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Same as the story, only updates will be more frequent. Only rules are to respect others, not take what the characters say to heart, and to ask one to two questions per post. That, and to have fun, however you want to take that!
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*Puts down pinkie* Okay, good luck with the cookies! And the hardest part was the push ups. Honest-to-Buddah! Don't like the push ups!

10/30/2008 #31

-cringes- Oh, I hate push-ups.

Okay, what was your proudest moment, then? And it doesn't have to just be in the movie.

10/30/2008 #32

My proudest moment? When my dad accepted me, I mean, y'know, as a Kung Fu master and not a noodle maker.


Have you ever seen Transformers? It's so cool! Well, kinda, I mean, y'know, not as awesome as the Furious Five are, but the Autobots are so awesome!

11/3/2008 #33

O_O I love transformers! Especially Jazz. He's great.

11/3/2008 #34

*sigh* How many times must I tell you Po, put that pinky away.. You can only use the Wuxi Finger Hold on dangerous bad guys only.. And, just on the by and by, Tigress is giving out free hugs!

11/3/2008 #35

*Lowers voice* What's crackin' li'l bitches?

11/4/2008 #36

Fine, but it IS really fun!!! Tigress is WHAT? SEE YA LATER!!! *runs off* Tigress!

11/4/2008 #37

Do you mind if you help me with my fanfiction, Po? It`s called Kung Fu Mouse (Yes, it`s a parody of your story!) I need help with a few scenes,

1: Remember your fight with Tai Lung? Well, in my story the villain is a rat named Rufus! (the story has rats and mice as the characters) Well, remember the scene where Tai Lung gives you the nerve strike but it doesn`t affect you? There`s one little problem with that in my story: My hero Martin is skinny as a rake! You were able to just absorb Tai Lungs attack because of your body fat! Martin cannot! He`s too skinny! I`m going to give Rufus the same attack (nerve strike) so what should Martin do?

2: I`m going to kill Rufus off! (Like you did with Tai Lung.) But how should I do it? There is no Wuxi Finger Hold! BUT! Martin does have a sword with him! (The thing they`re fighting over!)

3: There is no Dragon Scroll in my story. Instead, there is a mystical sword, known as The Phoenix Blade! But, what should the sword do?

I have a couple more, but I don`t want to bombard you with questions! Partly, because you`ll probably get annoyed! But also partly, because I`m going to Karate class in about a half hour!

See ya!

11/6/2008 #38
Necron Dragon Lord of D.A

Gretting again Mr. Panda always like to ask you something and is:

¿apart of kung fu ? ¿there another style of combat you been atracted to learn ?

why asking this well my intel say for example and for clue is , in you beside the high amount collection of kung fu is been found a collection of some kind of ninja stuff .....exaple is you have a share of star shurikens for one thing ......¿felling atracted to learn that kind of things ? will be awesome to !!!!!!!!!!!!1

11/8/2008 #39

Um, oh gosh. I've never sone this before, but I'll try my best!

1: Maybe Martin can have a nerve disorder where they don't always recognize things, and the nerve attack just happens to be one of them?

2: Well, stabbing him would be too cliche, but maybe Martin defeats him and he grabs the sword in a fit of sadness and, knowing he would be doomed to prison anyway, kills himself?

3: Maybe the sword can channel the five elements? Or, if you're planning on a sequel, you can have it so that Rufus kills himself with the sword, but the Pheonix Blade's power is that whomever dies by it is reborn, and then, at the end, they find a baby rat on their doorstep and it's Rufus's good Chi incarnate?

Hope these have helped! Sorry if they haven't, Manegirl. I'm really trying here!

11/12/2008 #40

Well, I always thought aikido looked cool!

Ninjas are cool, too, but Kung Fu is the coolest!!!

BTW, did you hear Kung Fu Panda 2 is going to be called Pandamonium?! It's awesome!!!

11/12/2008 #41

Nerve disorder? What exactly is that? Like when Rufus punches him, Martin just stares at him ("I`m not feeling that!")? I wasn`t thinking of making have a disorder (Handicapped). The thing I was thinking up was, Martin just blocks the punches really hard and almost breaks Rufus's fingers. Five elements huh? Air Earth Water Fire, what`s the fifth?

11/12/2008 . Edited 11/12/2008 #42
Necron Dragon Lord of D.A

indeed mr. panda but what i mean is :

-I see you quite ambitious in learn new things , so my proposition is ¿Why not learn the 2 styles for create a new form of combat?....

for example your panda combat style is a new development for the martial arts of kung-fu so in my opinion learn another form of combat it will be very useful to you.....argggg im gonna said now..

Look Mr.Panda i didn´t want to reveal yet until it you agreed to that but anyway spoil the suprise ...I was hoping you learn the methods of combat of something i called (the project splinter cell)(and if you have doubts of what are they ask sister merk for detail) Why because "i found someone in deviantart take the idea and make a picture of you with a splinter cell outfit "and i can tell you you look deadly ...(i will not reveal his site yet until granted confirmation but i will give you a idea of what picture he take concept of make you.

just imagine yourself with that outfit .....interested.(hoping if someone like the idea too)

think about it "in the day the lovable master of kung fu who swore to protect his people on the valley of peace" A PROTECTOR.

"and the night the definition of a ghost, a solo predator of those who want to hurt the innocent and willing to use any means neccesary for stopped their plans in the protection of the night and shadows" A HUNTER. (sorry if is too melodramatic)

so my interest is why not better take the roll of a double-live the protector in the day and the hunter in the night ...interested.

11/13/2008 #43

Okay, a few questions;

1: When, where or from whom exactly did you get the idea that Mr. Ping wasn't you're father?

2: ... Ever hear of Africa? Ever want to go there?

3: Are you allowed to tell us more about Kung Fu Panda 2, or if you do are you gonna be forced to kill anyone you talk to it about?

3/7/2009 #44
Wonder Panda Tan-Tan

Po! Nice to finally talk to you anyway how do you like the video games of you Shifu and the five?

6/1/2009 #45
T the Dragon

Hello, Po!

One thing, do you think you you're own hero?

6/28/2009 #46

Hey po did you know this is also going to be a series of kung fu panda it is going to air on nick!

1/27/2010 #47
Charlie B.Barkin

Kinda weir question,dont you think?

3/23/2010 #48

Mind if I join?

Po, first off, you are the AWESOMENESS! (That's, like, a forty five on the awesome scale. Just sayin', dude.) My question is, if I created an OC that was your little sister, what would you want her personality to be? Again, you rule!

5/15/2010 #49
Charlie B.Barkin


5/19/2010 #50
Welsh Gem

I couldn't b bothered to read the WHOLE convi soooooooo I gotta ask u coz tigress would shapren me wit her claws:

Do u fancy tigerss? How much on a scale one to ten? Does she know?

I ask 4 4giveness if u already answered tha or made it obivous...

C U!

10/13/2010 #51
Charlie B.Barkin

Errr....Welsh...this forum is no longer active.

10/14/2010 #52
Welsh Gem
woops! I must look like a total dits right now, right??
10/14/2010 #53
Charlie B.Barkin

Don't worry,it happened whit me aswell.

10/14/2010 #54
strong man

Hi Po

Seems like you,Crane and Monkey are pretty close friends am I right.

7/8/2011 #55
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