The Star Warrior RPG
The Only Kirby RPG. Become a Star Warrior or a knight like Meta Knight, Blade, etc. and have lots of fun in Cappy Town, like Air Rides, Super Smash Bros. type brawls, and more.
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Death Knight Wrath

OK, enemies are the base of a good RPG right? Well, here's a chance to make your own besides generics. Template:


Appearance(post weapons here):


Copy ability:



My first enemy:

Name: Waddle Dai

Appearance: Small and have tiny hammers that they throw.

Colors: Red and blue

Copy ability: Smash

Abilities: None really, but has skills in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: Head and can be easily confused.

10/11/2008 #1

Name: Shinja

Appearance(post weapons here): Large robot with multiple ninja weapons like shuriken, sai, a katana, blow darts, and tessen but also has a lazer, stun gun, and rockets on his feet.

Colors: Mostly Dark Grey and Black

Copy ability: UFO

Abilities: He's a ninja robot, what else to there is it?

Weaknesses: Water and trance

1/8/2010 #2
Luigi's Wacky World

Name: Bullet Bert

Appearance: Giant bullet with arms and eyes.

Colors: It's black on the body, gray on the arms, and white in the eyes.

Copy Ability: Crash

Abilities: Flying and exploding

Weakness: Hitting it from above

12/24/2011 #3
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