not her life is worth saving? Where would he dump her off, hm? A werewolf colony? She'd be with her own kind, but would they be as accepting... or nonviolent...? Or would he dump her off on Earth, where she can be left struggling to fit in with society away from her family and forced to live with the betrayal from her own parents? Or would he make it quick and painless and just dump her off in some sun like he had just threatened to do with the new girl a few minutes ago? She wouldn't have time to live with the betrayal for more than a few seconds... So you can take that off your conscience... There, problem solved. Got rid of the nuisance, and everyone's lives are better. 'Cause that's who he is, right? The one who makes people better?"

Her grin widened and she turned to John. "You see it, don't you? You just want to make this place better. You know full well how much better this place will be without Seven to drag everyone down. And I thank you for that, and so will everyone else. Even Brenna will once she sees the grave error in her judgment."

She crossed her arms, waiting for a reaction. It was obvious she wasn't serious about any of this, but was making a point. Yes, the mother who had turned Sophie on the boy, the mother whose seed had killed Sophie and whose child would have killed Brenna, was actually defending Seven.


(I'm going to assume Thomas didn't change his name to Ashton between posts. :P)

Seven turned to Thomas, his heart bottoming out. "What...?!" He had been afraid of this... But hearing of it actually happening... It didn't feel good at all...

Dr. Channa took a moment to register everything Thomas had just told him. "...You sure this is what happened? Is the seed still in there?" He watched Seven, who obviously hadn't known that Sophie had died. He prepared himself to call the psychic if he needed to. She was always good with calming panicking or grieving patients. Even if the patient didn't become too much to manage, he would still do it as an act of mercy on certain occasions.

(The name Channa just popped into my head when I remembered watching a video on the life of the Buddha. Channa was Siddharta's charioteer and his guide when he took him outside the palace to see the outside world. It was while Channa was taking him around that Siddharta saw an old man, a sick man, then a corpse, and each time asked Channa to explain, who explained to Siddharta that everyone grows old, anyone can get sick, and everyone dies eventually. It was after Siddharta saw the beggar who had severed all worldly ties to seek the answers to life, that he was inspired to run away from home in the palace and do the same.)

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"Words can affect people much more than actions some times. You brought up bad memories is all, but if you went on a sex rampage I wouldn't care, because I'm not emotionally attached to you." Taya replied bluntly, crossing her arms.


Karmen listened to the Mother's words, and her hand slowly slipped out of John's. The Mother was right of course, Karmen agreed that it was wrong to just let Seven die, or to dump him off on someone else like he was nothing but a problem to them. She looked at her husband in a new light, and she didn't like what she saw. "John, we can't just treat Seven like he's last week's garbage that wasn't picked up. He's part of our family, no matter how much stress that causes us, no matter how much help he needs." She placed her hands on her stomach, over the news that she hadn't yet announced. "Why do that to him when you wouldn't do that to any child of ours..."

'Or would you do that to our baby?' She added, but only in her own mind.

5/23/2011 #1,329

"The one who planted it in him told it to me herself. She also said that it was supposed to go away after know," Thomas replied, rubbing his right arm, feeling bad for suddenly dropping this on Seven, especially at a time like this.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier Seven...but I thought Brenna would've told you earlier," Thomas apologized, lowering his head, as he didn't want to bring himself to look at the shock and despair that were most likely present in Seven's eyes right now.

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Lizzie stood at the door of the room, away from the group, watching everything. Every eye twitch, hair flick, involuntary hand spasm. All of it. What you did when you didn't know you were being watched was always more interesting. More telling. It just would have helped if Lizzie had any idea who this Sophoe person was. For the twentieth tome that day, she was asking herself why she was here. John threatened her, she made Seven uneasy, she'd pre judged Tim and Thomas seemed to tolerate her at most. Why had she wandered into that stupid red box?!
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Viktor Svarta Svansen

(What is it with Ashton that you suddenly wanna use that name so much? You corrected the previous post and used the name in this one now. :P)

First Brenna. Now Sophie. Sophie, his long-time companion who had been with him and helped him through everything... Sophie, the sweet white wolf who he still loved with all his heart... Sophie, the one who understood him perfectly and knew exactly what he needed to hear... Now she was gone forever. A dark cloud opened up over his life. With Brenna and Sophie gone, what did he have left to live for...?

"Why didn't she tell me?" Seven said, his voice higher than usual. "Why did... When... When did she die?! What happened why didn't I know?! Why...?!" He turned to Thomas, his face heavy with grief. "I wanna see her..."

