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Hi, this is another thread I made because I am curious to know other people's opinion on what they think a Mary Sue (or Marty/Gary stu) is.

Since we always say that Bella, Edward, Nessia, etc are Sues and all. I want to know what everyone's definition of a Mary/Marty/Gary stu/sue is when it comes to other characters in other categories.

EX: Books, Movies, Games, Manga, Anime, etc.

11/23/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #1

A Sue/Stu is a back-bone-less, pathetic, cliched twit. They follow the exact outline for every other character like them ever created.

In the case of a a Sue, she is usually a damsel in distress type, the total anti-feminist. She is totally submissive to any man who will pay attention to her, and has no self-esteem whatsoever, despite the fact that she is probably shockingly beautiful and smart and everything else. Always falls hard for the Stu.

In the case of a Stu, he is a total and complete jerk. He is always the prince come to save the day. He is also totally anti-feminist, and is the typical macho dude. Always handsome, always perfect, and in my opinion, always an idiot. Always sweeps the Sue right off her perfect little feet.

11/23/2009 #2

I define a Sue as- A perfect character with no personality. Everyone the Sue comes in contact with falls in love with her because of her perfect good looks. Usually doesn't have much sense. A Sue must have super ridiculously long hair. (I've seen down to their knees), and super duper eyes, that have, but are not limited to: Color changing, unrealistic eye color, ex: red, purple, black. Almost always have 'curves in the right places'. In fanfiction, they usually get together with the writers obsession. That a general sue. Then there are the sub-levels.

Cliche Sue- Everything about them is cliched, from their hair cascading down thier back to thier..... I can't think of another cliche. But you get the point.

Self-Insert- A self insert Sue is a sue that is exactly like the writer. One of the biggest Self Inserts is Bella. Self Inserts, however, are what the writer wants to be like, or everything about the writer magnified. The writer an okay drawer? The sue will be a perfect drawer. The writer have black hair to their shoulders? The Sue will have pitch black hair down to their knees.

12/1/2009 #3

Nice definition, but you forgot the fact that the Sue inevitably thinks that she is plain.

It doesn't matter if the Sue is drop-dead gorgeous, incredidbly smart or whatever, she ALWAYS thinks along the lines of, "I'm just a plain, boring girl. There's nothing interesting about me. How could ANYBODY like me?" She has zero self-esteem, no matter the fact that she's probably the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth.

My least favorite Sue is the PERFECT GIRL Sue.

This usually entails long blonde hair, stick straight, grown to some unfathomable legnth and shiny as a new penny, despite the fact that it's pretty damn impossible to make your hair nice when it's down to your back, let alone your ankles. She has super pale skin, and HUGGGEEE eyes, prefferably blue or grey. She's nice, funny, but unbearably shy. For some reason, nobody likes her, despite the fact that she looks like a greek goddess, and is the kindest, most sefless person you'll ever meet.

My friend is writing a book, and her main character is EXACTLY like this. I tried to warn her away from it, suggesting a more subdued form of bueaty, a more unique look, but she wasn't having it. Even the character's name is Sue-ish.

She put me in the book as well, I'm quite the Sue too. Ah well, what can ya do?

12/2/2009 #4
Letter to Miss

I usually think of a Sue as a character who has super powers, no actual character flaws (no, clumsiness does NOT count as a character flaw), is extremely beautiful, a genius, thinks of herself as boring, and uses little effort to get guys.

12/3/2009 #5

But of course they all fall right at her feet, and she doesn't like any of them, despite their perfectness.

She always wants the one guy who doesn't want her, and she always ends up with him.

12/3/2009 #6

A mary-sue is a character with either a carbon copy personality and looks as an author (except perfected) who every character seems to love for no defined reason


A mary-sue is a character that has no or very little definite personality so that she can be anyone person there by letting the reader imagine that SHE is that person so that every character falls in love with her for no defined reason. Bella of course is of the later variety as she has no personality to speak of.

12/12/2009 . Edited 12/12/2009 #7

My definition of a Mary-Sue is a plastic, shallow girl without the attitude.

Gary-Stus are like jocks, except more stupider.

Honestly, I'm tired of both, and I'm tired of the support it gets from amateur readers like most of my classmates.

1/25/2010 #8

lol, well we all seem to pretty much agree here

1/27/2010 #9

Yep. :P

1/27/2010 #10

How do you define a Mary-Sue?

Arya from Eragon. I mean; super-hot-warrior-princess-ambassador/advisor-powerful-mage? Come on, dude; you have to draw the line somewhere.

5/13/2010 #11

To be fair she is a total jerk and actually does appear to have character flaws.

5/13/2010 #12


5/15/2010 #13

... *bump*

5/26/2010 #14

-Randomly pops in because this seems to be the only Twilight forum dedicated to hating Twilight-

I think many main characters in books or films are Sues, however its their portrayal that defines if they're a Mary Sue or not. Had Meyer portrayed Bella differently or made her 'perfectness' more believable, than many more people would have grown to like the character.

6/12/2010 #15

Ugh, I hate how Bella just shows up to her school, and all the guys just claim her as theirs. I mean, come on! That NEVER happens. Not unless the entire school is full of conceited, cheating jerks.

A Mary-Sue is someone who's so perfect but at the same time extremely selfless and she has little to no friends, yet the whole time boys are falling over themselves to be wit her. And the leading male character always seems to be saving her 'damsel in distress' butt.

6/14/2010 #16


6/14/2010 #17

Presentation is what really matters. Most protagonists of YA books fall automatically into or near Sue/Stu lines. Probably has something to do with them being role models and all.

8/6/2010 #18
Madame Apathy

The basic explanation of a sue/stu is that the world fits to him/her, not the other way around. Because a sue/stu, there is no need for character development, which leaves the story with little interest.

The normal rules of a world or even the universe will not apply to a sue/stu; they will not need a school uniform for school, they will become an expert at a skill within five seconds when a normal person would need to work hard, any other characters will be drawn to him/her the second they are introduced and therefore the sue/stu won't have to work to create a friendship.

People don't like sues/stus because they aren't believable, often contradict what the author tells us(their character will indulge in petty fighting after being labeled "mature" or will ask a guy out in front of an audience after saying they are "shy" or of course the classic "I'm tall enough to be a supermodel with golden ringlets, a tiny waist and curves in all the right places. But there's nothing special about me."), can't be related to and simply aren't as interesting as characters with flaws, problems and quirks of their own.

This can also be annoying because a lot of Suethors tell the reader what to think instead of letting them make their own mind up. I like to really get into a book and be kept on edge. You don't get this from Suethors because a Sue/Stu always has to win everything.

8/7/2010 #19
Overly Caffinated Hedgehog52

I'd say a mary-sue/stu is a character with no definable personality, flaws, development, or substance. Everything goes right for them; everybody likes them(and those who don't are always shown to be evil, mean, stupid, jealous, whatever). Like Madame Apathy said: the rules of the universe bend to this characters will. A mary-sue/stu will never be called out on bad behavior, instead they'll be praised and admired.

If you're talking about a fan-made character inserted into an already established universe they usually have the power to make cannon character painfully OOC, plus all of the above.

2/22/2011 . Edited 3/3/2011 #20

thanks, I saw this term somewhere and assumed it meant "plain,boring".

6/21/2011 #21
Musset Papillion


Obviously, I'm new to this, but I found this topic quite interesting.

Ok, my definition of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu can be found on this site:

It is a Mary Sue Lithmus test that really helps when I'm starting to develop a character for any of my stories LONG before I even write them down. Maybe this could help others so their characters don't become M.S's, or worse...characters in Twilight . ::shudders::

7/7/2011 #22
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