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There are some people out there who are tired of the whole PPG/RRB fanfics that people are crazy about. If you pretty much dislike how this pairing is being used, join me when you can.
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Incy Little Spider

There's a similar topic somewhere in a PPG Community on LJ.

I rewatched TBABIT the other day...I was in a sadistic mood I guess. That's got to be one of the most difficult episodes to watch...ever. Speed Demon's got nothing on this lol. This is plain disturbing. I had to stop watching at the Brick/Blossom spit thing. My God...how could anyone ship PPG/RRB after watching this??

The topic in LJ is very interesting. It compares the attack to sexual assault and I kinda agree. I come back to the Brick/Blossom thing again, cause that just...the most obvious r*** thing I've ever seen in a children's cartoon. It's disgusting.

I'm shocked to find some fans thinks it's ROMANTIC! Okay i guess there boyfriends torture them for fun, eh?

The topic in LJ also talks about how the Boys are much more vicious and bloodthirsty after Him recreats them. I agree again. Seriosuly, they were just thoughtless killing machines in the first appearnece but in the second they were like....scary. Like, giggling little serial killers.

Okay, of course you could write a dark fic with the PPG/RRB's with all that sadomaschostic stuff to make it more realistic. You could try to build a more interesting character for the Boys to try and make your story more interesting. But make it fluffy high school, romance s***? That just won't work. It might of worked before TBABIT came out. But as soon as Him recreated them and the writers made that hour of woman abuse...man, it's a bit difficult isn't it? You're going to make a pack of f*** insane would-be-rapists into lovey dovey woobies? Okay good luck with you then.

(I'm never watching that episode again. I think I'm going to have nightmares.)

9/21/2009 #1

I honestly don't know if the shippers have watched that ep, but I totally agree with you about the assault thing. The Boys definitely became more sadistic and scarier than when Mojo created them, which is what Him was going for I think. I can't see how anyone would think it's romantic at all since the Boys do assault the Girls. It's clear there's no love within them and that they don't want to love the Girls. They hate the Girls and want to kill them. I seriously think that anyone who watches this ep and still wants to ship PPG/RRB is insane. All of the PPG/RRB fics came about after the RRB's first appearance when the Girls kissed them. However, they fail to notice that the Girls kiss them on the cheek, not the lips, so it seems more like a friendly kiss than a kiss out of love. For that to happen you have to kiss on the lips. So, that's my two cents. I agree that TBABIT clearly washes away any speculation that the Girls and Boys could ever be together because it's impossible.

9/21/2009 #2
Aku Blossom

I am going to do what I typically do and play devil's advocate.

I think that it is...very easy to say it's impossible. And therein lies the problem. While this is the most overused and abused pairing set, it also happens to be the hardest pairing to write and justify in this fandom.

I will; however, agree. I think everyone ignores TBABIT because its easier to. That said...I think people on this side are too quick to say "lol it doesn't work" which is entirely the opposite mindset, I feel, this..."faction" claims to embrace.

To use a comparison that makes the most sense to me...Through the Fire and Flames on Expert Guitar in Guitar Hero is a very, very hard song. That doesn't mean it's impossible, I've five-starred it. It just means it's very, very hard.

9/21/2009 #3

Okay, you have a point there. But I'm just saying that as of right now based on this episode, it's impossible for the Girls and Boys to fall in love. Sure, it may happen, but it certainly won't be love at first sight, especially because of what the Boys put the Girls through in this ep. I think the shippers do ignore this episode because they truly feel the Girls and Boys are meant for each other. As for me, I say no way. I can see the Girls hooking up with their classmates more than I can see the RRBs and PPGs getting together.

9/21/2009 #4

It wouldn't make a lick of sense to ship PPG /RRb if they are still evil. But nmost of the fics I've read the Boys aren't evil anymore, the writers find a way to amke them good. Then again, I haven't read many of the newer fics that ship PPG/RRb. Most of them proabably just ignore TBABIT like it never happened.

Yeah that scene at the end is pretty disgusting. They make the RRb the meanest, grossest, perhaps the worst villains on the show. If they really want to give girls a sense of empowerment, surely they don't have to make their male equivelents act like this. It did give Buttercup a rare chance to defend her sister from bullies, though.

