Watership Down Concepts
Please help me create a list of Concepts and Rules about Watership Down. I need help knowing and finding out what these are. This includes links and info on their language of Lapine! As well as terms like "Elil" and "Silflay" and all the canon characters.
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Lapine language has a number of words- silflay, elil, hlessi, hrair, tharn, and so on- for various things rabbits would need to have words for. But it seems to me there are two major concepts that we are NOT given words in Lapine for: one is, the stories, which they tell and live by; the other is, well, that sort of rising impetus to collective communal action and decision-making process, which the author Richard Adams twice describes, first when Hazel and his group first set out from Sandleford (when they know it is time to get going), and then when Kehaar returns with the news that there is a large warren with many does, at Efrafa (after mulling over this info, they end up choosing Holly's delegation of four, which fails so badly)

I was needing these words for the name of an OC, a doe, who is the main character of a fanfic piece I am working on. I came up with 'Thrymegil': "thrym" for the group energy, and "megi" meaning, a story- plural, megil.

Thoughts? Other possible suggestions? Am I making any sense that people know what I'm talking about?

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