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A place for all of those who dislike the Twilight series to gather and discuss. Hilarity ensues.
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Letter to Miss

Basically... here are the rules of this forum.

#1. There's no language filter, so feel free to go crazy.

#2. Fans of the series are allowed, as long as they have a valid point about what they have to say. If all that you have to say is, "SCREW THE TWILIGHT HATERS!111!", please restrain yourself from posting. Thanks.

#3. Most content is allowed, as there was some pretty explicit content in the books, but don't take things too far.

#4. This isn't a forum for Twilight FanFiction. Want to post it? Go somewhere else.

#5. You can flame the books, but not the people.

#6. Don't tell me to get rid of this forum. I'll kick your ass.

#7. Nothing about porn, please. Otherwise you'll get a MOD ATTACK!

#8. Long rambling rants are appreciated.

#9. Picture threads to post your hate art are allowed.

Those are the current rules for now, but I'll update them when I see that it's needed. Thanks for reading. If you have any input on the rules, questions, or any suggestions, please post them on this thread.

Updated 11/7/08

10/22/2008 . Edited 10/16/2009 #1

You ought to lock the rules. Otherwise people tend to be a bit unruly. Especially if you hate Twilight. The rabid fans are everywhere.

I think you should add another mod. Me!

2/14/2010 #2
Letter to Miss

Thank you; that's a really good idea. It always surprises me when I see rabid fans on here. You'd figure they'd be smart enough to steer clear of places where people who don't like Twilight hand out.

I'm pretty sure that I invited another mod, but I haven't heard back yet.

2/14/2010 #3
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