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We've decided to separate out the personal review requests from the recommendations for our archive, since it's hard to keep track of what's what in our current topic, and respitechristopher made an excellent point: if you've just posted a story, you're NOT immediately going to get 20 reviews in your inbox - It takes time! So of course new stories are under-reviewed. If you want some attention for them, mention them here please!!

(Of course, if they're appropriate to our purposes we'll archive them anyway, but please help keep life easy for us!)

Cuba, Lexie, Sadie & the staff


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9/1/2008 . Edited 9/1/2008 #1

Title: Stella Antrum

Lenght: For now, 1 chapter, but it will be a multi chapter fic.

How long has it been posted?: Since 27 August (I know, not long, but I hope to get some attention around it)

How many reviews does it have?: 1 (Very quick, to be my stories)

Characters: Peter Pettigrew and Harry Potter.

Summary: Sequel to Stars, hide your fires. Peter's drug abuse has sirously damaged his mind, and magic. He lives in the now, the dullness of the pills and the insanity and pain which he endures without them. When Harry Potter is kidnapped, he subconcisely attacks the Dark Lord, and miss. Death Eaters try to defend their Lord, and everyone is under crossfire. Two manage to sneak off without being noticed, more precisely Peter and Harry. Both being headhunted, seek the safety of the holy place, Stella Antrum.

Link: Stella_Antrum

9/1/2008 #2

Title: Violent Antipathies

Length: Right now, it has one chapter but will be projected novel-length.

How long has it been posted? : August 24th 08

How many reviews does it have?: 1

Characters: In first chapter- Hermione Granger, Harry, and McGonagall In the second chapter....well, you and Hermione will see...

Summary: It is shortly after Ron has gotten together with Lav-Lav, and Hermione feels utterly alone. Sure, there's Harry, but he has Quidditch and a budding infatuation with Ginny, so she busies herself with her schoolwork. McGonagall has a pupil who is falling very behind when he normally is the number two student (after Hermione). Sure, he could just be skiving off, but McGonagall suspects it's something much more...and asks Hermione to tutor him. The catch? The student is none other than everybody's favorite Slytherin... Will Hermione be able to teach him anything? Why is he falling behind? And will Ron and Lavender ever stop snogging?

Link: Violent Antipathies

9/1/2008 #3

Title: His Greatest Mistake

Length/Chapters: 2

How long has it been posted?: Updated: 6-15-08 - Published: 4-26-08

How many reviews does it have?: 18

Characters/pairings: Lily, James, Remus, Sirius, Peter, Tonks, Alice, Frank Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/Tonks

Summary: AU. Voldemort’s ascent to power begins in 1981 instead of 1971. There is no longer a Chosen One. Who will save the Wizarding World? Takes place in 1991. 4 friends. 3 couples. 2 survivors. 1 bond. Never underestimate the power of love.

Link: here

If people review my story, I will definitely review yours. ^_^

9/1/2008 #4

Title: Hard To Find

Length/Chapters: 4/ 12,000 or so words ;)

How long has it been posted?: Started the 26th of August, last updated the 28th of August.

How many reviews does it have?: 8

Characters/pairings: Lily/James, Arabella/?, Remus/?, Sirius/?.

Summary: Lily Evans and Arabella Figg are known as beautiful and brilliant loners- girls who keep to themselves. James Potter and his friends are the Marauders and the Golden Boys of Hogwarts. When they come together, they chafe and fight and argue. How did they ever produce the love that they did? Here's how. Slightly AU.

Link: -- can't figure out how to link it!

Edit: Linked!

9/1/2008 . Edited by The Reviews Lounge, 9/1/2008 #5

To link you go to copy the text you want to put the link on, and at the top tool bar the small chain next to the "styles" will be clickable. Click it and fill out the popup and then click the "Insert" button on the left. Simple as that!

9/1/2008 #6

SCV haz a question for Queen Ice Cubes, Ruler of the RL.

When a story has enough reviews, where do we post the fact that it's ready to graduate and that either you or the person who added the story to the archive needs to remove it?

9/2/2008 #7
Cuban Sombrero Gal

Well, usually staff members just do a check of the archive every few weeks, but if you want... just post it in the Archive Awareness topic, I guess.

9/2/2008 #8
Sara Winters

Title: Haunted

Length/Chapters: 2,179

How long has it been posted?: Since July 4th.

How many reviews does it have?: 7

Characters/pairings: Snape, Lily (sort of) and Harry. Technically, there are no pairings, but there's some sort of interaction between Snape and Lily.

Summary: Snape attempts to come to grips with why he is always uncomfortable around Harry. Unofficial description: It is set during Harry's third year and rated M, but not obscene (at least to me). This story is my attempt at getting inside Snape's head, taking into account what Harry learned about his feelings towards Lily at the end of the last book.


