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Of all the planets within the Republic, Coruscant, it was agreed long ago, was the safest. The home of the legendary Jedi Order and the capital of the Republic, Coruscant is safely located within the war. The worst that could have happened was the Hydian Way trade route, and that already happened with the Mandalorians blocking it, only to be foiled by a Smuggler's fleet. Now, as the representatives of the Republic and the Sith Empire meet to discuss peace, the future seems bright.

The Dark Side clouds everything, however, and when a special force of Sith Warriors and Sith Troopers attacking and Coruscant's defenses lowered, the citizens of Coruscant are about to receive the surprise of their life.

Note: This is a civilian roleplay, so this focuses on ordinary Star Wars denizens. No Jedi for now. Sorry.

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7/7/2011 #1

Reference to good old Kaimus, here.

Name: Hallian Karn

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Slim, lanky, and well dressed, you can tell from a single look that Hallian has never fought in his life, and has never had a blaster fired at him with the chance of death. His blue eyes are always a' twinkling, his hair has been shaved neatly, and he has a neatly trimmed beard that he values with pride. He always dresses nicely, in rich and expensive suits.

Profession: Owner of Sulrin Shipping Companies

Personality: Hallian knows danger well, just not the life-threatening kind of danger. He is a merchant, a trader, the owner of a mercantile corporation that depends entirely upon the fluctuating galactic economy. He knows that he must seize every opportunity that passes by him, and his company has done well despite the recent troubles with the Hydian Way route.

History: Hallian was exposed to the business world at an early age by his father, Sulrin, who had created the company in the first place. Hence the name. Sulrin emphasized the risky nature of their business, and stressed quick thanking and dangerous maneuvers in their line of work. Those traits often ensure high rewards, and it was a practice that Hallian embraced when he gained control of the company after his father died.



7/7/2011 #2

Name:Elani Nova

Age: 25


Species: Human

Appearance: A natural red-head with pale, freckled skin and blue eyes, Elani stands five foot six and weighs one hundred and twenty nine pounds. Her hair is thick and wavy, framing a sharp face, but she normally straightens it and pulls it back. She speaks with a prominent Deep Core accent, but sometimes slips into Rimmer inflection.

Profession: Agent for Terelli Corporation. She's a lot like internal police, although she also handles threats from the outside.

Personality: Elani's quiet but proud, and loves her job. She values tact and discretion above all. She'd rather say nothing at all then say it badly. She also has an easy way of distancing herself from others. Most people she only introduces herself to as "Nova". Giving them her first name is a sign of trust. She's intelligent, and has a secret love of thrill and challenge.

History: Elani was born on Empress Teta in the Deep Core and lived there as a young child The year she was sixteen, her mother died in a speeder accident. Her stepfather, unable to support them on his own, moved the family to the Outer Rim "port world" of Arion, where she finished growing up.

She briefly attended the struggling local university, earning top marks. It was enough to get her a full ride into a private Coruscanti University owned by Terelli Corp., with the understanding that she would sigh a contract agreeing to work for them for a certain amount of time after her graduation. She accepted, and is now in her first year of service.

Weapons, Equipment: Datapad, blasterpistol, hold out blaster, cocealed knife.

(Another character is still forthcoming.)

7/8/2011 #3

After a bit of consideration, I decided to use Jahn again. :D

Name: Jahn D'Pal

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Zeltron


Profession: Bartender

Personality: Like most of his race, Jahn is rather hedonistic and a bit lazy. He loves "base" pleasures and parties. Indeed, he has a different idea about what hard work is than most sentients outside his race. Spice, a good fight, alcohol, and pretty females are just a few of his favorite things in the universe.

History: Jahn was born of two Zeltron immigrants that traveled to Coruscant as the Great War raged on in the Outer Rim, scared that Zeltros might be next. There, Jahn was born and he eventually found a job as a bartender in a cantina down near the Red District of the metropolis. He doesn't really care much about the war. He's just concerned with the party.

Weapons/Equipment: A blaster pistol, bothan stunner, scattergun, stealth belt, and a datapad detailing topics of interest to him.


