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Madame Apathy

I came across an a few articles saying that Twilight is the modern Jane Eyre. Anyone else not convinced?

Reasons Jane Eyre is better

1) The heroine

Jane is plain but passionate and a wonderful role model. Despite the male-dominated era she lives in, she wants equality and treats everyone equally. She has self respect and morals- for example, she refuses to become Mr Rochester's mistress despite loving him. She depends on no-one and shows anger at being mistreated. Bella is whiny, claims to be plain before describing herself as being "slender" and "soft" with "chocolate brown eyes", is a weak, anti-feminist character and exists only for her precious Edward.

Here is one of Jane's quotes:

"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will."

This is quote of Bella's:

"I'm absolutely ordinary — well, except for bad things like all the near-death experiences and being so clumsy that I'm almost disabled."

Hardly mind blowing.

Jane does not care about looks(she describes her love interest as ugly but marries him nonetheless because she loves him, even when he is blind and loses a hand). For Bella, looks are everything- her thoughts gravitate around Edward's apperance and that is it.

Jane is an interesting character in an engaging plot with a genuine, truthful account of love. Bella is a Mary-Sue in a plot about as interesting as a blank page.

8/5/2010 #1
The Forbidden Truth

I totally agree with you. Whoever's been saying that Twishite is anything like Jane Eyre, makes me wonder what "version" of Jane Eyre have they been reading.

8/6/2010 #2
Madame Apathy

Probably none of them. I don't think even Meyer has read it, and she apparently based Edward on Mr Rochester(although I think I prefer Mr Rochester).

8/6/2010 #3
Madame Apathy

Just a thought- why is it called forbidden love in the book? There's nothing forbidden about it.

8/6/2010 #4
The Forbidden Truth

Probably none of them. I don't think even Meyer has read it, and she apparently based Edward on Mr Rochester(although I think I prefer Mr Rochester).

That's why I'm having a hard time believing she graduated with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. I dunno...it's like whatever she supposedly learned about English Lit, she either forgot about or it flew right over her head. Which makes me wonder how she graduated at all.

Just a thought- why is it called forbidden love in the book? There's nothing forbidden about it.

The thing with SMeyer is that she doesn't think things through. This is what I think an inner monologue of Smeyer would sound like:

"Hmm. My characters have true love! I wonder what's a good plot twist? Oh, I know! It's forbidden!!!!1apple. Teehee. Aren't I brilliant?"


Oh, and don't get me started on all the inconsistencies and failures she has in her books. She breaks her own canon, for pete's sake! She tries to explain them away while trying to sound smart and be a know it all but she fails miserably because what I suspect she doesn't know is that she has readers who actually use their brains.

8/6/2010 #5
Madame Apathy

Then there's the names. Oh, beautifl swan, you say? That's original(insert sarcastic eyeroll here)

Plus, at no point in Jane Eyre is Rochester able to force her into something. Jane is independant, which is amazing in her time. Bella is pathetically dependant on her darling Eddiekins in a time when we're all meant to be equal.

8/6/2010 #6
The Forbidden Truth

Hmm, speaking of names, Edward's surname used to be Mason, right? The english teacher in the books is called Mr. Mason. Wonder what connection those to have or is it all a coincidence? xP

I find it both equally funny and irritating that Meyer tries to shove it in our faces what her characters are supposed to be like but she can never give us one solid evidence of them being such in fact she gives us the complete opposite! She tells us that Bella is ordinary and a Plain Jane but on her very first day two -- not just one -- guys hit on her and practically fall over themselves just try and get her attention. And we're also told that she's mature and responsible, yet she bitches and moans all the time! A classic case of telling and not showing. Isn't that writer's 101?

8/7/2010 #7
Madame Apathy


What kind of author makes the most annoying character in the book jump off a cliff and then saves her?

8/7/2010 #8
The Forbidden Truth

The classic Mary-Sue author, that's what. It's gotta be a tell tale sign that your character sucks when your readers are hoping she dies at the end of the book.

8/7/2010 #9
Madame Apathy

You just need to look at the anti rpgs to see what people think of her.

She hasn't even done basic research. There's too many medical fails to mention.

8/7/2010 #10
The Forbidden Truth

She thinks that googling equates to research. No, dumbass! Research contains more than just typing a few words.

That ticks me off too. My dad is a doctor and I was trained as a medical transcriptionist myself, so I know fair amount of medical terms and such but she breaks simple high school biology and it makes me wonder, and I mean REALLY wonder how she got through high school much less graduate then go on to college and then graduate with a degree. It practically goes against logic.

8/7/2010 #11

I plan to study English Lit. in university and if 'Twilight' is the new 'Jane Eyre'....well then I am definitely looking for a new major.

That's all I can say.

8/15/2010 #12
The Forbidden Truth

I'm not sure if this was just a rumor being circulated around the net, but I heard that somewhere in some college/university, Twilight was actually being taught as a course! What were people expecting to learn? The symbolic reason behind Edward sparkling? *headdesks*

I had planned to take English Lit. the same year Twilight was coming out. Guess what? I'm not taking English Lit. xP

8/15/2010 #13
Madame Apathy

I might be taking English Lit.

How would you mark that? There's no character development or anything, just "Oh I love my scary sparkly boyfriend!" all the way through.

8/18/2010 #14
The Forbidden Truth

Good luck with that! :)

Right...and how about the discussions? I mean, the author herself said that she never intended for her books to have any meaning behind them so what's there to talk about? I mean how do you disect a story that has no plot, 2-D souless characters, and no messages? Sure, Twilight whether she likes it or not has a huge load of messages and hidden meanings and stuff like that but most of them aren't very positive. There's necrophilia, beastiality, incest, child-grooming, and other topics a long those lines however, I don't anyone wanting to "learn" about Twilight wants to learn about the negative sides of their most beloved series. Lawl.

8/18/2010 #15

Twilight? Jane Eyre? What???? Las time I checked, Mr. Rochester was not a fairy.

9/15/2010 #16
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