"Maya," Channa called to the psychic, "we need you. We have a boy who just learned about a death, and he's taking it hard."

"I know," she replied. "I hear it. I'm already on my way."

"Thank you."

He was already by Seven's side, putting a hand on his shoulder. He had a soft look in his eyes, as though he could feel Seven's pain and understood it perfectly. "Seven..."

He turned to Channa. "I wanna see her!" he protested, but his eyes were sad and pleading.

"You will..." he answered calmly. "I promise. You will. But you have to wait, okay?"

"NO!" Seven shouted. "I don't wanna wait! I wanna...! She...! But... I..." He tried a few more times to form a sentence, but ended up covering his face, tears spilling out. "I wanna see her..." he choked out.

"You will... I promise... You just need to let me finish, okay? Someone's coming right now who will help you with that. Okay?" He got down to eye level, waiting for a response from Seven.

Seven didn't look up, but nodded in resignation.

5/23/2011 #1,332

Thomas sighed, and tapped Lizzie on the side of her arm. She probably had no idea who Sophie was, or why Seven was so torn up about it.

"Sophie was a hallucination that Seven had, I assume it was to replace Karmen, who dated Seven before she broke up with him and married Doctor John. She was kinda like his guardian angel in a way, so hearing about her death is...well, brutal..." Thomas whispered, hoping that this would help fill in a number of the blanks that had been in Lizzie's mind.

"And quit looking so down, even if Seven doesn't know you, it's good to show that you support him, since no one else seems too..." Thomas added, a solemn look on his face as he whispered this to Lizzie.

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Hidden Character

John only wore a smile listening to her. "Bravo, twisting my words can make me look as if I'm the devil himself, and I've seen him. In my memories...cruel man." He looked to Karmen and shook her head. "I would never do that to anyone, and you know better. I just have my doubts that he will be not cured and my reason have been told."

Turning back to the mother his smile fades. "Why do you even care about Seven, what gives you the right to defend him. Anyone on this ship, because you've seen into his mind. You could look into mine and you would probably see me as a sinner, or a saint. These memories are not mine I am not truly The Doctor, even though I am."

John rubbed the fingers of his hand against the palm then looked to it. Before he looked to Karmen then to his ship. His eyes traced up and around at the rafters as he tried to ease his mind.


"You sound like my sister.." Hart said punching in the numbers on the manipulator. "And I mean the tone and the way you like are scolding...maybe more like my mother." John stopped then gave her his hand. "If it's where you want to go, let's head off."

5/23/2011 #1,334
Viktor Svarta Svansen

"Pardon me, Tom," came a deep, smooth woman's voice from behind him. She had dark blue hair that came down below her shoulders, her eyes heavily shadowed in the same color. Even her dress followed the same color scheme, although it had varying shades of blue and black. She had an eye painted on her forehead, one on each cheek, and one on each hand. The stones on her dress were iridescent and jingled as she walked. She was rather skinny, but nowhere near Seven's unhealthy physique. Her irises were multicolored and opalescent, a mix of all colors of the spectrum blended together into one smooth form. She was humanoid, but most certainly not human. And though she was bizarre, her blue lips were curled into a sincere smile, perhaps a better smile than any human could make, and somehow that was more than enough to assure anyone that she was friendly.

She scootched past him and made her way over to the two, where Seven was still barely keeping it together. "Hi, Seven," she said without hesitating, bending over to eye level. "I'm Maya. Being a good boy?"

He retreated a bit upon seeing this woman, but it seemed even he found himself under the spell of her very expressive smile. He shook his head, to which she chuckled and took his hand. "Then why don't we try? For the doctor, okay?" Her eyes didn't move from his.

Seven nodded, sniffling. Normally he'd feel patronized, but this time... It was different. He felt calmer with this woman around him already. Though the news of Sophie's death didn't pain him any less, on top of him murdering Brenna, his nerves were more at ease than a few moments ago.

"Tell me about Sophie..."

Seven took a moment to think. There was so much to say about her...

While Seven thought about what to say about Sophie, Dr. Channa continued examining him, taking a swab of one of his open wounds to be tested for infections, and prepared to listen to his heart. He was relieved, and admired Maya's work yet again.


"Do I have a right to defend Seven?" the mother asked. "No... But is it my duty and my responsibility to fix the mess that I started and ensure it doesn't get any worse? Yes... And that includes making it clear that none of this was his fault... And ensuring that he doesn't get punished for it... If anyone should be dumped off into a sun it should be me..."

