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WELL. My current passion is JackSimon, however, due to the dreadful LACK of JackSimon stories, I felt that creating a C2 would be pathetic. So instead, there is this wonderful forum with links to stories and plotbunnies.
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Well, here is the posting/s for plotbunnies and/or fanfiction requests. You can post either, just remember that it's all upforgrabs and don't be PO-ed if someone else takes your totally awesome idea.

And if you're like me (AKA too lazy to write your own ideas) well...yeah.

9/8/2008 #1

Just out of curiousity, are plotbunnies and fic requests the same thing?

9/8/2008 #2

Ah, well here are some possible topics I thought up of.

1: AU JxS prostitute fic in which they're both rich kids, Jack got kidnapped/sold, Simon's sexuality is in question and somehow Simon gets in "possession" of Jack. It's probably a cross between Drama and Mature. Of course, I want a lemon. ;P

2: For "Dappled Shadows" specifically, how about when they first touch down on the island? Of course Jack is going to be bewildered and all, but I think it'll be moreso at the fact that Simon isn't bewildered at all. And then a nightmare-fic would be fun (or was it already done?) along with a...*thinks* JackSimonRalph triangle. Heheh.

3: Randomly came to me, but no one's done a gender-bender fic. Although I guess if done poorly (and there are so many ways to do it poorly), a LOT of their character and relationship will be lost. *sigh* It would be ncie to read a properly done one, though.

4: A totally redux telling of Lord of the Flies with a JackSimon theme. Of course, there will be switcheroos (and certain people *COUGH* need to freakin' stay alive) and stuff like that, but I think it would be really fun to write/read about. *thinks* In fact, if no one goes for that specific idea, I might give a go at the whole thing. ^^;

9/8/2008 #3

Well those are pretty interesting topics.

Alas, I am unable to write fanfiction, or even think up semi-decent plots for them. But a character-analysis fanfiction would be really awesome.

9/8/2008 #4

I like your ideas (that's what plotbunnies are), but I disagree with the gender-bender. I'll do another JackSimon (and post it when I have the chance), but school is in the way right now.

Give #4 it a shot. Divergence is pretty good every now and then. :)

Rofl, you've put me on vibrate with #1. Perhaps I should write it now; but when my laptop learns to cooperate with the Internet I will post it. *evil smirk*

9/11/2008 #5

Yes, Aeri, #1 does seem good.

Well, here are a couple plotbunnies of my own that I'm planning to jot down (or will love you if you properly write this out...) for later purposes *coughprocrastinationcough!*

5:) Closing the Wounds; in which Jack is hurt on one of his (crazy) kill-the-pig/beast/piggy hunts and he only lets Simon see him in great pain. Here's to hoping Simon will be kind enough to at least patch up the wound? Who am I kidding? This is SIMON we're talking about.

6:) This came up after reading your gender-blender idea (in which, yes, I think if Simon was a girl, it could screw up everything, but if done properly, well...but I don't really want to try...), how about a school fic? I was in Gov't, right, and thinking about the partisan-ishness of it all. So what about LotF in a school setting? You can make the characters as you please, and Simon doesn't even have to be a girl (in fact, an all-boy school would lead way to a lot of explanation, now that you think about it), but it's just the JackSimonRalphiness of it all that I love. Heheh.

And look forward for "The Chains That Bind"? But not on this site--it's--.

9/11/2008 #6

Cool ideas! I'm doing an LotF school setting myself. A little modernized, but the boys are still in-character. It's mostly JackRalph, though, but there will be some JackSimon goodies for y'all in later chapters! Other pairings as well...but pairings aren't the main focus of the story. My muses keep telling me to plug that in.

Closing in the Wounds sounds good.

9/11/2008 #7

A brand new plotbunny!

The boys crash on a plane and find themselves on the island. They find each other and, after the first meeting Ralph, Jack and Simon go on an expedition; but Piggy tells Ralph not to go because of Jack's knife *insert plot twist here*. Ralph isn't scared, and follows them into the forest.

He lags behind and eventually catches up to make a "Shocking Discovery"...

What do you guys think? This muse is killing me so I'm gonna post this!

12/15/2008 #8
ElphieThroppDG28 is Jack gonna start killing people off with the knife?????????

That'd be so cool! (Well...not in a general sense, but for the plot twist sense. I'm sorry...I have an incredibly morbid sense of humor when it suits me...and yet my avatar image is from one of the girliest musicals ever to hit the planet...)

I think you should totally try that! It sounds really interesting.

4/20/2009 #9

Could I do a variation on #5?!? 'Cause I have something cute planned for it...

10/13/2010 #10
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