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I actually quite liked Twilight when it first came out (don't shoot me) but I hate the fact that nearly every girl in it is...well...a bit soppy...Bella is boring...Rosalie is vain...Alice is freaky (although she's probably the most easy Cullen to like)...Emse is boring (again), Jessica is a bitch. I always thought Leah was the most interesting but nothing's done with her...what were they thinking?

Who do you think is the worst Twilight girl and why?

12/13/2009 #1
Letter to Miss

I really thought that Bella was the worst, though she was boring and a bitch near the end, I think that her later willingness to leave behind her family and friends for Edward was the effects of their abusive relationship. It'd mentioned in the beginning that she had never had guys pay attention to her before; maybe she thought that all guys were like that, and the only way to keep Edward was to do everything that he said. I don't know, it's just an idea that strayed into my head.

12/13/2009 #2
The Flying Fish

I think the worst is Bella. She has no personality. My mom said Bella reminds her of an abused wife.

12/13/2009 #3

I think I agree although tbh Edward annoys me too...although I can't put my finger on why...

12/14/2009 #4

I think I agree although tbh Edward annoys me too

Perhaps because he's a crazed, abusive stalker who bores you to tears?

12/15/2009 #5

Well, I think that Bella is the worst character in the series. Mainly because she is shallow, selfish, disrespectful, mean, etc, etc.

Alice, I have to admit, is easy to like. But she is dependant on a guy like all the girls in Twilight, her powers don't work most of the time, and she shops....how old is she?


Well, there you have it.

12/23/2009 #6

It's an extremely close-tie between Alice and Bella. Alice just gives off an air of...a hyper Mary-Sue. I think fanfic' has ruined my views of Alice, most of the crazy fangirls make her vain, make her only desirable past-time shopping. Dear god, please not another fic' about her shopping. And words can not even begin to describe my dislike of Bella.

I, personally, liked Rosalie :) At least she was mildly relateable, you were kind of able to understand her character. She had flaws. :)

12/23/2009 #7

:) Massively agreed. Bella is shallow, vain, disrespectful and cliche'd. (:

12/23/2009 #8

Bella can't see past her own nose. If she could she would have picked Jacob a loooooooong time ago. XP

2/20/2010 #9
The Flying Fish
Too true.
2/20/2010 #10
The Bagel of Justice

Frankly, I don't mind Leah or Jacob, and I liked Twilight when it first came out too, but then I got common sense.

Bella I really don't like, because she's just so...Well, you guys know. Annoying, prissy, and stupid. Oblivious is a nice way to put it.

2/24/2010 #11

I kinda like Seth... but he's still a botched creation of Meyer, who has no regard to the REAL legends of vamps and werewolves.

2/28/2010 #12
hp-not harry potter

finally! a place for intelligence! finally place where people realize Meyer needs to be burned on a stick! or hanged at the gallows!

at the beginning i am ashamed to admit i was mildly interested in twilight, then i read the first book and almost puked. so bad. bearable but bad it was boring. when new moon came i thought that maybe, just maybe Meyer learned from her mistakes. it was the only book i ever remember not finishing. and i read Romeo and Juliet till the end! i stoped reading moon after about a quarter. then i stopped because i almost actually fell asleep. literally.

3/1/2010 #13

Bella is defianately the worst.

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #14
hp-not harry potter

you think she is bad? Meyer turned Dracula into a joke! And i read a version of Dracula! its like she knows absolutely nothing of VAMPIRES!!!!

3/1/2010 #15


3/1/2010 #16

It is interesting how no-one seems to slag off the boys (other than Edward and Jacob), although obv I know that I only asked about the girls. It is quite weird how somehow Rosalie is hated for disliking Bella intensely but when Sam (or a general Quilette, it's been ages since I read any of them) suggests killing her? Just a point...personally I hate Sam because of the whole Leah thing (like I said she's the only one i really liked) but...

3/23/2010 #17

Bella has to be the worst Twilight character. This is because she is S. Meyer, the whole reason this "OMG twilights lyke, soooo aesome" thing started in the first place!

4/27/2010 #18

Bella has little to no personality, which is why Twilight is so beloved because it's so easy to put yourself in her shoes. That saying, Bella is a whiny little brat, a mary sue, and clumsy to the point you want to push her off a cliff. Oh wait... that doesn't kill her does it? Is there nothing this girl can't survive? /sarcasm

Leah was by far my favorite character (I've read all the books. Several times actually. I was a super fan for about 3 months before I came to my senses) She's a kick-ass character, has flaws, and dreams, and her life isn't perfect. But of course, in Smeyer's world, if you're not perfect, you're a bitch.

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #19
The Bagel of Justice

Seriously about the bitch part. I think most people started out liking the books, and then becoming more than slightly repulsed. I know I did.

6/18/2010 #20

I agree with Bella being the worst character because -as it was said before as well- she has no personality and you can easily put yourself in her shoes. But what really gets me is New Moon itself! The story is so disgusting for women. I'm afeminist and I never really take offense to things or people against women because they come across as idiots to me but i took such offense to New Moon. The whole book is completely pathetic and S.Meyer should be consulting a therapist because of the dark nature of a book based around a girl and a boy BREAKING-UP. And when she tried to kill herself? I wish she would succeed because she really is a pathetic excuse of a woman. And if girls believe you should kill yourself when your boyfriend says: "It's not you, it's me" well then they should be in-line behind S.Meyer for the therapy sessions.

And i totally agree with Leah and Rosalie being the stronger females. Even though Rosalie depends on Emmett she still knows where she begins and he starts within their relationship. And Leah, i just love the fact she isn't perfect because i admit i find perfect 100% mind-numbingly boring, give me flaws any day.

