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Because every Death Note forum has to have one of these to suppress the mounds of yaoi fangirls. *coughs*

Could be Mello x Near, Matt x Mello, Raito x L...etc.

(BTW, if you want my opinion, I like Mello x Near, Raito x L, and Mello x Matt. Matt x Near. Too many to name, but those are in seme-uke order. =3)

9/21/2008 #1

Heheh nothing on this earth could suppress us fangirls *insert evil yaoi fangirl laugh* Muhahahahah

...anyway I personally like L x Raito only because the idea of a semi-L and uke-Raito...(smirks) but i do also read a lot of Raito x L, its fun to have variety :)

I'm currently writting my own yaoi story, it's great fun, though this particular story has a lot more plot at the moment then any yaoiness...but soon *again insert evil fangirl writer laugh* Muhahahah

I don't really read to much on the Whammy boys but I agree with your pairings. Mello is a semi and it would seem to weird having him as anything else.

9/27/2008 #2


My alerts aren't on. D8K

LOL yes, we fangirls literally take over the Death Note fandom. Seriously. (But, haha, that's a good thing.)

Seme-L kind of scares me. I've always viewed L as this adorable detective, you know. =D Cute and all.

...I will read your story darling. ;D Cuz I'm niccccceeeeee.

10/1/2008 #3

yea I got a response! XD fangirls rule over the Death Note....heheeheeehee (insert evil creepy fangirl chuckle) ... o.O ok...I think I just scared myself...

Yes L is adorable, he just can not be cute, even when he's acting all domy sometimes, I think there might just be a little uke in him thats just begging to be taken over (smirks big time)

YEA!! plz read my story! I'm actually working on chap 9 right now, please tell me what you think about my story when u get the chance to read it.

I promise you L is realllllly cute in it^-^

....I just noticed that my writing somehow got bigger...o.0

10/1/2008 #4

*notices your icon*

Awwww, so cute! ^///^ Of course L has a bit of uke in him! Raito does too. -3- But I think L just suits it better. My tastes.

Writing? Bigger? :s

Hmmmm....we'll have to be careful not to get off topic. I don't like getting off topic. ^^ I am picky with rules.

10/1/2008 #5

Yes isn't it a adorable icon. Yes L is very Ukish and Raito does seem to be too...I actually think they would switch on and off on the uke/seme situation...they would just be fighting for top all the time and probably who ever pinded the other would get to be seme that time ///// hehe *little bit of a prev moment*

sorry about that comment, I've been staring at the computer screen for over 12 hours now so the print keeps changing sizes on me 0.o...I'll stay on topic now *bows for forgiveness* -

10/1/2008 #6

Ah, it's alright if your computer is being spaztic. No need to bow! ^^' I need polite lessons from you.

I, too, agree on the switching seme-uke parts. I really think Raito would get Kira moments, therefore top L. Then L would top him as well. Because they both don't like to lose, their parts would switch. (And just having a permanent seme isn't all that fun. =p)

Of course, if they keep on flipping back and forth, they'd never get anything done.

...haha. Get it, done? XD *slaps self for getting off-topic*

10/1/2008 #7

heheh I get it =P

Yes it is a lot more intresting if they switched positions once in a while...spice up their smex life x//////x sorry I was visulizing...

yep Raito will deffinaly have his Kira moments...I bet theres bondage involved. (yet again the blushing starts) They both see situations as a its not that much of a strach to think of them competing in the bedroom. ;-)

10/1/2008 #8

spice up their smex life

LOL those were my exact words before I put it in a more...uh..."subtle" way. XD

Raito would be more aggressive in his Kira moments. I have friends who like L as the seme because L was more mature and intelligent than Raito.

Which, I had to remind them, Raito wasn't less intelligent than him at all. He had the social skills (which probably got him some sexual experience), good looks, and the brain. L had a better personality, but that really doesn't get you anywhere at first glance.

However, I love L because of his adorable little quirks! ^^

10/1/2008 #9

heheh I was never very subtle with words...XD I try but well...

anyway I can kind of see what your friends see, its because L is older then Raito which sometimes makes them automatically seme. Also in the anime he has a hot semxy deep voice!^///^

actually to be truthful...Raito might have been a smug smarter then L...but only because he had the social skills and social he seemed to work well under pressure.(example: when Rem threaten to kill him if he didn't save Misa)

Everyone loves L for his wonderful adorable loving little quirks! I dare anyone to say otherwise XDDDDDDD

10/1/2008 #10

I didn't like L's voice in the American version.

It was too nerdy.

(I've heard deeper voices that are REALLY sexy.)

Well, because Raito has this really strong emotional strength, I consider him the best seme. :s

And L for his cute quirks just made him the uke. ^^ Mello = seme for the MM relationship.

10/1/2008 #11

hmmm...well I'm not sure I would call L's voice nerdy, but i was surprised when I first heard it. It was not the voice I had pictured L to have.

Yea I can see where having a real strong emotional strength would make you a better canidate for seme. ;) sooo...yes I can see Raito being more Seme then L...mostly when he has Kira influnce.

YES mello is the seme for everyone...especally if he's with Matt or Near

10/1/2008 #12

And yet there's all these Matt x Mello...:s

I really don't like it when the uke is a super uke. Fetal dickgirl.

10/1/2008 #13

Fetal dickgirl?? heheheh yea i get what your saying though, but everyone has at least a few pairings they like that is just werid in everybodys elses eyes. MattxMello being one of them.

10/1/2008 #14

Matt x Mello isn't weird. I just don't ship it.

