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There are alot of ways this can be done.But to make it diffrent from some I've read:

Long ago a treaty was made between the House of Potter and some non British Pureblood Family. Part of the conditons was that this family "Helpp to ensure the continuation of the House of Potter" In no place of said treaty was it stated that a wedding was nessecary.

Since Harry is the last Potter and is life is constantly in danger the family decides to fullfill their obligation ASAP. The thing is the girl does not tell Harry about it.

So he meets the girl things happen, Harry goes back to Hogwarts comes home and well gets the superises of his life. He is now a single teen dad. You can kill the girl or just make it so she has no contact or if you really want pair her with Harry. I don't care. Also if you do a pairing can you try for a lesser known character? Not the usual Harry X Ginny or Harry X Harmioney?

I don't want some Mega Powerful Super Dad Harry. Make it realistic.

I was thinking this all starts during the summer after Voldiy's return.

8/18/2010 #1

HarryxFleur would be an epic pairing for this.

8/18/2010 #2

Really? That could work although I really like the FleurXBill cannon pairing she would make an interesting match for Harry.

I was thinking some less known cannon character but I can't think of a good one.

OH Man! How old is Fleur's to young. NO I got it! Someone find me a Ravenclaw! They don't get near enough face time!

8/19/2010 #3

Cho, Luna, ...erm... what other Ravenclaw girls do they mention? O.o Oh yeah! Padma!

8/19/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #4

And those 3 are HOT! ;p

8/19/2010 #5

Padma would be fun....but I was just thinking it didn't hurt.... that a pairing is not really necessary I mean it would be fun but it would be ok if the author decided to focus only on the father/son relationship.

But Pairings are fun so....

Anyway what about character development. I spent some time yesterday reading "This Means War" and it was a good fic I liked it and you would not mind some of the character developing in those directions... although I did think Snap was a little do nice for such a short time and Harry did become a little over powered for such a short time.

Although I had no problem with a more Slytheren Harry. I wouldn't say no to him being more politically active either and I would like to see a closer friendship with Nev.

But questions.

Boy or girl?


Is he going to hide this from everyone or what?

8/19/2010 #6

Fleur would be better .

8/19/2010 #7

I like Flur....

Ok so say we agree on Flur...what now?

I NEED someone to write this!

9/12/2012 #8

Padma. Use the Yule Ball.

11/4/2012 #9

Ok like I said who ever... for me it's a toss up between Flur and Padma but lets say it all happens and Harry gets complete cousody of the kid...(kids? if you do Padma you can do twins!) how would the story go from there?

11/5/2012 #10

One things for sure, Harry puts his foot down: it doesn't mater what danger he's in, he is NOT forcing his children to grow up with the Dursleys like he did. I'd have Harry point blank refusing to return to Durzkaban, screw Dumbeldore. Dumbles can be handled one of three ways: uncaring that Harry has a kid, forcing him back to the Dursleys with baby in hand, taking the child and leavin it with someone who can 'properly care for it' (ie, one of Dumbledore's supporters) or with understanding and allowing Harry to move somewhere else. In the last case, the blood wards would theoretically pass to Harry's offspring, since Lily's blood would exist there too.

Hermione would freak out at first, I think: the idea of teen single parents being accepted in the Wizarding World to continue bloodlines would horrify her, both for Harry's personal life and the risk of Voldemort going afte the child. Of course, there would be concerns over his education as well: you can't bring a baby into Potions class, Snape would have a field day. She'd get used to being Aunty Hermione eventually, though. Ron would just see a new Quidditch player for hte Cannons. XD

I can definitely see Malfoy trying to take the kid, legally or otherwise, both of them. Draco would threaten that frequently, saying maybe the child should be raised by a 'proper' pureblood.

11/5/2012 #11

Ok so let's say Dumbles forces Harry back to his the dursleys or takes the kids....what would harry do then?

And while I don't want superdad Superpowered harry there is no way he would take any threat to his children lightly so he would...what?

11/6/2012 #12

Two ideas here:

1) the contract is airtight, making Harry emancipated and the legal parent for the kids. Any attempt by Dumbledore to take the kid/s resolves in serious legal action, with Magic possibly taking a hand. Loss of positions, fines, criminal charges... the whole nine yards. This, from what is described, is a serious Pureblood Tradition, so I doubt the Wizengommet would let him get away with it. Bonus points if the smarter supporters of the Pureblood agenda use this to weaken Dumbledore/get Harry onside. Also have Fudge using it to his advantage post Tri-Wiz. There's also the option for Magic to step in: Dumbledore is locked out of Hogwarts/Ministry/his home, declared an Enemy of the Potters by the Family magic (possibility: House Elf given the position of Head Elf also fulfills the role of Estate Manager/Major Domo/Chief Bodyguard. Porrter Head Elf reclaims the child, cursing Dumbledore in someway), his magi is either bound/decreased for a serious breechin in magic, etc. Lots that could be done here.

2) Harry goes underground. Takes nothing with him, no wand, no cloak, no nothing for fear of tracking charms. Gets mixed up in some kind of magical/muggle criminal organization who agrees to help get his kid/s back in return for his loyalty, which he agrees with. not a super!Harry, it will take sometime to find the kid/s, Dumbles hides them well, but Family magic makes sure the kid/s recognizes their dad when he comes for them. Low magic, but skilled in firearms and some other criminal activity, brawler, no set martial arts. Con artist!Harry.

11/7/2012 #13

Option one seems to be the best fit for the current plot line....but option 2 would be very interesting...hmm...

11/7/2012 #14

Third option:

when he becomes a dad, he get Dobby and possible Winky to be POTTER'S HOUSE ELF, meaning that no matter where the kid(s) is at, a potter house elf can go and get the kid(s) and bring the kid(s) to Harry without anyone know how it happen.

11/7/2012 #15

Suggested similar at the end of my option one.

11/7/2012 #16
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