8/15/2010 #21
Molly Annice

Actually, when Dracula first came out it was a joke in the beginning. It wasn't a big success. It was thought that it would one day just disappear from the library shelves and never be seen again.

9/7/2010 #22
Overly Caffinated Hedgehog52

There were a few characters in Twilight I sorta liked: Jasper, Rosalie, Jacob(before his awful character derailment in book 3), and occasionally Alice. Everyone else needs to die in a ditch, most of all the two leads.

Bella is the most obnoxious self-insert mary-sue I've ever had the misfortune of reading about. What bugs me the most is that everyone talks about her like she's gods gift to earth---always going on and on about how selfless, brave, smart, caring, blah-blah-blah is she---when she's anything but! Bella bitches her way threw the whole series, never once does anything remotely helpful, and most of the time acts like a complete moron! But nope, Bella Swan is an angel. *rolls eyes*

Then these Edward. Same deal with Bella-sue up there: we're constantly told how perfect he is, but all the evidence says otherwise. Alienating your girlfriend from her other friends and family, acting like a jealous prick if she so much as looks at another guy, removing(stealing)the engine from her car so she can't go see her best friend, never taking her thought/feelings/opinions into account, calling her "weak"and "helpless" every five minutes. . .what am I missing? Oh yes, I remember: BREAKING INTO HER HOUSE AND WATCHING HER SLEEP!!!! Yeah, Mayer, that sure sounds like the "perfect boyfriend." *once again: rolls eyes*

Other than them, everyone else is just. . . boring. They never really do anything but gush about how great the main characters are. You could replace them with tape recordings a no one would be able to tell the difference.

(Sorry is I went a little overboard, but this whole series just pisses me off so much.)

2/22/2011 #23

I'll get to Bella another day, because I only have a limited amount of time on my laptop - I do have an essay to write after all. But I really want to rant about Edward. Because ... frankly, he terrifies me. Both his character and the way so many people have become obsessed with finding their own Edward.

He scares Bella in their first biology class and then disappears. When he comes back they talk about the weather ... and then she feels close enough to him to tell him all her life's problems? Wtf? So, after that one conversation he decides to risk the exposure of his family to save this girl he had fallen in love with. After one conversation! Even if you believe in love-at-first-sight (and I only barely believe in love itself), that's a little ridiculous, don't you think? And just a tad bit creepy?

The next conversation they have, he tells her that they shouldn't be friends. And the one after that he's inviting her to Seattle (which she accepts, incidentally). They sit together at lunch, then he 'rescues' her from Mike Newton when she almost collapses due to the sight of blood - insisting on carrying her despite her vehement objections. He then proceeds to tell her that she's in no fit state to drive herself home and when she protests he just grabs her jacket and drags her. She then debates making a run for her truck- she'd actually have to run away from him to avoid getting chauffeured. I'm going to quote the next bit: '"I'll just drag you back," he threatened.'

There aren't words to express my indignation at this. After counting their conversations - of which there are four - he feels comfortable enough to threaten her (ignoring the fact he shouldn't threaten her at all)? I repeat: Four conversations?!

Moving on a bit to the Port Angles incident. He rescues her from rapists then tells her he's taking her to dinner. No, he doesn't ask - he just tells. And then spends the rest of the night giving her orders. I think I was on nine by the time they started driving home. He also admits to have been stalking her - '"I followed you to Port Angles."' I'm not sure about you, but if any guy admitted to stalking me I'd drop him like a hot potato, regardless how good-looking he was.

What follows is Bella admitting she knows Edward's a vampire, and later that night admits to herself that she's fallen in love with him.

Bearing in mind we're still on FOUR conversations.

In the Meadow is next, then. To describe this scene in as little words as possible. Edward does all he possibly could to let Bella know how close he came to killing her and how much he wanted to. He terrifies her on more than one occasion. 'If I'd ever feared death before in his presence, it was nothing compared to how I felt now.' He point black refuses to let her drive herself home.

Then Bella learns that Edward had been sneaking into her room to watch her sleep, most nights since their second conversation. In Midnight Sun he decided to see her the night after Mike, Eric and Tyler had asked her to the dance. They had only had two conversations!! Why was no-one disturbed by this?!

After the first incident with James at the baseball game Edward asks Emmett to hold her down and stop her resisting as he drives her out of town. Oh, he just wants to keep her safe, of course. Of all the misogynistic ...

In New Moon he leaves, and when he comes back he picks up where he left off and starts controlling her life again.

In Eclipse he flat out refuses to allow her to see her best friend and has his family keep tabs on her to make sure she does as she says. He even goes so far as to dismantle her engine to prevent her from driving to see Jacob. When she manages to escape and spend time with him, Edward makes plans for her while he is out of town so she can be watched at all times. When he realizes she has managed to see Jacob, he comes back and follows her around in his car. She was scared to face him until she had her father around to 'force him to keep his voice down'. Honestly, I don't know about any of you others - but if any boy started treating me like that I'd be in my car driving as fast as possible in the opposite direction.

Don't even get me started on Breaking Dawn when he admitted that he tried to get his family to hold her down so that they could abort her baby against her will. Yes, Edward, I'm sure your wife won't care that you wanted to kill her child. Your's too, by the way.

Does anyone else have anything to add to my major rant on Edward?

I'd love to hear your opinions!


1/10/2012 #24
Bella. Bella is the worst. She has no personality, whatsoever. There's a really funny YouTube thing about why people like Twilight, and it compares her to a Lego brick. And backs that argument up really well. I love Twilight, by the way, and hate myself for that.
7/16/2012 #25
Bella. Bella is the worst. She has no personality, whatsoever. There's a really funny YouTube thing about why people like Twilight, and it compares her to a Lego brick. And backs that argument up really well. I love Twilight, by the way, and hate myself for that.
7/16/2012 #26
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