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you have touched me in some way.

There are so many places I could go with that one :D

1/21/2010 #241
Cuban Sombrero Gal

Only you would, SCV. Only you would.

Anyway, this is officially the end. Both people I offered mod spots to turned them down because of real life committments (which is perfectly understandable, considering it's the reason the mod squad are all leaving too), and I don't want to let this forum be swallowed up by the anarchy that comes without law. Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who's been with us since that fateful April 21st, 2007; no matter how you were involved in the RL, you helped to make it an awesome place. I can only hope that, with or without the RL, you'll continue contributing reviews to the Harry Potter fandom with the same gusto you always have.

A special thanks goes to everyone who's modded over the last three years: Lexie, PA, SCV, Turtle, Sadie, Charli, Katy & Wordy. You guys have been nothing short of awesome to work with at all times, and I'm not just saying that, despite how often we may have had our differences. If any of you want a mod shield for prosterity's sake, just let me know. ♥

So, I'm going to be locking down all the threads, and the RL will be no more (although it will never be deleted - there are too many memories here). It's not entirely over, though - Wendy Brune, with my permission, has started a multi-fandom forum and C2 in the spirit of the original RL HERE. I've just checked it out, and I'm impressed already, and I'm sure Wendy would love your support. Hopefully, that place can be the next great forum of

Signing off for the last time,

Cuba xx

Edit (seems like I'll never leave, doesn't it...?):

The forum is stuffing up, so the above link is the one to access Wendy's forum.

1/21/2010 . Edited 1/21/2010 #242

Hi there! Umm.. I've found some stories out there I think are great, but sadly are under-reviewd, and I think they deserve much more attention

Here are some of them, If you'd like to read them: is a very nice fic who narrates something very uncommon I think we should see more often here on ff: Harry&Hermione FRIENDSHIP. It's lovely, and I adore those twho relationship :) If you do as well you should read it. is an awesomely narrated fic whose author focus on a very important thing we tend to forget: Make the characters act as themselves. There are some grammar mistakes, because I think the girl who's writing it is spanish or something, but it's great overall and it makes you feel as if you were reading a book. a very cute fic that shows us avery tender side of HPGW's relationship that not most of fics show. A must read.

You should really take some time to read this fics, I promise you won't regret it!

1/22/2010 #243
Wendy Brune

sugar.quill -- come suggest them at the Reviews Lounge, Too.We'd love to have you and your suggestions.

(That goes for anyone else, too!)

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #244

hey everybody ~ everyone seems to have signed off for the last time already, and I was stunned by how real it seemed to see all the threads locked up!, but i just wanted to throw a sayonara into the hat. i've dropped in and out over the course of the past~ what is it, two years, since it was my sophomore year in college? wow, seems longer.

anyway, just wanted to say, i'm going to miss you guys. :(

i've been super impressed with how all of you mods have kept this going for so long, because, knowing zany real life myself, it's quite the commitment and you've pulled it off and held this forum together for a long while. thank you.

i'm already friends with a bunch of you on livejournal... but like so many things i've signed up for on the internet *cough twitter cough* ~ I basically never use it.

Facebook, however, I do. I'd love to stay in touch with any of you, even loosely, so feel free to PM me and I'll send you my contact info. Also, assuming we hear from the Book from RKC's project again, I signed up for that... so hopefully i'll be seeing you 'around'.

Hope you all continue to write, whatever it may be, and that someday i'll be getting messages from all of you reading "hey, check out my new book!" ;D

All my best to you all~


1/22/2010 #245
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