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The discussions for the third, and my favorite, book in the series. I absolutely love the way this book is written- I love seeing our lovable Eugenides through the eyes of Costos.

I am always confused about the assasination and its link to Sejanus, though. Maybe once I'm not here talking to myself someone can clear it up for me. :)

10/1/2008 #1

I agree with you, this book is my favorite book of the series! My favorite part is the interaction between the king and the queen!

3/14/2009 #2

You said, you're "always confused about the assasination and its link to Sejanus."

I am too! I used to checkout the lj Attolia community at SounisDOTlivejournalDOTcom whenever I had questions, but it's been so long that I mostly only lurk there now.

SPOILERS below. So don't read this if you haven't read the book. :) Seriously, when it comes to Megan WHalen Turner, you want to be surprised.

I just read KOa again the other day so maybe we can try and figure it out together.

1. I think the book says Sejanus did it on behalf of his brother, Dite. He directed the assasins on where to fing Gen in the garden from some balcony.

2. But Neharereush (that's totally butchering his name, but I don't feel like looking up the name of the former Mede embassador) was also involved with the assasination.

My assumotion is that Neh... sent those men to kill Gen, and had Sejanus as an informant/ally in their goal to be rid of the king... Am I missing something else?

3/15/2009 #3

Well, it says that Sounis is involved too! What I got was that Nahures-ba ba dee doo sent them for Sounis to kill Gen? And Sejanus shows them the way to the garden because he wants Gen out of the way for Dite? What? Now I'm confused! lol.

OK. I got my book so I could look like less of an idiot than I usually manage. It says (p331) that the last of the assassins revealed that they had been provided to Sounis by Naher-biddy biddy bop. Ok. So, Sejanus was helping them out (to find the King, etc) for Dite... Is that why Gen goes on about seeing him on the balcony? Because he should have realized that he was standing watch or something?

Don't worry about posting spoilers in this forum section, for this book. If someone doesn't want to know about what happens here, they should go to the 'Queen' or 'Thief' sections, because I agree completely that these books should be read without knowing the end!!

3/15/2009 #4

What i got from it was that Sounis was sorta working with Sejanus to eliminate the king, cause obviously Sounis is no fan of Eugenides. And Sejanus wanted him dead on Dite's behalf. So he directed the assasins (after i'm assuming somehow getting them into the garden) through the maze like garden to where they would find the king sitting. Nahsuresh (?) was also no friend of eugenides as eugenides was resposible for his failure in attolia. I dunno why Sounis looked to nasuresh to provide the assasins maybe because he shouldn't hire assasins from his own country and word got out about it. so instead he looked to someone else who hated eugenides to provide an anonymous assasin for him.

7/22/2009 #5

And that is, I think, exactly what happened. It is so confusing, though, because Turner's style is not the most descriptive. That makes it so interesting to get to the end and reread and be like, "Ohhhh! I see!" but it can be very confusing.

7/22/2009 #6

Posted by miss-apple-dbz:

Overall, I think my favorite book so far is The Thief tied with KoT. I haven't read CoK. I just couldn't get over the fact that Eugenides managed to keep us in the dark for the majority of the book, and the end knocked me out completely! I think all of Turner's books are like that, but The Thief really got me.

Oh, and just one more thing before I end my rambling (sorry... new fan syndrome -__-)... how does everyone think about the Irene/Eugenides pairing? Did you guys see it coming (lol... like we could have predicted anything in this series ^__~), and how do you like it? I was shocked he had fallen for her! (sorry for the almost spoiler... I forgot spoilers were to be avoided so I edited it. But I'm sure those of you subscribed will see it.)

9/20/2010 #7

Welcome to the forum, miss apple. Do you have a nickname to use? :) I'm so happy another Thief fan is here, you have no idea. It's such a quiet fandom so I feel all alone out here.

I didn't see their pairing coming in the least, and was actually completely suprised by his revelation. But, then, I always have that moment in at least one place in all of her books, so there you go. I love their relationship in KoA, though. I think they are just adorable. What did you think?

