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Imagination 5

This is where you make your characters. Include:







Place on Death's list (Not really important but keeps authenticity)

History: (Optional.)

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

9/9/2008 #1
Sergio Shield-Eyes

Name: Jackson Routh

Age: 17 (were meant to be teenagers aren't we)

Appearance: Medium length Brown hair, always wears Black, not because he's a goth or an emo, he just likes the color

Personality: Jackson is a loner and he only has a handful of friends. He has a good heart, will always help someone in need and will always stand up for what he believes is right. He loves to watch horror movies.

Relationships: (I didn't put anything here because nobody else has joined yet)

Fears: The only thing that Jackson fears is having his heartbroken again

Place on Death's list: Last (I said last because you said the person who replies first is the visionary, and I guess that's me)

History: Jackson lives with his parents who he loves very much. He is an only child. He has never been unpopular or popular at school, he's just always been an average teenager. 6 months ago, a girl named Kristen Johnson, whom Jackson had been dating for the past 2 years, broke up with him and broke his heart. Jackson loved her deeply and since then he has been afraid to get involved in a serious relationship with a girl, for fear of having his heart broken again.

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

By the way, are you going to be Death?

9/13/2008 #2
Imagination 5

(Yes about teenagers and yes about Death, but I can't be on as late as you are now, so if you wouldn't mind, could you spread the word about this forum and you can be Death at times and a mod. Anyone can inflict death on another character when I'm not on. I also control the mortician)


9/14/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #3

Name: Star

Age: 16

Personalty: Very quite, doesn't speak unless nessesary

Appearence:: Light pink hair, wears a white kimono with a brown book bag on her right thigh, she has bunnies berets, she has lght green eyes also

only the pink tie on her stomach is on her back instead.

Relationships: friend of Jackson.

Fears: Water

Death List: Second To Last

Deat: {How it happened, to be placed after death}

9/14/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #4
Imagination 5

(Yay! Thanks, approved, but I GTG.)

9/14/2008 #5
Dragon Claw92

Name: Jack Renolds

Age: 16

Appearance: Messy black hair with blood red bangs. Has pale skin, and eyes so dark brown that they look black. He wears a leather jacket, black t-shirt, black jeans and black running shoes.

Personality: Jack is cold towards just about everybody, but then, he has his reasons, none of which he likes discussing. It takes a long time to make him warm up to somebody. He is very serious.

Relationships: None. He gave up on that sort of thing when his family died.

Fears: That he will fall in love and the person he falls in love with will die, is afraid of fire

Place on Death's list Unknown

History: All that Jack really is known for is his dark attitude on life. His family died in a house fire when he was fourteen, and since then he has been afraid of fire, and has tried desperately to avoid any sort of relationship other than aquaintance and enemy.

9/14/2008 #6

DRAGONCLAW! -glomps-

9/14/2008 #7
Dragon Claw92

Hey Tori! *glomps back*

9/14/2008 #8
Imagination 5

Name: Ben

Age: 16

Appearance: Small, with dark black, tousled hair. Pale skin, blue eyes, a black t-shirt and jeans and white shoes.

Personality: Warm and kind.

Relationships: Friend of Star

Fears: Fire and sparks.

Place on Death's list: Second

History: Average upbringing, nice guy. No secrets, is too open for that.

Death: Lightning struck him in the park.

9/16/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #9

Name: Jared Wiles

Age: 17

Appearance: Tall and built like a swimmer. Fire red hair, pale blue eyes, a casual sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Personality: Reckless and loud, but still a pretty good guy all around.

Relationships: Friend of Ben's.

Fears: Making a big mistake, heights.

Place on Death's list: Third.

History: Not a horrible upbringing, but his parents were gone most of the time, so Jared spent most of his time at the school's swim team.

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

9/16/2008 #10

(Anyone mind if I join in?)

Name: Beverly Hartzel

Age: 18

Appearance: Tall and womanly. She's quite attractive. Wavy, shoulder-length brown hair and tanned skin. She's wearing a blue denim jacket and a white skirt.

Personality: She's fiery, optimistic, and outgoing.

Relationships: None. She doesn't know very many people, having moved in less than a month ago.