...I'll bring this over to the hated pairings thread. :s

10/1/2008 #15
Moonshine 369

Hallo. I'm just inserting myself into this conversation, as of... now. It's so like me to go to a forum with a bunch of intellegent, well rounded topics, and click on the one that's about seme and uke's.

I like Light x L, and don't mind L x Light (seme first) but, like you said, it's weird to have the warm, cute little detective as a seme. I know that L is like, seven years older than Light, but seriously. Judging by Light's demanding and rough personality, wouldn't you mark him as a seme, too?

10/2/2008 #16
Moonshine 369

Oh, and in MattxMello cases, I really can't see Mello as a uke. I just... I don't know why, especially with his personality plugged in... it's probably just me.

Oh, and thexamimi, I love your avatar.

10/2/2008 . Edited 10/2/2008 #17

Yea another person joins in the conversation! ^-^ Yessss join usssseeee...*insert creepy voice*

I know it can be kind of weird to have L as the seme and Raito is a very demanding person...but I can't help but think that if they were going to engage in smexy stuff they would switch off and on...or top and bottom... ^//////^

10/2/2008 #18

I like Light x L, and don't mind L x Light (seme first) but, like you said, it's weird to have the warm, cute little detective as a seme. I know that L is like, seven years older than Light, but seriously. Judging by Light's demanding and rough personality, wouldn't you mark him as a seme, too?

Raito is definitely more aggressive than L. Some people point out that scene where L kicked Raito (DAMN IT WAS AWESOME), so then they say, "Oh, so L is physically stronger".

It was just one scene, and Raito was probably kicked out of surprise. He did not know the lunatic detective was going to smash his face into pieces!

But to ease the fangirls, there is a solution:

R x L x R.

(And I can't see Mello as the uke either. He's like Raito a bit.)

And also, thanks. 8D My avvie's from El Jay.

10/2/2008 #19

Alrighty, I guess I'm in on it too!

To tell the truth, L does have a rough-ish personality! Whether it be with Light, Mello, Matt, or Near, He can DEFINATELY pull off seme... It makes him THAT much sexier.... *sighs girlishly*

I think that Mello and Matt are both very masculine-ish, so I can't really decide who'd be what...Maybe they'd just take turns.. Hahhahah this sounds so hilarious....

10/4/2008 #20

L gives off the smart-aleck personality, but it doesn't mean he's rougher.

I can't imagine sexy L. Well, i can, but only as an Uke.

It could be because you prefer L as a seme because you like L to top you. ;p

Matt and Mello are both masculine. Especially Mello, despite his hair. And hips.

But he acts like a boy. Never have I seen him act like a Takada/Misa/Halle.

10/4/2008 #21
Moonshine 369

I take it all back. Mello is the ultimate seme.

Except for Beyond Birthday. Because you really can't out-seme THAT amount of seme-ness.


10/23/2008 #22

Okay. Mello is definately seme, so is BB. He would so top L, but honestly Raito is just short of a snivelling girl with a God-complex!! If it was that pairing, L would be on top.... TOTALLY!!

The only one I think can top Mello is probably BB... XD

10/23/2008 #23

BB would top Mello because he has more of a sadistic trait in him. And Raito doesn't act like a whiny girl. He's a very gay man. XD jkjk

And I think L could be an uke. Mostly because he's just not an aggressive type.

10/23/2008 #24

Psh. We all know that L can get a bit aggressive when provoked. But I think that he could be either, sometimes people change when, er, aroused.

10/23/2008 #25
Moonshine 369

I really can't see L as a uke. He just majorly couldn't pull it off. Even if he is six years older than Raito. (The only reason he would need be a uke-- save for B. :P) And Savannah, just because you don't like Raito doesn't mean that he's a whiny little girl. I do not see a scrawny little boy. I see a toned gentleman.

10/23/2008 #26

Sure... And I could get a petition saying Light's a snivelling girl!! Gentleman?!?!? He practically abused Misa Amane!!! So cruel!!!

10/23/2008 #27
Moonshine 369

We all know that L can get a bit aggressive when provoked.

Jesus Christ, child! You are just willing to change L's character into anything to make him seem cooler than he is! If we were like, "Yeah, the characters who joke around are the best." You'd be like, "L JOKES AROUND! FDSL:FK!!" If we were like, "Characters with pink hair are awesome fo-shiz." You'd be like, "L HAS PINK HAIR! UM... YOU JUST CAN'T SEE IT!"


10/23/2008 #28

Moony, I'm going to kick your short ass!! I soooo don't do that!! When someone would say, "The characters who joke around are the best." I'd say, "Yeah, right! Characters who are sophisticated and quiet and mysterious and sexy like L ARE THE BEST!!!!"

L = God's gift to humanity ; and it doesn't matter whether he's seme or uke because L is straight!!! So HA!!

10/23/2008 #29
Moonshine 369

Adskwah. Nehdon. Mal fille. Mal! Tres curieux... mal petit chien! Mal petit chat! Shoo-shoo! Zut! Non bien petite curieux fille! NON... GARCON! Mal petite fille es du Mars... a sept ans. Non. Troi ans. Non. Mal petite garcon a UNE ans. DD: ;grumblegrumble;

BWAHAHA. You will never understand meh. :P EVUR... because I make no sense whatsoever.

And everyone is short compared to you.

Yeah, I could retort but... FRIENDS DON'T PICK ON FRIENDS. xDD

L = Wimpy ass uke. Who could never be seme if his life depended on it. HE COULDN'T EVEN BE A SEME TO EFFING MISA! Which is... very screwed up.

Light = Strong, manly seme. Who L would kill to be with. Dur.

10/23/2008 . Edited 10/23/2008 #30
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