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Letter to Miss

Ever since Twilight, I've hardly been able to read a recently published vampire novel without seeing how similar it is to Twilight. Now I find most vampire stories to be dull, unoriginal, and one-sided relationships with sexy bad guys. And they all remind me of Twilight, especially with the huge amount of vampire novels being published recently. Now they're just so overrated. I don't know; the series just spoiled vampires for me. Has this happened to anyone else?

10/16/2009 #1
Don't Use Anymore

Twilight, has not ruined vampires for me. However, the newest vampire book and enjoyed (non-manga) was something by Anne Rice. It's just that all the vampire books lately have been kind of lame.

10/16/2009 #2
Letter to Miss

They're all inspired by Meyer's cash cow, I think... =\ They don't seem as if they're written for the author, just for the money.

Anne Rice looks very interesting, but I'm reading Neil Gaiman right now. x3

10/16/2009 #3

Well, I think it depends what kind of vampire stories you decide to read. The ones I am currently interested in and finding are non-romantic vampire stories. The ones that are complete horror. One vampire book I did enjoy was Silver Kiss, even though it was a romance book, I still found it interesting. But it was kind of clich'e but the character Zoe wasn't much of an annoying Mary Sue and she was kind of balanced.

One book I enjoyed at first but started to hate was the Vampire Beach series, and the main character wasn't a Mary Sue BUT a Gary Stu. Other books I am interested in, but avoiding because of Twilight, are Vampire Diaries and Vampire Kisses. I just know they will feel like reading Twilight all over again and again.

But I think Twilight also spoiled romance novels for me, too. I just get one book, I open and read it, then I just stop half way and put the book back in the shelve with utter disgust and try to find another decent book to read.

Nevertheless, even though vampire genre is being ruined in books, it hasn't ruined it for me in movies and comics and show (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) yet...

10/16/2009 #4
Don't Use Anymore

They're all inspired by Meyer's cash cow, I think... =\ They don't seem as if they're written for the author, just for the money.

We need a Vampire version of Heathers. Now.

Anne Rice looks very interesting, but I'm reading Neil Gaiman right now. x3

I've been wanting to read Sandman.

@Celesitial: I've never really liked romance novels. Most of tend to be wishfufillment. However I like to read well-written romances.

10/16/2009 #5

Most of tend to be wishfufillment. However I like to read well-written romances.

I understand. I am still wondering if I still even like them. I am critizing more than praising than I used to when I was younger. Maybe it has to do with the overrated soap operas.

I want to read something that will leave me shaking.

10/16/2009 #6
Don't Use Anymore

I heard Lovecraft is pretty good. Though I haven't read any of his books.

10/21/2009 #7
Vincent the Magnificent

I'd recommend Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (the first five particularly) although certain aspects of the series are somewhat cliched - or rather, have become cliched in recent times. The books were rather radical for their time and remain a much more daring, thoughtful and complex take on the vampire myth than Stephanie Meyer would be capable of in a thousand years. Rice entirely revolutionised the cultural symbol of the vampire, although its possible that in turning the traditional 'blood-sucking monster' of Dracula fame into a dashing and complex anti-hero, she also facilitated its deterioration into the bland, watered-down "diet-coke vampires" of Twilight etc. I believe Stephanie Meyer claims to have read Anne Rice's books, and it shows. Twilight reads like an awful fanfiction of Rice's work...one that has totally missed the point and whittled down the story to its most crass and simplistic terms, entirely negating the moral and sexual ambiguity of the Chronicles...

But anyway...back to the original point. Yes, many recently published vampire novels are typically dull and derivative. I think there's life in the genre yet, and possible hope for the future, it's simply a case of unimaginative authors jumping on the Twilight bandwagon to make an easy profit in exchange for minimal effort. The problem is their popularity! If a mediocre writer can get famous and make bucketloads of cash by sticking to the tried-and-tested formula and regurgitating the same old drivel we've heard a million times before, why bother making the effort to write something intelligent or innovative? Why bother doing research or ensuring that you have a basic understanding of biology, world history, classical literature or gender politics? Why bother even trying to create believable and engrossing characters when all you need to do is knock together boring, beautiful, sparkling, cliche-ridden, dead-eyed, floral-scented wangst-buckets and readers will adore them anyway? Why bother making art when you can make a living? It's a sad situation, but hopefully once the Twilight craziness dies down and the hordes of Twitards either start demanding better vampire novels or losing interest entirely, the situation will right itself. Twilight's got FAD written all over it. I mean the fans can't stay twelve-years-old forever, right....right?!

