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This is the place where your OC goes threw tests to see their full potential. Other fans of LoSH Design tests, and if you would like, you could place your OC(s) in the tests and everyone can see their ultimate use of powers, and grade them.

1rst test.

The LSV is attacking a distant planet in the cosmos. Things are different here, your OC has no knowledge of the planet and must rely on their strength and powers.

Will your OC pass....or fail?

8/31/2008 #1


ghost form would be wise and reading minds

Gray Wolf

9/3/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #2

Pass. Kokoro would just kill Tyr and walk off with Mekt laughing. Because she's evil like that.

9/4/2008 #3


Louise would pass. She would use her wit and smarts to outwit the LSV and then call Kell when she wanted to leave the planet.

9/5/2008 #4

The calvary... would pass but they are a whole nother group of ...

Skittles: We are sidekicks aren't we?


9/8/2008 #5

Heh. Louise would use her wit......*pokes Lois Lane* Hey, as much as you used your wit, would you still get caught by villains?

Lois: *nodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnod*But Cla-I mean...Superman would save me! *beam*


9/9/2008 #6

Spark Fire would pass. She's a bit insane, but smart and her radioactive powers would do a good number on her enemies if she was forced to fight alone.

Darklight would pass, barely. She'd mostly have to use her force fields and beams, as she doesn't pack too much of a punch.

Patch would pass. While it's not obvious, she's strategic. She'd get out of it somehow... Cuz she's Patch. 8D

The OC who would have the most problems would definately be Darklight. Unfortunately... ^^;

9/15/2008 #7

My OC Frost would look up the information she needed to know about the planet on her portable computer then devise a plan to use her powers as effectively as possible. Since taking on all the LSV members alone would be strategically unsound she would contact the nearest other Legionnaires and launch an organised takedown of the villains.

She would pass.

10/18/2008 #8

Hmmm! Pretty sweet y'all!

2nd test:

Your OC is running across a bridge that is over some bone shattering rapids. Then, out of nowhere, a giant tiger comes on the bridge and begins to break it. Your OC looks at the Tiger and realises it's comming after them.

What would your OC do?

A.) Scream and run the other way

B.) Throw the tiger off the bridge and into the water. And then running off the bridge.

C.) Jump into the water.

D.) Make friends with the tiger and tell him to stop breaking the bridge.

E.) Call somebody!

F.) Use your smarts to get the tiger on the other side of the bridge. And then run ot the other side and cut the bridge.


Will your OC pass...or fail?

10/19/2008 #9

Louise would probably do E (call Kell) or F.

Greenie would just find something green (vines, perhaps), tie the tiger to the bridge and then fly. Once she got to the other side, she'd let the tiger go because she doesn't believe in animal cruelty. ^.^

10/19/2008 #10

She would go with option F. If the Tiger didn't belong there and had escaped from some park or zoo she would trap it and call the park/zookepers, if it was a wild tiger she would call someone to have it transported to a wild park reserve or the wilderness.

10/19/2008 #11

Oops i wrote F, i meant E! XD

10/19/2008 #12

Gray WOlf WOLD USE D as she talks animals

she would Pass!

10/19/2008 #13

Pfft. Of course she'd scream and run. I mean, seriously. A tiger that pops outta nowhere...

But after realizing that it's still chasing her, Darky would set up a force field to keep it from getting her while she thinks of something to do. She'd eventually get some animal service to come take the animal. Pass? Yeah...barely.

10/23/2008 #14

Hmmmm.... Momi would pass the fist one barely.... you can't always use water, especially when you're in space....

Second test- she'd stop the water. Stupid tiger doesn't matter then, does it?

12/15/2008 #15

Cool! No one has failed yet! Yippee!!

All right, here's the next challenge. (Insert dramatic music here)

Cosmic boy (I don't have any idea why I chose him) is very distraught and is sobbing. Your OC wants to do something to help, what will he/she do?

A.) Give the fellow Legionnaire a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

B.) Run away and get somebody else to handle it!

C.) Act silly and hope it will make the person feel better.

D.) Look for the person/thing that made the Legionnaire cry and make them pay!

E.) Just stand there gawking at the Legionnaire crying.

F.) Give gifts to the person to make them stop crying!

Will your OC pass...or fail?

12/18/2008 #16

A, I guess? Louise is caring.... maybe.... Why dontcha come by the main forum, DC7? You enterin' my Winter Holiday contest?

12/18/2008 #17

Gray Wolf would pass barely shes not very good at social #

and would probably call dream girl to help her...


12/19/2008 #18

Frost would probably do the A option even if they aren't best friends or anything if she had gotten to know him more. If they had just met in a Legion audition and she moments after saw him like that in the hallway she would probably go with option C though.

12/19/2008 . Edited 12/19/2008 #19


12/19/2008 #20

Skittles... will be random... depends on her mood.

Drew.... definatly a shoulder to cry on

Tito.... be HAPPY!

12/19/2008 #21

Hahaha! Go TITO!

12/19/2008 #22

My Oc Dust would dissolve herslef to sand and then flay the enemies ships.

12/21/2008 #23

Cool. I like your Avatar!

12/21/2008 #24
Sailor V-babe

Time Lass would be A, since she is (kinda) empathic. However, tundra Lad is probably closest to E. He'd kinda sit there and go . . . "huh." and walk off. He's not a touchy-feely person. (Unless it was Time Lass. He's more gentle around girls. But he doesn't much care for CB1. -_- And yet they have to work together in my stoy Steppe Son.)

12/22/2008 #25
Storm Arashi

Test One:

Lyn would pass...She's witty annoying and would go totally cavewoman on them if they messed with her. (Seriously she's that crazy) Oh yeah and a bit psycho..Definatly a pass.

Rukia again a pass...Because with her powers she could just throw them a mile back.

Derek pfft..He'd pass just because he'd punch them all and probably get beaten up doing so.

Kate....Yeah considering she can be as coldhearted as the best of them if they tick her off she'd pass.

Roland: Pfft...Fail. He'd get himself captured. No powers and probably used up all of his arrows.

Test Two:

Lyn would be C (Seriously she is that scared of tigers.)

Kate A.

Rukia: C

Diana F

Derek...C Half blind and dealing with a tiger? Yeah he'd jump.

Test three:

Lyn wouldn't do squat. She would be E. (She started her own Down With Cos decleration...With a picket sign.)

Rukia would do A.

Nal (Yes all different characters.) Would act silly hoping to make them feel better. C

Derek would be B...

And Serena would be D. D for Don't Mess With Marrienette Lass.

Hunter....F. He's as bad as Lyn sometimes.

11/24/2009 #26

Cool...very cool...I would come up with the next challenge, but I've got homework... :( Anyway, I would just like to thank everyone that's cooperated with my strange tests, and give 'em a big hug for passing! LOL, you guys rock.

11/28/2009 #27
Winter's Warrior

What's her power? May I pleae use her in a fic? PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE???????????????????:p

4/23/2010 #28
Winter's Warrior

Mine would pass. She's stronger than any vampire( even thouhg she is 1 she's just more powerful/ the last of them) ahs stornger senses than TW/ Kelle-l.

4/23/2010 #29
Winter's Warrior

*Laughs* Either E or F. My Oc would pass. Lucky would use her hand-to-hand combat skills like a pro.

5/2/2010 #30
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