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The Reviews Lounge

In the past, we've had so many people who sign on, ask for us to read their story and then don't come back! The point is - as this community is already proof of - the more friends you make, the greater your review count...

So, this is a place for our members to come and get to know one another a little better. Regulars are welcome, so that everyone can get to know you, BUT please guys don't flood this thread with your normal, random chat! Introduce yourselves a little better so that everyone gets to know who everyone else is (if you feel like it) and then keep going, because we want to be able to induct new people in here as well as the regulars!


Meet the Gang has been a foundation of the RL for a long time. To view our history, follow this link!

9/1/2008 . Edited 1/17/2010 #1

I'm SCV *slow wave* I hail from Azerbaijan, though I am currently located in Spain.

I've been a member of this place for... gosh, I don't know. 6 months?

I have a wonderful telepathic twin, Gilly, an awesome long lost twin sister, Charli, and a long suffering fiancee, Turtle.

My favourite characters are Lily and James Potter (Harry's parents, that is), with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin tied for second place and dear old Dumblydorr in third.

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #2

Oh, right. Introduction thread, not rant thread. I'm Christopher. Were there a gentlemen's auxiliary of WCAWLHPTM, I'd be so there in far too few years. I like canon, metaphor, description, long walks on the beach and certain metamorphmagae. What I'm doing on a forum populated nearly exclusively by teenaged girls is beyond me (I said "nearly"), but you folks seem to have some of the best eyes for good fanfiction out there, and I really enjoy good fanfiction, so I'm glad I stumbled across this. *waves generally*

And not all that much has changed since December. 'Cept that now I know a whole lot more people. Oh, there's the SU, too.

9/2/2008 #3

I'm Pinky. I haven't been around the RL lately so I'm very late with knowing the whole change of RL. I was just wandering down the forums page and clicked on the old RL when I saw it was named "The Old Reviews Lounge". =] I will do my best to post on here. I'm posting from London and well yeah.

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #4
Bad Mum

I'm Katy. I'm pretty old. I'm a Weasleyphile. I have three kids, a husband and a messy house. I'm very good at procrastinating.

9/2/2008 #5

I'm L'amoureuse, I'm franco/belgian (and proud of it!) but live in the states, I'm 15, and I'm convinced my writing sucks. I love chocolate and horses and personification and alliteration.

I love the reviews lounge though I am fairly new here, and I love challenges, so give me one! (I have one going too, if you are interested *wink wink*)

9/2/2008 #6
Cassandra's Cross

I'm Cassandra. Or Cassie. I answer to anything, really. I like Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, and the Weasleys in general. I've written three HP stories (well, a oneshot and two full length fics). Like Katy, I'm "elderly" and am the founding member of WCAWLHPTM (Women of a Certain Age Who Love Harry Potter Too Much). I have a grown son who I'm always trying to marry off (single females in their 20s, PM me!), I'm addicted to politics, and am owned by two dogs, a Westie and a Sheltie who are very spoiled.

9/2/2008 #7
Gaby Black

Haha, I'm 19, too young? :)

I'm Gaby, French, staff for the archive, have been knowing the RL for one year but have not been around that much and consequently missed on a lot of fun and arguments and things. Study Law at University and sometimes wonder why. Love the Marauders.

9/2/2008 #8

All rightay! :D I'm TheWordFountain, or Wordy as most people call me. Ever since I was knightessed into Frobscottle, the people there have called me Wordington Ringle Muffincakes.

I'm fifteen years old and I happen to be a very lucky girl who wants to be an author when she grows up. I adore reading and writing (obviously). I have written three fanfictions; two one-shots and one chapter fic. The chapter fic is a Draco/OC and the two one-shots are companions to this story.

Anyway, I have been a part of the RL for almost five or six months and I love this place and the people here to death!

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #9

Okies. I'm RyanKathrynCelia. RKC, or, ya know, just Alice.

I've been at the RL a little over a year... a year and a couple of months, I believe.

I'm 19 years old, I study history at University with aspirations to become a history teacher that will travel the world to teach. USA, Australia, New Zealand.

I want to go to Tehran, Iran to see the ruins. Idiotic idea, I know.

I love the RL for all the friendships that I made, and it has a very special place in my heart.

I'm also very so slightly narcissistic, a very recent development. Round about the same time I started losing weight.

Hmm... that's all for now. I'm more active on the forums than I am in reading and writing, so if you want some read, just shout at me.

9/2/2008 #10
Deluxe Sugar Quills

I'm Anna or DSQ, whichever you prefer to call me.

I'm in high school, on the East Coast of the US.

I've been at RL for a few months, but haven't been too active this summer because of not being near a computer for a long time.

And I'm a terrible procrastinator. That's why I'm here. (I'm supposed to be doing my spanish homework.)

9/2/2008 #11
Cuban Sombrero Gal

Hi, I'm Cuba, one half of the infamous Lexie/Cubie tag team and wife of the epic Charli. =P

I like sarcasm, learning Japanese and any readily available form of caffeine... and I'm starting to think that I must not have a life if they're the first things I label. I also like surfing, reading and being a drama queen.

As for writing and Harry Potter, it's the Marauders Era all the way, especially if you can bring Sirius into the conversation.

9/2/2008 #12
Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Wait, when did we become infamous??

I'm Lexie, the other half of the Cuba/Lexie tag team... but I'm also brand new to all of this.

I'm most often found buried under a pile of papers, courtesy of my love for writing and my university studies. I don't write fan fiction anymore (well, that's a lie, I do because I'm finishing some of my stories off, but ... in a few months time it won't be a lie for me to say that) but I certainly look forward to having a chance to spread my wings and get something original put to my name! I'm a Summer baby, an almost-not-teenager, a crazy reader, the owner of a very battered surf-board, a hopeless romantic, an eternal optimist ... and very occasionally, a Head Cheese.

