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Name: Pyro, for all you know. :)

Age: Ageless

Location: U.S.

Occupation: Student

Why are you here? Because I like words, and Harry Potter happens to have them combined rather wonderfully.

What fic are you most proud of? I'm not entirely sure, I've written and deleted so many. -.-

1/7/2010 #271

Name: Elissa

Age: 16

Location: U.S.

Occupation: Student

Why are you here? Because I like HP. And it wouldn't suck to meet other who like it.

What fic are you most proud of? I'm not brave enough to write one :(

1/15/2010 #272

I'm not sure if you need to be brave to write fanfics. Daft, maybe!

My son thinks "sad" works. Bless him.

1/15/2010 #273


1/15/2010 #274
The Iron Dreamer

Name: Mary

Age: 16

Location: Arizona

Occupation: High school Student

Why are you here? I practically live on this site! Some of the stories I have in my faves are just amazing, and the talent of some of the authors are great! Oh, and reading and reviewing stories of course! :)

What fic are you most proud of? I have only one fic, as I am a new author here. It's called Risen Shadows, an Avatar: the Last Airbender fic. It's only been on this site a few days, and has a few Story Alerts, which made me feel good, and all the reviews have said it was really good so far...Even though my writing isn't the best...Especially in 3rd

1/20/2010 #275

Welcome :)

P.s. I left you a review on your fic, I typed the wrong forum. My bad. -.-

1/20/2010 . Edited 1/20/2010 #276
The Iron Dreamer

Thanks! And thanks for the Story Alert and review! And it's cool!

1/20/2010 #277
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