Fears: Insects and spiders

Place on Death's list: First

History: Beverly and her family only recently moved to town. Her mother took ill and died only several months earlier. Now her family's mother-figure, Beverly tries her best to keep her life from crumbling.

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

10/6/2008 . Edited 10/6/2008 #11

[heya! Sure you can join, my charactor Star is currently at the hospital with the rest of the charactors ^^]

10/6/2008 #12
Doc Scratch

Ooooh I wanna play! Can I play!?

Name: Amaranthine 'Amy' Jacobs

Age: 18

Appearance: Shoulder-length orange-red hair with black highlighting, with blue eyes. Has a petite body type, and usually dresses in black jeans, and marble-pattern tank tops and t-shirts with medieval designs or pictures of mythological creatures on them.

Personality: Obsessed with the occult, but likes people and is very friendly. She makes a lot of jokes, especially when she's scared or weirded out, as a way of coping. In stressful situations she can seem to panic on the outside, but is really just releasing the emotions so that she can remain calm on the inside and help if needed.

Relationships: Goes to the same school as the others, may have passed them in the hall or shared a class. She's really talkative and tries to be friends with everyone if they're good people, so she's pretty well known in the school.

Fears: Being alone, dogs.

Place on Death's list: Fourth or Fifth, it's not really clear.

History: Her mother died giving birth to her younger brother, and her father remarried a few years later when Amy was ten. Amy takes after her mother, who named her. Her father and step-mother are pretty boring, average people and have no idea how to handle their colorful daughter. They try to be supportive, but they don't really understand half of what she's talking about. Their relationship has become slightly strained since Amy's little brother died from leukemia two years ago, but her parents do care about her.

Death: (When and how it occurred. To be entered after death.)

11/29/2008 . Edited 12/2/2008 #13
Doc Scratch

Um... hello? Is anyone there...?

12/2/2008 #14
Imagination 5

Oh, hi! Accepted, jump in!

12/2/2008 #15
Doc Scratch

Yay! -goes to leap in-

12/2/2008 #16

Name: jeff blakely

Age: 20

Appearance: Black jacket

Personality: jock

relationships: None

Fears: Lightning

place on deaths list: fourth [Unless sombody got that ill be #5]

History: As a child he almost got struck by lightning

death: he was in his jeep and he got stuck in the car by his seatbelt. A pole hit the water his vehicle got stuck in, killing him.

12/5/2008 #17

oh sorry teenagers,

Age: 17

12/5/2008 #18

(Thats wierd it like im a mod becuase i can lock threads and delete and stuff!!! Wierd huh?!?!)

12/6/2008 #19

WAit,just asking,how do you post normally?Ok,can i join anyway?

Name:Meaghan Astringe


Appearance:Long,wavy blonde hair and a pink headband.She has a pink dress that she will wear.

Personality:Kind and loving,at times loud,obnoxious,mean and stubborn.

Relationships:Friend of Jackson and Star.


Place on Death's list (Not really important but keeps authenticity):Seventh or Six or Eigth.

History: (Optional.):Hehe...non.

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

12/16/2008 #20

Name: Yume Diasuke Hoshi. that means= dream/hope love star

Age: 14

Appearance: tall, athletic, shoulder length brown hair,black higlights, red lowlights, flippy bangs. Wears green number 7 soccer tee, white skinny jeans, glasses, Etnies, purple eyeshadow(not a lot), mascara, light lipgloss.

Personality: shy, once you know her, friendly and funny. cute. anxious sometimes.

Relationships: friends with.... anyone who wants to be.

Fears: spiders. snakes. Death.

Place on Death's list: seventh

Death: none yet

well, i guess thats it....

2/28/2009 #21

FanOfTDI Can i plz be number 7 on the list? I don't wanna be a brat, It's just my fave number. :)

2/28/2009 #22

This is where you make your characters. Include:

Name: October Hansen

Age: 18

Appearance: Long blondish hair with red streaks, athletic looking about 5'5'. Dark almost black eyes.

Personality: Sweet, but bitchy. Has kinda a dark side. Very talkitive.

Relationships: Friend of Jackson&Star

Fears: Trains, clowns, open water.

Place on Death's list (Not really important but keeps authenticity)

History: (Optional.)

