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the madcap magician

My name is Damon

I've been on the site for about eight months, although six months of that were spent in Afghanistan. Now that i'm back i'm working hard at catching up on my fanfic (both reading, reviewing and writing).

Not into slash, nor mercurial fics, other than that, anything goes.

Firm believer in 'constant vigilence' because it saved my life a few times.

5/17/2009 #151
revolution rae

Hello everyone.

I'm Rae. I have a boring existence, so I often post randomly. I've been on this site 8 months, I think, but I've only used the forums for about 5 or so. I think. I'm not good at counting...

Eh I have nothing to do that's why I'm posting this particular reply. I love to write (of course -_-) and read. And music. Hm.

Yeah, I'm not much into slash, crossovers, or OC-centrics. Other than that, I'll read pretty much anything.

Oh yeah. Since I started to follow this forum, I now review almost always(: The only time I don't is when I'm out of time. Heh.

Alright, that's all I have to say for now.

7/19/2009 #152

It's Lonely Dancer! Hello, and welcome.

7/19/2009 #153
Luna Rapunzel

I'm usually pretty busy, but I guess you could consider me as being on the outskirts of "the gang" with my current activity, XD. I was a regular for a while on the old RL and came back about a month ago--I work two jobs and have epic summer homework, but I try to pop in and post something every day here. There's not much else to say, really, except welcome to the RL for those of you who are new here--so, welcome!

If the conversation from (*checks*) six and a half months ago still interests anyone, I'm working on a Lily/Marauder/Gryffindors-in-their-year centric WIP at the moment--Through A Glass Darkly. (Weird as I feel about self-promoting, I'd love to know whether you think it's realistic!) And about the nickname thing--I imagine that they wouldn't try to hide it because that's the fun of having nicknames, using them often, so people would know what they called each other (but not why). As for the term "Marauders", I always thought that they would be rumored to call themselves that because of the few people who heard them refer to themselves collectively, but that they wouldn't confirm it: I don't think they'd make a huge deal out of it, just that they wouldn't hide their nicknames in public.

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #154
revolution rae


Heh. I'll check out your story, then. And I actually agree with you...nicknames are meant to be used, and from what James and Sirius, at the very least, seem to be like, I can't imagine they'd try to hide it. I shall reviewXD

7/20/2009 #155

Hmmm... this thread seems a little dusty and undisturbed. I wonder why that is. It's a shame really.

I guess I'll post a little about me in case anyone ventures back here as I did today.

My name's Evylin and I just turned 16 a little over a week ago. Woohoo!

I'm pretty open when it comes to what fics I'll read. I'll give almost everything a chance. I am hesitant when it comes to founders or time travel fics though. I've been a member of fanfiction for a little over a month.. maybe two? I'm not really sure. Though I have been reading stories for about a year or two before that.

Harry Potter is my favourite fandom and my favourite character would have to be Draco (and just a side note, I happen to think Tom Felton is just as amazing!)

Other than reading and writing I enjoy drawing, skating, basketball, talking endlessly about things that don't matter at all. I live in Canada (surprisingly, it's not that cold this winter. yay!) I'm a grade 10 student, have major ADD (not really, but it seems like it sometimes), and I absolutely cannot stand that fact that I'm too short to see the top shelf of my locker.

And that's pretty much me!

1/17/2010 #156
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