9/21/2009 #5
Aku Blossom

"It wouldn't make a lick of sense to ship PPG /RRb if they are still evil."

I could not disagree with you more.

Aku x Blossom (written by myself) says Hi

Him x Bubbles says Hi

Kim x Shego says Hi

Mojo x Blossom says Hi

Sailor Moon x Diamond says Hi (I hate this one)

That's a very, very closed-minded way to look at things. Just because it's hard, doesn't mean it's impossible.

9/21/2009 #6
Incy Little Spider

I don't think there's a single pairing in the show that is impossible to ship. Heck I've written two Fuzzy/Bubbles stories before. The problem is writing them realistically and in character. I personally don't think portraying the RRBs as love-kittens is realistic at all. Sure you could make them good but GIVE US A REASON! Not just, "man there hot, I should be good if I wanna get in their pants." Give us a proper reason why a rowdyruff boy and powerpuff girl would want to get together.

Personally if I was beaten, spat on, torured with scabs and slugs and nearly killed I wouldn't want to go anywhere near the person who did it to me. PPG/RRB writer, give us a reason why they've decided to forget all that.

RRB/PPG pairings can be written well and have been written well in the past. But to do it you can't just forget that the two teams have tried to kill each other. Better, you could use that to make an interesting story.

I could never write a serious PPG/RRB romance story, simply because of TBABIT. I might've written one before this episode came out but...after rewatching the episode I just can't. I just imagine if that happened to me and feel sick. I watched it with my cousin and she had to walk out of the room halfway thrugh. It's a very difficult episode to watch. It makes me feel physically ill. I think all the male writers had broken up with their girlfriends when they were writing the story and needed to vent out their anger somehow....XP

9/21/2009 #7
Aku Blossom

Personally, I think they may have gotten fed up with constant pestering to bring the Rowdyruff Boys back (I'm looking at the entire Rowdyruff.net website). So when they finally caved and decided to revive them, they took all of that frustration out on the girls, spitefully so I think. That's the best explanation I can find for why the boys were just so pathetic when they came back. Not to mention the clip in City of Clipsville.

9/21/2009 #8
Incy Little Spider

Yeah probably. I heard that the PPG/RRB pairing was only mildly popular before TBABIT came out. Then it took over 90% of the fandom like we see today. Another reason not to like the episode. :\

9/22/2009 #9

Him x Bubbles says Hi

We've got cookies! :D *waves from postcard*

You know, I am not much for RRB/PPG at all, but I like stories where they are sometimes friends (and just friends) now and then :3. For bigger reasons though, not just because or over a crush...

And only ones without the words "Babe" or "Butchy" -.-

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #10

Oh, I agree that the ep made me feel sick, too. That's why I will barely watch it anymore. I just can't. And I can't see the Girls wanting to hook up with the Boys right away after all that. It would take a long time for them to forget it and make amends. I'm not saying it's totally impossible, but I do think there are drawbacks from this ep.

9/22/2009 #11

QUOTE That's a very, very closed-minded way to look at things. Just because it's hard, does not mean its impossible. QUOTE

That's a very good point. I hope I didn't anger you by that (yes, unthinking) comment.

9/22/2009 #12

I do believe the Rowdyruff boys and have a tensy-tiny little affectionate-side, but this obviously is not directed to the Powerpuff girls. The one rare and perhaps the only time I would get to see the boys behaving other then sadistic and stupid, was in their debut episode where they threw ome green liquid over Mojo's head and they where all laughing, like they were bonding with each other. And also when were at the table drinking and laughing. Good things end quickly, unfortunately.

But watching that episode made me feel like they lost ALL their humanity-side. It was really dissapointing. However, that Boomer swatting a fly part, was the little part I liked.

10/10/2009 #13
Incy Little Spider

I like to think the boys were more evil in TBABIT because Him ressurected them.

It's an interesting thought.

In their first episode the boys were just killing machines and all they were made to do was to kill the girls. That's like most of Mojo's machines and inventions. A quick-sure-fire way to get rid of the girls.

When they're ressurected by Him they don't seem to want to kill the girls but mind-f*** and torture them until they're so insane they beg for death. Remind you of anyone? Begins with H ends with M has an I in the middle?

