Why is the rum always gone?
Whos your fav character? Whats your fav quote? etc. Write about it here!
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Tina Marina

Yeah, he was supposed to be so...boring and classic and not like Jack Sparrow! I'm glad the gamble worked.

It hinges on the connection between pirates and rock stars. Gave it a modern feel. I wonder what sparked that in Depp's brain...fateful brain blast.

11/25/2008 #91

But just imagine how it woulb be without Johhny Depp.

They wouldn't have as much fun and his randomness.

11/27/2008 #92

i dont think we'd be here now.

if jack was like inigo montoya, this film might be a bit B movie

11/27/2008 #93

Is that a crack at Inigo Montoya? *scowls* ;)

It wouldn't be a B movie Kat, however you slice it, it would be a blockbuster - but it wouldn't have been as good..

Think what we might have missed and not known it? 0_0

11/27/2008 #94

Think of the posters i wouldn't have!!!

11/29/2008 #95
Tina Marina

Think of the oscar noms that wouldn't have been gotten!

11/29/2008 #96

Think of the ships that wouldn't have been demolished.

12/2/2008 #97

think of the quips that wouldnt be funny?

where would the jackisms go???

12/2/2008 #98

Hey ladies, i think that's enough 'what if's' for now - or we'll be here all day..

12/2/2008 #99

Ok I'll stop!! But give me one more!!!

WHAT IF Norry was never in PotC?

12/2/2008 #100


12/2/2008 #101

I'm sorry! I take it back!

12/2/2008 #102
Tina Marina

Well then, I think it would suck! A little.

12/2/2008 #103

it would suck loads because then you wouldnt have the three way battle on that islandy place!!!!

that fight is so funny

12/3/2008 #104

True. You would also not have the royal navy chasing Jack around.

12/3/2008 #105

i mean, cam you imagine groves or beckett taking his place?

that would suck more than a dummy (pacifier)

12/3/2008 #106

Beckett is to full of himself and Groves thinks pirates are sort of cool!!!

12/3/2008 #107

someone in the EITC cant think pirates are cool!

12/4/2008 #108

Ah! Groves isn't in the EITC he is a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Beckett is the head honcho at EITC.

12/4/2008 #109
Tina Marina

Besides, half of those guys were pirates--excue me, privateers--anyway, right?

12/4/2008 #110

A very tenuous line that.. pirate - privateer.. ;)

12/5/2008 #111
Tina Marina

The only difference was that pirates had no loyalties. They could cross, double cross, quintuple cross...much like AWE, in a way.

12/6/2008 #112

Much like AWE.. :)

I still think privateers were just like pirates, but with people paying them..

12/7/2008 #113

Thats a great definition!!!

12/7/2008 #114
Tina Marina

They also probably had shiner shoe buckles. :)

Though Barbossa probably has pretty nice boots!

12/7/2008 #115

pirateer....privateer-whats the difference?

12/10/2008 #116
Tina Marina

Privateers are pirates employed by a government to attack ships of another nationality. Usually they were wealthy nobles with a thrist for more wealth.

12/10/2008 #117


how was your day? im bored

12/12/2008 . Edited 12/12/2008 #118

*Gah!* Choccy, what's that got to do with the price of bread! That's it - i'm creating a randomness thread.. enjoy..

12/14/2008 #119

Can we get back to the movie.

What was you worst scene (If you have one)?

12/15/2008 #120
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