On a happier note, has anyone here read 'Let the Right One In' by John Ajvide Lindqvist? It's one of the very few contemporary vampire novels to really impress me with its intensity and originality. I'd recommend it to just about anyone.



11/6/2009 . Edited 11/6/2009 #8

No it hasn't.

And this one word describes why:


11/20/2009 #9

Strangely enough, Twilight didn't actually ruin vampires for me. I have no idea why. Probably because SM's are the only vamps who actually SPARKLE. I mean, seriously? They sparkle! That is so weird...

Some good vampire books I've read have been the MORGANVILLE VAMPS series and the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series. The HOUSE OF NIGHT series is not as great, but it's still pretty good. VAMPIRE DIARIES was a good book, but I personally think the TV series was better - more dramatic.

I don't think there are too many vampire books like Twilight. I mean, sure, they all share the girl-loves-possibly-evil-hot-wamp element, but that's been there before SM was even born.

Oh, well. That's just me.

11/22/2009 #10

Peeps by Scott Westerfeild is somewhat good. Some of the supporting characters are kinda Mary Sue, but it has a unique take on vampires. back on topic, Twilight hasn't ruined vampire books for me

12/24/2009 #11

Twilight has COMPLETELY RUINED VAMPS FOR ME. Except for Simon in the Mortal Instuments. He's the only well-written one, apart from Count Dracula.

1/25/2010 #12
Letter to Miss

I've been reading Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, and it's a very refreshing view of the over-romanticized vampire.

Peeps is good, too. I started Dracula, but I never got around to finishing it.

1/27/2010 . Edited 1/27/2010 #13

I watched the movie based on Interview with the Vampire. It was... very graphic.

1/27/2010 #14

Surprisingly no. However Twilight HAS ruined vampires for my mother, the guy I'm dating, and most of my friends. I think I managed to survive thanks to the novels by Lynsay Sands. Seriously F'ing hilarious. #1 Cool, suave, devastatingly handsome vampire guys...making complete idiots of themselves trying to win over normal mortal women. #2 Vampires from Atlantis...that's right...in the Sand's series, vampires are from Atlantis...also nanos, that's what makes them vampires. And when the vampires explain this what is the normal reaction. "Lol...okay, seriously, what's the real reason?" #3 Finally, the books don't take themselves too seriously, and make you laugh the whole way through. They're sweet and romantic at times but mostly just laugh your butt off funny. I don't think any other book, let alone an entire series, has ever made me laugh so much before.

Also I really like True Blood. I'm not sure why...it could just be because Eric is a smoking hot viking...but somehow I don't think that's it. It's probably the insane amounts of dysfunction...and Lafayette because he cracks me up.

7/25/2010 #15
Madame Apathy

Sorry to butt in.

I was fine because I read the classic horror books as a nine year old and fell in love with the original vampire. I did read Twilight, but by the end of the first few chapters I wanted to reach into the book and strangle Bella. Plus, I did a lot of skimming because of the ott description of Edward.

Dracula by Bram Stoker was fantastic, if anyone fancies it. Not really a romance as such, but a good read.

8/5/2010 #16

Oddly enough Dracula is what I consider to be the first vampire book I ever truly read. While the first vampire book series I read was the Atwater Rhodes series they were more like something I could associate with and less as a vampire series to me. It wasn't until later in high school and I read through them again that I was really able to appreciate them as vampire books and that was after Bram Stoker's Dracula had earned me an 'A' as a end of the year book report/project. I do suggest reading the books by Amelia Atwater Rhodes though. Partly because she inspired me to start putting my writing out where people could actually read it and also because they are honestly a pretty good vampire series that predates Twilight and really should have been the vampire series to turn the genre around. Her second book is a bit self-indulgent but In the Forest of the Night was pretty empowering to read as a young girl.

8/5/2010 #17
Madame Apathy

I'll have a look next time I go to the library :)

8/6/2010 #18

I don't think I disliked Twilight that much. It was entertaining. :)

But by now I do loathe vampires. Overdone doesn't begin to cover it.