7/13/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #4

The In-Character is up. :)

7/18/2011 #5

Name: Victoria Chambers

Alias: Seras

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Human


Profession: Assassin

Personality: Due to her rather unusual upbringing Victoria had to learn to protect herself when her mother couldn't be their, she became cold and rather violent, choosing solitude over crowding company. A bit of a temper that she gained from her mother, but she she knows how to keep her cool under preasure. Her loyality is something that should never come into question, as her father died to prove his loyality, and she wishes to live up to her fathers name by doing the same. Has trust issues, as the first person she ever became friends with told the jedi about her mother, so she needs a bit before one can call her a friend.

History: Born and raised on Coruscant, her father was a famous pirate and her mother a violent nightsister, how the two met and concived Victoria is unknown to her. Her father died when she was very young and she was raised by her mother well into her late teens until she was taken away by the jedi and locked away in a maximum security perison, unknown to anyones location, except the jedi. She was taken in by her uncle who tought Victoria everything about killing people, and it was something she found she was very good at. As the years went on she honed her skills as a killer and made her profession out of it.

Weapons/Equipment: Her personal customized sniper rifle, comes equiped with; disruptor, stun, standard blaster, and ion clips. Also a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol and combat knife for close encounters. On the equipement side she carries; a small hacking device on her wrist, goggles for sniping with increasing zoom and thermal imaging, rappel line on her belt, and jump jets in her boots.

Other: Somewhat force sensitive, but her powers were never really taped, her mother did however teach her how to use the force to predict her targets movments making it easier to hunt and kill them, as well as stay alive longer. She also found ways in using it to increase her overall physical condition, making her more agile and stronger, but most imporantly how to hide her presence from the jedi.

(hope she's cool, if the force sensitivity is to much, I'll take it out)

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #6

Name: Sena Ruus, born Shayla Ellan

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Homeworld: Socorro, Mandalore

Alignment: Grey, but light-ish

Occupation: Mercenary (She prefers to work as a bodyguard, but will take bounty-hunter work); member of Mandalorian counter movement Teh Genet.

Appearance: Sena's of middling height with a lean build, and has dark brown hair with faint reddish streaks and vibrant red-brown eyes. Her skin's a light olive color and she has a snub nose. When in battle or on mercenary gigs, or on her homeworld, Sena wears dusky blue beskar'gam trimmed with green accents on the buyce and gauntlets, which is frankly what she's most comfortable in. Etched onto the breastplate of her armor is the word 'Ruusaan', which means reliable one, but is also a reference her clan name, Ruus. When she'd rather not be noticed, she dresses in typical Soccoran style- a simple shirt, sometimes with a brown blast vest worn over, loose trousers or a kind of loose calf-length peasant skirt with thick leggings beneath, possibly a scarf, and worn boots.

Personality: There almost seem to be two different women named Sena Ruus- the one her family, friends and other traditional/anti-Republic Mandalorians see, and the one everyone else knows.

Around folk she trusts, Sena is a warm-hearted gossip. She can be trusted not to gossip about serious issues, however,although her brother might hear a little bit of the story. She's very protective by nature, and will take no insult or injury to those she cares for. On the other hand, she can be nosy, a bit pushy, and sometimes critical of decisions being made. She's impatient and tends to think she know best. She knows not the meaning of the word tact. She's not especially battle motivated, which doesn't look good among a bunch of Mandalorians. If you happen to act very stupidly and she hears about it, you can bet the story will be all over the planet by sun down.

With everyone else, however, Sena puts on a mask as hard as her beskar helmet. She acts stoic and detached, will little concern for what is going on around her. She still acts to her own moral code, which means looking after children under the age of fifteen (she will not, for any amount of money attack or hurt them), however everyone else is fair game. She looks after her own, and if you're not in that selective bubble, too bad for you. Still, to her code of honor, she doesn't care for slaughter for the hell of it. Generally she leaves civvies alone, unless they get in the way of her job, and she's vehemently against nukes. She's very critical of outsiders, and trusts no one until they've given her good reason too. She speaks generally only when spoken to, or in objection to a particularly stupid idea, and gives little away about herself.

