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If you flick through their activities, forum posts, etc., you'll see why. They're extremely condescending and honestly, they cannot take a joke. And they reported me. For keeping up a regular tradition that has been actives for several months.

If I am over-reacting, please tell me. D:

12/10/2010 #1
Welsh Gem

no, you're not over reacting. You have the right to have your say but they do too (even though their a pair of wind ups). If they really, really, really, really annoy you, try this:

Put up another profile with fake stuff and say what you want to them then when they report, your fake profile will get the punishment and your proper one wont!

It may not work coz I've never tried it but I want to but I just cant be bothered (Im lazy lol)

2/19/2011 #2
Eat Me - I'm Yummy

Speaking for the entire community of Twilight fans, I am deeply ashamed. Yes, I like the books, yes, I write fanfics based on the books, yes, I am willing to defend my enjoyment of the books, but why do some fans have to go so crazy? I adore sites like these; seeing a different POV than what you're used to when you're a fan. I even agree with a lot of it. Which leads me to ask you; how old are they? Or should I say, how Young are they? Seriously.

It's one thing to defend something you enjoy, but don't be starting the name calling and bullying, that's not gonna get you much respect, I promise.

I completely agree with the other poster; find a way to teach them a lesson, I'll help if you want. I can't stand fans like that and they need to be taken Down a notch or two.

From one Twilight fan to another would be a great way, I personally believe :D Then they can't say that I don't understand because I haven't read the books. Because I have. Probably more times than them hehe :P

7/1/2014 #3
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