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D.D. stood slowly, wincing in pain, and laid her daughter, fast asleep, down into a bassinet that TASS had provided. Then she walked over to Brenna. "Brenna...honey can you hear me?" she asked, resting a hand on her friend's forehead.

5/23/2011 #1,336
Scarlett De Fontaine

Brenna curled up as her strength slowly returned, whimpering. "I don't wanna lose Seven..." she murmured softly in her thoughts to D.D. Her face showed no emotion, but her thoughts were dripping with loss and a growing fear.

Cait looked up at Brenna, a bit surprised. He jumped down to the floor and walked over to the console room. "As much as you all are enjoying your argument, Brenna's starting to wake up. She's talking with D.D."

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Hidden Character

John looked from the ceiling to the floor, where Cait stood. He smiled faintly and simply started out of the room for the infirmary. Letting the conversation end there.

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Viktor Svarta Svansen

The mother hung back, relieved that Brenna was okay, but she remembered full well what Cait had told her the last time she had gotten near Brenna. She sat down in her corner, silently watching John go.

5/24/2011 #1,339

"You have to have hope John, we all do. Otherwise we're all going to be turning against each other. Trust and hope, and most importantly love. We need to hang onto those things."

Karmen looked at her husband with eyes that asked him to understand. But he was busy looking upward, and soon Cait interrupted by telling them Brenna was waking up. John rushed off, and after one look at the Mother, she followed suit.


Taya accepted the hand he offered, and braced herself for the feeling of traveling through time and space. "I'm sure plenty of women sound like your mother when they scold you."

5/24/2011 #1,340
Hidden Character

'I have love Karmen, I love you and our future...the children and wondrous days of being a parent.' John kept his eyes forward and his expression calm. 'I have hope, but you can only have so much my love.' He thought all to her.


"Not really..." Hart said smiling before he pulled her close to him and let them fade off for another world in flash of light.

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Viktor Svarta Svansen

The mother sighed and got up, walking down the hallway at a distance behind them. She wouldn't step into the room, but she wanted to see how Brenna was doing.

5/24/2011 #1,342

"Shhhh..." D.D. whispered both out loud and mentally to Brenna. "I'm hoping that we can get him the help he needs, but right now, we need to focus on you okay?" Worry was seeping through her very being, not knowing for sure what to do to help her friend. "What hurts?"

5/24/2011 #1,343
Viktor Svarta Svansen


Brenna gazed at the bed sheet. "I don't hurt... Just weak... Loki's helping me communicate since my mouth isn't quite working yet... Things are coming back slowly..." she seemed to be refraining from adding something.



Slowly a whole new feeling started opening up inside Brenna. She was still Brenna, her thoughts, her feelings, her memories, her humanity. But now that was only half the picture. There was another half that she also was, something lying dormant inside her that was her, something in a calm slumber that stirred only at the quiet song that permeated her mind, her heart, and her soul. It was a soundless song without words or a melody, a beautiful song with dark undertones that was very subtle and could barely be heard.

5/24/2011 #1,344
Scarlett De Fontaine

Cait eyed the mother, then went over to Brenna's bed. He couldn't help thinking that if anyone of them was more dangerous, in this moment it was Brenna, and no one was talking about removing her from the ship... yet...

He nuzzled Brenna's hand, trying to comfort her.

5/24/2011 #1,345

"What things?" D.D. asked. "What is it?" As she spoke she gently brushed Brenna's hair out of her face, trying to keep her friend calm.

5/24/2011 #1,346
Scarlett De Fontaine

"Small motions... eyes, slow movements... That sort of thing... It hurt so much... and now I'm just so tired..." Brenna murmured as she blinked slowly, curling her fingers to rub Cait's face.

5/24/2011 #1,347

"I know you're tired Brenna...but I need you to try to stay awake until John can examine you," D.D. said.

5/24/2011 #1,348
Viktor Svarta Svansen

The mother sat down in the hallway, eyes on Brenna, ready to... she didn't know... whatever came up, if it came up.

She was the one who had relieved Brenna's pain. She couldn't help but notice everyone's indifference toward that, especially Cait's. Well, she had killed Sophie... who had almost killed Seven and Cait under her control... she was the sole cause of this whole mess. So perhaps she was in a position where any good deed she committed didn't merit any recognition...

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/24/2011 #1,349
Scarlett De Fontaine

Brenna glanced toward the hallway. "The mother, she... she took my pain away..."

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