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If you haven't read the others, this is the discussion for you. Make sure all posts are spoiler-free, so that people can discover the books in their own time.

This is, still, one of my favorite books, even though I read it when it was first published. I hunted for years for it after I'd returned it to the library, and had forgotten it's title. Post your favorite scenes, quotes, characters, etc. What would you have like to see happen? I was always disappointed that Pol died- I wanted to see his reaction when Gen was revealed!

10/1/2008 #1

Ignoring the last two books, I'd love to see what'd happen if Gen was a girl. I mean can you imagine the arwkward situations that would arise, more confilicts, and possibly a romantic situation or two? I'm debating just writing a fanfiction on it.

3/15/2009 #2

That would be so interesting! You should definately try it out.

I always wondered what he meant by his "mostly honourable" sisters... Did that mean, as a group, they were mostly honourable so that one wasn't? Or that they all had a bit of unhonourable in them?

3/15/2009 #3

Perhaps it refers to his sisters picking up thieving skills from his mother and grandfather. Like, they nick items from time to time. Or a couple had a bit too much fun before getting married.

I'll get started on the femGen fanfiction. Though a girl called Eugenides sounds a bit funny.... Oh well, I'll just keep to using Gen instead.

3/16/2009 . Edited 3/16/2009 #4

Perhaps. Turner never completely goes into anything- I feel like she includes all these private little jokes in her books that she knows the backstory to but we don't. Grr.


3/16/2009 #5

I know what you mean, it's hard to even figure out the age group of the main characters. I eventually reached the descision that The king of Sounis much be near his 40's, as he has a nephew, Sophos, in his teens. The queens are around 18-23, with the Queen of Eddis being older. Eugenides would start out around 14 or 15, and end with 17 or so in QoA.

3/16/2009 #6

I think that sounds right... Although isn't Attolia older than Eddis?

Eugenides' age has always confounded me- they talk about him being a boy, and so young, but I really cannot picture him as much younger than 18, although if that makes him 15 in Thief than it throws me all off! Oh- I remember a bit- Attolia talks about how he's had his one last growth spurt- when do you think that would be? 16-17?

3/17/2009 #7

Oh yes, Attolia is older, I switched them around. I can pictureEugenides as younger then 18, because of his rashness at times, and his somewhat childish nature in the Thief

3/17/2009 #8

It does make sense, but I have a hard time picturing him that young! lol.

3/18/2009 #9

I know what you mean I thought he was older to when I read the thief. I mean I thought that he was stilla young adult, but not just into his teens. Though I suppose that's why I found it in the 'young adult' section of the library.

3/18/2009 #10

Pol, I think, would have been completely unsurprised when Gen was revealed. :D

My favorite line is something along the lines of Gen announcing that he refuses to go on without lunch. The magus says no and cuffs him over the head. The paragraph ends with: "I dug my heels in and wouldn't budge. We had lunch."


6/27/2009 #11

I was always disappointed that Pol and Ambiodes died before Gen was revealed. I would have loved to see their reactions!

I always liked the part where the food goes missing and Gen gets beat for it-- the reaction, afterwards, where the magus and Pol realize that he might just be someone to be afraid of... I like that. :)

6/28/2009 #12
AK Carmel

I know what you mean! I don't think he's thaat young simply because he has quite a bit of a past and if he was given his enlistment papers a while ago he's prolly in his upper teens. If he's around 17-18 in the Theif then he's about 20 KoA which makes sense and at that age he's still a boy. I know in her short story Eddis it says that she's 5 years older than Gen. So...she's around around 23? And Sophos is a couples years younger than Gen making him 15-16 in the Theif?

7/28/2009 #13
AK Carmel

I loved the way he refused to ride the horse and treated it like some beastly animal, as opposed to normal heros who ride their horse with a bit of pride. I also loved the end where he picks up his sleve to show his father that there's nothing in there except his elbow. It was endearing

7/28/2009 #14
You can actually calculate Gen's age by cross-referencing several things in the books. He was officially 15 or 16 in The Thief. (I had always thought he was around 19, but there you go.)
7/29/2009 #15

That makes sense, then. I always pictured him as a little bit older, but that age works well in my head. It kind of scared me when they all started going on about how young he was and how he was a boy, haha. Messed up all my mental images.