Soory rambling again. It's just very interesting.

10/10/2009 #14

I agree that they became more evil when Him brought them back.

10/12/2009 #15


He said to Mojo that he made them 'better'. And better coming from him means: 'MOAR EBIL!MUAHHAAHHAA!'

...yeah. Once again: trufax.

10/14/2009 #16

But no matter who brings them back, the RRBs as they are in canon will be basically puppets of their parents ideas more than real people...Unlike the girls, who have the power to grow and become more than their parts, the RRBs seem predestined to never truly learn on the emotional level of humans...

10/14/2009 #17

For me being an actual fan of them for a reason even unknown to myself, I'm hoping that over time they will grow more rebelious even to their fathers. Because for me they seem to have slightly their own will. They showed that they could eat and are in fact not robots that don't sleep or eat. Their goal is to destroy the Powerpuff girls, but I'm thinking they would also want to stay around and have fun. (In a way that's different from the girls.) That's my point of view, anyway.

But what you're saying is probably more closer to the truth I have to (sadly for myself) admit.

I still laugh at the fact that Craig doesn't even like them ;)

10/14/2009 #18

I never said that they don't eat or sleep..they may be living but that doesn't make them as able to grow or even think as much for themselves as the girls (reasoning is a whole other skill, they can reason but their lack of free thinking self-motivation kills a lot of that potential IMHO) . And no, wanting to have fun is something the girls do often, but their fun is a normal childhood sort fueled by their own personalities. The RRBs, as they are in the show themselves, seem to have 'fun' only by doing things that fall under what whoever made them would see as 'fun' or at the least, annoying to humans. The girls ideas of fun my be good by the same nature, but you always get the sense that they could reshape 'fun' to be many things, maybe even semi-not good things, as they grow... I don't get that feeling of being able to grow at all from the RRBs, short of being killed and having another less blood driven person remake them, in which case it would when you get down to it, it would not be the RRBs we are talking about anymore, but a different set of boys (this being the RRBs as they are shown in the show only, not any fandom versions)

10/14/2009 . Edited 10/14/2009 #19

I'm not denying your right. Because like I said, your vision is probably closer to the truth then what I was babbling about. I like to think that the Rowdyruff boys once turn older, they grow more independent towards their fathers. However, they will probably always hate the Powerpuff girls, no second thought about that. The Rowdyruff boys are, like the powerpuff girls, close to be called a human specie. Only, of course, gifted with powers and flight and such. I don't know what goes through the mind of little boys. A big part probably goes to violence. The boys have superstrength and they make (carelessly) use of that. They seem to have interests just like other little boys. (videogames and hamburgers, for example.). Again, I'm not saying you are absolutly spreading bull***. None at all. This is just really a theory, and not close, or perhaps not even the truth at all (You can call it a fantasy, actually.) :)

10/15/2009 #20

I don't think this is entirely fair. Saying the boys have a snowball's chance in Hell with the girls because of that one episode? Really? They where being villains. EVERY villain in the entire series AT SOME POINT has embarrassed, harrassed, and hurt the girls. (And I do not mean harrassed in the sexual sense.) In that episode it seemed like the boys weren't even trying to kill them. They were using them as toys more than anything else. And someone please tell me the name of one boy who, at the age of five, hasn't/never spits, picks scabs, plays with bugs, etc. The RRBs just happened to be taking it to the extreme.

If you all refuse to believe that the boys could ever end up with the girls because of this, what about the other villains? Villains who have explicitely tried to kill the girls multiple times. Are you telling me Blossom is more likely to end up with Mojo than Brick because Brick spit on her, whereas Mojo has threatened the lives of her sisters, the Professor, and all but blew her to smithereens with the use of various bombs and weaponry? That Bubbles is more likey to end up with Him, who warped her all-time favorite toy into something evil and corrupted, possibly traumatized her with nightmares, and attempted to alter their future into a vaste wasteland of hoplessness, than Boomer because he put a slug in her dress?

In the grand scheme of things, is this one particular episode the worst thing that's ever happened to the girls? Sure they were embarrassed, but I've seen greater acts of evil. And this is really the greatest act of evil the boys ever commit in the series. And it's limited to slugs, scabs, and spit. Be reasonable people.