Sena is a member of a break away sect of Mandalorians who think that allying themselves with the Sith as a people is a Really Bad Idea. On a one on one basis, who you fight for is no one's business. And really, Sena feels no better about the Republic than she does the Sith. But her faction, informally known as Teh Genet, or 'The Gray', after their leader recognizes the very high chance of a backstabbing if things keep going the way they are with the Sith. They also have disowned the Sith's puppet-ruler as their Mandalore. They don't have an official replacement yet, but their leader, also known to all but a close few as 'Genet' seems an ideal candidate. Their very first goal is to depose the puppet-ruler tarnishing the name of Mand'alor, and Sena deeply supports these goals.

History: Sena is the adopted daughter of Cyn and Shonar Ruus. However, she was born Shayla Ellan, the daughter of two smugglers on Socorro. She spent many of her formative years as a young child onboard their ship during their smuggling runs. Often she was used to convince the authorities her parents were 'just visiting' the planet, because, after, all, who takes their six year old on a spice run with them?

Both her biological parents were killed in a skirmish with slavers when she was around eight, leaving her in the care of one of their smuggler friends. She was found by Cyn about a year later when he came to Socorro as part of a group of mercenaries hired by her guardian and other local smugglers to "take care of" the slaving ring that was invading their territory.

Her guardian was killed during the fight, and Cyn, as was the Mandalorian way, took the orphan under his wing, bringing her home to Mandalore. There she gained not only a father in Cyn and mother in Shonar, but an older brother, Dral, who was about three years older than her.

The first year after she was brought into the clan, she went by the name Shayla, and her training was primarily on Mandalore. The clan home was in the rural wilderness, a good deal north of Keldabe, so she largely avoided any early contact with the Republic. By the beginning of her second year, though, she was following her brother and father into real battles, training the traditional Mandalorian way, and had taken the name Sena Ruus ,leaving "Shayla Ellan" behind. She always had a very strong bond with her family, particularly her mother, her maternal grandmother, and her paternal grandfather.

Sena was raised to be fiercely independent, and to follow the traditional Mandalorian tenets. Since she came of age, Sena has earned a modest but successful reputation of bounty hunting and mercenary work, saving away what she earns for the future. Mostly she does protection gigs, but is also a popular choice when the aruetii are hiring mercenaries in groups. Sometimes she runs in minor criminal as well. She's known to have once been in a serious relationship with Mirja Naast in her early twenties, but the two women had a major falling out and ending the courtship around four years ago. This is all the information publicly available about her, and more importantly, all the Republic knows of her.

Unbeknownst to the Republic, Sena, inbetween actual work meant to put food on the table, works for the Genet Mandalorians, and has done so since her very early twenties, doing mainly small jobs such as recruiting, playing the messenger, and information gathering, though she's done a few riskier jobs as well. The resistance is lead by her cousin-by-marriage, Mav Dha'ani, Jorbe Bralor's widow, under the alias of "Genet". The resistance is the result of the unification of several smaller movements, some more placid and others more violent. So far she has escaped detection, and indeed, seemingly any suspicion, mainly because she knows how to be careful. Mav trusts her a good deal. Better a cautious, living ally then a dead martyr.

Ignoring a few brief flirtations, Sena's only had one real relationship. She met Mirja Naast, a beautiful but intense spit-fire of a woman, at age twenty-two, on a group protection gig. Sena was drawn in by her fire and her wits, and the two quickly began dating. They retained a close relationship for about two years, and at one point seemed to consider marriage. By the third year, however, things were falling apart. Mirja thought Sena gave in too much and did too little, wasn't passionate enough about the glory of the Mandalorians. Mirja strongly favored the Mandalorian-Sith alliance, and was eager to hit the front. She saw it as a way to recapture the glory of her people, the Mandalorian wars done right. Cooler-headed Sena saw this all as the kind of talk that belonged to the puppet-Mandalore, whom she hated, rather than rational beings or true Mandalorians, not to mention all very bad strategy. Ultimately Mirja set an ultimatum, and Sena, as angry as she was brokenhearted, broke off the relationship. Mirja left shortly after and the two haven't been in contact since.

