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If you know of any stories that deserve to be archived in the Reviews Lounge C2 community, give us their details!

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2. Chaptered stories with an average of less than 15 reviews per chapter

With the community archive so crowded these days, we must stress that only the best stories are going to be added. Mind you, as the quality is generally fantastic, many go in anyway =)


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9/1/2008 . Edited 9/1/2008 #1
Deluxe Sugar Quills

This one is very very good, but very underreviewed!

Title: Save the Last Dance for Me

Author: Bleeding Heart Sacred Soul

Length: 6216 words. (Oneshot)

Character(s): Remus, Lily, rest of the Marauders, a few OCs, etc.

Summary: Remus and Lily often had separate interests, lives, and loves. But Lily always remembered to save the last dance for her dearest friend.


9/4/2008 #2
Dramione Forever

Title: The First of the Second

Author: Deluxe Sugar Quills

Length: Oneshot

Characters: George,Cedric

Summary: George contemplates the death of one not-so-remembered


I would recommend also everyone read this fic as well.

Title: Nothing

Author: Wotcher - Tonks

Length: Oneshot

Characters: Sirius/Lilly

Summary: Her name echoed in his mind, expanded in his soul, filled the room and grew until the universe was nothing but the sound of her name and its dismal echo. Sirius/Lily for the Random Characters Challenge.


9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #3
Madame Tortilla

Title: Twisted fate

Author: brainstorm1001

Length: 2 chapters and 5,636 words

Character(s): Voldemort, OC, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley

Summary: The final encounter between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort is inevitable. But what if a young girl Rose Ballantyne appears in the wrong place at the wrong time? What will be the consequences of her choice? LV/OC, HP/GW, RW/HG

Link: Twisted fate

I'm sad to know that one reviewd it yet; it has a very good start!

9/13/2008 #4

Title: Rakumata Rising

Author: Dahtre Writer

Length: +17,000 words, 6 Chapters.

Character(s): The entire Tendonin Family, including Draco, from the American Branch. The Dahtre Family, who have ruled Egypt for 3,000 years.

Summary: In this fic, I have taken what JKR made, and gave it my own twist. There is a new Prophecy, and this one is more cryptic the last. In Ancient Egypt, there were two brothers who had never met. One was Rakumata, the youngest. He was a deeply Dark Wizard who wanted nothing but power, and had it, too! Well, Zakar, his older brother, who only three people knew about, came back to Egypt after about two centuries of Rakumata’s reign of terror. They had two Duels. Zakar was testing his little brother in the first, but he dominated him the second and it was the second that restored three thousand years of peace to the Land of the Nile. Now, three thousand years later, it is almost the anniversary of the Banishment Zakar performed, and at the precise moment it has been three thousand years, both of the two Dahtre brothers will awaken. This time, however, Zakar can’t stop Rakumata. Rakumata, for some reason, didn’t completely sleep during his Banishment. His mind remained awake, thinking. The more he thought the smarter and more powerful he became.

It is now up to Queen Alana Dahtre to ready her son, Imhosepto XXXXXXVIII to face Rakumata in a battle that will decide the fate of the throne, which Rakumata, legally, still holds, now that he is back. However, Imhosepto is only 11 years old, and nowhere near ready to face the Greatest Dark Wizard of all time. Throughout the series, Imhosepto will become stronger and stronger, and by the last book, will be ready to face his ancestral Uncle, Rakumata Dahtre. Also, during their slumber, Rakumata and Zakar have become Egyptian Demigods and are both legends that helped shaped Wizarding Egypt. The group the Prophecy calls the ‘TriForce’ will, of course, be Imhosepto, Virginya, and her cousin Draco.

Link: Rakumata Rising

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #5
Dejsha's World

Thanks for posting the link dear. (Ahh, now I sound like Polgara)

I reviewed chapter one of your story and it's great. Thanks for reviewing

The woman who watches

by the way:)

Ce'Nedra rules:):

9/13/2008 #6
Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Actually, Dahtre Writer, posting your own story details should be done in the 'Can you read my story?' thread. This topic is for recommending other people's works!

9/14/2008 #7

Bit of a shameful self-recommending.

Title: Better Than a Dream

Length/Chapters: 2490 words, oneshot.

How long has it been posted?: Just now

How many reviews does it have?: 0

Characters/pairings: Luna/Neville and a bit of Ron/Hermione

Summary: “Luna…I’d like to ask you something…” “Anything, Neville,” Luna said. “Well…do…do you want to grab something to eat?” Neville tries to pluck all his courage to ask Luna to the New Year's Ball. What happens next? Neville/Luna oneshot.

Link: Better Than a Dream

9/14/2008 #8
Dejsha's World

Dahtre-Writer is a moderator of my forum and his story is fabulous:):)

Die Zandramas!!!

9/14/2008 #9
Cuban Sombrero Gal

Guys, this thread is not for posting your own stories. If you want to do that, go here.

