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Sophia Lawliet

I came up with these sixty prompts. Feel free to do them in any order. The one rule is that the fic must somehow involve one of the squints or squinterns; therefore, a Booth x Hannah fic in which they went out for coffee would not count. Not that Hannah deserves to have a fic about her and Booth written, anyway. .

All of these were thought up with a specific episode or instance in mind. Hopefully you'll be able to recognize at least some of them. c:

1. Skull

2. Heartbreak

3. The Royal Diner

4. Autopsy Table

5. Hairdryers

6. Deer

7. Soccer/Football

8. Mafia

9. Antarctica

10. Potatoes

11. Book

12. Tatoos

13. High School Renunion

14. Glowsticks

15. Macaroni

16. College

17. Explosion

18. Paris

19. Alcoholism

20. Feet

21. Ice Cream

22. Christmas

23. Garage

24. Haircut

25. Trivia

26. Blonde Jokes

27. Hockey

28. The Washington Monument

29. Loathing

30. Chupacabra

31. Photographs

32. Driving

33. Paris

34. Weakest Link

35. Underground

36. Vacation

37. Termites

38. Merry-go-Round

39. Jealousy

40. The Founding Fathers

41. Perfume

42. Blunt Force Trauma

43. Abuse

44. The Universe

45. Egyptology

46. Coffee Cart

47. Genius

48. Astronaut

49. Atheist

50. Rock and Roll

51. Iguana

52. Oxford

53. Zombie Jesus Day

54. Dissertation

55. Islamic

56. Insanity

57. Dreaming

58. Bleeding

59. Squinterns

60. I don't know what that means

6/23/2011 #1

I know this was posted awhile back but looking at it I think I could make a story that at least mentions every single thing. It can focus on one or two and everything else is perifery. It my be my personal challenge to completing your challenge, LOL

11/20/2011 #2

lol sounds like a great challange for me i'll give it my best

4/12/2013 #3
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