I've been "with" Harry Potter (the books, not the character) since a sunny Christmas morning in 1997, and I haven't put them down since. I am fond, to the point of obsessive, for Lily and James .... though I suppose not any more, since I'm leaving that all behind me....

I think that's about it?

- Oh, yeah... I like to argue. But don't let that put you off. I always do it nicely =)

9/3/2008 #13

I'm crescent. I'm pretty new to the RL - I'd joined the old one right before it got taken down, but hadn't posted much... the 40 page topics are quite intimidating! Lily is my favorite Harry Potter character, and I adore Lily/James, Lexie (actually, I'm in the process of finishing your stories - right now, I have Memento Mori up). In the past few months, I've started writing a lot, and have actually started considering writing as a career, or maybe just something on the side. What I really want to do is teach high school drama. But, as I'm only a sophmore in high school, I have time to think about it. Well, that's about all I can think of to say right now...

9/3/2008 #14
The Reviews Lounge

Wait, when did we become infamous??

Since I decided it made us sound awesome, obviously.

9/4/2008 #15
Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Oh, of course. Sorry =P lol

9/4/2008 #16
Cuban Sombrero Gal

Feel free to object, but you know you love it.

9/4/2008 #17
Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Lol. I do. (Am now imagining/pondering infamy, Ned Kelly style)

What's with the quiet forum??? *is surprised*

Mind you, I'm going to be called to dinner at any moment, but you know.... time zones!!!

9/4/2008 #18
Sadie Lovegood

I'm Sadie, Goddess of All. Yeah, that's really all you need to know, but I'm feeling generous today...

Im a poor college student and I am curreently writing an epic R/T fic that explores their relationship in depth from HP books 4-7. It's a mad long and not even done, so once it is, I plan to take a loooong break from writing, other than Xmas fics for people. ^^

9/4/2008 #19
Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Dang, Christmas stories!!! *sighs*

Actually.... no. I'm not going to write fanfiction, I'll do something original for everyone =D

Why are you thinking of Christmas so early???

9/4/2008 #20

I'm honda. I hail from sunny California. *waves*

I'm a 21 year old college student with not enough time on her hands! I'm a hopeless romantic (though I deny it vehemently!), a book-a-holic, a nature gal and a a very outgoing person. Most of the time. I spent most of my free time pouring over medical books as I'm trying to become a nurse. And I'm a procastinator, big time :)

My favorite characters are Ron and Hermione, though I'm quite fond of Rose and Scorpius from the Next Gen era. Although reading fanfiction has given me a taste for pairings I otherwise wouldn't think of, (Lavender/Seamus/Anthony, Remus/Lily, Draco/Harry.....)

9/4/2008 #21
Cuban Sombrero Gal

I did the whole Christmas fanfic thing last year (24 chapters in three weeks, so the quality was crap), so this year I'm just thinking of making the offer and writing drabbles (fanfic or original), or making icons or whatever.

Speaking of which, my mum just informed me that it's 118 sleeps until Christmas.

9/4/2008 #22
Bad Mum

You should just do as I do, and write Christmas stories in August for no apparent reason!

9/5/2008 #23

I'm Moge or Elle or whatever, i never really got into the old reviews lounge much due to it being SO crowded but now i'm here for the long haul! :)

i know some of you already from HPFC so Hi to you *waves* and i don't know others so uhh... Hi to you guys too! :)

I'm fifteen, Irish/English origins and living in england. I'm hoping to pursue a lif of engineering in the RAF and i'm an Air Cadet :)

the only other thing you REALLY need to know is that both my 'O' key and 'C' keys are awful and don't always work.. :)

and i end almost every line with a smiley fae of some sort.. :)


9/5/2008 #24
Cuban Sombrero Gal

I'm over writing Christmas stories. Especially when I'm sweating in a t-shirt and the shortest shorts I own, trying to figure out what it feels like in the snow. :)

I think I'm just going to write general stories this year - you give me a character and a prompt, and I'll make an epic drabble post.

9/5/2008 #25

I'm SCV *slow wave* I hail from Azerbaijan, though I am currently located in Spain.

Why do you always do a slow wave? And I am not 'long-suffering.'

Anyway, hello everyone! Turtle's the name and fanfiction's my game.

*haha, i'm lame*

*haha, that was a crime of rhyme*

Basically, I live in the US. I like chocolate and cookies. I'll kill you with kindness. Despite what SCV says, I'm usually a cheery person. I have the raddest sister, the Huffster. Oh, and I'm engaged to SCV. Yeah, that's going somewhere, I guess... *i joke* She's great, actually. Unlike her, I actually like to compliment the people I'm close to. You'll find that we're just general magnificence on here, so don't be afraid to join in. ;)

9/5/2008 #26

Why do you always do a slow wave? And I am not 'long-suffering.'

Right. Tell me when you're NOT sick of the name Turtie and the constant jokes about granite floors and irons. 9/7/2008 #27

Anyway, hello everyone! Turtle's the name and fanfiction's my game.

*haha, i'm lame*

*haha, that was a crime of rhyme*

LOL. Turtle, that's hilarious!

9/7/2008 #28

I'm Kerichi, longtime lurker, recent member. I'm an eclectic reader, yet mostly write romance. I wish all fan fiction sites had readers as committed to reviewing as the ones here, but they don't, so I appreciate this forum and all the more. ^_^

9/7/2008 #29
Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Tell me when you're NOT sick of the name Turtie and the constant jokes about granite floors and irons.

... I get the granite floors (hehehehehehe), but ... irons? Do tell...

9/7/2008 #30
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