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10/5/2008 . Edited 10/14/2010 #1

Pokemon Species: Mewtrio

Nicknames: Saria, Mew clone,

Type: Pyschic/Dark

Nature: Calm

Ability: Depletion (Removes and Depletes all Status ailments, Stat problems etc.)


1) Pyschic

2) Dark Metromone

3) Shadow ball

4) Scythe frenzy

Appearance: Mewtrio looks similar to Mewtwo, only somewhat slimmer. Its eyes are the same as Mewtwo's, but are constantly glowing purple; similar to Mewtwo's when he does a psychic attack. Coming out of her back are scythe-like wings, that do not help it fly, but instead form a sort of weapon, and when wrapped around the body become a shield. It has three long tails, each one ending with a different thing. The left tail ends with a small sphere, the right tail has three prongs covered in poison, and the middle tail is long and sharp, made to pierce things. It also has horns coming out of its head...

All in all, Mewtrio is a fearsome thing.

Other: Uses illusion to pretend to be Saria, attempts to reach a higher Pokemon potential through constant training. Learnt the newly created moves because of this training. Desires to learn a new move called Psychic Light, but is encountering some difficulty.

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/14/2010 #2

Pokemon Speices: Xtreamscizor {evolved form of Scizor and Scyther, yes one of my own creation}

Nicknames: Kama

Type: Steel/Ice

Nature: Protective


1: Ice Beam

2: Giga Impact

3: Metal Claw

4: Scary Face

Appearence: The body of a Sczior colored black, has a claw like Sczoirs, then has two claws like Scyther,there are four wings two large, two small, Kama usauly wears a black cloak over himself.

Other: He belongs to Shadow, but has been ordered to keep an eye on Katie. Kama also has the ability to talk in human talk.

10/29/2008 . Edited 10/29/2008 #3

Pokemon species: Kariterius

Nicknames: Karite, The reaper, Kage, The Nightmare, etc.

Type: Dark/Ghost

Nature: Calm (Raises: Special Defense, Lowers: Attack)

Ability: Reaper's Duty (Certain Pokemon types will be unable to fight Kariterius)


1) Dark Scythe

2) Dark Metronome

3) Shadow Ball

4) Afterlife

Appearance: Giant, frightening monster. It's head has a skeletal mask over it, and large fangs protrude from it. The fangs are covered in black acid. Its eyes are glowing silver flames, that can be seen through the eye holes in the freakish mask. It has to freaky antenna's, with bobbing red light hanging off them. It has large skeletal bat wings on its back, and large scythes coming of its head. It his humongous, its head being as big as a skyscraper. It is covered with slimy scales, and its just....freaky man!! Really, really freaky!!

Other Random Stuff: Has a Humanoid form, going by the name Kage. NO it is NOT the evil little turd Kage, who is also mentioned in this forum. IT IS however, the Pokemon from Saria's past, however, it was being controlled by Team Rocket, and still can be. THERE IS other stuff I will add later when I have the time.

2/13/2009 . Edited 10/14/2010 #4

Pokemon Species: Diabilios -Kurai, Kage, Kyra-

Nicknames: Diablo's, Diablo, Diabolos, Devils, Demons, The Darkness


Nature: -Varies-



1) Oblivion Ball

2) Shadow Ball

3) Ashen Bodies

4) The Dark Embodiment of The End


Moves: -Kage-

1) Oblivion Ball

2) Shadow Ball

3) Intelligence Drain

4) Illusion of Thy Nightmares


Moves: -Kyra-

1) Oblivion Ball

2) Flaming Spirals ( A Stronger Version Of Fire Wheel....A LOT Stronger )

3) Inner Healing of The Heart

4) Torture of the Soul


(Kurai) -Pokemon-: Kurai appears as a cute, little, floating Pokemon. It has Red, Gold, and Black features. Two black antenna's protrude from its black head, and end with the gold babbles. It has blood red eyes. It's ears are blood red as well. He has an adorable smile. His body is slightly larger than Kage's or Kyra's, because it is known as the enbodiment of darkness. That basically means it is the strongest body-wise. It has chubby little hands and feet, and a long, cute tail, that ends in similar babbles to the ones on the antenna's. On it's tummy is a big, red spot.

-Human-: Kurai appears as a tall, slightly muscular, slightly tanned male. he has short, spikey black hair, with a rat's tail. He has a small, gold stud in one ear. His eyes are blood red, and his smile is agressive, unlike his brothers, which is sly, and his sisters, which is blank. He wears a simple, black T-shirt, and long black pants. He wears anklets with small, golden bells.

(Kage) -Pokemon-: Kage appears just like Kurai, except all the red parts on Kurai are purple on Kage, and all the gold parts on Kurai, are silver on Kage. Also, Kage's eyes are more slit-like, though they retain that child-like look. He is smaller than both Kurai and Kyra though. He is the cunning mind of the trio, being the one who has the most intelligence. In this form, his smile is like Kurai's....adorable.

-Human-: Kage appears as a slightly shorter, more fragile, paler version of his brother. He has long, silky black hair, that travels down to his lower back. He has a silver hoop in the opposite ear of his brothers. His eyes are a cunning purple, and his smile is sly and cunning, as mentioned above. He wears the same out fit as his brothers. he wears anklets with silver bells.

(Kyra) -Only Pokemon is required, as her human form is found in the trainer area under the name 'YAMI'-: Appears as a more feminine version of the others, with a slimmer, but just as cute body. The purple/red parts on her brothers are white on her, and the parts that were silver/gold on her brothers take the form of crystals on her. She is the heart of the trio, being kinder, and more understanding, yet just as powerful. Her smile is gentle.

Other Random Stuff: -Later-

5/13/2009 #5

Pokemon Species: Fatetress

Nickname: N/A

Type: Dark/ Dragon

Nature: N/A

Abiltity: Dark Goddess' Fate (When Fatetress is about to faint/die, she can kill any other creature she desires, and/or alter their fate.)


1) Tackle

2) Darkness Chains (Controls anyone inflicted with Giratina's dark chains)

3) Dark Fate (Controls someones fate, in a dark way)

4) Fate's Dying Song ( A cruel song that causes all who hear it to have their fate altered in a terrible way, or causes them to die)

Appearance: Apppears as a strange shadow, with the shape of a foxy, female lady, with a deranged mask on her face, depicting a strange, cruel laughing face, with strange markings in the forehead, and cheeks.

Other Random Stuff: She's the controller of those who have dark fates, and is sadistic, cruel, etc. etc. etc. She has a brother who will appear later, and, as for the rest, I'll keep you in the dark for now.

7/14/2009 #6
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