Weapons and Equipment: Heavy blaster pistol, blaster rifle, stun and frag grenades, a emergency medkit, hidden knife in one gauntlet and a dart-shooter in the other. Also has a holdout blaster in her boot for emergencies. At any given time, you can expect her to have a back up comlink in case she can't use the one in her buyce, a datapad with various data chips, a mini holoprojector, and a few handy tracking devices.

Ship: The Shereshoy, alight freighter

Talents/Strengths: She has some skill with a beskad, though she's no master, and has plenty of mercenary and hand-to-hand training. She can fly a decent-sized ship, and speaks Soccoran, Mando'a, Basic, and Huttese, though she understands other languages. She's learned how to survive with what she has and is a bit of a spendthrift. Though her clan has scattered in order to keep from the hand of the Republic and the Sith both, she still has strong family ties and knows she can call on them if she's ever in need.

Weaknesses: Although she can be trusted to keep your most troubling secrets, Sena's a bit of a gossip at times, so if someone embarrasses the hell out of themselves in the Oyu'baat, you can bet everyone on Manda'yaim will know by sun down. This doesn't exactly win her friends. She has issues with tact. Scratch that, she knows not tact. She can lie to keep a secret, but she won't soften her words by phrasing them gracefully. She's not really the go-forth-and-conquer type, which cane be a disadvantage living among Mandos and it slims your job opportunities. Although she's not hurting, she certainly isn't wealthy; most of her equipment is inherited or was given to her. Sometimes she can be pushy or critical, or too nosy for her own good. She also doesn't have the sheer strength of your typical Mando.

Other: Sena's name is derived from 'senaar', the Mandalorian word for bird, and most of her family still calls her 'Sen'ika', or 'little bird', the nickname that lead her to rename herself in the first place. Her brother, though, has an annoying tendecy to call her 'jai'galar' or 'shriek hawk' when she's angry though, which of course only makes her more annoyed. She still speaks with a strong, though mixed accent. The J sound in particular gives her trouble, as neither the more rural dialects of Mandalorian nor the Soccoran language have it. Often when she's angry or upset, the J's will drop from her words to be replaced by either a hard 'guh' sound, or a 'y'- Yetii for Jetii, etc

7/20/2011 #7

Cool. Both accepted. Force push might be a bit too much though, Fading Feathers.

7/20/2011 #8

Yeah I kinda figured, I was originaly was going to give her drain life, but I figured that was to much. I kinda want to give her something cause her mother was a nightsister and their crazy, bound to learn something. Any ideas that would be more story friendly, lol

7/20/2011 #9


Honestly, this RP isn't the best place for someone who can use the Force at all. Which is why its a civilian RP. :/ That's part of why I enjoyed it; it was out of the norm, from a different perspective.

Though, not trying to trample your idea of the character, but someone who comes from a very Force-centered society yet is unable to touch the Force has some really interesting potential as far as Character Development goes.

7/20/2011 #10

I like the thought of that, but she isn't really classified as jedi or sith or anything, she technically is a civilian lol. And its kinda hard to not make her have some connection to the force, espically since her mother is a nightsister, so some tranining would bound to happen. Besides I got some things planned for her.

7/20/2011 #11

Every Force community produces the occasional Force-blind child. It just happens. Kinda like Squibs for Wizards, if you want to use HP terms.

And again, not my call, but that's largely what makes this character interesting- the lack of the Force to run the show. I really like the idea of seeing what the Star Wars universe looks like once the Force is, for all practical purposes removed from the picture.

7/20/2011 #12

aaha dont worry, she wont really take much from the experience, shes an assassin and hates the jedi for taking her mother away. Using the force is usual her last option and even then she'd rather use her knife aaha. Worry not fair maiden tis will be a fun rp :D

7/20/2011 #13

Perhaps she can stick too quick reflexes or "precognition"?

7/21/2011 #14

Hmm. *needs a way to get Elani into a bar during the morning, other than the old Sana subplot* Sena's easy, but Elani's struggling

7/21/2011 #15

Hallian is setting up a business deal with an unknown corporation. Maybe Terelli Corp or someone pretending to be Terelli Corp set it up, and Elani has to investigate?

This time, I would suggest jumping to the actual attack much sooner than before. The best part was when shit went down and the heroes had to fight to survive.