In regards to their ages: Turner wanted it to be variable, so though she knew how old they were, she allowed the readers to pick their own idea in order to relate to the characters. However, if you use the books and her short stories, you can piece together Gen's age and then figure out the others from that, as you've seen on Wiki. I like knowing, myself.

9/20/2010 #8

Oh man I'm so happy there's a Eugenides wiki!

I'm so happy you mentioned it. Cause I've always guessed at their ages. My guesses were pretty close too. But the first time I read The Thief and before I had read any of the others I hadn't pictured him so young. Then I read on and realized the ages better and was all....Oh he's real young.

I also agree that it is a very quiet fandom. Everyone I know who read the books love them to death. But it's hard to find people who have read them. I forced my roommate too so now i have someone to talk about it to all the time. But for a long time I wanted to just rant and rave and talk about how Conspiracy of Kings was coming out and I wasn't able too.

I also don't know where I read this but somewhere I read that there would be at least two more books. Does anyone else know about this? Cause I can't find the info again.

9/20/2010 #9

Yeah, it lives!!! You know, I am always attracted to the 'underrated' fandoms for some unknown reason, and it's always disheartening to see it either abandoned or inactive. Lol, a nickname? Well... I guess you can call me m-a-d. Yeah, I just discovered The Thief recently, and I tried searching for it here in Fanfiction . net. At first I couldn't find it, until links from the livejournal page pointed fics here! Aww, it is a quiet fandom, but for as long as school doesn't hinder me, I'm sure I'd be around here. ^__^

Me neither! I was so surprised that Gen would fall for Attolia like that... at first, I thought it was some kind of weird plot twist again, to reveal some underlying motive, but it wasn't. I was shocked, because.... well, we all know what Attolia did. But at the same time, I did prefer a Gen/Irene pairing than a Gen/Helen. I couldn't really get into the pairing in QoA, because it was such a stretch to me (even with Attolia's background snippets, I just couldn't see her beyond her cruelty. Just how much I love Gen ^__~.) In KoA, it was so much better, because we get to see Attolia weaker side more often, and I came to realize that there really was something more underneath! Yeah, I folded the pages in KoA where they had their brownie points, so I can reread them all I want!

The ages, yesh, I struggled with them a bit. Honestly, since I didn't know The Thief was a YA book, the first few chapters, I thought Gen might be a grown man. And then Sophos and Ambiades came, and since he called them 'boys', and one was younger, one was older than him, I thought he was a young man. Lol, but in QoA, everyone referred to him as a really young boy, so it really threw me off. And Attolia kept saying she was old, so I thought she might be like... middle aged. Lol! But yeah... I guess we got those figured out.

I was looking for any groups/ communities about the series, and I came across the wiki! I'm glad that was helpful to you guys. I'm glad that there are people I can talk about this with, because none of my friends want to do any leisure reading, hehe.

9/20/2010 #10

I feel like Attolia and Helen are actually quite close in age, since QoA does mention that Attolia grew up hearing stories of Eddis growing up. I've always pictured Attolia being about 7 years older than Gen, so about 22 in The Thief, and so on. When she says that she's too old, Helen does correct her in saying that she just feels old because she's been so unhappy, so I think it was just one of those complain-y remarks on her part. :P

m-a-d works. I just didn't want to write your whole penname every time I had something to direct to you. Yes, I'm very lazy.

Phantomhobbitses: I haven't heard anything about more book... I hope you're right, though!! I feel like she couldn't possibly have planned to leave it where it is now. We need at least some conclusion to the drama with the Medes, and she has set up the Emperor's death and the attack on their countries since The Thief, so she needs to finish that up for us. Hopefully. If you find where you heard that, though, let us know!

I got my family to read it, but they didn't like them as much as I did. I disowned them for a short time because of this.

