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Letter to Miss

Has anyone found any fanfictions that take new and interesting takes on Twilight? I'm not talking about ones that throw in another Mary-Sue or make Edward gay or the fanfics that are just plain, silly parodies. I'm trying to find something deeper, that actually gives things meaning. I've been trying to write something along those lines, and I'm hoping to find some fics along these lines. Anyone had any luck?

2/15/2010 #1

You mean something that doesn't make Edward and Bella like sues? Well, I do remember reading something...that was much better than the book itself in fanfiction. The only problem is I don't remember the title. It was rated M, and it had multiple chapters. What I liked about it was that Bella actually had a brain :P

If I find it I'll tell you.l

2/15/2010 #2

Hmm, a few off the top of my head:

A vision stained with red

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4750946/1/

Hope you like it!

2/15/2010 #3

it doesn't look like anyone uses this thread anymore, but i'd like to answer your question.

i prefer all human fics in this genre. they open up knew possibilities. even though SM isn't the best writer, she did introduce a bunch of interesting side characters with unique issues. for example, i'd like to see Alice as a human dealing with an actual mental illness, abandonment by her family, or social isolation and ignorance.

i'd like to see Carlisle dealing with a bunch of young people and a woman with a past abusive marriage. i am actually writing a fic about this, but i'm very self-conscious and won't promote it anywhere at this point. the readers seem to like it. Carlisle is responsible for the Cullens in canon. he is their moral compass and their financial provider. a real life father is like that, whether adoptive or biological. so a fic where he handles troubled teens would stay true to his character while dealing with realistic situations.

Rosalie offers an opportunity to explore victimization, which i can identify with. she and Esme are also examples of women who conformed to society's expectations of them with dire consequences. and what about Rosalie's desire for children? if she'd survived the rape, she might have been infertile. i've been thinking of one where she goes through a trauma and gets pregnant.

Emmett, being basically the jock of the family, is an archetypal male figure. he is a jock or protector. Jasper is a warrior archetype. i could see human Jasper dealing with military duties or war trauma like real soldiers do. i don't know much about the military, but someone with a military parent or sibling might write Jasper as a soldier returning from Iraq and dealing with having had to kill people in the line of duty. Emmett might be a typical high school jock trying to be a good person in the face of hazing traditions and teenage social structures. he might have to deal with racism or homophobia among his teammates.

i actually like the idea that Edward and Carlisle were lovers before Esme, but Carlisle believed it was wrong and sought a female companion. but i love slash, so that wouldn't interest someone who wasn't a slash fan.

Esme is great for motherhood stories. i'm thinking of writing an all human fic where she is a proponent of natural childbirth and has to butt heads with Carlisle as an obstetrician who believes women need drugs and episiotomies to deliver. she can also deal with abuse situations.

i like Edward addiction stories. i don't have much use for Bella, except to keep the pairings canon, which i pretty much insist on when i look for fics to read. and i only write canon pairs in my fics, with only one exception. i have no use whatsoever for Jacob, but he is a minority and he is supposed to be poor. it has potential, but i just can't stand him.

i wrote one Carlisle story where he was human and couldn't save a dying girl. one might write a story setting the Vulturri as religious officials, the Quileutes as an oppressed minority (which they are) and so on. i think you can use these characters to explore racism, sexism, abuse, marriage, parenthood, sex, drugs, alcoholism, gender identity, class and economic issues, and so on. but obviously these are heavy issues, so you have to be willing to open yourself up to reading or writing them and deal with the feelings they bring.

7/21/2010 #4
Marie Nomad

There's an Live Journal community that has the fics that you are looking for. They are very interesting and many of them are like deconstructions on Twilight facts like imprinting.

8/22/2012 #5
Blue-Inked Frost

Definitely seconding the Twispitefic recommendation! Plenty of good stories there. :)

10/5/2012 #6
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