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

3/1/2009 #23

Name: Elina Sparks

Age 17

Appearance: Bright blue eyes, long brown hair, curly. She wears really fancy clothes because she is rich

Personality: A little bitchy, outgoing and sugary sweet when she wants to be

Relationships: Has a lot of friends, but doesn't really associate with any of the others that are in the same boat as her

Fears: She is deathly afraid of heights

Place on Death's list Somewhere in the middle

History: Her mother died when she was ten, and her father is a busy businessman that doesn't really have time for her

Death: (When and how it occured. To be entered after death.)

3/24/2009 #24

Name: Toby Peters


Appearence: long brown hair, brown eyes. likes to wear black shirts, wears ripped jeans, and usually airwalks.

Personality: Likes to make trouble.

Relationships: None

Fears: Heights, Rats

Place on Death's list: Third or fourth to last, don't want him to die early.

History: Reblious, his mother died when he was 5 and his father is alcoholic. His family is originally from Canada. Rory Peters was his cousin.

Place on Death's list: Third or fourth to last

7/1/2009 . Edited 7/1/2009 #25

can i make one

Name: William (Billy) Magnum

Age: 14

Appearence: Green eyes, Black hair, Red T, and blue jeans

Relationships: None

Personality: Nice guy

Fears: The dark

Place on death's list: sixth

8/12/2009 #26
Silver Sheilds

Name: Leon Fol'Cruss

Age: 17

Appearence: Skinny, yet muscular build. Yellow eyes, tan skin, and black, shoulder length hair. Wears a gray, sleeveless sweater, a pair of leather fingerless gloves, a rocker watch, a pair of faded black jeans, and a pair of brown canvas sneakers without laces.

Relationships: None

Personality: Liberal and open-minded.

Fears: nothing

Occupation: Vigilante serial killer. Owner of a Death Note.

Story: Leon was born into a rich family, but his parents were murdered by a notorious chainsaw murderer when he was 13. He found the man's wallet, but decided not to report it to the police because he wanted to track him down and kill him. One day, he came across the Death Note and used it's powers to find the man's name and kill him from a distance, by writing down his name, how he died, and the time of death. After he was killed, Leon began to write down the names of criminals who truly deserved death (Murderers, rapists, etc.) After killing a thousand criminals, he gained the power to see someone's name and history, just by looking at their face. Was involved in the accident. After witnessing the deaths of two survivors, he suspects someone else with a Death Note, and plans to kill him and acquire his Death Note before it's too late.

Place on death's list: Ninth

8/31/2009 . Edited 8/31/2009 #27

Name Jacob

Age 17

Appearance brown hair fairly messy doesn't wear amazing clothes but he never wears black

Personality he is surprisingly superstious he scares pretty easy too

Relationships none

Fears almost anything but his greatest is heights *possible foreshadowing*

Place on Death's list (Not really important but keeps authenticity) 3rd to last

History: (Optional.)


it seems so interesting i wonder if this will bring it back

1/13/2010 #28
Final Destination Addict

NAME: Lilly Mawlic

AGE: 10

APPEARANCE: Brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skin. Blue shirt and Blue denim jeans.

PERSONALITY: Kind and sensitive

RELATIONSHIPS: Her mum died in a street light accident and her farther is retired. She had eight friend until they died (Alex, Clear, Carter, Terry, Tod, Blake, Billy and Crista).

FEARS: Clowns and Woodpeckers.


HISTORY: She has no histiory she is only 10.

DEATH: After the memorial she got severed in half by a exploding chainsaw at her dads workshop.

9/22/2010 #29

Yo! Can I jump into this?

Name: Dominic Cunningham

Age: 18

Appearance: Dark brown hair, wears sports jerseys (occasionally for Lincoln High School football team)

Personality: Protective of others; especially his little sister Janet (yes, the same Janet from FD4), occasionally irritable, smokes at times

Relationships: Dates a character who is yet to be determined (in other words, who wants to hook up with me? :3)

Fears: Fears snakes and bees.

Place on Death's List: Maybe since it might get entirely updated, fifth to last.

History: If you want to know his history, check this fanfiction out! Just search 'Links of Blood', and click "The Final Destination: Links of Blood"!

Death: TBD

11/1/2010 #30
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