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Hi. So I've read a bunch of stories where the Cullens adopt Bella as a baby or child or take her in to their family. Most of them are Edward/Bella fics. I'm looking for a particular one where the Cullens have helped raise Bella and Edward is particularly attached to her and her to him. I think he knows she's his mate while she's still pretty young in this story. I only remember some specific parts of the story and I want to say it had at least 20 chapters but I might be wrong.

the Cullens move to another home after they've had Bella for a while and she's like 5-8 yrs old? Bella picks out hers and Edward's bedrooms before Edward arrives at the house, making sure they're next to each other.

The Denalis/Tanya visit and little Bella feels jealous, left out, insecure about Tanya being there taking Edward's attention. I think it's Bella's birthday. Edward is dragged on a hunting trip with Tanya leaving Bella behind at the house with everybody else even though he doesn't want to go.

Right after little Bella learns that Edward went off with Tanya she runs away because Emmett had told her about his transformation story and how he was attacked by a bear. Bella thought that if she went off into the woods and got attacked by a bear she would become a vampire. Emmett hadn't known that little Bella was asking him about his change into a vampire so that she could learn how to become one also.

Edward finds out that Bella ran away while he was was off hunting with Tanya. He returns home and flips out because the little girl (Bella) is missing and gets angry with Emmett. Edward goes out on his own to search for Bella in the wilderness around the Cullen's mansion and finds her. This may have taken place in a rainstorm which would have made Bella weak or ill from being outside for so long.

Carlisle tends to a slightly sick Bella upstairs while Edward fights/reconciles with his family over Bella's escapade and then Carlisle comes downstairs and tells Edward that he and Alice(?) were taking care of Bella upstairs, she's okay, and that they warned her how wrong she was to run off on her own outside. Then Carlisle tells Edward that Bella requested to see Edward up in her room. Edward affirms to Bella just how much she means to him and how he couldn't stand not knowing she was okay.

These are the only/last moments I remember reading of this story. However, I am also getting a hazy memory of Edward buying little Bella an amusement park? That could be from another story I can't find, though. Thanks. If you have any idea what story I'm referring to let me know!

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