10/23/2009 #21
Aku Blossom

I have to go to work, so I'll have to be brief, but yes. Actually, this one episode IS worse than the examples you gave. Mojo and Him have interacted with the girls "OFF-DUTY" quite civally. I mean seriously, the boys were actually trying to do harm to the girls. What has Him actually done except for mess with their minds? Really, if I had time, I could explain how every single "Him-centric" episode was a character-building episode for the girls. Him acts more like a teaching figure than a truly malicious individual intent on killing the girls.

And Mojo is just acting out of spite. He brought it on himself for betraying the girls, yes I get that. But really his actions can be easily read as brokenhearted. I think Mojo would actually join forces with the girls if both parties could just sit down and hash out the events of the movie. A bit of therapy and some sincere apologies later and it would be water under the bridge. He wants to make the world a better place (The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! being the source for this) he just didn't know how else to do it.

The Boys Are Back In Town's second half was fifteen minutes of TORTURE. Not fighting, not playing a joke on the girls. It was, by all definitions of the word, torture. The closest anyone else has come to this was Mojo zapping Bubbles with his laser in Bubblevicious for the sake of making her scream to get her sisters' attention. No one has been as malicious or downright mean to the girls.

No, I can't think of a single real little boy literally torturing a little girl. Let alone said little girl getting over it and falling in love with him. Did Brick really need to get out the thumbscrews, pillory, rack, nails, stocks, and feathers for it to qualify as, and I've said this a lot to prove a point, torture?

Please, since we're so closed-minded, point me to an episode where a different villain dished out this much cold-hearted abuse to the Powerpuff Girls, for an equally appalling span of time.

10/23/2009 #22

I agree, most of all when you take into account how easy it would have been for Him to just completly ruin their minds in one blow and keep them as pets somewhere etc...

10/23/2009 #23
Incy Little Spider

Of course we're not saying it's impossiblle for the RRB and PPG to get together. That would be hypocritical of us. I just find it very hard to think of a fluffy, romance type of RRB/PPG story where they all fall in love straight away as the bulk o PPG/RRB tend to be. That's not realistic. A realistic fic would explore the deep emotional turmoil of the PPG's falling in love with their enemy's and RRB fighting their feelings. It would be darker and not all happy bunnies and fluff. There would need to be a lot of thought and reasoning behind it, not just written in five minutes. Stories with, for exampole, Him and Bubbles in the romantic lead or most often dark, confronting and not just fluff-tastic because that would be OOC and unrealistic. Most RRB/PPG fics have them all falling in love straight away with no build-up or anything. That is unrealistic.

You argue that all little boys torture and torment little girls. I feel sorry for you if that has happened to you. My brother when he was little used to like to gross girls out. But he knew when to stop, he knew when the joke wasn't funny anymore, when he had gone too far. The RRB's however, clearly weren't going to stop the torture until the girls were begging for death. That isn't a joke. That is torture that would do a serial killer proud. It would be a long time for both the boys and the girls to forget that.

Other villains such as Mojo and Him have been seen to act civially towards the girls. Him in Telephonies and Mojo in the episode where he and the girls banded together. When have the boys acted kind to the girls? (And don't you say City of Clipsville cause for God's sake the writers were MAKING FUN of the PPG/RRB stories and the writers!) The boys have always wanted to kill and hurt the girls. They have never acted civially towards them.

Sorry if I sound harsh but I can't just sit by and read people saying that torture is okay.

10/23/2009 #24

I think it really depends on what you mean by civil. I always feel like they're mocking the girls when they're like that.

10/24/2009 . Edited 10/24/2009 #25

Please understand that I'm not saying this in the defense of the ridiculous fluff-bunny stories that are so commonly found in the archive. I agree with you that those are sadly unrealistic.

I'm also not saying that your average little boy is a torture machine. If they really were like that...well, God help us all. I'm saying that the immature nature of their attacks and abuse towards the girls stems from somewhat normal little boy behaviour. But because they're chemically X-enhance and, obviously, evil it's been taken to a dangerous extreme.