9/3/2008 #9
The Codemeister

Title: Lavender's Lycanthropy

Length/Chapters: Nine chapters so far

How long has it been posted?: since April 2008

How many reviews does it have?: 40

Characters/pairings: Lavender Brown

Summary: After the battle of hogwarts Lavender disappears, for 19 years, but returns when Rose weasley goes to hogwarts


9/3/2008 #10

Title: The Wrong Shade Of Chocolate

Length/Chapters: Oneshot

How long has it been posted?: Two Days

How many reviews does it have?: 2

Characters/pairings: Lee Jordan/Ginny Weasley and Lee Jordan/Padma Patil

Summary: Lee looked in many places for the right shade of chocolate in their eyes. turns out it was right in front of him the whole time. ~ Written for the First Love challenge and the Random Characters challenge - both on HPFC


9/5/2008 #12
Bad Mum

Since alerts seem to be down, I'm going to shamelessly self-promote here:

Title: What You Want To Do

Length/Chapters: Oneshot

How long has it been posted?: Five minutes

Characters/pairings: Charlie and the twins

Summary: “The thing to do,” Gideon proclaimed, “Is to decide what you want to do, and just do it.” Charlie and the twins take the lesson to heart. For Starkiller's birthday.

Link: What_You_Want_To_Do

9/6/2008 #13

I'm completely new to forums so I'm not sure if this will work... ehhhh... This seemed like the most respectable forum, so I decided to go for it.

Title: Difficult Circumstances

Length/Chapters: Prologue + 3

How long has it been posted?: Since July

How many reviews does it have?: Only 7 :(

Characters/pairings: Draco Malfoy/Charlie Weasley

Summary: It's a werewolf!Draco fic. He's been infected with lycanthropy, and ends up killing someone, everyone knows about it. So his parents send him away to Romania because of the different benefits etc... and he ends up living with Charlie Weasley, they fall in love. Drama, h/c, and I attempted some humor.

I'm looking at the screen, and it sounds really implausible and cheesy. I know it does. But the story nagged away in my brain until I decide to go for it, and I wanted to make it as believable and real as possible, and I think I did an OK job of it. Shameless self-promotion, yes.


9/6/2008 #14

Title: Love, Hate and Revenge

Length/Chapters: 10 chapters, about 25000 words.

How long has it been posted?: Since last month.

How many reviews does it have?: 19, and they're all lovely but lack constructive critisism or any specific review-ness.

Characters/pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Remus/OC

Summary: Dumbledore's inexplicably made James head boy, and Lily's not happy. But she's not the only one with love troubles. Things might not end happily for everyone, but what you can expect this year is a lot of love, hate and revenge.


I originally wrote it a year ago, so the writing as good as my more recent fic, but I like the story and I'm fond of it anyway. Please don't be put off by the OCs, I tried my best to make them interesting characters, and neither of them are anything like me I promise!

9/7/2008 #15

Title: That Magical Moment

Length/Chapters: 4 chapters (about to be 5), 3,748 words

How long has it been posted?: since 8-20-08

How many reviews does it have?: 28

Characters/pairings: Ron/Hermione

Summary: It's that magical moment when Ron and Hermione finally get together. Travel down to the Chamber of Secrets with them, and learn what took place before the Battle of Hogwarts

9/7/2008 #16

Title: Living in Hell

Length/Chapters: 5 parts/6,361 words (in progress)

How Long has it been posted: 08-23-2008

Reviews: 27

Characters/Pairings: drabbles of Dumbledore's Army, various characters--Neville L., Ginny W., Hannah A., Parvati P., Lavender B., Seamus F., Michael C., Terry B., Anthony G. . . .

Summary: A drabble series about the members of Dumbledore's Army and living through the Carrows and Snape. For Kore-Of-Myth's "Shuffle" challenge for the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenge Forum.

9/7/2008 #17

Cool, let me totally take advantage of this! :D Let me add that the genre is humor.

Title: Dumbledore, Please Explain Your Twisted Logic!

Length/Chapters: 101,000 words, 17 chapters (still a WIP)

How long has it been posted?: Jan 19, 2008

How many reviews does it have?: 60

Characters/pairings: Dumbledore, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna, Hermione/Goyle, Draco/Pansy, Goyle, Draco/Trelawney

Summary: Dumbledore is putting on a play about the four Hogwarts Founders. Does anyone get the parts they want? Of course not! Mayhem ensues, complete with comedy, romance, insanity, tragedy, Slut!Draco, Harry/Ginny spats, Macho!Ron with a twist, Smart!Goyle, and some very irate parents. Oh, and some nude wrestling, too. Cue the curtain! Slightly AU


9/7/2008 #18

Alerts are working just fine, but I'm an attention two asterisks, so hey...

There's More Mercury, Minions!

Title: The Mercury Chronicles: Angelica

Length/Chapters: ~10k / 4 itty-bitty chapters.

How long has it been posted?: Chapter four is hot off the laptop!

How many reviews does it have?: 28 lonely little reviews. *insert sad-face here*

Characters/pairings: Albus/OC (that would be the title character). Scorpius/Rose.