Also, try to keep the off topic comments to a minimum.

9/15/2008 #10


I would like to recommend a next gen fic. It's really well written, the characterisation is great and the author has the courage to write something different from the things that the fandom considers as "canon", though it isn't full of OC's and it isn't AU.

Author: Rachelle Neveu

Title: Next

Summary: Ten facts, twenty people - a look into the next generation. We got Teddy, Victoire, Fred II, Roxanne and Domique so far...

And now I will try to post the LINK:

My personal fav line: "When he names his first and only son Peter Harry Lupin, he knows why his godfather flinched at the name. He doesn’t care. Peter Pettigrew had some good in him, was a close friend of his father’s for years before he turned over to the dark side, and Teddy still doesn’t think that it was fair that all the other Marauders had children named after them and Peter didn’t."

Give it a try, the chaps are short, and the fic is very enjoyable... and the five chaps have only 8 reviews, and I can't figure out why...

9/20/2008 #11
Bad Mum

Seconding the rec for "Next". Well written, with some nice twists.

9/20/2008 #12

Thirding "Next". Even added it to my C2., if that tells you anything. :)

9/20/2008 #13

Another story that is wort of reading:

The Anatomy of a Bromance by Wilhelmina Willoughby.

Summary: James and Sirius. "Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?" An inside look at one of the closest friendships the world will know.

Quote: It’s a night of firsts. The first time James and Sirius fight alongside one another. The first time Sirius kills someone. The first time Lily kisses James. The first time James tells Sirius he loves him. It seems backwards, like he should be telling Lily he loves her, because, God, he does, but he’s loved Sirius for years now – in that brotherly, platonic way – and they’re best mates. They could’ve died.


Ok, so I have cheated here... it's not really under reviewed, but the topic "Other Stories" isn't as effective as this one... and this fic is really brilliant, read it, you wont regret it..


9/21/2008 #14
Bad Mum

But there is a logic in having two different threads. This story can't be added to the archive because it doesn't qualify with 25 reviews already...

9/21/2008 . Edited 9/21/2008 #15

Title: Dumbledore, Please Explain Your Twisted Logic

Author: Islander 2

Length: 19 chapters/ 120,094 words

Character(s): Most trio age characters, including one or two well developed OCs

Reviews: 78

Summary: Here's the author's summary: "Dumbledore's putting on a play about the Hogwarts Founders. Does anyone get the parts they want? Of course not! Mayhem ensues, complete with romance, insanity, Slut!Draco, HPGW spats, Macho!Ron, Smart!Goyle, and some irate parents. Oh, and nude wrestling."

I'd like to add that, for one, this is a very graphic story with its sex scenes; it is rated M, so be wary of that. It's somewhat AU, and most of the characters are exaggerated to the point of OOC, but done in a way that works. It's not the type of fic I'd normally read, and takes a few chapters to get into, but it's definately enjoyable if you're looking for a laugh.

9/21/2008 #16

Title: A Pirate's Life for Snape?

Author: Sails

Length: one-shot/ 2540 words

Character: Severus Snape

Reviews: 9

Summary: He was tired of living in the same world as Harry-Bloody-Potter, and yet was not so obliging as to leave it by dying.

It's humor/adventure, won fourth place in a contest with the prompt of fictional character has an adventure with pirates, yet only has two reviews that aren't from readers of mine that did me the favor of reading a friend's fic. I think the story deserves attention on its own merits, and not just because I was the beta. :)

9/22/2008 #17

Title: The Rose

Author: XxTotalFanxX

Length: One-shot. Words-2,614

Reviews: 0

Character(s): Hermione Granger, mentions of Harry,Ron and Draco.

Summary: Dramione. Highly AU. Draco dies in the war and Hermione mourns. Song fic to Mariah Carey's Bye-Bye


I may be slightly biased, seeing as I'm the authors cousin..but hey, I think its good. Kind of made me cry though...but think all of her fics are fantastic!lol

x Dramione4Lyf x

9/24/2008 #18

Another story from Rachelle Neveu, the author of "Next".

Title: Angelina

Summary: Angelina Johnson, post "Deathly Hallows". Drabble-ish.

It explains "Next" a bit... GREAT characterisation, really worth of reading!!!


For those who can't figure out, why JK coupled George and Angelina...

9/24/2008 #19
Sara Winters

Seconding "Angelina." Sad, but a worthy read.

9/24/2008 #20
Bad Mum

Thirding. Though it can't go in the archive as Rachelle has a story there already.

9/24/2008 #21
Emily Mae

Do I need to fourth it? I tend not to read George/Angelina stories because I think the pairing is weird, but Rachelle does such a great job with it. I'd definitely recommend this story.