8/6/2010 #19

I wouldn't say it ruined vampires for ME, honestly. It just makes me roll my eyes at how ridiculous the Twilight vampires are. Vegetarians? I mean, come on...seriously? *shakes head* _

On another note. I have actually read one reallly good vampire novel. It was technically classified as a romance, but it was actually pretty decent. The girl didn't automatically fall in love with the vampire (who I ironically thought was a werewolf at first...don't ask) and it was more along the lines of 'breaking out of the vampire hypnosis', which in turn sounds terribly cliche. But the story was a whole lot better than the "I'm gonna commit suicide if my vampire boyfriend is away for too long". I don't really remember all the story, but she eventually 'gets rid' of the vampire and everything's all fine and dandy in the end.

And I can't ever forget Anne Rice's vampires. My best friend simply won't let me! xDD

8/10/2010 #20

EDIT: okay, so Twilight has not completely ruined vamps for me. Look at my icon for more details.

9/15/2010 #21
Molly Annice

They were dead to me until I found this song. I like Danny over Edward.


10/14/2010 #22
Madame Apathy

Danny deserves his own film! :D

10/14/2010 #23
Molly Annice

I know! *blush* Okay, I kind of lied about vampires being dead to me. I want to write a series of vampire books. I love reading up about the occult. It is so interesting in what people believe. The thing about Twilight that annoys me so much is that Stephanie Meyer's did not do any research on Vampires because she was lazy. I am Lazy and I did more research into my book. I went and bought a frigging encyclopaedia on just vampires. The Vampire mythology is all over the world and there are different versions of Vampire's. If she didn't like the normal vampire weaknesses she could have looked for the particular ones like citrus allergies or that they are compelled to count small things like grains or seeds. How different would the book be if all you had to do to distract a vampire is throw a bunch of mustard seeds on the ground or if Bella had to change her own diet to be with Edward. Another different weakness would be if all vampires were neurotic, "turning objects upside down was thought to confuse vampires in Romania. Like turning your clothes inside out and sleeping with your head on a Pillow or object in the house itself." The romanians did this on St.Andrew's Eve and St George's eve. There is also the weakness to Bells she could have given them. Bells supposedly annoy them. They could also be highly flammable.

If I write a book series, I would want to write that goes over the myths of vampires. A mystery UST type book. The book series would follow a group that works as a detective organization. Two of them would be mine main, main characters in the group. Like every vampire book a human woman and a vampire man and yeah they would be in lurve but the never act on it. I want a series that goes everywhere and anywhere.

10/22/2010 #24

Nope. Twilight didn't ruin Vampires for me.

The resulting explosion of the vampire-romance genre did, though. People are entirely too hung up over the bloody things.

Look, I make pun. XD *points and laughs*

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #25

I think it kinda did... a bit. Why you may ask? Because when I heard a vampire story 5 years ago when I was six, at summer camp, I could only think of bloodthirsty monsters to add to my list of things to avoid... FOREVER. But not long after that, I heard something called Twilight. I didn't really care about it. At least not until I was nine. That's when I borrowed the book from the library(good thing too... Complete. Waste. Of monies..) and it was so boring it took me a WEEK to read it! Now when I think of vampires, I think of big fails like Edward Cullen. I love Stephen King works... and I had to agree when he said this book was terrible. BTW I'm a NOOBIE.

12/15/2010 #26

I hope not. But the current Vampire fad sweeping over impressionable teens and pre-teens (and heck, even post-teens) might indicate otherwise. -__-

1/28/2011 #28



And Twilight hasn't killed vampires for me . . . those THINGS are not vampires, and they never will be.

But it's really irritating to have to explain to a friend what 'vegetarian' means, that if you're made out of diamonds then you CAN'T MOVE, and basically that Stephenie Meyer is a fucking retard.

2/5/2011 #29
Welsh Gem

Before I watched the twilight film *shudder* I loved vampires. At Halloween I would dress up as a female vampire and go trick or treating and parties but then I watched twilight and now I never want to see another vampire.

I think most people should dress up as Edward Cullen *cough*retard*cough* on Halloween because Halloween is the night for frights and torture. Me and my friends had a competion who dressed up as the most scariest coustume and ny friend who dressed up as Edward Culled won. He actually but make up glitter on his face.

2/19/2011 #30
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