Now when comparing the level of evilness seen in the acts of the villains...well, I suppose that differs in opinion. If you truly believe that Him's mental attacks aren't nearly as evil, then I have no choice but to respect your opinion. I do, however, believe that the extent of psychological damage is being undermined when comparing a blatant physical attack. And you must also keep in mind that Him is every bit as responsible for what the girls went through in that episode as the boys were themselves.

10/24/2009 #26
Incy Little Spider

You put up good points and I respect them. It's a relief to come across a sane, PPG/RRB who actually engages in clever conversation, not just yell at us in chatspeak and all-caps. ^^

With the other villains, and in particular Him, I hope I didn't sound like I was excusing his behavior towards the girls. I didn't mean to write it like that. What Him has done to the girls is of course, evil and horrific. Saying it isn't would be incredibly biased and stupid of me. But there are times when the Him hasn't tried to attack the girls even when they're in the same house and right in front of his nose. In these instances, he acts rather normally and doesn't try to hurt them. But whenever the RRB's and the PPG's meet it triggers a huge fight. The boys have never acted in an appropiate way towards the girls.

So if the boys have always treated the girls like dirt, I find it difficult, but not impossible for them to get together. Writers have to work around the animosity and the hatred between the two. That means some thinking behind the writing. Of course Him/Bubbles and Mojo/Blossom is prehapes even harder pairings to write correctly, but nearly all of the stories I've read for them have gotten it right. Meanwhile the bulk of PPG/RRB fics have gotten it wrong.

Sorry again for getting mad in my other post. It was stupid of me.

10/24/2009 . Edited 10/24/2009 #27
Aku Blossom

You make a very good point but I know for a fact that no one here is arguing that ANYONE can POSSIBLY be more evil than Him. What you have to consider is...think about what Him is truly capable of. He is, and there is no arguing this, the most powerful entity in their entire universe. There is one time the girls have fought him with the metaphorical gloves off, and that was in Speed Demon. The girls were utterly incapable of even harming him.

So reasoning just how powerful he is and just what he is capable of...I think it shows some kind of affection for the girls in just how much Him holds back. Even going so far as to feign a loss when the game stops being fun. The psychological damage isn't being undermined...because the girls weren't damaged by it. They grew from it. Which is why I draw the conclusion that Him is trying to better the girls, to strengthen them. Because, frankly speaking, from canon evidence we can surmise that if he wanted them dead or ruined, they would be dead and ruined.

10/24/2009 #28

Well, thank you for respecting my opinion. :) I felt someone needed to come to the defense of the few decent RRB/PPG stories that have been written.

Of course, as with any, Good/Evil pairing there needs to be the right amount of background and build-up. There has to be enough time and development for the pairing to make sense. So of course that includes lots of internal conflicts and trials, and some authors have suceeded in adding these elements and making believable Color stories. I think the reason we don't see as many of these is because that people ship them for the wrong reasons.(Their colors match. They MUST love each other.) They don't look far enough into it to see how much potential there is for those pairings and they end up writing sappy fluffball stories. The less common Good/Evil stories are written by people open-minded and intelligent enough to see the potential in the less popular pairings and write good stories. In fact, when I do find a Mojo/Blossom or Him/Bubbles fic that I think is written really well I always wonder why people have such a hard time writing a good Color story.

And, Not Ninja, I don't believe anyone is doubting the evilness of Him. I personally wouldn't go as far to say that Him's reasons for holding back are because of affection, but that's just me. And, honestly, if he went as far as to kill them...well goodbye series.

10/26/2009 #29

In fact, when I do find a Mojo/Blossom or Him/Bubbles fic that I think is written really well I always wonder why people have such a hard time writing a good Color story.

Becuase Him and Mojo have more character in their canon little fingers than the RRBs. Really, if I was to write a RRB/PPG with their characters fleshed out enough to make a good story I would really feel like I might as well be writing OC RRB/PPG..that is how much growth I think they need IMHO.

And even for the parts of stories that need to have Mojo or Him more real feeling than they were, they're are so many layers given to them in canon that any of those could make for hidden growth points of even Townsville...I can't say the RRBs are anywhere as interesting, because they feel..added on to me, not so much a part of Townsville as just..visting weapons that happen to talk and be male :\

10/27/2009 #30
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