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Deadly Poppy

Title: Not My Night

Chapters: 6 (Finished)

Posted: July 22

Reviews: 7

Characters: A Lily/James fic, but has all the Marauders in it

Summary: Hogwarts is having a dance. Sounds like fun, right? But when everyone seems to be planning something, Peter is forced to dance, and Lily wears Hello Kitty pajamas, things don't exactly go as planned.


1/18/2010 #571

Okay so this is my first story, and I apologize for posting it in the Recommend a Story thread...still new to the forum world.

Title: 3's A Charm

Length/Chapters: words: 6554/ chapters: 4 (story not Complete yet)

How long has it been posted?: since 01/12/10

How many reviews does it have?: 2

Characters/pairings: O/C's with some familiar characters like Dean Thomas, Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter, and Neville Longbottom, etc.

Summary: 10 years after Voldemort is defeated, ministry members are being kidnapped. It may be up to 3 young witches to solve the mystery.


1/19/2010 #572

Title: Chronicles of Craziness

Length/Chapters: 4 chapters, WIP

How long has it been posted? Two days

How many reviews does it have? 20

Characters/Pairings: Rita Skeeter, the Next-Gen kids

Summary: Rita Skeeter has come to Hogwarts and she's out for Potter-Weasley blood. Personal and untrue articles about the kids are appearing in the Daily Prophet and all hope seems lost until one of their own comes up with the idea to fight back--with words.

Link: Chronicles of Craziness, Chapter 1

1/19/2010 #573

Title: PostSecret

Length/Chapters: 1 chapter; WIP; will have 100 once finished

How long has it been posted? Posted earlier today.

How many reviews does it have? 3

Characters/Pairings: Large variety of different characters. (Chapter 1 is Draco)

Summary: Secrets from the characters of Harry Potter that they would never voice aloud. There will be 100 secrets when I am done. For’s 100 Drabble/Oneshots Challenge in the HPFC forum. Rating may change over time.

Link: PostSecret

1/19/2010 . Edited 1/19/2010 #574
Lady Elizabeth of New York


I would love it if someone reviewed this story and told me what to improve.

Length/Chapters: 2 chapsand 2, 826 words.

How long has it been posted?: Well over a week ago. On the third.

How many reviews does it have?: 7

Characters/pairings: Main: James/ LilyMinor: Alice/Frank Remus/OC Sirius/OC and onesided Snape/Lily

Summary: It's a new school year for the Marauders and friends and their last year. James finds himself growing up as his parent's health diminishes and he also gets closer to Lily.


1/19/2010 #575

Title: Reading The Philosopher's Stone

Author: Slexie4eva

Length/Chapters: Currently 18 chapters, WIP. I plan to do all 7 books.

How long has it been posted?: Since 17-Sep-2009

How many reviews does it have?: 91 (I know, not exactly little, but I've seen many stories of this kind with much more reviews)

Characters/Pairings: Characters: The Trio, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Snape, Lily, James, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Molly, Arthur, Sirius, Remus Frank and Alice. Pairings: All canon.

Summary: The Marauders, Lily, Snape, Frank, Alice, Molly, Arthur, Dumbledore and McGonagall get a visit from the future and start reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. I know that it’s been done many times, but give it a chance.

1/20/2010 #576

Title: There and Back Again

Author: Disney101

Length/Chapters: 5, but the 6th one will come soon.

How long has it been posted?: Since 10/6/09

How many reviews: 21

Charatcers/pairings: -Pairings: Big Dramione and I guess a teeny bit Blaise and Luna... -Characters: Heromione, Draco, and Ginny is in the begining a lot...

Summary:The war is over, and all seems just right for Hermione until three years later Ron her boyfriend dissapears. Now Hermione is just recovering from her short but painful depression.Ginny signs her up for an online dating thing.what will happen.R&R Dramione

Alright so this is my friend Disney101's story and it is really good so check it out!

1/20/2010 #577
The Iron Dreamer

Title: Risen Shadows

Length/Chapters: 1 - Prologue

How long has it been posted?: Jan. 17, 2010

How many reviews does it have?: 3

Characters/pairings: Main: Aang, Toph, Suki (sort of), Sokka (sort of), Zuko, Azula(sort of), Appa, Momo, Roku, and Mai and Ty Lee. OC characters: Chiara, Axle, Dakota, Skysong, Shadow, and Seraphina (so far, the list might get bigger...). Pairings: Aang/OC, Sokka/Suki, Zuko/Mai, Toph/OC.

Summary: The Dark Mile, Part I: "All I want to know is why? Why would you be ashamed of what and who you are?" he asked. She sighed. "If you were a descendant of the one who betrayed the Air Nomads, you'd be ashamed too."


1/20/2010 #578
Dizi 85

Title: And the Reason is....

Length/Chapters: 1 so far...........more to come

How long has it been posted?: um yesterday........

How many reviews does it have?: 2..... after 309 readers.... i dont think they know about the Reviews Lounge

Characters/pairings: Harry / Hermione - just friendship at the mo

Summary: Now left on there own, Harry and Hermione strugle through the Horcrux hunt... maybe finding more then they bargined along the way.... HP/HR. sporadic updating at this stage.


thanks guys. hope you like it

1/20/2010 #579
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