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This forum's main topic is how you think you would be if you were undead killers.Use your imagination and type!
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I'd probably be an effed up nurse who did mercy killings. Like killing senior citizens who'd die a slow painfull death if I didn't or little terminally ill kids

1/24/2009 #1
amira roselle north

I would look like a gothic lolita ragdoll, with my limbs all stitched together. and I'd probably use modern versions of medeval torture and execution devices.

old torture stuff is facinating to me for some reason. o_o

2/4/2009 #2

Neat! sounds better than what I wrote 3

2/10/2009 #3
amira roselle north

no, i think yours is better, since you're actually doing something good in your own way ^^

my girl's just in it for the carnage. :3

2/10/2009 #4

Nuh uh yours is ;)

2/10/2009 #5

that's so awesome and cute!^_^

2/28/2009 #6
amira roselle north

thank you!

i wouldn't exactly call her "cute", though...

this is the link for her image:

3/2/2009 #7

i just saw the image^_^ wow!

3/7/2009 #8

Hmm...I would probably kill my family first, then I would go on to kill stupid teenagers greedy adults and so on. Though I would NEVER hurt a child.

My weapon would be a..Machine gun and bombs and such..Plus that I would learn how to fight really cool. ;)

And ofcourse I would not be able to die. xD Or else there's no fun.

I dunno how I would look..Maybe a skinnier me with longer hair. (I'm not XXL but as a girl I think I ought to loose a fex kilos Like I think most of the girls in the world want to.)

4/15/2009 #9

neato XD

4/15/2009 #10

I would probably be a sick deranged teenager who thinks she's a vampire and kills people by eating them alive and hiding the reamins n a secretatve place

4/16/2009 #11

Yummy 3

4/16/2009 #12

that's realy kool,not many slashers use guns :)

5/19/2009 #13

hah hah thank you Hun. :)

5/24/2009 #14

XD no problemo

5/24/2009 #15

I would probably go completely mental and then, as a tribute to Freddy, make a glove and kill all the people I hate, leaving no traces of myself behind of course, then I would slip deeper into insanity and create a cane that has a hidden spear inside it. and m left hand would grow small talons whenever I wanted and, when i killed, my eyes would go yellow and my irises would become pitch black slits. Kinda like a cat's. And I would grow fangs at my will. That's my killer-person-thingy. I'm actually gonna make a movie with my friends and the killer is gonna have that stuff, so if anyone steals my idea's, my killer's comin for ya!!! Ohh, my friend has purse with a doll on it and she's super creepy lookin so if you ever hear someone saying 'Mary-Sue's coming to playyy...' in a whispery voice, that's the doll. She's pure evil!!!! And I'm casting director for our movie, whoo!!!!!!


7/9/2009 #16

Pretty freakin' cool dude. :3

7/10/2009 #17

Thanks!! I like yours too, at least you're being nice! I'm just pure psychotic!! Well, thats what people tell me. Weird cause I'm thinkin of being a psychologist. Anyway, Mary-Sue's getting creepier!!! Seriously, she's freaky looking!!! If you ever see a small doll in a pink tutu and her hair tied up but the sides shaved off, RUN LIKE HELL PEOPLE, SHE'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!! See what I mean, psychotic.


9/15/2009 #18
Rurrlock-God of Power

Wow, there are all some pretty cool ones here. I would probably be a killer created by a mad scientest with the blood of the 13 most dangerous killers ever. And it will be my destiny to be the number one killer ever, hunting down only the most important and well-known teenagers.

9/25/2010 #19

Hmm...I would probably be some deranged, psychotic killer named Kallie (Yes, my persona) who, FOR SOME REASON, thinks that she's related to a famous killer (Jason, Freddy, etc.) and tries to "live out their legacies."

Meaning she takes an axe, chops off people's heads, burns them pyromaniac-style, and has this theme:

Trick or Treat,

Life is Sweet,

Kallie's Gonna Make You Totally Bleed...

11/5/2011 #20

i would be a farmer's daughter that killed my family and the town's people with my farmer tools and my trusty weapon, the farming scythe! and i kill more people that comes through my town!

10/15/2012 #21
(Cool if I join?)
1/24/2013 #22
My killer would've been raised by her killer mother and then eventually kills het too. She'd run away to find new places to kill a nd eventually run into her long lost brother Jason Voorhees.
1/25/2013 #23
Steve Freeling

I'd kill those who hurt the innocent.

10/4/2014 #24
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