9/20/2010 #11

Yeah, that makes more sense. I guess she just got crowned earlier too, since in QoA, she often mentions how she is a more experienced queen. That plus the fact that she kept complaining about weary bones, so that added more years to her than necessary, I think. Yeah, despite her stoic front, she does have her fair share of whining. ^__~

m-a-d was given to me by some other forum members in my fandom, and it seems to work pretty well. Although, the first time they used it, I was unaware, and gave me the impression they were suggesting I was crazy ^^; Haha, it's okay to be lazy. I'm a big procrastinator.

Well, I noticed that each book is published within around 5 years of interval, so by the time we get to finishing the series, it might be a few years down the road. But you know, it might be worth it. Some books are so rushed, that they don't even compare to the original. I'd prefer if Turner takes her time with this so that we'd have a great, astounding series on our hands! I will be a little impatient waiting for them to come out, though.

Aww, really? Lol... well, if your family has tastes like my sister, I'm pretty sure The Thief might just not be their cup of tea.

9/20/2010 #12

Yea, it seems to me like she was very young when she took the throne, and this was definitely before Eddis did so as well, since she attends the coronation of Eddis as Attolia and not the princess Irene.

Five years is tooo loong. *whines*

lol. My brother and sister usually share book tastes with me pretty accurately. I was disappointed when they didn't jump on this series like I did. But, yes, different cups of tea and all that.

9/21/2010 #13

there are more books! It says so in this interview.

My mom gave me the book first and she had loved it so I read it. But she doesn't keep up with the series as intently as I do. I told her CoK was coming out and she was excited but she still hasn't read it. I need to convince my older sister to read it. I think she'd enjoy them at least a little.

I agree on Attolia's age. That's kinda where i estimated her to be in terms of gen's age. I'm happy there are others who think the same. Cause it can get confusing.

9/24/2010 #14

I understand why she decided not to give ages, but I like knowing more about my characters! lol.

I tried to get my sister to read them, and she so wasn't interested, which is too bad because KoA and CoK are both my favourite novels ever.

4/9/2011 #15

WHY DON'T MY FRIENDS LIKE THESE BOOKS???? Sorry, they all said Eugenides was annoying and didn't even finish the 1st... I just don't understand. He is the most amazing character EVER. And I bet I'm the only Queen's Thief obsessive in the country, so I'm all alone as they fan girl about PJO. sniff.

10/23/2012 #16

Hi Kris,

About more books for these series....Yes! It will be 2 more books for our Eugenides stories (Hurraaaayyyyy......).

I myself had asked Megan via email (I was so excited when saw Megan's name in my inbox....:D)

I have copied and pasted her replied at the below:

Dear Liz, Thank you for writing. I am glad you have enjoyed the books and I am sorry to be so slow writing back to you. Also sorry to be so slow writing books! I am planning to have two more books in the series. I am working on the next one right now. best wishes, Megan

Feb 4, 2012

I really wish that it (the 5th book) won't be taken to long, coz I'm dying for waiting it....

10/23/2012 #17

That's so awesome!! Thanks for sharing that email, Elis!

She does write rather slowly, but it is totally worth it when a book is released. lol. I guess I should start a Conspiracy thread, eh? Do I not have one.... *wanders off*

10/25/2012 #18

Hi from Australia .nice to meet people who appreciate gen as much as I do

I discovered him on my 1st trip to the US when Q of A was released and quickly hunted down the Thief. King of Attolia has since become my favourite re-read (closely followed by To say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis another v clever book not read by enough people). I love the way MWT reveals the true gen in all the books. Not so sure about Sophos yet.

When is the next one coming does anyone know?

1/2/2013 . Edited by KrisEleven, 1/7/2013 #19

Have you read A Conspiracy of Kings yet? It is the forth book in the series and came out 3 years ago.

The next book after that does not yet have a name or release date, but I will post it up here as soon as I find it out!

1/7/2013 #20

Yes, I have.

But I'm not quite fan of this book (Conspiracy of Kings) because It's all about young Sounis. My favourite Gen was only appear as a 'supporter' :(

1/20/2013 . Edited by KrisEleven, 1/21/2013 #21

I answered you in the Conspiracy thread, since I don't want spoilers over here. :)

1/21/2013 #22
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