Summary: Chapter 4: It's Summer, and that means it's The Harry Potter Day Ball! Teen Witch Monthly has your exclusive access to the Mercurial Trio. Interviews with Rose and Scorpius. Pictures of their grand entrance. And oh, don't Albus and Angelica make a cute couple? -- what *is* going on with them, anyway? Intrepid reporter Magda Swinburne brings you there for all the juicy goodness!


9/9/2008 #19

Title: Nothing

Length/Chapters: about 700 words/ one shot

How long has it been posted? : since Sept. 8

Characters/Pairings: onesided Sirius/Lily.

Summary: Her name echoed in his mind, expanded in his soul, filled the room and grew until the universe was nothing but the sound of her name and its dismal echo. Sirius/Lily for the Random Characters Challenge.

Link: Nothing

9/10/2008 #20
Bad Mum

"Nothing" is definitely worth a look. (Somehow that sentence sounds very odd!)

I added it to the archive.

9/10/2008 #21

wow! thanks, Katy!!! :D

9/10/2008 #22

Title: 16 Going on 25

Length/Chapters: 1 Chapter, but it's going to be a multi-chapter fiction.

How long has it been posted?: One day! :)

How many reviews does it have?: 4 Reviews.

Characters/pairings: Draco/Hermione

Summary: Hermione wakes up to find that she has no memory of the past nine years- and she's twenty five and somehow married to Draco Malfoy himself. Humorous romance fic.


Do check it out- I've been writing fanfiction for a while but it's my first time posting on as ME. :)

9/13/2008 #23

Title: Rakumata Rising

Length/Chapters: +17,000 words, 6 Chapters.

How long has it been posted?: A few days.

How many reviews does it have?: 2

Characters/pairings: I don’t use the original Characters very much, since the events of the book are based in Egypt.

Summary: In this fic, I have taken what JKR made, and gave it my own twist. There is a new Prophecy, and this one is more cryptic the last. In Ancient Egypt, there were two brothers who had never met. One was Rakumata, the youngest. He was a deeply Dark Wizard who wanted nothing but power, and had it, too! Well, Zakar, his older brother, who only three people knew about, came back to Egypt after about two centuries of Rakumata’s reign of terror. They had two Duels. Zakar was testing his little brother in the first, but he dominated him the second and it was the second that restored three thousand years of peace to the Land of the Nile. Now, three thousand years later, it is almost the anniversary of the Banishment Zakar performed, and at the precise moment it has been three thousand years, both of the two Dahtre brothers will awaken. This time, however, Zakar can’t stop Rakumata. Rakumata, for some reason, didn’t completely sleep during his Banishment. His mind remained awake, thinking. The more he thought the smarter and more powerful he became.

It is now up to Queen Alana Dahtre to ready her son, Imhosepto XXXXXXVIII to face Rakumata in a battle that will decide the fate of the throne, which Rakumata, legally, still holds, now that he is back. However, Imhosepto is only 11 years old, and nowhere near ready to face the Greatest Dark Wizard of all time. Throughout the series, Imhosepto will become stronger and stronger, and by the last book, will be ready to face his ancestral Uncle, Rakumata Dahtre. Also, during their slumber, Rakumata and Zakar have become Egyptian Demigods and are both legends that helped shaped Wizarding Egypt. The group the Prophecy calls the ‘TriForce’ will, of course, be Imhosepto, Virginya, and her cousin Draco.

Link: Rakumata Rising

9/14/2008 #24

Title: Better Than a Dream

Length/Chapters: 2490 words, oneshot.

How long has it been posted?: Just now

How many reviews does it have?: 0

Characters/pairings: Luna/Neville and a bit of Ron/Hermione

Summary: “Luna…I’d like to ask you something…” “Anything, Neville,” Luna said. “Well…do…do you want to grab something to eat?” Neville tries to pluck all his courage to ask Luna to the New Year's Ball. What happens next? Neville/Luna oneshot.

Link: Better Than a Dream

9/14/2008 #25
Dramione Forever

Pinky's Oneshot is Great. I Loved It.

My Valentine's Challenge Dramione Fic for the Review Lounge is finally up :) .

Title: For Her Protection

Length/Chapters: 3177 words, Oneshot

How Long has it been posted?: Just now

Characters/Pairings: Draco/Hermione

Summary: Hermione finds out Draco is acting weird one day and she is determined to find out why. Written for the Valentine's Challenge for the Review Lounge. Oneshot.


9/14/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #26
Violin Ghost

Title: The Restaurant

Length/Chapters: Oneshot

How long has it been posted?: 3 days?

How many reviews does it have?: 2. Sob.

Characters/pairings: The Golden Trio, with the slightest whiff of Ron/Hermione

Summary: On the run, the trio steal a moment of forbidden dreaming, and Harry is reminded of the things they're fighting for. Oneshot, inspired by the song Santa Fe from Rent.

Link: The Restaurant.

Thank you so much!

9/16/2008 #27
Bad Mum

The_Restaurant is great. I've added it to the archive.

9/16/2008 #28

Just read it! *points above*, and I loved it.

9/16/2008 #29

Thirding it. :)

9/16/2008 #30
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