9/24/2008 #22

I linked this in the recommended stories that don't fit the archive, as I found it on Schnoogle, but I did a quick search and found here as well. Read him - he's hilarious and it's a well-done AU/OC story, which is so incredibly rare. And in my review reply at Schnoogle he told me that nobody's reading his stuff, which I find a terrible fate for somebody obviously so talented. (Have I guilt tripped you enough? LOL.)

Title: That Terrifying Momentum

Author: Caleb Nova

Length: WIP, 10 chapters thus far.

Reviews: 22, or roughly 2.2 per chapter.

Characters: Anybody found in book six, two very well-developed OCs.

Rating: M (I'm assuming for language, thus far, as I don't think it's gone anywhere too sexual yet.)

Summary: During the dark summer following fifth year Harry encounters a stranger who is quite likely insane but offers help that is difficult to refuse, and learns that providence is not necessarily a function of chance. An AU sixth year with canon pairings.


Give it a try. :) He rocked my socks.

9/26/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #23

I have read a brilliant fic and it has only 7 reviews, so I thought it's time to recommend it...

Author: Sera dy Relandrant

Title: Prince Charming and the Porcelain Princess (don't let the title foul you.. it's not a fluffy, cliche love story..)

Summary: True love had to be two-sided – otherwise it was just an unhealthy obsession. He was quite ready to be obsessed and she was equally ready to just let him be obsessed with her. Rarest of rare pairings, Rufus Scrimgeour and Dorea Black Potter. Long. FIN


1.) “Oh I’m rebelling,” she said with engaging frankness. “I have a job at the Department for the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures, a Muggle flat – top that – and this,” she patted the slim silver watch that hung off her wrist, “is Rodriguez. Muggles have all sorts of silly names for their little vehicles – hideous names like Ford – so I decided to name my watch too, can you believe it’s of Muggle manufacture? Quite lovely no?”

2.) “That trashy Mudblood whore!” Dorea had howled, burying her head in her arms, her long hair tumbling over her shoulders, down to her waist. “They really ought to teach those children about Contraceptive Charms! A mother at twenty – well, really it’s perfectly disgusting! Halfblood grandchildren – oh I never imagined this for my only son!”

The characters are Dorea Black and Rufus Scrimgeour. This is not an AU story, there is a Chalrus Potter (who is supposedly James' father, though I dont know..), there is James, there is Harry and even Albus Severus mentioned... It's a perfect story about the snobbish pureblood society, about love (?)... I love the style of the author, she has the courage to write a not so loveable, but a "real" character... I don't need to say that this is really good characterisation... and quite surprising too!

Oh, and the LINK:

Read it please!

9/26/2008 #24

Title: Prince Charming and the Porcelain Princess

Go. Read. It. Now.

It's worth it.

9/26/2008 #25

Author: WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

Title: Living in Hell

Chapters/Length: 9 chapters/13,000 words

Summary: In Progress. A drabble series about the members of Dumbledore's Army and living through the Carrows and Snape and life after the Battle of Hogwarts. For Kore-Of-Myth's "Shuffle" challenge for the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenge Forum. Part 9 now up.


Additional Notes: This drabble series is fantastic. If you've ever wondered about the students that were left at Hogwarts during that horrific 7th year, this is the fic for you. Taking place before, during and after the Battle of Hogwarts, each piece -involving secondary characters such as Micheal Corner, Susan Bones, Neville Longbottom, Terry Boot, Parvati Patil, Ernie Macmillian etc- is breathtaking beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. The angst and pain conveyed through each piece is all the more sharp because of the love and friendship that is shown between the characters. If you can get through all the chapters without a tear on your face, I salute you. Because I couldn't.

9/27/2008 . Edited 9/27/2008 #26
Bad Mum

Seconding Honda's rec.

Though it's another one that can't go in the archive, because Suzanne has one there already.

9/27/2008 #27

"Living in Hell" is brilliant! So, so good...

9/28/2008 #28

Author: Sera dy Relandrant

Title: If

Summary: Series of why shots.

Side Note: The story is what the title suggests: What if... Lily Luna was a bit different than the rest of the Potters? Did you ever wonder about the parentage of Demelza Robins (Chaser under Harry's captancy)? Did Harry live to be a great- grandfather?

The Author has "taken overused plot bunnies and AUness and turned them sort-of canon: there's no reason this couldn't have happened, were JKR so inclined"... (Quote taken from Anomalous Anonymous' amazing review...)

Give it a shot, it has only 12 reviews and 3 brilliant chaps...


10/5/2008 #29
haters make-me famous

Title: The Angels Prophecy

Author: Haters Make Me Famous (me)

Chapters/ Words: OneShot 1,500 Words

Characters: Draco And Ginny As Main. Goyle Crabbe Lucius And Dark Lord As Other Small Roles.

Summery: Plagued By Dreams Of A Prophecy Involving Himself And Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy Has To Make A Big Decision Regarding His Future.


It Really Needs Some Reviews

10/6/2008 #30
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