7/29/2009 #16
AK Carmel

Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense. It doesn't ruin the series too much either (from imagining him as a 13 year old boy) haha

I simply love love love this book. It broke my heart that pol died before gen was revealed.

bwt does anyone know how to pronounce Eugenides?

7/29/2009 #17

Eugenides = "Yoo-jen-eye-deez."

7/29/2009 #18

On the pronunciation note, actually, for the third book there is "Erondites" and "Dite"... I pronounce one "Air-on-dit-eez" and one "dite" (as in "bite"). How does everyone else do this? Do you call that character "dit-eez"?

7/30/2009 #19

I always thought Erondites was "Air-on-deye-teez" and Dite was "Dee-tay."

7/30/2009 #20
AK Carmel

i pronounce it as Dite as in rhymes with bite

7/31/2009 #21
AK Carmel

you know i would love to see this book as a movie but at the same time i really wouldn't

7/31/2009 #22

I think its something that could actually be made into an interesting movie, as long as the director stayed with the storyline and got good actors... But I'm always, always disappointed with films made from books, so I think I'd prefer that no one tries.

8/3/2009 #23
Everlasting Star

Seconded! I'd be scared of watching it if there was one. -.-

A very good example is Twilight.

Anyway, nice to meet you all fellow... fans!! I'm really glad to know that there's an category for the Queen's Thief series! XD

2/6/2010 #24

Hello everyone!! I'm a new fan of the Queen's Thief series. I started of with The Thief this summer, not knowing what in the world it was about, but it looked interesting enough, and lo, now it's one of my absolute favorite series!! I have not just finished reading QoA and KoA, and hoping to receive CoK from the library soon enough.

When I saw this forum, I was happy because the series is so underrated, that I can never talk about it with anyone else. One of the things I've always been puzzled about is their ages! I'm glad I saw a discussion going on about it here. Anyway, it seems as if The Thief in wiki has Eugenides's ages calculated. He was 15 in The Thief, in QoA he is 15/16 - 17/18 (in the end), and in KoA 18/19. This is how I sort of worked out his age, but when I was first reading The Thief... I had a strange feeling that he was in his early twenties. Lol, I didn't know it was a book for Young Adults!

And apparently, Queen of Eddis is 5 years older than him... lol, so we just add 5 years to Eugenides's age to figure out hers. I'm still quite puzzled about the Queen of Attolia though... I thought that she might be around 23/24 in KoA, but if she's older than Helen, then she might be 25/26 or a decade older than Eugenides. (It's a bit of a stretch though, I must admit, for myself; it's hard to think of a nearly 30 year old woman marrying someone who hasn't even reached their second decade... especially at that age and time ^__^;)

I'm also glad I came across discussion on the pronunciation of names! I'm aware that this series is loosely based around the Mediterranean, and I have second to no idea about the way names are pronounced there. I thought Eugenides was supposed to be You-gen-ids... hehe. And Erondites was E-ron-dites (as in bite). But I think you guys may be correct. It sounded more.... well, Mediterranean to me!

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9/19/2010 . Edited by KrisEleven, 9/20/2010 #25

Yes, let's keep spoilers in the other sections, so I'll move your post to the KoA thread and reply to you there. :)

9/20/2010 #26

hey, i know this is a super delayed response, but I just joined so this the best you get.

Did you ever actually write that fic? cause i'm in the process of writng one about his daughter, also named Gen, and I would really like to see it and compare, just to be sure i'm getting it right.


2/2/2011 #27

I think they shouldn't make a movie cuz there isn't a lot of people around where I lived who have read the series so (and I knoe this sounds selfish) if they made a movie everyone else would read it and then it just wouldn't be special anymore... if that makes any sense :(

4/2/2011 #28

I always thought that Gen was like, In his 20s or somethin in the thief but then in QoA they kept saying how young he was and I was VERY confused.

4/2/2011 #29

Me too! It never says quite how young he is supposed to be during The Thief, but considering he's only 15 or so, it is something that's hard to picture if you are imagining him as an adult at first.

4/9/2011 #30
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