7/21/2011 #16

I edited my girl and hope thats better :D

7/26/2011 #17

It is. :)

7/26/2011 #18
Michael The SyrJirk

Name: Masan Kreth

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Anzat

Appearance: Younger and his features are a lot less rough.

Profession: Government/Private Informant.

Personality: Equipped with a cool exterior he shows an 'easy to get along with' but 'hard to figure out' type of guy. He generally tends to surround himself with those high up or well off. Although he keeps himself in good company he tends to route for the underdog rather than go with the powerful and wealthy. He's good at getting close to and reading people but when his temper blows, it blows badly.

History: Born and raised in a wealthy upbringing he got a good education. Despite most like his species who tend to be raised quietly and away from most, he quickly had an affinity for making friends. He was always a go to guy until he fell into the wrong group. Gangs seemed like a good idea at the time. But when they tried to push too far it ended up burning Masan and a lot of his new friends badly. After getting caught sweet-talking a guard for another gang to sneak into their place and wreck it they were caught off guard and ambushed.

Masan managed to get away from the fray after taking a shot to the leg, however he never knew if any of the others got away or not but he didn't look very hard. His parents wouldn't let him. Of course he was treated harshly after they found out that his strange limp was from a blaster wound. He grew further from them and as soon as he could moved out. He stayed in Courascant though. Turns out that a lot of people could use a silver tongued man to get some work done.

He started out as small time paparazzi. Eventually he started getting further and further, getting great recognition in his line of work he caught the attention of a private company. With double the pay and any questions he wants to ask answered, he thought it was really good. Been at it for 2 years occasionally going freelancing in spare time.

Weapons/Equipment: Modified hold out blaster, laser sight and small stock. Comlink, datapad.

Other: None

9/21/2011 #19

Cool. Accepted. :)

9/22/2011 #20


10/5/2011 #21
Michael The SyrJirk


10/5/2011 #22

Sorry. Didn't know you posted, Rev.

10/5/2011 #23

Name: Torris Samek

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Rodian

Appearance: A short, stumpy runt of a Rodian, Torris is about as green as it gets, both figuratively and literally. His big wide eyes show a degree of both innocence and sheepishness, and he shows very little signs of the wear and tear of combat. (Mostly because he has never experienced it.) He is dressed in the standard Coruscant Security Force uniform, but after the immediate attack, it has been blasted with soot and ash, ripped in several places, and generally been through hell.

Profession: Coruscant Security Force Officer

Personality: Try as you might, you cannot describe Torris as hapless, stupid, or clumsy. But it's also impossible to describe him as hard-working, virtuous, or brave. He simply is, just another regular rank and file officer of the CSF, not worthy of damnation or recommendation. This fits in with Torris just fine: his capital sin is his laziness, and all he wants is a cushy job without much danger or excitement. You can't fire him, but you sure as hell can't promote him. He is perfectly fine sticking to a traffic beat, or perhaps providing security detail at a small scale press event.

History: Born to a large family of Rodian immigrants, Torris never really fit in with his brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, or parents. The family was very traditional, very aggressive, and not very pleased about the current situation on Rodia. They had hoped to make a new life for themselves the old fashioned way on Coruscant, but the whole group fell under hard times during the journey to the Core Worlds. The war with the Sith had ripped up the Republic something fierce, and it was the common folk that got the short end of the stick, including Torris's family. When they finally landed on Courscant, most of them had to turn to crime in order to pay off their debts.

But Torris was different. No crime lord wanted him, not even the local drug pushers wanted him delivering their goods. He didn't have the stomach for the job, so he tried to unsuccessfully find himself a new line of employment away from the old family. After spending his teenage years doing a large number of minor, insignifcant duties for meagre pay, Torris landed, of all things, a job working for the CSF. He wasn't too proud of himself, neither were his parents, but the pay was good and in the right districts, the danger was minimal. What was the worst that could happen?

Weapons/Equipment: Standard issue blaster pistol, a comlink, and a CSF speeder.


10/15/2011 #24

Accepted. Poor Torris... This attack really isn't what he signed up for.

10/15/2011 #25
Michael The SyrJirk

It seems like we always get a few posts in and then it's silent for a few more weeks.

10/24/2011 #26
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